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Cné Oct 2015
Why do you love the one you do?
Arrogant as he lives
Intriguing minds have not a clue.
He cheats, he lies and receives your endless forgives

Security he cannot propose
Financially, spiritually, emotional or otherwise.
Love unfaithfully he bestows
Disguised as Christian he justifies.

Smothered in the cocoon of his limited sphere,
Hinders flight for the beautiful butterfly,
Egotistically the coward oozes insincere.
Sadly pondering, inquiring minds ask Why?
Love is blind
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2015
(I love) Dignity

tearing words apart,
a part
of  a joy I cannot
explain or share exactly

knew a man once,
forty two years gone,
died too soon enough,
soon enough,
he and I will be
the same age

this man
a duck out of water,
a stranger in an adopted land,
trouble-stooped, a hard life, well lived,
never bent,
dignified in every step

I cannot remember him
ever kissing me, tousling my hair,
holding my hand, loving me in
a manner I wanted beyond  desperately

yet here I am, 5:22 am
weeping tears recalling him
in glimpses long ago seen,
adding them all up to get a
single sum


tearing words apart,
a part
of a joy I cannot/explain,
share precisely

chambered memory storage units,
unlocking those rusted locks with freshly oiled
and loving the dignity he exampled

to the son he could not kiss, hand hold,
but taught him the one lesson, digging deep
to respect life and stand apart,
stand with dignity.

all else will follow

the son kissed his children plenty,
in a vain attempt to make up his missed

now the grandfather,
now the grandfather
is still kissing
his last hope, his newest babes,
rolling on the floor,
so silly kissing belly buttons,
smelling their skin repeatedly,

in a manner most

still weeping
the son,
he tries to sort it out

and forgives and does not forget
the man that taught dignity
in everything,
even, especially,
in slow dying,

forty two years is a long time to wait
to weep.

it takes two hands in the dark
to collect all the waiting patiently
wetness and the
accompanied sniffles,
so undignified,
the son smiles at himself
declaring unabashedly,
digging out from himself
a poem, a self-reflection
on time tarnished reflections
clear enough to make him

I love dignity.
for my father...
John Feb 2018
My heart is full of love,
It’s soft like a rose pedal
Yet my head is filled with hate,
Like a bucket of shrouds of metal.
My heart is warm,
It has learned to let things go.
But my head is cold,
Like a winters first snow.
It never forgets anything,
All the damage that has been done.
The harsh words of  a loved one,
That still pierce it like a gun.
My heart forgives,
It only wants to love.
It’s filled with it,
From the man above.
My brain keeps yearning,
To reach a similar level.
Yet it keeps punishing me,
Like it is straight from the devil.
My heart only seeks peace,
To be filled with joy.
My brain is always at war,
Like the battle of Troy.
My heart forgives others,
It fills my day with glee.
My brain is a constant reminder
It loathes me and betrays me.
My heart will never give up.
I hope it will lead the way.
Maybe my brain will ease up.
I so yearn for that day.
Nassif Younes Mar 2016
Something has kicked the fairy out of me.

I’m not sure when
Or how
But she’s definitely gone.

I used to think in images
But they’ve all been rolled up
And folded into words.
I can’t remember the last time
I remembered a dream.
Any colder and I will start referring to her
As my right-brain.
I need to find my fairy.

She will have glided off like light rain with the wind
Across the meadows
And over the mountains.
She will have washed her face with the spray of every ocean
And rested on a pillow of clouds
Where every side
Is the cool side.
Right now she could be licking icicles
From the roof of a rainbow cave.

Have you seen her?
She’s about yea high
With glittered skin
And a smile disarming
As a hydrogen bomb.

I’m starting to give up
And fall into fantasy about what it will be like
When I find her.
When all the squares will tilt over
And roll themselves into circles,
When words will abandon their meaning
With a sigh of relief
Before floating off the ground
And into the stars.

We will blow smoke rings to form coronas around each other’s bodies
Which will carry us away like bubbles.
I will swallow her laughter
Sweeter than all the magic flutes on earth
And let it sparkle in my mouth
Until all my teeth are dissolved
And grown back
In a world that forgives the indulgent
And savours the childish.

And then…
There she is.
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
The Angels surrounds
the heart of the one
whose heart is broken.
No one can feel
or see the pain in your
heart but only you.
It is hidden away from
the mortal eyes.
Only your essence and
feelings can reach out to
the one whose heart is
disturbed and confused.
No one can touch or
understand how you feel,
except through the power
of love that heals and forgives.
The spoken words of love
are understood by the heart
that is so touched by the
spirit of counsel and
of love and forgiveness.
Only it's breath can cause the
heart to flutter to feel the warmth
of the bliss it exudes.
Can anything be as sweet and
lovely than a forgiven heart of
a wounded soul who has regained
freedom from the nightmares of the
tormented life conquered.
A sureness of a soul set free is glorious.
That is the impression of what the heart
desires for a free spirit unhurt by
unfortunate circumstances.
2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Ainnoot May 8
My lips orchestrated lies
They said she was one of a kind
That all the stars were In her eyes
Sadly she can’t get me out of her mind.
I hope she forgives me
I really wish I loved her.
She’s picked up my habits
So when I drop her
I just hope she recovers.
I really wish I loved her
The way she deserves to be
no matter how I touched her
I forged an illusion
And that’s all on me.
I began this a year ago.
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
Loving feelings can restore
balance to relationships.
If you can only bring yourself
to make it happen.
**** the ego and selfish pride
that imprisoned you.
Set yourself free and
go for the one
your heart seeks.
Nurture the one whom your
soul loves.
For out of your
efforts to come out
of your cocoon will emerge a
beautiful lifetime relationship.
A love that is deep
can flow like the
river that leaves its
bank and flood
the whole unimaginable places.
Just like a finger
dipped into the oil
can infest the whole fingers,
so is the love that
forgives penetrates
the whole body
and **** all the
vulnerability to
show it's wounded
face to the sun
without being shy.
Acceptance is of
extreme importance
to bring desired pleasure
to placate and nurture
the heart to heal.
With pleasure the heart
is reverted to a blissful
sequence that is lovely
where both hearts will
feel safe enough to let
their inner child out
of the box to play.
Victory is accorded
to such a joyful end
while the relationship blooms.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Ignorance in law is a sin,
You will be punished.
Ignorance in religion is a bliss,
Allah forgives you.
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
I can't stand the sight of you
Your smile splitting in every bend
Sitting here with her arms shaking
After she's told me, beginning to end

I know what you have done before
To the small garden under the setting sun
With only just a few seasons more
Till your hands have already begun

And many would walk through with care
Or some without even much to give
As you gave such a sickening stare
At the stems that still have much to live

With warm pedals as certain as summer
Frozen and silent from the winter in you
You were finally alone in the lovely garden
So you did what no father should ever do

And like a strong shake of the devil's hand
You've placed my mind beyond the fire
A false heart under my knifes plan
Your punishment is what I sadly desire

But her garden more beautiful than ever
Her hand touching mine with ease
You're so lucky she forgives you now
Without making you beg on your knees
Kurt Carman Oct 2018
Did you ever have one of those days,
That causes more than a few eyebrows to raise?
Black clouds looming inside your head,
And fools rush in where angels fear to tread? (a.pope)

Then start by lifting up just one corner of your mouth
Point it towards the sky, DO NOT go south.
And with your index finger, push up the other flection,
Keep it right side up in the very same direction!

With this smile take a long deep and meaningful breath,
And Sing a song that warms your your mind forgives & forgets.
Stand tall young one, cause your living in the light,
This day has past but tomorrow you'll reignite!
You don't feel like smiling? Then what? Two things. First, force yourself to smile. If you are alone, force yourself to whistle or hum a tune or sing. Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. Here is the way the psychologist and philosopher William James put it:
"Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not.                           

- Dale Carnegie
Stu Harley Oct 2018
love flies on
heart window
love forgives you
love gives you
a second chance
ride along
Swimming in deep waters away from unchartered routes is prohibited except, Ahimsa is a word of the derived quality that has now become a normative statement on the state of violence. If you travel a path you’re not sure of, you will be stuck in the crossroads of choices that all seem delusional. Let’s see how raw fish can a polite example of simple resolution to preserve the flavor of delicacy. Watch how one can believe in a delicacy of cuisine, as well as education, and a person earning a stature in modern-day culinary pilgrimages. If you cultivate a habit for chopped purple seaweed and a crimson tide of sashimi, then it is a numinous moment.
Therefore, do not be stranger to choice. Try everything. When a moment of ahimsa and a path of delicacy are considered, Sashimi is flavorful, salty and jellied in its deliciousness. Therefore, well-seasoned fish can bring pure umami in life.
Business is flourishing to in Japan with the currency going down and the people in a myriad of bars explore a sundry of choices of whether to drink or eat. Sushi and sashimi have become cultural to Japanese cuisine and are served as with a plate of honesty and solid craftsmanship. Japanese take pride in their food and as a result, their food is in a very intricate fashion linked to their illustrious culture. The dresses are black with strobe lights. She claps and the colorful atmosphere lights and she realizes something. A hurt ego is like a hurt heart. She forgives and continues to eat the delicate fish to her fill.
An essay on ahimsa with shark meat
Tessa Marie Mar 20
She has big eyes and a big heart.
Both are telling.
Neither she can control.
She forgives easy and holds grudges.
She's complex and simple all at once.
Simple in the ways that make her happy.
Windows down
music up
long winding roads
and a full tank of gas.

Complex in how she sees the world
****, exhausting, alluring,
and so beautiful.

She has a gypsy soul.
A little from her mother and mother's mother
and a lot all her own.

She loves too much.
No, she loves just right.
She gives too much.
Forgiving those who rarely give back.
Those who don't deserve her love and take her light.

She doesn't know how beautiful she is.
She's more than big eyes, curved lips, *******, and bone.
She is light, laughter, strength, loyalty, and acceptance.
She is a safe place for the broken, the weary,and the weird.  

There is a war in her.
It leaves her tired and battle scarred.
But, she's still standing.
She's still fighting.

May she always know she isn't alone.
May she love herself as much as I love her.
May she see herself as I see her.
May she know she taught me every bit as much as I taught her.

My daughter.
A woman now.
No longer my Tater.
Forever my friend.
Traveler Mar 3
Stacks of memories
In a recycle bin
Pulling 'em out
Putting 'em in

Remember whens
Where we like to go
Never forget 'ers
Imprinted on soul

Lost in piles of files in flesh
Moments we were not at our best
Dark nights come and slowly fade
Until grey matter triggers spark replay

Up front the nows
The essence of living
The thankfuls to be
The resentful misgivings

The never forgets
Forgives and regrets
All the wins, the losses
The deaths
Yet there's still plenty of room
For those good memories
We haven't made yet...
Traveler Tim

Another night closes in,
and I feel so alone.
I touched my heart -
and it felt frozen just like my skin.

Everyone would say to me,
that love doesn't hurt,
but I find that isn’t true-
because I'm black, and blue over from you.

I'm talking to myself on this cold lonely road,
I'm starting to feel old.
sometimes I'd like to quit,
nothing seems to fit.

Loneliness made its way into my life,
another time things didn’t go right,
I feel so cold within my soul
-from the pains of long ago.

No love of any kind,
could truly change my mind,
I cry in the night-
hanging around all the places we use to go.

It has been nothing but a roller coaster ride
of the ups and down emotional ride
-you left me in,
way back then.

Oh, all of those ups and down lies
that you had called love,
well the outcome left me feeling broken
so very empty-
I have seen plenty,
to last a lifetime of misery.

You are going around town
talking trash about me,
So no one would ever talk to me
only look down on me,

I walk all alone like some lost clown,
that he has beaten down.
I lost all my self-worth,
-feeling all this hurt.

Oh, how I really thought I needed you
I even felt I may have loved you.
Once upon a time,
that may have been true.
I thought I couldn’t live without you.
You were once my everything,
that life could ever give.
I do forgive,
but I will never forget.

All I know now is the pains you left me in.
You shamed me and blamed me
in front of my family and friends-
and you told me you would do it all over again.

It was hard at first saying goodbye to you,
but in the long run, I am so glad I did.
I pray God forgives me -
this abuse has gone on way too long,
I don’t know how I had hung on.

Empty, broken-
I felt like a used up token
that has been tossed around in a lion's den.
Where the traps were always laid out for me,
where your evil game begins with no end.

My life was shatter in your darkness.
I had fallen apart because of your hatefulness,
the head games and lies
that you told me day and night.

I am glad to say my goodbyes to your abuse.
I felt so used,
because of you-
and No, I’m not confused.

I felt I wasn’t ever going to see another tomorrow,
you left me in a lifetime of sorrows,
Oh, for this heart of mine
I do pray it will one day mend.

So, I could lose all this bitterness
and painful memories,
So, I can live a healthy life
and one day let true love find me.

I’m saying my goodbyes to love,
to what he calls love.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2003
Copyright © Judy Emery| Year Posted 2003
edwill makamu Feb 23
He the one who leap you up, from zero to the angel you are recently.
He the one who made you look not alike the image of this world,
You were born here but nothing describes your look.
He the one who made you look like electrons, you attract any living being,
near or far.
You are so alluring; your smile makes the world blind.
We all created of the same image, but you are a miracle,
a creature that never to touch the earth is absolutely a sin.
I swear you were supposed to be at the atmosphere,
Where people can only imagine of having you down but never to happen,
You never been an angel, meanwhile you are,
nevertheless, there’s no argument there.
He the one who provided you with the unique glance,
I’m not talking of Brazilian hair, extended eyelashes, painted eyebrows,
But I’m talking of a creature who’s amazing as fossils,
A creature who appears like you were made by of the peace of
The moon, the sun and the stars.
If I am to name all what he did to you, then it’ll take the clock to stop ticking,
So I can pitch all what he did to you that mold you to break the law unintentionally.
Well let me tell you because you don’t know,
You don’t know that you made me mad and you don’t know that you killed me emotionally.
But here I am right in front of you, trying to plant an oath
And I assure you, I’ll be your candle that barely smelt and be no more, just to give light.
And I’ll provide for you, so you don’t have to run around the world
I’m afraid you can lose all this,
But, but he provides for you everyday
He gives you light everyday
He protects you everyday
He conquers you, he gives you strength everyday
Even when you fault and fail him, he forgives you and multiply your integrity
For he knows your righteousness and your faithfulness right in you.
But me, me I’m only here making all this promises,
I’m only here trying to be someone I can’t even imitate
I’m only here trying to be someone I can never be.
I can never be you LORD.
Chris Jun 7
If I focus hard enough can I truly disappear?
Just so my intentions are clear
It’s not that I don’t want to be here
But why be in one place when I can be everywhere?

As wealth is better off spread through the masses
So is a soul when the human form passes

Perhaps there’s a way as the body still lives
To set the soul free like the grudge that forgives

Just as love and hate come from the same place
To every life given, a death will give chase

Sow your love’s seeds as far as you can
With a smile on the street or a shake of a hand

If you keep it inside you’ll never be free
Only through love can I become We
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