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trying to write is harder now
i seemed to not remember how
to make words dance and lines sing
To give rhymes that certain ring
to break hearts and heal scars
to go back to the time we call ours
Motivations burn,
Searing into my ****** mind!
Yet the flame dies down…
Disappearing like a ghost,
Leaving me an empty husk.
A tanka of a flame burning out…
But our eyes can't unmeet,
and you can't unwound my heart,
the strings you tugged at.
I'm not the kind of person you keep 
when you let everything just
fall apart.

You were always the first one
to bolt out the door
when the curtains caught fire,
when the faucet spewed dirt
instead of water.

What little light I thought you saw
in my fluorescent eyes,
couldn't get past your opacity
and you just watched them
burn out.

It was always going to end
exactly like
Dante May 31
She was kind to me once. Just once.
And when I clung to that kindness, she went so quiet.
"I don't want that" she'd mean to say,
but only with the absence of words did she ever speak to me.
And I, ever so lost
(like Alice if Alice were to speak a different language than the flowers and rabbit)
understood that death was at the end of this.
Death was the finish line, and I was sprinting in the dark.
Where was the end? I didn't know.
I didn't know anything.

The woman in the Mexican soap opera had cancer.
"This is it" I thought. "I am close to death".
It wasn't cancer. It wasn't anything.

"How will I escape death?" I thought.

"Death." I thought.

I thought I'd have to die to avoid death.

Unspoken language means nothing to Alice, Kim.
For you are Rabbit, and your need has fallen on deaf ears, on torn open heart, on Alice, on death, on death,

on me.

Unresolved trauma from 3 years ago.
Only now am I able to talk about it.
josie May 10
If I am constantly told that
my grades do not define me,
then why has my entire life
been centered around making
them perfect?
Why do you not care if I
have values or morals but
instead care if I know what
the hypotenuse of a triangle is?
Why am I graded on how much
I can jam in the already
stuffed file cabinets of my brain
when I am constantly told
I am more than my GPA?
Madhumita Apr 27
a rebellion
among the sheep.

Watch them burn out,
go back to sleep.
NaPoWriMo Day 27
Poetry form: Septolet
Prince eduard Apr 24
In Life,
You can walk, or run
But you might get tired

Rest, and go on

In Life,
You'll meet people
First your parents, then friends

You'll have fun, yes
But you'll also be sad
Discouraged, irritated

Rest, and go on

For In Life,
You might go in rounds
You might have to dive, or fly

And sometimes,
You might want to increase your brightness to see clearly

But remember,
There's a father cheering up on you
Whom, loves you, dear

You will get burn out
You'll get stressed out
But remember

Sin(death) is not the solution:
Rest, and go on
God bless you!
sam Apr 13
It’s been three months since I gave it all away,
Traded in my stripes, sold my youth at a discount price.
And walked away from you.
I made my peace with stone beaches set in the shadows of those endless forests,
Said my goodbyes to the mountain ridges that tower over
the green fields of that old glacial valley,
And in the end, I made peace with you.
The memories of life in a old log cabin,
Wood stove roaring, dishes cleaned, blankets heavy on lovers' bodies.
All these things left behind,
And you.
I move forward. With my chin up and chest out,
I tell myself to forget,
Forget the rank, it’s only pride,
Forget the youth, it’s only life,
And forget the loss of you, it’s only love.
One day, as I march through the shadow of the final valley,
I will find peace once again,
And I will remember you,
My love, my loss, my life, it is only time.
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