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If I were a chestnut, I would roll around the world,
If I were a flower, I would steal the colors of the rainbow,
If I were a dust speck, I would rest on your lashes,
If I were a tear, I would run over your cheek,
If I were a snowflake, I would melt on your lips,
If I were an angel, I would take care of you,
If I were God, I would give you eternity.
With the occasion of World's Poetry Day, I searched for this little poem I wrote in highschool
Once we bloomed & blossomed
Together we grew
We wore but two roses
Swaying in the wind
Until you pollinated with another
Causing my petals to fall
Leaving me withered
Wishing on a star!
Praying out loud
Haven't given up
Keep working hard
Show up on time
Be all in
Turn a loss into a win
There is a kind of joy
that can only be felt
when you help others

It's a more satisfying win
when you help others win

It's a different kind of beauty
when you pull someone out of the dirt
and you get them cleaned

To lend a helping hand
is not always the easiest to do
But it is fulfilling and rewarding to do
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