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Jul 2014 · 691
Dissonant Love Ballad
Yours et cetera Jul 2014
His affection rushes wickedly,
Like pestilence, through my veins
The lilts of his venomous voice
Sending my heart into a frenzy

But he vanishes into oblivion
As quickly as he came
And I am expected to implore,
To pander, and ******

Lest I lose the chance of reunion;
The sliver of good fortune
One that promises idyllic nights,
Iridescent moonbeams on skin

That's how my parents started
The young days teeming with hope
Which soon shriveled into bitterness
And vacuous, dejected nights

With one glance, I see my folly
This caricature of love
This twisted travesty to life
I jettison the nonsense and bid goodnight
May 2014 · 713
Bedevilled (Haiku No. 3)
Yours et cetera May 2014
Your words on my palm
As I succumb to your spell.
"Let the pain fester"
This poem *****. But so does love.
Apr 2014 · 829
Incision (Haiku No. 2)
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
He then caverned out
The bright beacon my heart was
I bled profusely
What it was like in the end.
Apr 2014 · 817
Aftermath (Haiku No. 1)
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
Did you know, darling?
You were my one sustenance
You left, I withered
I remember talking to him, deep into the night. His voice is so beautiful, every syllable he whispered still resonate with me.
Apr 2014 · 1.8k
Relics of Yesterday
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
Loneliness is pages splayed across the bed
It is clutching the empty space beside me
Writhing in agony, knowing very well
You're not there

Loneliness is having my blood run cold,
My feet solidly planted to the ground
Every time I hear the unfamiliar ring
Of my (prosaic) name

Loneliness is basking in the sweet but transient
Moments of companionship, when your supple
Lips brush mine (and sparks flit down my back)
Knowing they will soon be relics

Loneliness is donning heavy, splotched clothes
Sodden from last night's tears and broken memories
It is having your mind plagued with yesterday
*Loneliness decays your today
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
Woeful Beauty
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
I love your languorous way of speaking
Like you are flirting with the ghosts
Of a bygone lifetime

I love the wistful gleam in your eyes
When you whisper lecherous secrets
Into the crook of my neck

I love the way your tears never seem to
Leave the velvety and fragile surface
Of your cherubic face

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have walked on these thorn-laden grounds
Long enough to know that the forlorn,
The vacuous, the shattered, the decrepit
Never receive the exaltation they deserve

But your radiant, ivory skin is nonpareil
Your eulogies the most poetic
Your macabre dreams sing to me
And coldly stir me in my slumber

You are a true testament to the idea that
All things broken, all things bad are beautiful
The miserable azure in your eyes are merely a
Sliver to the beautiful tragedy you harbour
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
Unaddressed Loveletter
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
Here I am, penning verses that paint vibrant images
Expressing my yearning through ostentatious displays
But do these efforts impinge upon -- even in the slightest --
The twisted fate we have been endowed?
*I do not like to think this is all for naught
Feeling ambivalent about this guy. Distance between us seems to expand endlessly.
Apr 2014 · 807
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
An eyewitness once recited
His bone-chilling account
Of his tightrope walk to Death
How he managed to return
Was, and remains, impossible to say
But his frightening story resonates

"There I stood on my toes,
On an intermediate point teetering
Between the idyllic salvation
Of Heaven
And the macabre derangement
Hell promises

Lose your balance
And the wayfarer finds himself
Succumbing to the merciless
Pull of the underworld
Condemning him to eternal

The scanty few who
Travel across the rope
undaunted and unfazed
Indulge in the reward
Of the Holy Father's *deliverance

And so I stood on the rope,
Its rough frays tickling my soles, I,
Precariously perched on the border
Of Life, Death,
Of Salvation and Damnation
Too overcome with fear to advance forward

I whispered a few syllables,
The dulcet notes rollicked up to
A Saviour above
Omniscient one who knew
The best path for my wintering fate
In a haze of bewilderment I awoke"
So my wayward thoughts somehow detoured to the sensation of death
Yours et cetera Apr 2014
Fragmented wails
Shards of a broken hourglass
Decrepit candelabras ––
Dusty relics I conjure up
When your scent dances my way

Desolate sighs
The farewell letter you never
Cared to address to me ––
Memories that corrode like acid
When you idly spell my name

Glistening strands of gold
Inscriptions on my back
Daybreaks that infuse vigor ––
Things that vanquish my resistance
When I wallow in the past


*We were never compatible;
Of different calibre and breed
But our besmirched souls
Are as indistinguishable as twins
I am sorry I was never good enough.
Mar 2014 · 1.1k
At the Mercy of Shadows
Yours et cetera Mar 2014
No facade elaborate enough
To adequately conceal
The inner-conflict
In which I am embroiled

No crooning of comfort
Can delivery me peace
Or forestall my mind's
Eventual unhinging

No foxed, tattered pages
Of forlorn loveletters
Strewn with stark promises
Can resurrect my will

My compass confiscated
My map of reason
Torn and trampled upon
My future at the mercy of shadows
I. Can't. Anything. Today.
A few words about disorentation
Mar 2014 · 2.4k
A Beauty but Scarred
Yours et cetera Mar 2014
Eyes in hues of green and gold
Mesmerizing flecks to which
My gaze was stubbornly fixated

Crimson lover and ebony spirit,
Why did you me so
Hungry and bereft?

We met one cold December hour
And your voice indelibly painted
An awe-inspiring tapestry
Upon the hollow corridors
Of my heart

You said Yes
I remember the very gasp

Even the nuances of your
Angelic voice
I have committed to memory

But nothing cripples your will
Like the magnetic pull
Of a golden-tressed *****

Oh, how you covet,
How you steal and you gorge
You pummeled me down
Into an abyss of no return

But when my ashes are strewn
Across the vast fields
Of God's Heaven

They will not remember me
Or my mangled remains

For I am just another victim
Of your sagacious convictions

A singular pearl
On a long string of beads

So pure but marred
A beauty but scarred

They will admire
And exalt to the skies

They will bellow their song
To the thousands listening

But they will also weep
A funeral march so poignant

Dew drops from their eyes
Awaken the fallen

And with them I rise
Just a few words about this lustful, womanizing ****.  I'll love him forever.
Jan 2014 · 719
Wilted Soul
Yours et cetera Jan 2014
What do you do when you're drifting away?
Trying to maintain normalcy, keeping danger at bay
I pray to the heavenly Father, beseech Him for truth
While fear, poison and violence decay my youth

Please shed me the holy light; cleanse what's inside me
Lest the wound fester on, eating away gladly
Forgive me my blunders, forgive me my sins
I know goodness prevails,  You tell me that virtue wins

Yet I refuse to obey; so foolish by nature
Plunge straight to the hole, the pains suffered later
Always I revel in pleasure, for which I will feel remorse
Obstinate as a mule, unwavering in my course

So alone here I am, perpetually ensnared
In this entanglement of trouble, as the oppressors glared
Crimson from embarrassment, beset with shame
Dear Lord, please save me; endow me with an aim
Dec 2013 · 971
Willow the Whisperer
Yours et cetera Dec 2013
"Hello," she croons in her ever-dulcet voice
Soft, fragile, musical
Like the petals of a white rose
Dancing in the wind
The delicate flake perches on your ear
Soon ignites as flame disperses all over
What is this passion?
Kindling in your heart
You had promised not to submit
To these intoxicating sounds
But your carnal desires prevail
"Come to me, dear Willow," you whisper in reply
And accept with open arms her poison
But you are too late
For she has wafted away
Like the elusive flame on the surface
Of billowing waves
Dear Willow. Will-o-the-wisp.
Yours et cetera Dec 2013
go on and drone about some *******
of us not making the same mistakes as you did
i hope the puppeteer burns in his hearts own inferno
for he is the truest testament to Satan's existence

i can't deny this anymore; it's far too obtuse
the repercussions of his actions too palpable
you vicariously suffering for his faults
when you've already got so much to endure

so to hell with this devil incarnation
my love to whom has been extinguished
God died but not eight months ago
and to mourn, i live for my own existence
Dec 2013 · 573
sacrilegious musings
Yours et cetera Dec 2013
whatever happened paradise land
the one you had once promised?
you said that good fortunes are endowed
to ones who obey His demands
but those are just hollow declarations now
ones that billow up in winter's breath
if i resist, i am condemned to darkness
if i inhale, i fall prey to your lies
so where does someone like me go now?
embark on a new path fraught with peril
or stay entrapped?  suffocating in your hands?
i don't want to betray myself
but i can't bear to rip you apart
Dec 2013 · 1.9k
goodnight white
Yours et cetera Dec 2013
i catch a whiff of sins lethal pheromone
allow it to seep into my passages, in, out
usurping my discretion, ensnaring my heart
it dances up the vacuum of my mind
and plants a delicate kiss, seducing my morals
i succumb to its power, too delicious to resist
and allow this corrupted spot fester to its death
by dawn it consumes my once virtuous soul
i kiss farewell to the pure cherub of my past

— The End —