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Carmen Jane Jul 6
Opened eyelids won’t let you see
What’s here right in front of you
Cherished  dreams that lies beneath
Your broken soul, they say they’re true

As life goes on, we all do change
And fit no more in the same place
We feel entrapped in  a golden cage
We smile with tears that run down our face

We search our purpose in old pockets
We know to hope for better days
We see the future in shooting rockets
Cause we all hope for a better place
PrernaK Mar 2019
We were asked
to make wine.
We made poison as well.

This earth was never given to us for building economics and trade policies, it was definitely not gifted for dividing us in borders or for politics. We have messed up big time, we did everything we were not suppose to and maybe the pandora box that we talk about is all of this.

Such beautiful places, people, minds, art. All of which is now unexplored, unknown. It was never suppose to be like this. We're cursed, cursed with limited time and no knowledge of what our purpose is. We made a commodity and we made it our need. When the need was to fall in love, to be wise, to nurture art and to grow with it. Now we need to be saved from something which is our own created monster.

Silver lining is, in all this we still have magic to save us in the end like hope was in the pandora box.

To hope, to magic and to making this world a better place.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
i cried today.
i cried so hard i couldn't stop in any way.
i cried;
because she died.
i cried;
but she wan't going to come back.
i cried;
but things won't change.
i cried;
but she's in a better place.
In honor of Mrs. Lee LeRoy.
One of my favorite teachers who passed away due to a heart attack in her sleep. May she rest in peace.
Mongi Dec 2017
Sail On

And just for a moment
There was a total blackout,
Our spheres went all dark
A ray of sunshine couldn't penetrate through,
The atmosphere was misty and dense
So, we kept sailing on in the deep dark
There's a sandy shore that awaits us,
Where the sun never tires to shine
The soft winds will never go weary
At blowing your long beautiful hair backwards
Where the grains of sand will carelessly,
Yet flawlessly
Decorate your skin
As they carelessly stick
We'll make castles with shore clay,
At least better than the castles in the air
All that we'll never touch
So, we keep sailing on

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Even through a rough patch, it's fine to hope for a better outcome
repressi0n Apr 2016
How sad it is to create a world of fantasies
that you know **** well wouldn't happen in real life
But somehow along building that dreamlike catastrophe
you see yourself slowly wandering in a world of bliss
in a world where you are the lead character
and every trees and every clouds are smiling at you
And you know **** well you'd never cry the way you do
no thoughts of quitting
it's all a loophole of sunrise
almost ending with a gorgeous sunset
and with you
hand in hand
is someone you badly wish
to be madly in love with you
Everyone deserves to be in a better situation. But sometimes, life is so complicated and difficult that we just settle to dreaming and creating fantasies. This piece is dedicated to a good friend.
EdgarAllanPoenda Sep 2015

My eyes are dark from seeing
The pain of my fellow people from the beating
Of the problems and trials
Betrayals and denials

Corruption is widespread
S** in teenagers heads
What are we to do
With the world of me and you

Innocents are killed every day
Children are abused every way
Now I'm here to say
Let's make a difference, okay?

Let's make the world a better place
Back to its former grace
So that the beauty we can once more see
And every man can live free

Where black and white people are best friends
Where peaceful agreements are all that is needed to make amends
Where a person can love whoever he or she wants
Where a rich man shares his wealth instead of flaunts

Is this to big of a wish to ask?
To long and hard of a task?
Will this mission take forever?
No! It will not if we stick together
Sparkling Dust Sep 2015
I had a dream about you and me
We sailed the oceans, we explored the galaxy

I had a dream about today's children
Where they are not hungry and forgotten

I had a dream about our country
It was clean and peaceful
not chaotic, not *****

I had a dream about dreaming
That it is not bad and we should keep trying

I had a dream
I have a dream
We all do
Baylee Sep 2015
You probably don't know
That I've had a horrible day,
Struggling all day to make it
Through, feeling this way.
And you would go so far
As to say, "this one's on me",
Which makes me tear up,
And you say "don't worry".
I have faith again in humans,
Despite all I've been through,
And some people ask why I give,
And it's all because of you.
It's because of what you did for me,
When I was down, you picked me up,
Whereas most people these days,
They wouldn't give a ****.
Pardon my language,
But it's true you see,
Because of what you have done,
I stopped thinking about me, me, me.
The world is a better place when we
Take care of each other,
We share this planet, and
Through Christ, we're all sisters and brothers.
I have recently regained faith in humanity... Because of a small group of people...

— The End —