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camps Jan 21
the tips of my fingers have grown mouths
and now all they do is complain about
not being able to see
you see
i'd give them eyes but
i swapped them all for the tiles
better suited for the triple letter
there's a rabbi rappelling down the
face of a mountain that looks like him
but still lets him down
he'll ***** you i swear
just hanging on the cliff
by the noose of suspense
you just have to give him a minute
feeling's overrated so
cue the parting lovers
i gave my fingers eyes
but took away their mouths
i showed them you and
now they seem like they wish
they'd never seen at all
a fair trade to have their lips again
and say what they want to say
re-sharing some of my older work

poem taken from my book 'anywhere but here'
  Jan 19 camps
our lips will never meet
nor our fingers intertwine
and so bless my dreams
for indulging what's not mine
  Jan 11 camps
Sydney Rose
my one wish is
to find someone
who sees the world
as beautiful as i do
with their mouth
preaching poetic beauty
as i have once done
to all the boys
i have loved
camps Jan 6
i heard a strange knock at my door
and when i looked through the peephole
i saw all the reasons men go to war
and a thousand men felled
they were laid out at the altars of mountains
that still glistened with their mystery

please hang me in the silence opposite your kisses
and make me wish the stars were alive
so that i can watch them burn trails on your skin
the echoes of a universe long disappeared
they're a reminder that i too would spend a lifetime
to reach you

who would they meet if they met you

i remember that charming daring boy of twenty two
who fought to stay standing while flirting with the snow
and who set in motion a life of movement
to look for places where he could stay still
the same boy who'd look into eyes the color of ice
just to set his soul on fire

or is it that kid of twenty five
whose anxiety is eating him alive
it's the question of whether couches or purpose
is what fills the space between four walls
the same kid who's so afraid to die
he doesn't learn how to live

do we even need stars when we can wish upon our dreams

it's been a few winters of stepping out with a broken zipper
that still remembers when i invited myself into that sunday night
just to have the frozen trees watch me as i took the long way back
if only i had kept on walking i would have touched the arctic circle
but that's okay because the thought of you alone makes me want to
touch alaska from the other side

she wears roses on her neck but can't quite explain the reasons
why this type of quiet is so attractive or why god has a glass eye
he's sitting somewhere in the corner and wondering out loud if
it's the coldest cold he's ever felt or if it's just the pasta in my soup
and since i somehow ended up here i listen in and when i do
i hear him say

give me everything forever or nothing at all
one of my most personal works to date

the last poem in my book 'anywhere but here'
  Jan 3 camps
i used to write about
living in lovers' chests,

hiding myself away
in the comfort of softer ribs,

not having to move a bit,
from bigger hands keeping me safe.

i dont want that with you.

make room for me
right beside your body,

i'll keep you in our arms
for as long as it takes to feel warmth,

i won't hide within,
i'll love you loud enough to fly

that's what i feel with you.
12.10.2021 Lucie
  Dec 2021 camps
“i wanna go to spain”

little black skirt
chiffon black blouse
spin me around in the
September sun
let Madrid pour on my skin
Spanish flamenco stews in the air
pull me in by my small waist
my hand upon your chest
sway our hips and glower at me
like that, glower like that
like the stars are in your eyes,
on the top of the moon above
Madrid in Spain, dancing around
swirling around like
a spinning top in Spain
on hot concrete that would burn
our feet and smells of
heat and the glow of your smile
kiss me
  Dec 2021 camps
a name
tell apollo
i care not
for sweet words
that he insists
to be poetry

i want
his smile enduring
and my days
in his light
- by a bumblebee.

give them some love
and please HePo accept their poem request pleeeeeeeeeeese
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