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Man Nov 2020
that we may fall
to arms

blades sharpened
on the grindstone of hate
atlas stands

shouldering the weight
that their words
were willed to do wicked deeds
he weeps

at the long suffering
at length and still here
KM Hanslik May 2018
Paint me in new colors. I am tired
of my usual half-attempts
at dragging this out. Why
do my hands feel so heavy?
Lead numbness dragging
hours into days
I try to scraps off my old moldings but I'm
stuck in this feedback loop of
what will break me slowly because
I want to be here, but
at the same time I don't.
kills. It seeds itself
under my skin and I can't
tear it out.

will be the death of me.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
Peace and Tranquility is what existed before you came
But you stepped in once more
Making my heart create chaos with every rapid heartbeat
Leaving me indecisive between my fragile heart and wise mind every step of the way
You leave me ambivalent, conflicted, entangled within a cobweb of emotions and thoughts
Contradicting one another and tearing me apart
jace Jan 2018
I'm ambivalent
Ambivalence is the state
Wherein a person is torn
Between two opposing decisions

Will I stay or Will I go?
Will I laugh or Will I cry?
Will I live or Will I die?

Torn between two opposing decisions
That can cause me my life
These are questions I ask myself

I'm ambivalent...
SassyJ Jul 2016
In a bed of cosmic stars
I floated on the winded lake
lighted as the thunderstorm rolled
holding peace as a new born babe
so close that no one snatches it away

Now in a bridge waving
the passersby as they sink
to that very bed of green grass
where locusts escape the evil
eager shores that kiss and appease
that very spark of tranquility
the quietness of the resolved soul
where my feet pace to finish a race
the life wire of ambivalence
at the door where it all makes sense

In bed with the cosmic stars
I live unknown and invisible
the underlay of my natural matter
where I exist as a mere human being
estranged to the world and it's effects
Lunar Sep 2015
I can't even tell if I've really gotten over you or I'm just numb to the fact that I've not forgotten you
Hola ambivalent self. You **** and you deserve a one year break in Japan. Hopefully you'll be able to get over him there (literally, by flying out and over the country where im at now ****)
tc Jul 2015
i am ambidextrous – i can count how many times you’ve hurt me on both hands and i am ambivalent, i love you but i hate you

there is a certain ambience i recall in flashbacks and unspoken memories, however it fades as quickly as my smile when your name is mentioned

there is so much ambiguity in your eyes when you gaze at me – i stopped marvelling over you and your thoughts and instead marvelled over myself

who am i, without you? what am i, without you?

i am a life of ambition
you are a life of indifference
rough write. i haven't written in a year and i miss it so so much, but i'm trying to fight through my writer's block. please be kind :-(
the mindset that you bring to it
the taste of your thoughts
a lick would slide down your throat
like a fish headed back to
Standing stock still as your eyes
bored into mine.
Ambivalent of whether i should
stay here or leave.
Ignorant about the situation
i have been in.
Screaming in my blank face
i'm just hopeless.
Tears remain unshed inside,
i broke apart.
Watching you feed the flames,
i stepped right in.
the moment i was engulfed i knew
that i was home.
Love* and Hate is what I feel
I love you as a friend
I hate you as a human
All else is ambivalent

I have told myself
To give up
Yet what is this?
A feeling that is welling up in my being

A voice
You* can save him, it says

But what if I cant?
What if it turns out just like before?
I cant take the same risk
And do the same mistakes

I'm terrified
The history is my greatest fear
For it made me feel excruciating pain

Now, I'm asking you
Are you willing to accept me
As the one to escort you
Towards the world I've come to know
That will surely somehow
Make you feel so free

Because I'm already so CONFUSED
You've been taking me inside an endless whirlpool
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