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13h · 89
Losing patience
As you take the smallest steps
to even smirk
You can't pay attention
Your understanding seem complex
Of my work
I need you now
Yet your gaze is somewhere else
It's too intense
Yesterday's bow
Won't be the same as today
You always say
My arms are being pulled
In opposite directions
You say you're life's dull
You're missing some affection
This cup of tea is bitter sweet
Perhaps it's time to meet
On that old bridge
And breathe together
This winter's air
And don't despair
You are enough
Life might be tough
Yet sometimes we just need
To let the days flow
Break down the speed
And let our souls glow..
3d · 179
I never knew this
"Favorite" has two syllabus
I thought it has three.
Haiku syllabus favorite
3d · 92
Feeling rather stuck,
I don't know how to get out
Kicking legs won't help...
4d · 68
Why the sky grasps frozen clouds
And swallows them  slowly
Leaving behind pulverized doubts
Gone from me wholly?

They melted on my tongue
They mixed with my tears
Remember,when  I was young
I didn't know my fears.

Who I was yesterday
Can't seem to find today
Just say my name, say
I might just look away.

The pigeon leaps so boldly
Forgetting how to fly
You might  just find him lonely
Yet he knows how to survive.

I have to leave for now
My future I'll ignite
I'm done lifting my brow
Can't be your satellite.
5d · 164
Hang on!
Ornaments on tree,
Putting them one by one and
Smiling every time.
6d · 96
Panic attack
American son,
Why you chose to leave this world
We're all heartbroken.
A seemingly perfect childhood,  a great student, a great friend, an amazing career ahead, yet this particular person went too soon...
We were stargazing once, in front of my gate
Not knowing at all of our future's fate
You caressed my hair and held my shoulder
Embracing me, a new star beholder

You named many stars for me, yet
Even today I can't seem to forget
That the stars reflected in your eyes
They were, for sure, my favorite ones.
7d · 111
Family breakfast
Big mouths opened wide
Eating all the breakfast now
A mom's joy to see.
7d · 137
Ceiling is painted
Always first, then the four walls
Windows are crying.
Instagram  : carmenjanepoetry
Beautiful December,
it's been a year since I wrote
Thoughts on crumpled leaves
Then they were stomped
By the galloping white horses.
Yet now I'm remorseless
The thoughts were flowing
Like tears on my cheeks
Like the last breath
Beautiful December,
Your cold days
Freezes my thoughts
Beautiful December
With frosted eyelashes
I used to be more scared
Well, not anymore
It's been a year
Since I let loose
I need to choose no more
It has always been the same voice
Of words dancing over my head
Words, that let themselves be caught
And be used
I'm quite amused
As I always have fists
Full of words
Sometimes they escape
Through my fingers
Regrets might linger
Just for a few seconds.
It's alright
We do learn from mistakes
I rather scribble
Then not write at all
Yes, I reposted this one, as now I have an edited version of it thanks to my friend Jim Musics, here at HP
Dec 5 · 186
Dear sister,
Carmen Jane Dec 5
Over your shoulder
I'm looking to learn from you
As your hands create
Dec 4 · 135
Power within
Carmen Jane Dec 4
We're all deserving
We're more than our own trauma
We're celestial.
Instagram carmenjanepoetry
Dec 4 · 137
December hug
Carmen Jane Dec 4
Frosted eyelashes
Are pleading for a warm hug,
Outside in the cold
Dec 4 · 120
Christmas taps
Carmen Jane Dec 4
I bought them for each
They can be carried by joy,
Their new Christmas shoes!
Today I bought my girls matching Christmas shoes!Happy days!
Dec 3 · 119
Carmen Jane Dec 3
Girl, you're lost in the dark
Who hurt your soul
You see the rainbow's ark
Yet what was the storm's role?

You can't phantom the future
As you cannot see the light
Dark thoughts, your mind torture
You don't see the stars tonight.

Yet they are there, they always twinkle
Waiting for you to survive
I know it doesn't sound that simple
You're here, you just can't give up!

All the cracks of your broken pieces
They are there to mirror mines
The good is here and always teaches,
To wait- is worth it- for your smile!

The strength is there, in you, inside
You'll find a way and turn things around
You'll put this dreariness aside
You'll always stand,you won't be down!
For Laiba
Dec 3 · 325
Carmen Jane Dec 3
Selfish with your time
As you count the minutes spent,
I don't give a dime.
Find me on Instagram CarmenJanePoetry
I have another version of this one, it came to me after I published it, so here it is:


Selfish with your time
You always count the minutes
That you spend with me.
Dec 2 · 453
Carmen Jane Dec 2
Release your wishes,
Draw your future with hard work
And you will succeed!
Dec 2 · 71
Carmen Jane Dec 2
Sugar sprinkled trees
Reminded you of Christmas
Eagerness sparkles!
I'm trying out Instagram, I am very new at it, yet excited to share my haikus there and trying to marry them with original pictures!If you care to follow, my page is CarmenJanePoetry
Dec 2 · 109
First snow!
Carmen Jane Dec 2
You've traced in the snow
A heart- that has melted mine-
Of tiny footprints
Dec 1 · 91
Night hotel
Carmen Jane Dec 1
The night covers all corners
Keeping awake the mourners
Of a day gone too fast
They stay in place, aghast

Unlace your wishes now
Salute the night and bow
She can wrap you up with love
With silence from above

Be truthful to yourself
Time to open this hotel
All the doors should stay ajar
All rooms should be seen from far

There is no receptionist
There is no key lost in mist
You'll feel the light that calls
As you step boldly on these halls

Who taps you on the shoulder,
Who are you,  true beholder?
Don't let the past hold you back
Remain strong, don't lose your track!

The night covers all corners
So you can see the borders
Of the enlightened room;
You saved yourself from doom!
Yes, I am in a hotel...
Couldn't think of another title and tired eyelids won't help
Nov 30 · 343
Carmen Jane Nov 30
Not afraid of dark
As my mind knows what to do
Every word makes light.
Nov 30 · 19
Carmen Jane Nov 30
I slipped  a bit today    
And tried  to find  you
All I saw was pain
Inside you
I could try to make you feel better.
I could try to hold you tight
We could use the same pocket
Of my sweater
Holding hands
And telling stories
Smiling faintly
Every second is more real
When I'm with you
We'll get through
Whatever this is
Believe me
Nov 29 · 430
Carmen Jane Nov 29
Thankful for my life
For your gaze into my eyes,
For our daughters.
Nov 28 · 153
Cheers and thanks!
Carmen Jane Nov 28
Eggnog with whiskey
Started Thanksgiving early
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving my dear HP friends!
Nov 27 · 298
Carmen Jane Nov 27
Sliding your fingers
across a string of my hair
It makes me giggle
Nov 26 · 83
A faint of rainbow
Carmen Jane Nov 26
Like feathers touching nature's mirror, undisturbing,
The same way my words won't faze you.
I stroke your hair with ghostlike fingers,
It's not the wind or thoughts that linger!

This lake, unmoved - no ripples to cast
It's like your gaze - in darkness, lost
It's quiet and it hurts my ears
I'm staying still, cupping your tears.

I wish I knew what I could tell you
From all this pain I want to spare you
I'm here, I'll wait until you're ready
To feel one day your feet are steady.

Have you seen a faint of rainbow
Let your smile on me bestow
I don't care if it's  half delivered
I'll be pleasantly  bewildered!

I wonder when we'd go for walks
Sharing some enchanting talks
When you'll turn around and see
You're not alone, I'm here with thee.
Nov 25 · 73
This Dream I had...
Carmen Jane Nov 25
This Dream I had about your girl
You wrote of her in so many poems
She came in my kitchen with a swirl
Her short hair and high boots were omens

She got jealous when I told her
I know you and you leave me comments
She tapped me gentle on my shoulder
Advising to keep minimal involvement

She then proceeded to step outside
Awaited of godlike figures, I think her friends,
Left me wondering and mystified
Could I blend in, alongside them?

I eavesdropped, and along some laughters
I heard they talked in lines and rhymes
Who are these glorious 3 daughters?
What are their  stories or their crimes?

I think I want them as my friends
I know this is something quite amusing
You were lucky to know one of them,
What was her name again?Muse, I think?
True story...I mean, dream!
Nov 25 · 142
Carmen Jane Nov 25
The light that I feel
Coming through me, I will share
Don't hesitate - ask!
Nov 24 · 167
Dear future poet, me
Carmen Jane Nov 24
Not touching yet the ground
As I float above my past
Weighing dreams by the pound
Glancing down- once and fast-

I know I need to move forward
To see myself as  future me
Living the promise, by your word
Glancing the first time upon me.

I see how I smile owning my place
Tough skin on tops of fingers
I see my radiating face
Dents of my pen on skin still lingers.

I thank you all for the support
I'm hurrying with autographs
And try to keep all praises short
Doing my best  to avoid gaffes.

Receiving trophies is not my scene
All I want is to go back
In front of my gold type machine
Of rhymes and verses to keep track.

All this in fact it's not a dream,
It's my future reality
Looking back from there to me,
It's the only scheme I need.

Counting those steps carefully
Now I'll do them in reverse
Drinking from their fervency
One helper is - The Universe!
Something to keep us motivated! Inspired by a Ted talk: What do you really want?
Find out, vision yourself in the future, look back in retrospective and do the steps to become what you really want!
In retrospective, I could have named this poem " Retrospective" , maybe?
Nov 22 · 613
Guided by starlight
Carmen Jane Nov 22
Guided by starlight,
I timidly step
On the shadows
That lurk my heart
Feeling alive,
I suddenly ebb
All the doubts.

Crushing the waves
Of uncertain and fear,
Opening graves
Of sorrows and screams,
Just to ignore them
As  they have
No more power
Over me
You see?!
I might have lost my wings
No one knows
What future brings
It might be dark ahead
Just look up instead
And see the twinkling stars,

Guided by starlight...
Nov 22 · 347
Carmen Jane Nov 22
Have you seen my smile,
Have you smelled my hair? It's washed!
I was here, with you...
Nov 20 · 159
Carmen Jane Nov 20
I am breathing words
My pen and ink are my limbs
I was born to write.
Nov 20 · 124
Carmen Jane Nov 20
You can't speak right now
Again, you are too tired
Dinner is ready.
Nov 20 · 164
Carmen Jane Nov 20
Spread your arms like wings
And soar fearlessly above,
Forgetting all pain.
Since I couldn't choose, here it comes again, the same poem with a different ending!
P.S.I did changed the title!
Nov 19 · 154
Carmen Jane Nov 19
Spread your arms like wings
And soar fearlessly above
Leaving tears on ground
Another ending could be
"Forgetting all pain"
Which one is better?

Creating  haikus for my poems :)
Nov 19 · 135
An inch at a time
Carmen Jane Nov 19
I'm stuck in this muck
I'm moving my arms forward
Swimming out an inch.
Nov 19 · 112
Slap in the face
Carmen Jane Nov 19
You were always there,
You would always cheer for me
Now you've turned your back
I was about to name it " Cut"  or " Rebuffed" what you think it's best?
Nov 18 · 172
Phoenix (II)
Carmen Jane Nov 18
It's hard figuring out tomorrow, 'cause today is so bleak
Guess I should be thankful for now, 'cause it could change in a blink

Sometimes I fall and question my desire to successfully believe
That I can become a menace to society, and set the people free
But I've jumped too far, before we win, I must fight to survive,
Cause I can't be worthy of my death if to bleed I didn't try.
You have to do this for those who hate you, it's funny how
When my King returns, you know, every knee shall bow
But until that day comes, I own nothing but my shaky faith
Cause I don't know who or what I am, now, that I'm not a slave
I feel the need to get purified until my vision is crystal clear
First we've got to get stronger, so we can help the weak
Cause only the weak feel the pain of not having wings
The Devil is born perfection, but fame destruction brings.
This is another poem by my brother!
Nov 18 · 498
Carmen Jane Nov 18
This new tragedy
Of not seeing you daily
It's unbearable
Nov 17 · 145
Carmen Jane Nov 17
Maybe, if I just let tears run down my cheeks,
I'll listen to what my heart always speaks
Maybe, if I kick off the rocks from my toes,
Perhaps, I'll just know where this path goes

Bitter taste, have these minutes that pass,
I'll try to fly away from this torturous impasse
I'll just spread my arms like eagle wings
I'll lose the doubt, that on me clings

I'll feel the wind crisp and refreshing
Flying above I could count all my blessings
I'll try to land on my strongest feet
I'll stay awhile, on this mountain peak.

Thanks, JP for the link! I love it how it goes together!
Nov 16 · 87
Poetic clues
Carmen Jane Nov 16
What words, the white puffy clouds try to conceal?
It does appear a poet hides his words
Or perhaps that poet wasn't pleased
Now, should I stay still, until the milky sponges move along?
What do the scribbled spots, that make the nests,
On naked trees, what do they hide?
Words that did not survived…
(As the poet changed his mind)
What's underneath the rocks
What's carried in the beaks of birds
Fleeing above our heads
Leaving sporadically behind feathers
They fall together with the leaves,
On this rather windy weather?
Are they clues for us, moribunds?
Nov 16 · 222
Carmen Jane Nov 16
I would love to know
How to fill this void I feel,
Throbbing at my chest.
Nov 16 · 163
Healing tears
Carmen Jane Nov 16
Maybe when I'll cry
My tears will soak your sorrows
And you'll smile again
Nov 15 · 96
Carmen Jane Nov 15
Pain caused by my brain
I don't want to deal with me,
Now it's physical.
Nov 15 · 155
Carmen Jane Nov 15
There goes my baby,
I caught one more glimpse of her,
She's still beautiful!
Nov 15 · 246
Carmen Jane Nov 15
It hurts once again,
If I look deep in my heart
Made of dry petals
Nov 15 · 61
Vision board
Carmen Jane Nov 15
Counting my should haves
It means nothing to me now,
You are my treasure
Nov 15 · 212
Carmen Jane Nov 15
It's when you hear me
I feel like I'm a flower
Touched by morning dew
Nov 14 · 165
Catching up
Carmen Jane Nov 14
Have we really talked?
Words were flying all around
Yet, have you been here?
Nov 13 · 160
Closer to midnight
Carmen Jane Nov 13
Don't want to sleep yet
I hate you, heavy eyelids
Brain doesn't function...
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