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The widower eats dinner alone
At the restaurant in Alves France
Pamela, a divorcee, sits at the table next to Arnim
She is unsteady as she begins to leave
So he asked her to sit with him
Thus begins their sojourn to love
Serendipity —- for they connect
The aging professor from Germany
Meets another retired professor (film studies} from Brooklyn
Now involved in human rights
They talk, connect
And so it begins
“I never thought this would happen again,” they both said
And now they are married
But I will love again
She left me
I was blind
She didn’t love me
There was another
Too late I discovered
After I was all in
But that wasn’t enough
So I lost
The cost, a broken heart
But I will love again
I have to, I must, I will, I can
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
That dream may be over
Yes, there will be someone new
I will love again
But for now, I just want to cry
Never say never, not with me
I never give up as you can see
I’ll wait forever if that must be
I must do so, and patiently

I know what I want
So I want you to know
Love lasts forever
There’s no stop and go

With determination
I hope and pray
For your understanding
That someday you’ll stay
In our happy home
Where we share the address
And the whole world knows
Of our happiness and harmony
Where we’re never alone
This is a starter poem
Above is the beginning line
Others shall follow
Once it gets its legs
As it forages for the next rhyme
Taking baby steps
Word by word
Hunting for that special bon mot
Just around the next phrase
Barreling toward my brain
Trying to relate
But only going so deep
Into the emotion underneath
Nights of passion, days of wonder
Life is a dream
Love is better than that
There’s no in between
So we have become
A miracle that has come to be
Each day better than before
She’s still with me
Good fortune and a good life
So naturally
I’m in love and I love it
Let’s hear it for love
Let’s hear it for us
On the beach is where we met
On that beach is where we first kissed
We soon became aware
That love was in that air
It’s where we frolicked
Where we dared
On those summer days
To see if we would go on
We surely did
Hence this song
For you became my fiancée
When I dropped to one knee
And you did say
I’ll take that ring
And wear it every day
Which led to a wedding
It was on that beach
Officiated by a lifeguard
Oh so very sweet
Here we are years since then
Watching our kids
Play in the sand
And you dear one
Just gave me a kiss
It’s so much fun when we reminisce
A million thank yous
And so many more
We’ve come a long way
There’s no end in store
It’s just the two of us
Always and everywhere
One long adventure
Our future secure
This love is comfy, cozy
As strong as it is true
My life came together
The day that I met you
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