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Carmen Jane Jan 7
No one wants to buy a poetry book
Of an unknown poetess
Who does she think she is?
Collecting words on pages
Words that are revealing white spaces
Pages that are meticulously numbered
No one wants to buy a poetry book
That appeared out of the blue
To claim its pages carries poems
Are they good enough?
Perhaps a line, or two...
No one wants to buy a poetry book
What would they find in it?
Dreams unfulfilled or pains that still bleed
No one wants to buy a poetry book
That grew like the freshest blade of grass
Fragile and hidden in the cruel moss
No one wants to buy...
Although, I’m mindful of the President’s tweets
and the pundits’ chatter;
And, while I keep up with the world news that matters;
Amid the pandemic, the politics, and the police brutality;
I often settle my spirit on . . . poetry.

I take some time.
I free my mind.
S l o w l y, I sip from a glass of smooth merlot wine.  
I relax,
I kickback,
and I ride the rhythm of the rhymes.

Because after a bit,
the constant “Breaking News,”
the quarantine,
the vanishing Lysol disinfectant spray amid covid19,
the social-distancing,
the quest for a vaccine,
the protest rallies,
the unsettling maskless scenes,
and the viewing of America’s racial unrest,
just invites unwanted and needless mental stress.

So, during these anxious days of shelter in place,
I retreat to a quiet and pleasing space,
where literature calms all worries within.
I find a book. Take a sip.
And, I warmly welcome fiction like a cherished friend.
The poem "Sipping Wine Over Rhymes" is also the name of the book published on Amazon written under my pen name "Tanya DeVonne"
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
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Vernell Allen Jul 2019
it’s difficult to watch his steps in the dark.
and even harder to catch him when he
falls and you look into his clouded
eyes as see an empty room
forged by walls built with
regret. oh, how you
wish you were
enough to
tear them
Poetry book SOBER. out now. Link is in my bio! Please support!
Alexandra J Jul 2018
I self-published a poetry book, called "Girl Steps Into Darkness to Meet God".

So, if you're interested in reading more of my poems, click on the link below:
The winds,
the cyclones,
the glaciers of life...
in the cluster of day-to-day happenings...

Sun shines and Sun sets..
becoming a true friend
and a divine dictator

a super sarcasm..

for the Supreme has always pampered
and caressed my impermanence

with a hug so cozy and full of blissful silence..

making me realize..
the undefined in the crust of my abstract life..

-- Published and Copyright work by Rashmi Pitre
Surely my life's work
Will be worth as much to them
As it is to me,
Waiting for sales to show here
To feed my music budget.
I've published a book.
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
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Nick Moser Jan 2016

Well, I have officially made my first book of poetry. The book is entitled From Cro Magnon to Pro Average Man: An Assortment of Poems. This was the first time I ever attempted making a book, and finally I have pulled it off!!! I made this book through the website: Just a few minutes ago, I actually published the book on Bookemon for the whole world to buy! So, if you’ve wanted a copy all along, are interested in reading it now, and/or just want to help me keep chasing my dream of becoming a known-poet by paying for the book, YOU CAN!! Here’s what you do:

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Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me through this long process of self-publishing my first book of poetry. And thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to buy the book and actually does. THAT WOULD MEAN THE LITERAL WORLD TO ME.
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Thank you to everyone for your support.

— The End —