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It does not matter so much whether your house is big or small...what matters is whether it's a home.
I am embracing the visiting pain that dresses in different shapes.This time I know not to avoid it, as it’s here to make me stronger.It’s  here to teach me and it’s here to prepare me for what’s next.We are not supposed to be happy every moment, how would we  know empathy?
Pain, pain I’m here to stay
Teach me something everyday
Pain taught me to be grateful
Pain taught me to be soulful
Of course, always be wise and always be safe
Never stop and always your dreams you should chase
It’s always calm after the storm, after rain
In my cocoon I’m never afraid of the pain
Pain, pain I’m here to stay
Teach me something everyday
Try to remember that we did use to have good times
The bridge you want to burn will your heart satisfy?
Small talks we could do, weather we could talk
We won’t share a dance, we won’t go for a walk
Yet can you just burn that bridge all the way down?
Was the past made of bricks, just stacked by a clown?
Problems are brushed off, subjects are ignored
We talk about our kids and how much they’re adored
Forget about the pain and the topics of the world
This one conversation it’s flowing in a mold
The time that  I give, it’s not that hard for me
All the quiet from before , was all I could hear...
Small talks can’t last forever so you asked about my cat
I smiled when I answered and thanked you for our chat
Gliding along
The edge of night
In their sorrow
Silent in the wake
Of remissive waters

Their call
Their beckoning
A flare
To the soundless heavens
Quiet in the assured
Expectation of faith
Inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma and her poem "The Journey."
Carmen Jane Nov 6
Pain again is salt on wound
Tears are raindrops under an umbrella cloud
I’m not hiding from it anymore
It does not make my body sore

It rained other times too
And every time sunny moments followed
The green was greener
And my smile truer

Pain again is salt on wounds
I wonder now what flowers bloom
How high they’ll grow
What will they know.
Carmen Jane Nov 6
In a little church, where faithful ones
Are praying everyday for mercy
Then teaching it to their daughters and sons,
Whereof repentance they're always thirsty

In a little church, two famous ushers
Led everyone with smiles and vows
Nose powders and cheek blushers
Are flaking away, then drifting to the clouds

"Good morning, good Sunday!
Blessed shall be your family
All are welcomed here to pray!"
They'll be guided  to their seats, calmly

Yet, for one woman of color
They would never ever smile
They will hide her from father's collar
In the corner, behind the last aisle.

Nonetheless, she'd come all Sundays,
With the bravest faith of all
That one day, they'd change their ways,
They'll learn the truth, beginning small…

In a little church, a young child
Observed all this and had enough
With bare feet and eyes wild,
She went and tugged the woman's cuff

She said to her: "Don't be afraid,
Trust me, this world is gonna change!"
And then a promise she had made
"You'll never have to feel that strange!

You'll feel included, you won't be judged
I'll take you to the best of seats
You'd be listened to and always loved
You'll get to know only good deeds.

I'll raise my kids to be always kind
And never rush to judgment
To love thy neighbor and to find
Ways to observe true faith in many!"

That young child, had wings unseen
As all gasped, hearing her speech
They wondered where their hearts  have been
And how a child their minds can teach.

In a little church, two humbled ushers
Led everyone with smiles and vows
Nose powders and cheek blushers
Are flaking away, then drifting to the  clouds...
I imagined  the injustice it was decades ago and I imagined a brave child taking a stand. I am aware of the injustice today and I wonder why
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