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Eve K Jun 9
I'm surfing, along the coastline.
The waves pulling me in, my strength pushing me out.
Music in one ear, shouting in the other.
I breathe, a breath of salty air. It settles in my lungs and I choke.
Sometimes the salt can clear the alveoli and make it easier to breathe,
But not today.

Today the air is heavy. Clouds pour down single droplets but when altogether, it is a storm. The wind howls, burning my ears. Whispering that it's all too much.

I crave a fall into the ocean, pulled out to sea. It's become too much and I'm drowning.
But I'm not drowning. I float. I float with tears mixing into the salty water. I can feel the undercurrent begging me to come down to it so it can pin me down to the sea bed where I can hold my last breath and breath again.
But it's not breathing it's drowning and the thought makes me thrash around and I panic.
So instead, I panic on top of the water, thrashing and jerking around desperately trying not to drown.

The skies will become clear again. The stormy skies will reveal the blue which is always there. The stars are still shining underneath the despairing clouds. They are always there, just hidden at times.

All I have to do is breathe with the waves and stay afloat till the storm goes away.
over the past few years, I have experienced so many things as a nursing student working in a rest home and now the hospital. There's days, weeks, months where I struggle. The emotional overload of having to see the worst positions people are in. Sometimes it's hard to find hope again in these times. Especially when surrounded by death and despair and dying. It's not going to get easier but that's why I become more resilient. But it's also important to take moments when things are too tough to just sit with the feelings. Otherwise I will drown.
malam ini,
si bocah rewel berhenti menyamar
pikirannya terlalu gerah
jiwanya renta, terkekang
tempurung dahi hanya terisi geram
kantong kapuk bersaksi
atas tangis kelelahan tanpa suara

ia sempat doyan bekerja
berpayah-payah memunguti kerikil
satu demi satu
tiap pijakannya bukan tindakan acak
menempa diri demi bilangan

kini yang tersisa
hanya pendar-pendar ambisi & setungku kekosongan menjemukan
Ia berkutat pada teka teki yang tersuguh manis
mencari pembebasan yang sepadan
berharap segera merdeka dari jerat alur yang mengikat keras

berlumuran lamunan
ia berserah, membakar doa
sambil melempar akal
'adakah satu dari seluruh umat manusia yang masih belum paham, kita ini gerombolan wayang bukan dalang!'
080422 | 00:01 Anjani itu salah satu nama tokoh pewayangan yang artinya ketekunan. Dari bawah selimut, tempat tidur di kosan gunung talang lantai 3, AC dingin banget, diluar panas banget. Hari-hari ini sedang benar-benar burnt out. I work 7-days-a-week, Masuk early & pulang paling malem dibanding orang lain, and achieve a tremendous result, but I'm tired & apperently nothing can be done from company side. Praying for new - better -more relaxed job soon. I can't do this anymore. Balik lagi, pada ahirnya kita bisa punya banyak may tapi Tuhan yang atur apa, dimana, gimana, kapan yg terbaik buat kita. I know the blessings are coming, just need to surrender to God💆
Michael Feb 24
My phone screen is too bright
Parties are too loud
Work is exhausting

And what I’m doing for my mental health isn’t enough

I hope this ends soon
Not with death, I just want whatever this is to stop
I’m getting through it, don’t get me wrong
I’m just worried to see who I am when I come out the other side
Healthcare worker who is very tired
I S A A C Feb 17
cultural burnout, the hurt bubbling up
cannot put a lid on it any longer
the feelings keep getting stronger
my muscles ache, my brain is dazed
cultural burnout, the days slip away
the workweek is all I know
I barely ever leave my home
no escape, no break
inside the cage, this lake
B Jan 10
I'm my mother's daughter
It's in my genes to cry
The littlest things set me off
When I was in third grade
I cried at my standardized writing test
It wasn't hard, I was just stuck
I love writing
I'm good at it
I always have been
But I couldn't handle the pressure to write well
That my entire life was based on my grades
and how well I scored on tests
And wrote about a three page story
I cry when I'm frustrated
When I could do a math problem on my homework
When I couldn't remember simple biology questions
But I did well on the tests
So they assumed I was fine
I assumed I was fine
How could I not be fine, I did well
I was talented
I was skilled
And I was doing well
My life was too good for me to be upset
I had to reason to be upset
And no one realized I might no be ok
Until I stopped eating and lost 15 pounds
But even then I told myself I was fine
I was eating less because I was doing less
I wasn't using as much energy so I wasn't eating full meals
I only at a tiny portion of my already small plate
But I was eating so I was fine
I moved out and started school, fully online
I was lonely
But I had my roommates
So I was fine
I couldn't bring myself to go to the class I thought I would love
I was failing a class
I was doing nothing to fix it
I was starting to hate writing and reading
But I had a plan to leave my major
So I was fine
I failed my first college class
But everyone gets one mistake
Everyone screws up once
It was during covid
Everyone is struggling
So I was fine
Everyone else is fine
So I am fine
And I keep telling myself that
In hopes that one day it'll be true
I am Fine
Peyton James Dec 2021
“Sleep is for the weak. But the beautiful? They need all they can get, so that they still
got somethin’ to pay the bills with in the mornin.’”
Or at least that’s what they told me.

I passed tired barrelling down the interstate in a cast-off Intrepid
puffing out more fumes than a ‘50s Ad Executive burning out on Wall Street.

Ain’t no rest for the overqualified millennial, banking in permanent
intern status day after day, smiling for their twenty-four nightly viewers.

Getting to the finish line at the end of each calendar month requires great
effort to haul drooping limbs and scaling flesh across the kitchen to turn the page.

White-knuckled, crusty-eyed, and chapped lips inching up towards a reluctant smile,
I brushed the dandruff from fraying strands, but my supervisor saw my holey sweater.

What they don’t know is that the polyester stained uniforms they deduct from
my paycheck each month doesn’t leave much for the increasing expense of mental health.

But that doesn’t stop the tidal wave of oil painted daydreams each lunch hour
as employees pass around leather belts and used needles, getting their caffeine fix.
Working over COVID has become mentally and physically exhausting for many, between lockdowns, restrictions, and loss of employment. This poem is dedicated to anyone who is feeling burnt out but still hopes for a better future.
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