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The red leather banquette gives comfort to the jazz loving private detective Peter Bend as the quartet grooves in the half-filled, restaurant-bar that borders on noir
Nursing his gimlet with a lime twist, he considers the events of the day
He’s been hired by a billionaire, Archie Kuehne, whose wife, Edith,
disappeared a week ago with a complex ransom note seeking mucho bitcoins left in the house
Archie has now become a suspect ergo Peter has a proper retainer
and a client who swears he’s innocent
In cases like this, the husband usually did it
Doesn't seem to be any evidence of suicide
Edith had signed a prenup agreement so money doesn’t figure
Nor are there signs of marital discord
Police are baffled, in a tunnel
Investigative journalists hover everywhere including in this semi-dive
Where to start?
Archie already paid $1 million to the kidnappers to confirm she was alive but that didn’t get him anywhere
Cryptocurrency is not easily traced
“Guess I’ll have to learn about it,” Peter thinks
The retainer feels pretty good in his wallet
Because there’s a job to do, Peter pays his tab and marches
into the twilight
He’s paid to produce miracles, but miracles are hard come-by
He whistles a happy tune, then looks at his rearview mirror
Uh oh, somebody is following him
His gun feels comfortable in the holster under his arm
He wonders what this is about?
Streets are empty
But we will be back on our feet sooner than someday
It’s not gonna stay that way
We’re all gobsmacked, aren’t we?
Everybody says, or hopes, we’re going to be OK
OK, we will but hey
It don’t look easy right now
Soldier on, they say
I’m calling old friends
I think it’s time
The streets may be empty
But the city is still filled with love
We’re all coming together
At least it seems that way
We’re in this together
The whole world
Amazing in a way
Let’s make the best of it
We’ll get through this
Tomorrow is another day
There’s nothing like the early days of love
The only thing that matters is it
A beginning that will have no end
That first touch, that first kiss
One ever remembers
Two birds are on the wing soaring above
Keeping them aloft —- the winds of love

Trust and kindness intertwine
Looking out for each other
It all will be fine
It’s magic, a mystery
Creating moments to last for all time

There’s nothing like all the days of love
Doesn’t time just fly away?
The flavor and fervor grow
Happiness, the sign
The current kiss is as good as the first
The ardor never wanes
This is love, real true love
Two hearts it claims
I recently directed my first romcom
Starred new talent who met on the set
There was a spark between them
The grips and gaffers could see
They didn't need much direction
When it came to the love scenes
They wanted more retakes
They insisted on rehearsing outside of my presence
They told me it was method acting
Then they stopped acting altogether
It became the truth
The show was a hit
Oh well, I’m onto the next production
They got married and had a kid
something light in these troubled times
It was chilly, the skies overcast
In our overcoats, scarves that matched
Our hands clasped, our faces bright and cheery
In love we were, in love clearly

We were one for the other
One for each other
Life wonderful, so free
As good as it gets
Giving the sense
Life is a dream

How I remember that December
The vows that we made
The fun we had just walking along
Protecting the other from the rain

Yes, those were the days
Those were the days
Those were the days for good
In my heart they still live
In my heart they stay strong
In my heart our love goes on
The old man and the river
Friends for so long
Family they are
Wild and strong
Sometimes angry
Rushing too fast
That old man is me
We’ve got a past

I grew up by the river
I learned from its currents
When to stay off
Where the fish hid
The submerged rocks
It provided comfort
When my love life turned bad
When I needed solace
The river was all I had

Now I’m an old man
Nothing has changed
We’re still in this together
Come sunshine or rain
Together, forever
We shall live out our days
My friend understands me
For me, I believe it prays
Anything goes and nothing matters
Ain’t that the way it seems?
Nobody has any answers
Who knows how long this will last?
It just hurts
So many suffering
What can we do?
It’s hard being an optimist during a pandemic
Still, I try
I’m holed up with the Missus
Oh, how she tends to me
I’m lucky to have her but what about the lonely?
Faith, hope and clarity are what is needed
How could this have happened in our lifetime?
This was supposed to be something that our parents went through
At least we’ll always have the big blue sky to enjoy
I’ll do my best to take care of my friends
I’m not giving up yet
No, I’m not giving up
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