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Jul 2021 · 734
Shooting rockets
Carmen Jane Jul 2021
Opened eyelids won’t let you see
What’s here right in front of you
Cherished  dreams that lies beneath
Your broken soul, they say they’re true

As life goes on, we all do change
And fit no more in the same place
We feel entrapped in  a golden cage
We smile with tears that run down our face

We search our purpose in old pockets
We know to hope for better days
We see the future in shooting rockets
Cause we all hope for a better place
Apr 2021 · 766
Carmen Jane Apr 2021
We both built brick walls in front of us
From time to time we push one brick out
To see the other, but we always miss
We never look in the right place...
Feb 2021 · 1.6k
My broken heart
Carmen Jane Feb 2021
Not knowing when a heart does open
We are just looking for the clues
We wonder why the words unspoken
Choose traveling  on tunes of blues

Avoiding gazes to collide
And listening to words, not feelings
We might just let a soul to slide
Away, from this life fast spinning reeling

Wait up, let the murmur of unknowns
Fade in the quietness of darkness!
Don’t worry about the stones not thrown
If kindness stagnates, it collapses...

I see remembrance of embraces
In the stars of shapes of hearts
Across the sky, they all form laces
That puts together my heart’s two parts.
Jan 2021 · 1.2k
Things unsaid
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
Nothing was said by the tides of the lake
As they were frozen in time
Nothing will do to start and shake
The core of this lake, oh, sublime!

One can try to guess what was last spoken,
Perhaps it was hating on all things unfair
Nothing was left behind, not a clue or a token
To unveil the secrets, to clean up the air

One more look at these rough edges
Underneath of a smooth glistening glass
They are there ,muted for ages
Frozen thoughts , waiting for winter to pass!

Only celestial kisses that fall quietly
Gather to form a white blanket
On the chest of this lake, oh so lovely
That holds its  breath, unshaken.
Jan 2021 · 576
The end
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
I used to wait for you,
Right here in this corner
And when I felt quite blue
Your hug would make me warmer

But now the days have changed,
I step big steps on my own  path
I feel we've got estranged
It's really done, I've done the math

That one time when you didn't hear me
Followed by the other time you didn't see me
I'm telling you one plus one is two, my friend
I've done the math, we've reached the end.
This îs a repost from m aug 2020
Jan 2021 · 687
A good man
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
What on earth you believed you could achieve
Climbing the stairs with no fear of God
Only one good man tried to make you halt
Showing you he’s stronger than all

With one look, a check for good measure
He took a decision that saved us so much
Fearless he nudge you to divert you
Into following him for a good cause

A hero that deserves the highest praise
Your bravery made you our nation’s knight
Of all that hatred you remained unfazed
As there wasn’t time, but to do what is right!
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
No one wants to buy a poetry book
Of an unknown poetess
Who does she think she is?
Collecting words on pages
Words that are revealing white spaces
Pages that are meticulously numbered
No one wants to buy a poetry book
That appeared out of the blue
To claim its pages carries poems
Are they good enough?
Perhaps a line, or two...
No one wants to buy a poetry book
What would they find in it?
Dreams unfulfilled or pains that still bleed
No one wants to buy a poetry book
That grew like the freshest blade of grass
Fragile and hidden in the cruel moss
No one wants to buy...
Jan 2021 · 149
What if
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
Join me in my search of truth
How could I be when you don’t hear my voice
The wet grass is cold
The moon is hiding behind clouds
Join me in my journey now
The wind cuts my skin, it’s cold
My lips are dry from singing like a bird
About the world I’ve seen and heard
I wonder why there’s rain
Droplets shedding pain
Will it be sunny in the morning?
Will the day turn back to me?
Will I be here trying to sing
About the laughters carried on butterfly wings?
What if I stay, to see?!
Happy New Year! May your hearts be full of hope!
Dec 2020 · 249
Carmen Jane Dec 2020
Some say the wind blew sand in their eyes
Yet the wind just said hello to the beaches
The ocean was jealous and it raged in waves
All wondered what does this moment teach

They say the wind was mistreated as well
On many occasions, they had observed
But they only were brave to mention it now
How the wind was called a loser, a clown!

There on the shore, there’s this person, a clown
His mouth always smiling, his eyes shed some tears
He tried his best to cheer you, yet all you did was frown
Your words, fools, put anchors on him, now he fears...
Nov 2020 · 580
Carmen Jane Nov 2020
I am embracing the visiting pain that dresses in different shapes.This time I know not to avoid it, as it’s here to make me stronger.It’s  here to teach me and it’s here to prepare me for what’s next.We are not supposed to be happy every moment, how would we  know empathy?
Pain, pain I’m here to stay
Teach me something everyday
Pain taught me to be grateful
Pain taught me to be soulful
Of course, always be wise and always be safe
Never stop and always your dreams you should chase
It’s always calm after the storm, after rain
In my cocoon I’m never afraid of the pain
Pain, pain I’m here to stay
Teach me something everyday
Nov 2020 · 520
Small talk
Carmen Jane Nov 2020
Try to remember that we did use to have good times
The bridge you want to burn will your heart satisfy?
Small talks we could do, weather we could talk
We won’t share a dance, we won’t go for a walk
Yet can you just burn that bridge all the way down?
Was the past made of bricks, just stacked by a clown?
Problems are brushed off, subjects are ignored
We talk about our kids and how much they’re adored
Forget about the pain and the topics of the world
This one conversation it’s flowing in a mold
The time that  I give, it’s not that hard for me
All the quiet from before , was all I could hear...
Small talks can’t last forever so you asked about my cat
I smiled when I answered and thanked you for our chat
Nov 2020 · 114
Pain again
Carmen Jane Nov 2020
Pain again is salt on wound
Tears are raindrops under an umbrella cloud
I’m not hiding from it anymore
It does not make my body sore

It rained other times too
And every time sunny moments followed
The green was greener
And my smile truer

Pain again is salt on wounds
I wonder now what flowers bloom
How high they’ll grow
What will they know.
Carmen Jane Nov 2020
In a little church, where faithful ones
Are praying everyday for mercy
Then teaching it to their daughters and sons,
Whereof repentance they're always thirsty

In a little church, two famous ushers
Led everyone with smiles and vows
Nose powders and cheek blushers
Are flaking away, then drifting to the clouds

"Good morning, good Sunday!
Blessed shall be your family
All are welcomed here to pray!"
They'll be guided  to their seats, calmly

Yet, for one woman of color
They would never ever smile
They will hide her from father's collar
In the corner, behind the last aisle.

Nonetheless, she'd come all Sundays,
With the bravest faith of all
That one day, they'd change their ways,
They'll learn the truth, beginning small…

In a little church, a young child
Observed all this and had enough
With bare feet and eyes wild,
She went and tugged the woman's cuff

She said to her: "Don't be afraid,
Trust me, this world is gonna change!"
And then a promise she had made
"You'll never have to feel that strange!

You'll feel included, you won't be judged
I'll take you to the best of seats
You'd be listened to and always loved
You'll get to know only good deeds.

I'll raise my kids to be always kind
And never rush to judgment
To love thy neighbor and to find
Ways to observe true faith in many!"

That young child, had wings unseen
As all gasped, hearing her speech
They wondered where their hearts  have been
And how a child their minds can teach.

In a little church, two humbled ushers
Led everyone with smiles and vows
Nose powders and cheek blushers
Are flaking away, then drifting to the  clouds...
I imagined  the injustice it was decades ago and I imagined a brave child taking a stand. I am aware of the injustice today and I wonder why
Nov 2020 · 81
Poetic gene
Carmen Jane Nov 2020
In another world,
With trees of gold,
Would we have lived
On the same street?

Seldom, I wonder,
Would we have been
Born across each other,
Sharing the same gene?

Would you have  looked,
Outside of your window,
And instantly be spooked
To see, in front, a mirror?

No, it is not a mirror, that you see,
It's actually a window
And that girl, is me
Sitting on a pillow

I, like you, stay hours at my desk
With my favorite pen in hand
All is a bit Kafkaesque
And just like you,I like my tea fanned.
Repost from 2019
Oct 2020 · 406
My fangs
Carmen Jane Oct 2020
My fangs grew overnight
And when I tried to hide my smile
It poked my lower lip
From it, a bit of blood dripped,
It tasted sweet.

I walked over arched bridges at night
The ones, that mold around the moon light,
My fangs were longing for a match
To graze your lips, your mouth to touch.
On you, to latch.

The knock woke me from my deep sleep,
I heard some kids say trick or treat,
I realized it's Halloween!
I gathered candy from under my couch
I didn't need my plastic fangs
I had my own and the costume matched.
Sep 2020 · 749
You're not lost
Carmen Jane Sep 2020
You're not lost, just because you didn't  trust today
I see you here, yet your thoughts are drifting away ...
You rake the leaves, with your bare hands,
You try to see, where your future stands.

You're not lost,  just because you need a break,
I see you smile, while trying to hide your heartache
You collect the dirt, under your fingernails,
As you walk barefoot and cover your trails.

I still see you, underneath the falling leaves,
I hear your voice say "thank you"  and "please"
I see your true smile, glowing in your eyes,
You're the only reason, my soul survives.
This is a repost of a dear poem of mine, it has a message that comes from the bottom of my heart, for the ones who feel lost from time to time. Also, this poem is the first one to feature in my first book of poetry, that you can find it on Amazon
You Are Not Lost: Poems of hope, love, haikus and more

Thank you for all the support I've gotten here! ❤️
Sep 2020 · 71
Cardinal Hope
Carmen Jane Sep 2020
We don't hold hands every day anymore,
We always used to, as we walked along
A special day was this one-  I felt so free
Your hand in mine, serenity.

A little baby cardinal  fell from its nest,
We walked by it when your sharp eye had spotted it
And your gifted mind suggested us to keep walking...
As you assumed that feeble creature has no chance,
I felt your truth, but my heart had to check
I sensed its thirst and needs for food,
I noticed its trembling little body,
I saw its broken wing,
I realized  it had nobody
To claim its well being,
I scanned the dark, creeping around,
I knew we were the only ones,
The only souls who could even try
To have its fate turned around…
So I picked it up and gave that creature - Hope.
In the palm of my hand,
I had this power all along.
We hurried to find some bread,
You've built a nest out of an old  shoebox,
We fed the starving bird together,
We beamed at its first gulps,
We felt its little heartbeats,
We made sure it has enough warmth,
We've encouraged each other.
We went to sleep filled with hope.
Written  July 2019
edited and reposted Sep.2020
Carmen Jane Sep 2020
Friend, you broke my heart
Unaware that this could be
Friend, I feel alone now
You're looking, yet you can't see

Our memories are rolling down my cheeks
Not knowing what my mind does seek
What good an explanation can it be
When you're looking and you no more see

Friend, you broke my heart
Is somehow there a new start?
I can't see it, I can't see it..
Friend, you broke my heart

Would our memories become just stories
Muttered as in other life
Would our pictures get all dusty
And would they be tucked, out of the sight?
Aug 2020 · 136
Carmen Jane Aug 2020
You took your rays, you silly sun,
You thought you'd play a game
You thought that I would wait
Until you come back..

You did came back,
The second day
And I was still there
But, you just didn't recognize me
You shone your rays so you could find me
You melted glaciers for me,
But the more stronger your light,
The more blind you became
As I shone, too
Jul 2020 · 711
My world
Carmen Jane Jul 2020
Curl up, my dear and rest your head on my heart
Cause that's your place and it will always be
I have already loved you from the very start
You're all I could ask for, this I can clearly see!
Wrap your hands around my shoulders
That's one way you can feel my love
It feels so soft, yet it can move boulders
About you, my love, I think the world of!
In sync our heartbeats drum
And the hug we share  sets adrift in sleep
I will stay still, even if I get all numb
So you can rest; my love - it is so deep!
The smell in your hair, giggles in my brain
Oh, I'm so blessed to have you in my arms
I'd give you all, even my very last grain
Or my life, to protect you from life's harms!
Feb 2020 · 149
Dear God
Carmen Jane Feb 2020
Dear God, it's been awhile
Since we had a real talk
You want me on this Earth
To raise my girls,to keep them safe
To teach them right
To always fight for justice
Yet I feel I should do more
But I'm lost, please tell me more
Dear God, sometimes I pain
Yet I really don't want to complain
I found it hard to keep track
Of all my wishes, they just stack
As there's no time to go fulfill them
I feel you keep me in one place
Perhaps you just forgot my face
Yet I know you didn't
You just test my patience
Dear God, I'll try
I'll try to see what's there for me
I guess I have to figure it out
Yet sometimes it's so blurry
Dear God, I am grateful
My little family is delightful
Please keep them safe
Forget I mentioned myself
In the end, I'll see through the day.
Dear God, thank you for the words
I can stretch them, rearrange them
They are a wonderful world.
Jan 2020 · 232
Carmen Jane Jan 2020
Behold the nature,
She's talking with you in sways,
Smiling in colors.
This haiku features as well in my book!

You Are Not Lost: Poems of hope, love, haikus and more
Jul 2019 · 340
A brave angel had to die
Carmen Jane Jul 2019
Dark days came around the corner,
Little angel had wind kissing her forehead
Metal leaves fall and dented the ground
Gentle steps feathered the clouds

Don't be in a hurry, my child!
Your mom didn't finished your dinner, yet...
Don't wave any of the cars down,
You don't know what evil might lurk inside...

You were destined to end this nonsense,
You were brave enough to call for help,
I hope angels will wipe your tears,
And in heaven you won't know about fears.

You did wave down a car,
As you found the evilest monster of all
He was holding the steering wheel of your life
With his putred hands reeking of  metal rust…

The pain in our hearts is so great
As we know we could have helped you, perhaps
The lesson learned is, don't hesitate a second more
When you know that your actions might count!

Your cells are blended with the sky,
Your tears are blended with the rain,
The green grass whispers your name,
Of a brave angel that had to die..
Jun 2019 · 457
You can visit, Sadness
Carmen Jane Jun 2019
I had three
Now I have one
I had Happiness, Faith and Love
Now I only have one
To which it added Sadness
What should I do with one and the Sadness?
I don't quite know
So I feel disoriented
I travel in the darkness
But the one in my chest pocket
It's there
And I feel the other two, that they are not there
Yes two is bigger than one
But the one it's still there
I think I should seek the light
And enjoy the one
And stop wondering
How would it be, with the other two as well
I should tell Sadness,
She could visit, but she can not stay
As I still have the one
And I'll do my best
To make memories with the one I have
As life is short and weird
I would not let Sadness,
Or Dispair,or Fear,
Take control of it
I will try my best
To be thankful I have the one
And even if I always miss the two
I will keep wearing the shirt
With the pocket at my chest
Where is plenty of room for them, too
Apr 2019 · 112
Carmen Jane Apr 2019
Minutes are melting on the clock
Dripping down on the fireplace,
Where my heart burns time to time,
Becoming waxy remains
One will need a cizel
To scrape them off
The hardfloor are splattered
With slices from my soles
Since everytime I step
It cuts another one
One can hope, they are just footprints,
Pour your strongest vinegar
In your hotest water
With patience, one could mop it all
All the dents you see,
Are from my right hand elbow
That at times, was propping my palm
That carried heavy thoughts
When my head would lean on it,
One could fill those dents
With fresh dug clay
You might use your fingernails.
Apr 2019 · 502
Carmen Jane Apr 2019
You're keep telling me how you would like things to be,
Then when I tell you about my disappoinments,
You advise me, not to have expectations...
A thought
Mar 2019 · 361
Sunday breakfast
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
Let me stretch my tired bones,
Let me yawn roar,
Let me drink the last sip of my coffee,
While I look one more second at you interacting,
Before I join you at the family breakfast table!
Mar 2019 · 217
First day of spring
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
Stubborn little pile of snow
Doesn't want to melt, you know?
But she is barefoot anyway
Skipping gently,with a sway
Towards pretty daffodils,
Crocuses and violet fields

First day of spring is here,
You should smile and have no fear
Just believe in new beginnings,
Join her now in joyful spinnings,
She will let the sun caress you
She will make your hopes anew!
Mar 2019 · 5.1k
To nowhere
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
We always smile,
When we meet again.
We hug so tight,
In plain sight,
We escaped from a cruel exile
we ran from our daily chores.
We always smile,
As through all  our pores,
When we meet again.
With our hands clenched
Not wanting to ever let go,
Then side by side
We start to go,
To nowhere.
Usually, I always stumble
On invisible rocks,
But when we walk like that,
Side by side,
With hands clenched,
To nowhere,
You are the one
Who stumbles now
And we laugh in unison.
Mar 2019 · 572
Like there's no tomorrow!
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
My brains says,” go earlier to sleep tonight, hard day tomorrow!”
My heart says: “Stay here where you are and read and write poems, like there's no tomorrow!”
Feb 2019 · 2.5k
Healthy narcissism
Carmen Jane Feb 2019
You are so elusive
And sometimes impulsive
You are so mistique
You are so unique
You are so magnetic
That mole is so aesthetic
Love your eyecontact
When you're looking back
From the mirror.
Can't make this more clearer,
I am a beautiful soul
Getting here,was my entire goal!

— The End —