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melody Nov 2021
instead of being intertwined we’re the farthest we’ve ever been
i chose to look within
you always chose the life of sin
i stopped trying to be perfect and had to partake
i too wanna eat and have my cake
what was once golden has turned to rust
i understand why they say nothing lasts forever
cause everything is so mother ******* fallible
i had no choice but to pick up the pieces all by my lonesome and gained confidence with each step and each breath
what once felt heavy is now being forgotten
oh how lovely life can be when you forget
thank you for breaking my heart because i would’ve never had the strength to let you go
each event which you performed against me pushed me further and further away
from the love i kept in my heart for you
it seems to have disappeared and i can’t find it these days
i still believe in love
i still feel the warmth and always hope for the best
life is just a test
it’s sifting and then we’re blessed
this will be the last poem i ever write about you
i might’ve misconstrued the motion
i promise to write about a new love from here on out
just disregard this notion
Mihika Rohatgi Mar 2021
Let us paint our canvasses on WOMEN!!

Curious I stand to unravel your perception of a woman

Would you weigh her as a piece of wonder or a gruffly aggressive thunder?

She is extraordinary, gorgeously efficient, solely independent!

The love she embraces is wider than the infinite heaven and deeper than the fathomless sea.

The shallow world with its profound hypocrisy,

Banters with a judgemental frown.

The world has changed, and so has she.

It has known the beautiful rose, tarnished by its prickly thorns,

Only the delicate rose, the world, with its abysmal critics, abides by to adorn.

She knows her paths, truly determined to achieve her goals,

Her patience deserves a salute, her tremendous sacrifice only to satisfy our souls.

Dare never to shred the lovely red petals, not knowing her darings!

For also the thorns in her are perilous, to blemish a wound till your last.

With her chin up and a gaze so ferocious, ocean of wisdom she is vast.

She rises, she grows, taking a free flight, venturing to claim new heights,

She is benevolent, a ray of sanguine sunshine to your forlorn nights.

Walking proud, believing in who she is, glimmering like a star!

Born strong she is, refuses to be judged by her scars.

She is the teller of her tale, over fears and worries she will prevail.

A miracle of God, with a sweet lingering fragrance she leaves a trail,

Of patience, commitment, empathy, and unfaltering fortitude !!

by ~Mihika Rohatgi
Celebrating Womanhood !!
Happy Woman's day
we damage our feet
squeezing into stilettos
we pluck our eyebrows
we polish our toes
we **** in our stomachs
afraid of what the scales will show
we scrub ourselves with a thousand lotions
spray ourselves with perfumes
it's as if we need to be sanitised
from the dirtiness that we learnt from the womb
from all the messages that we've consumed
messages insidiously obscuring the truth
what it means to be a woman
Zack Ripley Dec 2020
Here's to the women who stay strong.
Here's to the women who got men
To admit they were wrong.
Here's to the women
Who became mothers.
Here's to the women
Who don't take crap from others.
Here's to the women
who are struggling.
You got this. This one's for you.
Thank you for everything you do.
Kay Oct 2020
Her hands are strong enough
To lift up even the mightiest man’s spirits
Callused from her endless work
But still always outstretched
To embrace those nearest to her

Her fingertips delicate enough
To make the same man
Believe that liquid fire exists
As they dance their way across his skin
After he’s made his way into her heart

Her legs steady enough
To carry society’s standards like air
It’s no wonder these legs
Will one day be the gateway to life
For future warriors and peacemakers alike

Never be ashamed to be a woman
Because every man came from our womb
We are just like men but with the fire of life
Raging so strong inside of us
That we cannot keep it contained inside
Cassia Jackson Oct 2020
tear down their thrones;
take back your crown,
with blood upon your teeth.
oh darling, change your shape;
for within you there is a wolf.
you were born to howl,
and to serenade the moon.
Kashish Lahrani Aug 2020
I am a woman. I can be all by myself
I am equal to a ‘man’
I don’t need anybody to look after me
I need no man to hold my hand.
I am a woman. I am tender, not fragile
I can indulge in all life has to offer and intensely feel all the emotions
I have strength tenfold. I can fight for my freedoms and rights
Nothing can restrict me from fulfilling my dreams and aspirations.  
I am a woman. I bleed red
Grievous cramps drag me closer to death, and still, I put up a smile
It is pride, no shame. I bleed to create the world.
Even if I am tagged ‘impure’, I am not going to smother behind the veil
I am a woman. I deserve to be treated with respect
I will never settle for less, in equality I believe
I am neither born to satisfy a man’s hunger nor to be a victim of dominance
Instead, I am born to be a woman of my choice.
Yamini Aug 2020
There exsists people
who live on the bread of
Dear those people
I must say
you are really poor

A girl is borned
tangled in so many boundations
and these restrictions
are right from where
their lifecycle begins
to their deaths

Belive me these chains
which grab them
weigh them more than
Some die
Some struggle
Some protest

These activities
are all variant
but why only girls
need to do all of that
why they have to beg for their
why they are so desperate
for education

There is only one life
to live in this
beautiful world
let us not waste that
lets unleash those chains
lets break those cages
lets remove that handcuffs
and make this world more beautiful
Veronica John Jul 2020
Enslaved , enclosed she prays each day
Awaiting her prince , who'll whisk her away

But the world has run out of knights in shining armours
Out of glitter , out of glory , out of glamour

Her battles cannot be prayed away
Gone are the days she could hideaway

So she will have to fight her own fight
Come what may , walk through the darkest night

For in a world , where her voice is invalidated
She writes her own story ..a prince is no longer awaited
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