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Your hair flows like ripples in a lake
Your mind makes waves in frozen seas
With nothing to lose you are a praying bird
But you only exist for me

You push yourself and drill yourself
You sold your will for conditioned ****
Take a step back in a foggy cloud
Beneath a consuming well
Slithering snakes crawl over you like a blanked
But I’m sure you can already tell
There is no sympathy
For those who got tricked and fell
For what a ***** mind had to sell

You shook hands thinking it was a warm face with no surprise
But it was a slaver, looking for another slice
Of your corrupted mind, so rotten to the core of you
Not even your own mother will forgive what you are about to do

Sit down and close your eyes
Think what you think you see
A children’s playnest
Crowded by innocence in worldly fashion
Well before the known thieves of past
This is safety’s only bastion
Before it was rightly burned down to ashes
By one of your own matches
CM Lee Jan 11
I am burnout
Have nothing to talk about
Each minute my mind racing with doubt
But nothing seems to come out of my mouth

Today, I don’t have anything
Not a single idea I could bring
My heart is so numb there’s not even a sting
Maybe it’s better off to be just stopping

I know I don’t have enough talent
But this is the only way I can vent
To help my soul slowly mend,
Writing became my only friend

I wish I had more words to say
But my head is still swimming in gray
I need my mind to fly away
Because maybe then, my body will decide to stay
One moment, I’m here
Smiling and laughing
But then I suddenly disappear
Running and screaming

“Get away from me”
I call out to the darkness
Slowly engulfing me
In its terrible blackness

“Help me, please”
But no one listened
“I’m tired”
My voice quivered

“Is it over?”
No one sees the truth
Omnya0 Oct 2018
Beat me in the head with a hammer
Throw me down some stairs
I want to tear my brain and shatter my wares

I am trapped in a glass jar with no air
There are no achievements I can maintain
And I. Am. Suffocating.

I can't breathe without feeling acid dripping down my throat
Every breath I try to gulp, my chest tightens
My anxiety is a titan
My sanity is slipping

My mind works at a million miles an hour and my soul pays for it

I just want a good night's sleep
I just want to be not constantly pacing
I just want the headaches to stop
I just want a warm hug

All I think I need right now is a warm hug
And a good cry
And I'll figure out the rest later
Kiara Malig Oct 2018
Purpose has never been an easy concept
For someone like me,
Because I-
the candle had just one.
I was to hold your fire,
I was told to contain it,
I was told that it doesn’t matter what happens to me in the end,
What matters is you keep warm,
And calm,
And everything I was supposed to be.

You liked me a lot,
You said it was because I held ambition,
I didn’t burn easily,
I still had a lot of fight left.

I felt better about myself,
Until I felt myself fade away.
Until I melted and burned out,
Until all that was left was hot wax.
Till there was no more spark,
No more flame,
No more smoke.
No more waxy glances and midnight warmth,
No more cascading hot tears and broken wicks,
No more of what I used to call myself.

I hope you hurt as much as I did,
I hope one day you know what it feels like to be ignited
And not know how to stop burning.
Burning isn’t easy when hot wax drips on the floor
Alice Wilde Sep 2018
The stars are falling.

Creating comets that streak my cheeks
And fall into a space that I can’t remember.

Forming at my feet are static clusters from their burnout-
Fading against the background into nothingness.
Bethan Roberts Aug 2018
All the hope invested in the early promise
Of the gifted child, bundled into
Galleys of palimpsestic
Scribblings, doodles, journal entries
And frantic letters of recommendation
Only served to stoke the eventual burnout
Into an inferno.
Lyda M Aug 2018
Music is a drug
I have overdosed in
Until I grew sick
Of melodies
JAC Aug 2018
They said you'll go places, kid
I heard it so often I believed it

I could be this shining spark
hope for a fire from nowhere

but like nearly every other spark
I crashed lightly into the grass

flared up once
and flickered out
into the darkness.
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