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Zack Ripley Apr 2021
When I was a kid,
I thought I could be superman.
But now that I'm older,
I don't think anyone can.  
So, if no one can be a superman,
the next best thing I can be
is a good man.
Dave Robertson Feb 2021
a nugget of slide virtuosity
sings clear in the dark
that from the usual velvet hand
somehow has been forgotten

Your brass-burnished touch
has been nothing but felt

Sleep on, whole rest
Carmen Jane Jan 2021
What on earth you believed you could achieve
Climbing the stairs with no fear of God
Only one good man tried to make you halt
Showing you he’s stronger than all

With one look, a check for good measure
He took a decision that saved us so much
Fearless he nudge you to divert you
Into following him for a good cause

A hero that deserves the highest praise
Your bravery made you our nation’s knight
Of all that hatred you remained unfazed
As there wasn’t time, but to do what is right!
Onu Abah Jun 2020
"If all men count with you but none too much"
If you're open to all
but not too blind to identify those who would watch you fall

If you can give without expecting
If you can leave without holding grudges but hold precious memories dearly;
If you can say SORRY and mean it
If a pal's apology doesn't inflate your pride...

If you can see BEAUTY and adore her
If you can see her in the mud and recognize her
If she is out of sight but you can see her within
If she is nearby and attended to
If she is around and honored...

If there is love in your heart
If you say it and do it
If you can lose to win and tell the story not for men's praise or the glory
If you can bend a knee for a greater victory!
If you can insist on the right thing and refuse to bow to pressure...


You're a good man deserving Heaven's bliss, the Earth's fullness and all things good and fulfilling!
Victor Esekwe Feb 2019
A man who would:
Lead by example,
Live by service,
Treat all with equity,
Rule with mercy,
Give with willingness,
Judge with fairness,
Talk with respect,
Walk with grace,
Work with integrity,
Plan with wisdom,
Run with vision,
Wait with patience,
Care with affection,
Discipline with love,
Protect the truth with courage.
After such a man is gone,
The whole earth will echo his name,
And they all will say with voice as one:
What a man!
A trubute to the man we all wish to be
Dylan Feb 2019
This the script with no in fade.
This the tale with no once upon a time.
This the story with no true start,
the story of my grueling climb.
I had not - for so, so long - been fully sane
and would not feel fully sane for far longer.
I was not yet able to take a drink
when I first heard Death’s frightful song
It was my final year of college -
or the final it was supposed to be -
When my illness sank its fangs into my head.
When the mania nearly meant the end of me.
Problems lay dormant for decades
and troubled me when I needed peace most.
At the age when I’d normally be dating,
it seemed as if solitude was to be my perpetual post.
I had not been happy for some months
but always thought I was just lonely.
I was evading any treatment and concern,
all the while growing ghastly.
I left school with just three courses left
to find my peace at home.
Much to my chagrin,
every problem and symptom still shone.
I once again tried to ignore them
and tried to hide myself away.
I threw myself into games and drugs,
anything to push pain to the fray.
It worked for a few weeks,
but as soon as I was alone it ended.
I was thrown back into despair,
confident my use had been expended.
With no hope left for the future,
I set out to die by rope.
The only pause was for my mother
but I was too far down the *****.
Luckily, the rope lost its hold on me
shortly after I passed out.
I woke up on the floor - knot still around me -
and was apathetic towards this rout.
Upon awakening the next day,
I decided I should finally find help.
My lack of regret seemed strange,
and motivated me to - finally - pursue my health.
Through a painful, month-long process
I found the answers I so desperately needed.
Bipolar was - and still is - shocking.
I had no idea how deep its fangs were truly seeded.
I may be back in the real world now,
but my recovery is not over.
I have my answers and the medicine to heal me
but I’m still haunted by the things that were.
I will continue to work for a better tomorrow.
I will continue helping those like me.
I will forget the things that were
and take joy in things yet to be.
To my brothers and sisters in pain:
You are not alone and your illness is not you.
I know you feel forlorn,
but your health you must pursue.
It is never easy for us to seek help,
our problems we think can solve themselves.
It is okay to find support.
We must stop retreating into our shells.
The more of us that open up,
the less of us that feel alone.
We all have similar issues
and only we can let health be sown.
Love your brothers. Love your sisters.
Love your enemies. Love your neighbors.
But please - above all else -
Love yourselves.
Dylan Jan 2019
I knew she was the one for me
when I fully lost my sanity.
I was the lowest I had ever been
and never thought I would find love again.
I found her on the internet
and never thought she would be my wife.
I wanted to keep it casual
but she soon became my entire life.
She was waiting for me when I left,
when I thought I had found my cure.
When I finally first saw her
my heart skipped a beat I'm sure.
She was just as I expected
and as caring as I hoped.
She understood my illness
without the need to keep it cloaked.
She will be the one I marry
and I will never doubt our flame.
I cannot wait to wed her
and could not be prouder to give her my name.
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