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I was born the day I met you
And I died the day you left
It was perfect in between
We were on a quest
Chasing rainbows
We found the gold
Walks on sandy beaches
We never got cold
Rainbows are ephemeral
They only last so long
I’ve never figured out
Why it is we went wrong
Dreams can become reality
That happened to us
Then it all evaporated
There’s nothing left to see
Sometimes I dream of the past
The way we used to be
When I see a sunset
I think of you and me
He spent his early years in the south of France employed at the Hotel du Cap
He started off as the pool boy, then worked up to waiter then maître d’
He loved the guests and they loved him
But he grew bored and decided to better himself
At 35 he entered the university
Ultimately obtaining a law degree
Then he met Suzette and they started a family
The years went on, they thrived
An entertainment avocat was he
The famous adviser to the stars of Paris
Living a life of luxury
He never forgot the Hotel du Cap
And vacationed there once in a while
He’d swim in the pool on top of the rock
Sip on a Long Island Tea
He made it, he thought, such a lucky man, he
He’s now retired living outside of Nice
So happy to be living in the south of France
In good health and peace
Kokomo Joe is on a roll
No more on the run
It’s Saturday night
The moon is bright
Here comes serious fun
Lolling on the library steps
The statue of a lion by his side
Annie arrives to greet him
Her eyes open wide
At his sartorial splendor
For he wears a midnight blue vest
He’s looked forward to this all week
They kiss with zest
The amorous pair walk arm in arm
To the nearest bar
Resisting another caress
Then it’s off to the park
Where doves coo, indeed sing
Surprise, surprise he drops to one knee
Then presents her a ring
A passerby stops to take a picture on his phone
As she accepts and Joe feels like a king
On a beautiful day with the clouds and the wind
The bridge in the distance, we just just fit in
I am there with my baby
We sneak more than one kiss
We are entwined
We cannot miss

She loves me in spite of my faults
My best friend above all else
Our love makes us free
She floats our boat
Otherwise I’d be in the water
Woe would be me

With those doe eyes
She captures me
Her voice so soothing
Gives me hope
Our love makes us free
She believes in us, in me

From innocence to deliverance
What happened to me
I was born the day I met her
We are so very happy
The Princess needed to get away
A humdrum life she led
Movies have been made about this predicament
But this one is real, at a head
She wanted, needed, a holiday
So one day she slipped out of the palace, no one could see
She was off to have fun on her own, for the first time sightsee
Our young man had a day off, did not keep track of royalty
He spotted our lass at the patisserie
Invited her for pastry and coffee
Conversation ensued
It went so well, it imbued in their thoughts
That it was right that they should be enthused
At the prospects, the sheer happenstance
Both so alive, both so entranced
He worked as a doctor, healing the poor
She was coy about her life to her new suitor
Eventually she relented, told him who she was
She was trapped in royalty, that big because
You’ll be pleased to know they found a way
To kiss in bliss before the end of that day
And many thereafter, so many more
They now have two kids, one more in store
She’ll be queen one day, her love life secure
I was going through some boxes today that brought back old memories
Reminding me of when I gave all, how much in you, in us, I believed
It cost me everything, set me back years
If only you had told the truth, there would have been no tears
Anger and sorrow are all that’s left of us
Life has surely gone on
But sometimes love is left in the ditch
I surely know you are gone
What could’ve been and will never be
It’s such a bitter end
You didn’t love me, you just needed me to help you out
While you dallied with your new and now permanent friend
So it is us I remember as I went through that box
What I did for you and your family ... and what I lost
And how much different my life would’ve been
Had I not been double-crossed
When two souls become one
It’s the foundation
The golden ticket
For the journey that is love
Steady and surely
With warmth and purity
The answer to why we live
The cure for all ills
Love in all its permutations
Provides salvation
With the combination of two in love
That’s what happens when two souls become one
It happens every minute, every day
Throughout the world
When two souls become one
It’s a lifetime of affection
A lifetime of connection
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