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Zywa Jun 2022
The journey is restless, but
the ship is marvelous
It's a beautiful ship

Unfortunately without ship gnomes
to help the whole lot escape, no
there are only fools on board

who sing songs of freedom
and toast to distant beaches
Alas, we get off our course

The magnetic field loses strength
and the north pole is shifting
Ports remain unread

Sessilia grab us by the keel
growing anchors to the deep
of the restless water

The unreachable moon draws
a sweet scent in the salty air
But who could live there?
"Ship of fools" (in book IV of "Politeia" ["The Republic"], 407 BC, Plato)

"Het narrenschip" ("The Ship of Fools", 1491, Hieronymus Bosch)

"Ship of Fools" and "Land **!" (album "Morrison Hotel", 1970, The Doors)

Since 1900, the North Magnetic Pole has shifted 1,100 km towards Canada, and since 1850, the strength of the magnetic field has decreased by 10%

Collection "Migration"
Zywa Jun 2022
The man drove so fast

that he was first to arrive --

at his accident.
Collection "Migration"
Zywa Mar 2022
I create the earth,

all, but people, that mistake --

I won't make again.
"Niet nog een keer" ("Not again", 2015, Ali Şerik)

Collection "Human excess"
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2020
Self conflicted and disturbed, all thoughts pass through my mind with vengeance and misery, trying to control this hate growing inside and killing all part of emotion like a scythe through the grass and a flame eating away the dryness of this life, never knowing the pain and guild that was inflicted to ones mind and soul.
I am a hate breather, negative eater and just all parts of chaos that make all the more sense in a world which only knows conflict and has no brain, pondering why things are as they are, are not questions to be asked in this world, do so and be branded to unknown one, for now and always... A negative eater and wishful peace of mind is a complexity of the wise and a curse to the unknown one...
controle the anger
Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
the lie will **** to be right.
that's unwise,
very ungentle.
fish or cut bait, wait, some peace bein' made
Sanjali Aug 2018
-Supposed To Survive-

I cannot understand
If I am weak or patient,
I cannot understand
What I should think.
Is it okay if I let life play
Or do I fight with all my will?

Wise people would say
'There’s a time for each way',
But how am I, the unwise,
Supposed to decide?
How am I, the fool,
Supposed to survive?
Sometimes my life seems to be wrapped around these lines.
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Thought you got me in your grasp
Fallen in your hands,
Money in the bank
I'm a human hand grenade
you’ve pulled the safety pin away
division now awaits
the careless
Ena Alysopriono Apr 2017
It was more than a year ago
I admitted you were no good
I tried to let you leave my head
And you did
But all good things must come to an end they say
And one short week was enough
to pull me back
I was convinced things were different
We were friends now
Temptation was prevented
by my faithfulness to Someone Else
Until that Someone Else left
and surprise.
You were back.
creeping your way back into my head
monopolizing my thoughts
I tried to remember
You are no good
But every time those six letters
appear on my screen
my heart jumps
a little
So please
Don't talk to me today
if you don't plan on saying Hello
Definitely a little rusty. Emphasis on the 'free' in free verse.
If you want to keep your piece of real estate in my head, you'd better start paying rent.
Yours et cetera Mar 2014
No facade elaborate enough
To adequately conceal
The inner-conflict
In which I am embroiled

No crooning of comfort
Can delivery me peace
Or forestall my mind's
Eventual unhinging

No foxed, tattered pages
Of forlorn loveletters
Strewn with stark promises
Can resurrect my will

My compass confiscated
My map of reason
Torn and trampled upon
My future at the mercy of shadows
I. Can't. Anything. Today.
A few words about disorentation

— The End —