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Clarissa Oct 2021
see us dancing
the moment I hear
any upbeat melody
Not a poem but a thought ig
Clarissa Oct 2021
Made a fool of myself
But I don’t even care
Can’t help but smile
At these chocolate eyes

Will I get to taste
These sugarly lips?
How much time I’ll waste
On the „overthings”?
Probably ****** it up though:(
Clarissa Sep 2021
Little grins at your
„Just send texts”
Butterfly laughs when
My phone calls

Colours turn more vivid
As soon as I think
Of tasting these
Soft and sweet lips

Feel us dancing
Just the moment i hear
Some pretty, upbeat melody

Universe feels little better
With dreamy visions
Yet I wanna know
Will he turn out though
To be the boy I hope for?
We’re meeting next week for the 1st time<3
Clarissa Sep 2021
I was really good
Good at English
So I went for IB
Now I’m just
Like everyone else

I was quite good
Good at dancing
But then it turned out
I got worse than expected
Stopped shining

I was good
Quite good at Polish
But now I can’t even
Write a creative essay

I was never
Good enough
To achieve anything
More than average

Please tell me
That this one time
I’m good enough

Tell me I’m enough
For your love
Does he even like me in that way
Clarissa Sep 2021
Why not me?
Was I too much
Or too little
Tell me
Was I bad enough
To just leave
Or were you
Cruel enough
Not to stay

Why not me?
I get it
You don’t miss me
And it doesn’t  matter
That I miss you
Does it?

Why not me?
I was already hurt
So I can’t say that
It was you
Who broke me
But I have to admit
That you leaving
Broke my heart
A little more

I know
World’s not about me
I know
That it was all
My fault
It just felt so good
Now it’s all just wrong
This is even worse
Clarissa Sep 2021
Baby would you
Leave me already
Cause I’m getting
Attatched here

Baby would you
Hurt me already
Cause I can’t take
Pure happiness

Honey would you
Kiss me already
I’m getting starved
Of your sweet touch

Baby would you
**** me already
I cannot take
More of the luck
This poem is ****** but whatever
Clarissa Sep 2021
My love is repulsive
It will destroy you
My Love
So my Love, please
Don’t trust me
Cause my love
Breaks things apart
#love #teachmelove
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