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Don't show me the way;
I only need your support
to find it myself.

You wear
my kisses

in your hair

to everyone

but us

they glisten
like emotional jewelry

bloom like flowers
of desire

you wear
my kisses

in your hair

smiling secretly
to your self

as to how
they got there

& to where
the other kisses

All I need ,
Is a little rain ,
A little wine ,
And a lot of you.
Trying to catch you
Yet you leap fast
Barely touching the soil
As if you don't want it to disturb it
Your hair ripples in waves
Where the leaves
Each carries a scent
And a soothing story
You run in front of me
And time to time you look back
Just to assure me
You're not leaving me
Your hand beckoning
On floating autumn whispers
Making ripples in the pond
Swimming in the shallows
Swept off by the waves, into the deep sea
and back to the shore
Buoyant forces keep afloat
Hope is the float
Takes you deep, into the shallows and back to the shore
Soaring high into the skies
Float into the zero gravity door
Back to the ground
On two feet
Undying faith in self
Abstract thoughts
How can I collect this droplet of time
And give it meaning that's never forgotten
My heart can not endure to hear
The lacking, the  inactive humanity.

You hear a story that breaks your heart
Then you go back to your own life
Could you have stopped and do something
Like giving that thought another minute

Could you have moved just one inch more
Could you have let your heart be the main role
Could you have moved your lips more louder
And build some bricks on top of each other

Whose fault for some are with luck, and some are without,
That one was born like this, and one like that?
Yes you deserve the water you drink
And the roof above your head as well!
Whose fault it is that they have none?

Why is so quiet around here?
Why I don't hear feet walking, running
Phones ringing, texting, hands doing
Hearts this droplet of time,
          Becomes unforgotten...
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