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Carmen Jane Jul 2021
Opened eyelids won’t let you see
What’s here right in front of you
Cherished  dreams that lies beneath
Your broken soul, they say they’re true

As life goes on, we all do change
And fit no more in the same place
We feel entrapped in  a golden cage
We smile with tears that run down our face

We search our purpose in old pockets
We know to hope for better days
We see the future in shooting rockets
Cause we all hope for a better place
Carmen Jane Apr 2021
We both built brick walls in front of us
From time to time we push one brick out
To see the other, but we always miss
We never look in the right place...
Carmen Jane Feb 2021
Not knowing when a heart does open
We are just looking for the clues
We wonder why the words unspoken
Choose traveling  on tunes of blues

Avoiding gazes to collide
And listening to words, not feelings
We might just let a soul to slide
Away, from this life fast spinning reeling

Wait up, let the murmur of unknowns
Fade in the quietness of darkness!
Don’t worry about the stones not thrown
If kindness stagnates, it collapses...

I see remembrance of embraces
In the stars of shapes of hearts
Across the sky, they all form laces
That puts together my heart’s two parts.
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
Nothing was said by the tides of the lake
As they were frozen in time
Nothing will do to start and shake
The core of this lake, oh, sublime!

One can try to guess what was last spoken,
Perhaps it was hating on all things unfair
Nothing was left behind, not a clue or a token
To unveil the secrets, to clean up the air

One more look at these rough edges
Underneath of a smooth glistening glass
They are there ,muted for ages
Frozen thoughts , waiting for winter to pass!

Only celestial kisses that fall quietly
Gather to form a white blanket
On the chest of this lake, oh so lovely
That holds its  breath, unshaken.
  Jan 2021 Carmen Jane
How it feels to realize
When you are dead and gone
The Earth just never ceases to spin on
To play the role of a pawn
Never to be king
Rally a feeling to find the highest peak
And jump
In the hopes of finding your wings

What is life?

To live and to die
Years lost in search of why
The truth lies in those weary eyes
Our broken hearts tattooed with the fading ink of foolish pride
Divided by battle lines
Of our shared scars
What is yours is mine
We are all just parting souls
Endlessly floating down this river of time
So, ferry me away
Just past this life’s horizon
Lies better days
  Jan 2021 Carmen Jane
Distant objects so very far away
A glimpse in time some would say
Their stories keep us up at night
Glimmering rays of stellar light

If you stare at one up close
You may see its rhythmic pulse
Though each one different on their own
Together they project a greater tone

Can we imagine any greater wonder
Nature’s splendor a gift to ponder
Twinkling stars aglow in the distance
Hard to fathom their mere existence

Myths and legends fill our distant past
Of a colossal cosmos, so boundless and vast
Answers to questions we seek from above
The great mysteries of the origins thereof

Alone in a desert or on some distant shore
Curiosity will always leave us wanting more
Starry night, you inspire us to dream
With rays stretched eternal, forever agleam
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