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  Aug 2018 camps
ethan gaskill
i walked down the stairs
and saw you at the kitchen table
at first glance i noticed you writing
but i couldn't see a piece of paper
i walked up behind you
and put my hand on your shoulder
you looked up at me
with a smile that could light chicago
and pointed to all the pencil marks
on the map you were holding
and said "these are the places i want to go"
until then i'd never seen
poetry that i couldn't read
but something about the lines
and all the plans they represented
brought a tear to my eye
"let's go then" i said
as we ran upstairs to pack a bag
reminiscing about memories
we didn't yet have
and dreaming with both eyes open
camps Aug 2018
lightning may never strike twice in the same place
but i hope you do

right where you make me feel alive
camps Aug 2018
her: will you know it when you find her?

him: who?

her: the one who holds the other half of your soul or maybe all of it
  Mar 2018 camps
Virginie Hurel
Parmi les vagues au milieu de l'océan,
sous le ciel orageux et menaçant :
je t'attends.

Parmi l'immensité de l'univers, suffoquant
sous les étoiles scintillantes :
je t'attends.

Parmi la merveilleuse nuit tombante,
accompagnée d'une couleur sombrante :
je t'attends.

Parmi les affreusetés apparantes
de cette société répugnante :
je t'attends.

Parmi les individus arrogants
au sein de ce restaurant :
je t'attends.

Je t'attends à chaque instant,
là où mon cœur se trouvant
fort seul, te voulant pour un moment.
camps Mar 2018
my heart nearly stopped with the regret of not talking to you
little did it know you'd be the one bringing it back to life
inspired by my poem
i fell in love with a girl in london
and i'd do it all over just to see her smile at me again
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