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Caloy Oct 2017
There is a poem that has never been written.
Unheard, Unspoken.
Caloy Oct 2016
It's cold, comforting cold,
A freezing heart as white as snow,
Rest, I want to sleep, like in eternity I want to rest,
Thoughts of burden had fly away.
It's cold, I want to sleep, freezing, as white as snow.
There is rest in sadness in Jesus.
Caloy Jan 2016
The clouds are gray,
The road is so dark,
Our hearts may bleed ,
Even the world is against us,
Just don't give up,
He will give thee a new strength,
Please don't give up.
Caloy Jan 2016
In our life people come and go, that's true.
But sometimes we're the one who come, the one who go.
It could be also the one who let go...
Not until the time I'm allowed to stay in your life again,
let me say this phrase "arigatou  sayonara :) "
Caloy Jan 2016
Your smile, your messages,
your voice, your jokes, your cares,
Everything, will I remember them all.
I may forget your face, but not the memories
that I've carved into my soul,
Until the time our line crosses again.
Caloy Jan 2016
He pick us up when we fall,
Forgives us, as I recall,
He hears us when we call,
A true kind king so merciful.
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