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CautiousRain Jan 24
These weighed down bundles
of my tumbled dried insides
collapse into heavy stacks of cotton
linen sheets, tangled;
memories of cold pressed touches
and warm suds wash over me,
while my seams come undone
in my hands.

Why do you think these threads
can be untangled?
I've looked at your patchwork heart
and oh, how I wish mine could be mended like that,
but I hope you can understand,
I've broken many needles in the process
and I'm not sure I can afford to start again.
Sometimes it's hard to let another person take a ***** at loving you. Maybe it should be said it's hard to look at yourself and take a ***** at loving yourself, again, too.
nightdew Jan 15
poison is what you are,
but i guess, somewhere
in my imperfections, i too,
prefer poison more than the antidote.
poison me, then.
Carlyyyy Jan 13
I hear the cry in your eyes
I feel your longing for peace

Am I as helpless as I fear you think I am?
If three syllables could move this mountain,

I’d scream it out loud,
mending our wounds,

Yours a worried soul,
Mine a unsettled heart.

With a heavy heart, I sit here next to my grandmother, as she doesn’t want to be where she is now.
Sobriquet Dec 2018
Once the war was over,
and we stood on opposing sides,
waving white flags in the wreckage and the blood,
I took myself and the lingering ring of gunfire
to mourn my loss and grieve.

I focused on mending;
mending my heart and newly missed limbs,
immersing myself in new routines,
scrubbing away the debris left under my nails
the mechanical effort of breathing all day
leaving me exhausted each night in a bed for two,
curled around an empty space which grew sombre in the dark.

I could tuck you away in the back corner of the cupboard
in the box labelled 'before the war,'
and I could breathe just fine
but couldn't find my voice,
trapped in the fortified cocoon I'd built to convalesce.

These days  though,
I am butterfly new,
uncertain and yet unfurled,
braving the winds outside the cocoon,
in hope they will catch the voice I'm finding.
Tyler Smiley Oct 2018
I thought I could shove you
to the back of my closet,
make you another skeleton with cracked
bones that were never able to mend.
But when it was midnight and my room
was as dark as the moon ridden sky,
I could still hear your blood pumping,
and the sound of your fingernails
clawing at the door searching
for the missing piece of your heart.

I thought I could ignore it,
and silence your scent that somehow
still lingered on my skin.
Until I realized no perfume could
mask the shadow you had casted on me.
So I unbox your pieces
and step back into my old life,
realizing maybe we weren’t dead after all.
The sensation of your lips touching my skin
once again was the warmest my iron lacking body had felt since the day I left.

It’s midnight again,
but I’m back in your room.
It’s as dark as the moon ridden sky,
yet there’s starlight drizzling over your face.
All this time I refused to believe that we were made of the same stardust,
until I finally saw our constellation
finding its way back together.
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
In all honesty
I'm honestly
A little lost
Probably very
lonely and thinking

What does it matter?
What is the matter
with me?
Because you see
I see you hurting
It's not working
and it all fell
it feels like falling
all over
again, I'm trembling
Breaking and mending

A terrible way
for a marriageable idea
to come through
only to hurt you
my gentle heart
now we might part

But healing
is on it's way
I'll never lose this feeling
til the day of decay
To keep losing people that have been close to you is probably supposed to happen a lot in your life but it doesn't mean that it's not painful as ****. But I know it will be okay again one day. And you'll be okay too. Hold on to what you want to believe in.
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
The human heart
Seeks understanding
"There,there, there...."
"Now, now, now...."

The human heart,
Seeks forgiveness,
"It's not your fault."
"I would have done the same."

The human heart,
Seeks love
hugs, smiles and chocolate

The human heart,
Breaks with what is seeks

The human heart
Mends with what it gives

Understanding and love
Forgiveness and hugs
Smiles and flowers

Oh yes!
And chocolates too!
Sankalp Dharge May 2017
How blameless is that stone lying beneath the sky beside the shore
Sway of woe showering up to him
Indignity, nope
Kicked to the depth
By someone he cared about
Memories scintillating as he’s drowning down
The happiest laughs and the saddest tears screening up
He’s down, drowned in his mind
Heart trying to swim
Hope falling ill.
His heart was full of love
He loved her ton
For her it was only fun.
Love is more painful
Then a shot by a gun
Slowly setting was the sun.
He and the darkness
Gone astray
As the moon came in
His world was she, as he thought
Soon he learnt, it wasn’t her.
We live our lives
People live theirs
Prominently, we should be ours
Rather being someone else’s
Live every moment with the ones that truly cares
Not with the ones who give a ****.
Always remember
Loving is not easy, nor living
Like breathing
Keep doing.
Brett Palmero Nov 2016
We were so close
A friend in life
Who could take my woes
And cut them with a knife
Yet I was a flake
I want to mend this mistake

I chased others
Who said they'd stay
Then flew like feathers
The very next day
My heart they take
I want to mend this mistake

I missed your presence
The way we smiled
We were a menace
Living life wild
For our own sake
I want to mend this mistake

Then one day you spoke
And still cared for me
You fixed what I broke
And I felt so happy
Now I lie awake
Mended is my mistake
I ignored you, and I'm sorry. Even though most of the people I ignored you for became my closest friends, I didn't have to leave you behind. Those who misled me to forget you, I am not a fan. So now it's just up to me to mend what I can.
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