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I hate the rain
I hate the sun
I hate the cold
even when it's gone.

I hate the pain
I hate the joy
I hate to feel
I hate those who feel!

I hate you!
I hate them!
I hate everyone!
I hate everything!

I hate myself.
You hate me.
Let's hate myself

I hate that.
I hate that!
I hate the world!
I hate my world!
I hate your world!

I hate that car
that just passed by
I hate my neighbor
who've just passed by
I hate everything I see
on that window
I hate that window!
Close that window!

I hate that dog!
Whose dog is that?
I hate
whoever owns
that dog!
I hate them both!
I hate you!

I hate this bed!
I hate this pillow!
I hate this blanket!
I hate everything I see!

I love to hate.
I hate to love.
I'll just keep on hating
Because that's
what I am.

And I hate you!
I hate everyone
who'll read this poem.
I hate this poem!
I hate this poem!

I hate this poem!

But I loved
writing this poem.

Spread the hate!
window's broken
17 November 2014

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Great news:* I just got
A blu-ray disc of Star Trek
Five, the voyage home

Weird News: my mom said
She didn't buy it, and dad
Said he didn't, too

My conclusion: there's
A star trek fairy, just like
The old tooth fairy

That, *or
a random
Guy came into my house and
Put it on my bed

Either way, I'm not
Going to complain when I
Have a Star Trek disc
Is it creepy? Yes. But its one of my favorite movies of all time (along with Inception, Felidae, and anything made by pixar).
Yours et cetera Mar 2014
Eyes in hues of green and gold
Mesmerizing flecks to which
My gaze was stubbornly fixated

Crimson lover and ebony spirit,
Why did you me so
Hungry and bereft?

We met one cold December hour
And your voice indelibly painted
An awe-inspiring tapestry
Upon the hollow corridors
Of my heart

You said Yes
I remember the very gasp

Even the nuances of your
Angelic voice
I have committed to memory

But nothing cripples your will
Like the magnetic pull
Of a golden-tressed *****

Oh, how you covet,
How you steal and you gorge
You pummeled me down
Into an abyss of no return

But when my ashes are strewn
Across the vast fields
Of God's Heaven

They will not remember me
Or my mangled remains

For I am just another victim
Of your sagacious convictions

A singular pearl
On a long string of beads

So pure but marred
A beauty but scarred

They will admire
And exalt to the skies

They will bellow their song
To the thousands listening

But they will also weep
A funeral march so poignant

Dew drops from their eyes
Awaken the fallen

And with them I rise
Just a few words about this lustful, womanizing ****.  I'll love him forever.

— The End —