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You can do it, anyone can write a love poem. First, decide you want to do it, then get something to write on, pencil or computer, and begin. Do it anytime, anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes to contemplate. View the ability to do so as a treat, for it will be fun to navigate emotion via words, akin perhaps to working a crossword puzzle as you fish for just that word or turn of phrase that gives meaning. It is challenging and exciting to find that rhyme that works.  It helps to have a strong vocabulary, but just knowing the language is all you really need. Some of the greatest poems ever created are utterly simple in the language used.
Metaphors and similes are always welcome additions to poems and utilize onomatopoeia and assonance whenever possible. Using these tools delights the eyes and ears.
Put your mind at ease and enjoy and appreciate having the time and ability to create and think about life’s most precious gift. Start with a phrase or thought that has come to mind upon which you’d like to expand. (I have a collection of these I call upon when I’m looking for inspiration.) Focus on the what, why and how of love and its meaning to you. You can write about your feelings for someone you know or with whom you are in a relationship. Or, perhaps, you will be writing in a fictional context drawing from your own experience or from hopes and dreams. Is there someone you miss, or to whom you wish to be closer?  It helps to have someone to think about, but it’s not necessary.
There is no formula for a love poem, it can be free verse, a sonnet, or one of a myriad of rhyme schemes. When I write, I just start writing and words and rhymes just flow. It’s somewhat like riding a bicycle. It’s not that hard to learn, you can go faster and faster in any direction you want. The more you write, the easier it becomes stylistically,  
There are many kinds of romantic love:  those of longing for or missing someone special, and the contented, satisfying type when it’s really going well, among other variations. You’ll never be at a loss for inspiration. I get ideas from the newspaper, comments in conversation, and much of the time, out of thin air. So many times I’ll write a first line, not knowing where the poem will go, and lines come, one after the another, as if on a scavenger hunt. Then, voila, I have a perfectly formed little verse that is just right, at least to my eyes.
Writing has a salutary, therapeutic effect. Grappling with words and emotions in the context of love is invigorating contemplation which can assist in resolving thorny, important issues facing the poet. The problem may not be solved, but perhaps it may be defined. This is your opportunity to get back at a someone who hurt you in a failed romance. You’ll feel better after doing so and no one will ever have to know you really feel or how you were so hurt. When you do share your poems with others and loved ones, you’ll be gratified at the reaction and the recipient will be thrilled to have been the object of such affection.
Write for yourself, satisfy yourself first.  Poems are personal and can remain private forever, so don’t worry about being embarrassed about what you write. Get it down.  You don’t have to show it to anybody. However, once created, maybe you will want to. Love is about sharing, devotion, friendship. Writing poetry has gotten me through much sadness, given me goals, and been endlessly pleasing to my psyche over the years.
Be spare in your writing, don’t use any unnecessary words. There is elegance in simplicity.  It is in the editing that the poem truly comes alive. Doing a good polish is to eat the icing on the cake.
Once you start writing poetry, you will never stop. It’s addicting and just a great way to use time wisely. You will amaze yourself with what comes out of your mind and heart. It’s a process, writing, and will exercise your mind and bring much pleasure.  
Start today.
Some of you may find this helpful.
You think she’s never gonna show up
That’s your single thought
As you venture out to parties
Go on dates a lot
The years are pushing you
Resignation reigns
Going uphill on a skateboard
Is no fun in the rain

Then one day you find her
She makes you crazy
You can’t sleep
Desire keeps you waiting by the phone
You get weak in the knees

That is when you hold on
For dear life
Hold on
For dear love
Buy a ring
And hold on
Hold on for the fun
Another day, another year
And the road stretches out ahead
Side by side, strong together
Invincible our love, full-speed, good stead
Through life’s hills and valleys
Looking back only to reminisce
For there’s still so much for us to do
So many places to see in this life so rich

If there’s a moral  to our story
I suppose one might say
If you hold out for the right one
He or she will come your way
And so it was, so it is
Bring us to today
Our anniversary
We’re on our way!
It’s not about me anymore but the pact we made
We’re in this together
I’m not gonna lose her
No way
I’ve got my faults
But I get better every day
She knows I do
Sometimes we pray
That it will all work out
Sometimes we say
Nothing can come between us
Not tomorrow nor today
It’s all about us
And the pact we made
For crying out loud
What do I get?
No satisfaction
For being bereft
I yell at the wall
It just stares back at me
I want her back
That ain’t gonna be

No one can see
Me weep all alone
I keep to myself
And the great unknown
But I know that I loved her
She was the one
Unfortunately it’s sunset
And she is the sun

For crying out loud
All I can do
Love is so ruthless
Aren’t we all fools?
For crying out loud
That’s the least I can do
The candidates are debating
Yakety yak
Vote for me they all say
Gun control, health care
Climate change
Aye yi yi with a dose of oy vey
May the best man
Or woman win
That’s America
Serious business
Getting done
Trying to trump each other
Um, I love it though
Issues and ideas
Who will it be?
My name is Millie, his is Dave
We spend time together
We make love at his cave
That’s what he calls his dormitory
What confuses is him and me
What are we doing?
Where are we at?
I want to know
But I’m afraid to ask
When I try to engage on the topic
He puts me off with a laugh
Or a look, he evades
Is this love or just hooking up?
What is this stage?
No labels, no drama
Is this what it’s about?
If he’s not my boyfriend, what is he?
What am I?
I’m going to be brave
If there’s an argument, so be it
Time to hash this out
I can’t live like this
Maybe I’ll quit
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