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camps Dec 2023
and as the vacuum hugged the earth
so did the world embrace me
as did your open arms
messing around
  Jan 2023 camps
a name
thing is, i told her
when we weren't saying i love you to each other
that i'd describe her in a million other ways

and when i told her i loved her
i couldn't stop saying it

now i can't tell her that
and i know i shouldn't

and now it seems
all the countless short, stupid poems
are coming back to me
after i have forgotten

but i hope it helps any of you

to know that i told someone

"they were the moon in a starless night"

that i want to tell her

"i imagined the warmth of the phone
on our sleep calls
were yours"

that i want her to know

"you were the two extra eyes i needed
to watch the sunset with"
camps Jan 2023
words on paper airplanes now stalled out
in an electric stasis
shocking like when your blue eyes peered out
and made me realize that

holding hands on twenty fifth felt warm
like morning coffees pouring blessings
the lotion dotting sleepy faces
hung pretty as art on empty walls
trails of roses shaping your lips red
marked the rooms so stuffed with memories
the spasms in your sleep would cry out like
crackles of fires burning bright for us
brushing your hair with lamplight so sweet
showed the comfort of nights staying in
for you these eastern trains voyage north
and surrender to the belonging

you didn't just feel cozy
you felt so much like home
alyssa | nyc
camps Jan 2022
the tips of my fingers have grown mouths
and now all they do is complain about
not being able to see
you see
i'd give them eyes but
i swapped them all for the tiles
better suited for the triple letter
there's a rabbi rappelling down the
face of a mountain that looks like him
but still lets him down
he'll ***** you i swear
just hanging on the cliff
by the noose of suspense
you just have to give him a minute
feeling's overrated so
cue the parting lovers
i gave my fingers eyes
but took away their mouths
i showed them you and
now they seem like they wish
they'd never seen at all
a fair trade to have their lips again
and say what they want to say
re-sharing some of my older work

poem taken from my book 'anywhere but here'
  Jan 2022 camps
our lips will never meet
nor our fingers intertwine
and so bless my dreams
for indulging what's not mine
  Jan 2022 camps
Sydney Rose
my one wish is
to find someone
who sees the world
as beautiful as i do
with their mouth
preaching poetic beauty
as i have once done
to all the boys
i have loved
  Jan 2022 camps
i used to write about
living in lovers' chests,

hiding myself away
in the comfort of softer ribs,

not having to move a bit,
from bigger hands keeping me safe.

i dont want that with you.

make room for me
right beside your body,

i'll keep you in our arms
for as long as it takes to feel warmth,

i won't hide within,
i'll love you loud enough to fly

that's what i feel with you.
12.10.2021 Lucie
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