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She delivered her speech
It made her look flawless
Without a screech she became dauntless
Worshipped by each
Insecurity became meaningless
But one thing made her heart melt
One thing called Love
Amanda Dec 2018
For so long been a victim to your charm
Sweet and seductive smile
So I have seen voodoo put to work
Learned to accept it, at least for awhile.

Time has taken toll on us
Which is an excuse for behavior
Watch me grow up and grow tired
Of you being my savior.

What do I do to rescue myself?
Heart does not know how to fly
Is the leap worth the risk I take?
He isn't a hero, he's just a normal guy
She needed a hero, so that's what she became.
‪Oh Eve!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Oh Eve!
Thou embraced gluttony
And gave us agony

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You Rest In Peace
While red, we release

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Thou touched the tree
Now we are only 26 days free

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
I detest your creation
Whenever I see *******

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Pray heavens gates are closed
If I behold you, I won’t be composed

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You let women Down
But you bestowed unto us a crown
******* is the pain that yields glory. In that moment we feel regret, especially when we know the biblical story. Thankfully we are bestowed with honor even as we *******. It’s all good and bad feelings at once
ehxpen Nov 2018
i’m sorry darling,
i’m sorry he brainwashed you,
manipulated you.
i’m sorry
it’s 2018, you should know better,
you should do better, be a jet setter
we are women
we have rhythm.
we are finally free
can’t you see?
why let a man control what you do?
i know darling, i've fallen for it too
but never allow a man to stop you
to stop you, from fulfilling your dreams
to stop you, from what you can achieve
i’m sorry darling,
i’m sorry he brainwashed you,
manipulated you.
i'm sorry
but you finally have control
take it with all your soul.
and for him? give him a kiss goodbye
and a fat ******* until the day you die.

to my cousin who is blinded by love
Nicole Eden Nov 2018
"he's not yours"
is what i tell myself
when the jealousy and unresolved emotions bubble up inside me
soon to overflow into the already existing puddles of self-pity.
"he's not mine"
is what i tell myself
when i want to cross over the line to the other side
even though i know it's illegal.
"you shouldn't care"
is what i tell myself
when i play tug of war with my heart against my mind
and my heart always fights to the end.
"you're not allowed to"
is what i tell myself
when electric charges pulse through my veins
and take over my body.
"it's not going to happen"
is what i tell myself
right before i take my fist
and punch it through my own body.
mjad Oct 2018
He only goes with "skinny *******" or so his friends say
But it's alright, I don't go with guys who call girls "*******" anyway
Abby Reynolds Oct 2018
It would be unfair to allow you to move forward
as I'm stuck here in our memories
It would be a great unjustice
to allow your heart to be whole as mine remains shattered from your slippery hands
I meant what I said on that very first night
you'll never forget a girl like me
you see holding a girl with fire as a heart
keeps you warm but when it burns it's sure to leave a scar
I want you to know I won't let you forget me
I'll lace myself in every past memory
I'll connect my heart into every relationship you dare to hold
Maybe I should've warned you that girls like me have a bite louder than their bark and when we snarl
we mean business
If I were you I'd keep your eyes wide
because I solemnly swear
I'll never abandon you from sight
every corner you turn
every time you glance over your shoulder
the remains of a girl once loved by you will remain
I won't be easy to dust off your shoes
just remember my love
you were the man who dared
to love a girl like me
and it was your mistake to promise a forever
to a girl who would believe you
What's in a name?
Let me tell you a story,
Of how my life changed,
And how my name changed,
Every time it appeared on the newspaper.

Replaced by a pseudonym,
Something to do with courage,
I was namelessly admired, slandered, and debated over,
Media’s Exclusive Coverage!

The newspaper headline read in big block letters:
That made me smile.
Just maybe I thought we had come that extra mile.
But no for I noticed,
My name was changed,
And the Printing Department was not at fault.
That’s just how my country dealt with ****** assault.
I never asked them to hide my name,
They had presumed, of course, that I was ashamed,
Of saving lives. It took me a minute to remember,
I had called Jyoti Nirbhaya for years.

I wanted them to know who I was,
Hiding I thought was for criminals,
Until I realized that I WAS one when,
On returning from the hospital I saw,
Pain in my mother’s,
Anger in my father’s,
And disgust in my relatives’ eyes.
No idea why a part of me had come expecting pride.

In school my “friends” guiltily refrained from talking to me,
Neither were my teachers too happy to see,
That I had returned to the same school,
Bringing with me my painful story,
Which I had mistaken as one of glory.

And when I went to receive the “Bravery Award”,
Only the trophy didn’t read compensation award.
They looked at me with too kind eyes calling me a “hero”
Their smiles told me they meant violated.

As I received the award,
I saw they were trying really hard,
To not let it show,
That they wanted me to know,
The difference between:
Bullet marks on the chest to bite marks on the breast,
Blue around the eyes to blue around the thighs,
Scratches on the fists to cuts on the wrists,
Loud screams in the cold to muffled screams against the cold,
The red of the torn ligament to the red of the torn *****,
The difference between a soldier’s and a victim’s blood.

And suddenly I felt as if I was,
The rescued,
Not the rescuer,
The maimed,
Not the fighter,
The oppressed,
Not the rebel,
The hostage,
Not the warrior,
I thought myself to be.

What’s in a name?
Apparently, a lot.
The name of the girl who is a **** survivor is always changed and replaced by a pseudonymn in India.
Joie Yin Aug 2018
Be not afraid
Of what makes
You quiver.

Stand brave
Fight back makes
You a warrior.
Joie Yin
Selena Jul 2018
Your eyes reminded me of oceans
and broken promises
you were just like the ocean
you had promising days
beautiful reflections but you were dark and scary.
Because I couldn't swim
but you took me anyway
your voice drowning me in but I'm the ******* ****
even though you took girl after girl
Was I not good enough
our constant arguments drowning me
suffocating my innocence even the ocean
couldn't wash away the sins
that flooded out the lies you put in my head.
I'm not the weak one because even
though I couldn't swim
I got up and fought your toxic wasteland
you tried to win but
I'm letting you know
I learned how to swim
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