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Dondaycee Apr 2020
I am not the enemy, I don’t understand;
I can not pretend to be,
Virtues unnoticed like, I am not a trinity,
Soft winds sway misery, and often, in dignity,
They say simply be; extrinsic me,
My tendencies significantly endeavors;
Seeking subjects contrary to blasphemy,
I am odd, even when I tick-tock indigenously,
Im seeing reiterations, as in, what am I eliciting?

Measurements of variables that doesn’t equate;
There is no definite,
Morals and Ethics are not the same;
Conducts of reverence,
Polarity for skeptics, androgyny inherent,
Relative perspectives built from  what is objective; It is the foundations that reap benevolence,
It’s camaraderie; a league, a nation that is element,
Compartmentalizations; references, intelligence,
However, logic is a skill that killed questions when ill intentions rationalized reasonings contrary to evidence based off lack, exemplified through biased notions creating emotions that defends or challenges what is of relevance,

Here I find myself, in inception,
Aboriginal in segments, due to destinations connected;
Pondering on theories of relativity, expressing reflections.
Dondaycee Jun 2019
I was just lost in a minute,
Notability told me “finish”,
And all these things, I would trade it for an experience worth commitment,
Neglecting all the love that I’m giving,
Past trauma means you won’t listen,
And all these things are unchangeable; it is a memory cause we lived it,
Unacknowledgement towards a vision,
Reaction only leads to resentment,
And I wish I could go back to life, cause
Your reality got me missing-
Dondaycee Jun 2019
I wanted to be a man,
Some idea of something supportive;
Instead, I became assertive;

Father said stretch my hand, and for some reason I advocated my ideology as if it contained some type of importance,

My song is killing her; his-tory chorus,
I apologize for believing in abundance when there is clearly a shortage...

I’ve had thoughts that were heaven sent,
I lost mom to life, nothing is relevant,
I wanted elegance, to express truth to those that were ready to jump; Although I myself was hesitant;
Heaven is this hell I’m living in,
Received the message through intelligence; two realities that were evident,
Something only the psyche and intellect can represent,
This is life, and I’m accepting it,

What is Love... if we are not Respecting appropriation,
Pain and pleasure? Guilty by association,
Why ratify a foundation if communication isn’t a consideration when we’re speaking on things like integration, relations, and revelations?

That logic is ill to me,
That arithmetic; if plugged in...
It means we **** to be,
And actions are assertive if responsive, exerting energy for purpose to ensure that your reality is one that is free,

If we know this, then why is it so hard to be?

Why is so hard breathe; believe...

I want to be a man...

Someone who’s assertive with emotion and receptive with intellect,
I don’t want to be detrimental when beauty dances with the devil and I’m brought into a reality in which I can’t protect,
I want to be one that serves and reflect,
Grow as he humbly respect,
Know as he openly accept,
Hope with faith over indulging in concepts that pertain to the term expect...

I am that, conceived it, conceded, I’ll be it.
Dondaycee Mar 2019
Where do I exist when voice is missed?
If my touch has faded, am I ever reminisced?

They placed me in time;
So it pained me when wave came,
Money is not mind,
So it pained me when Dave came,
Honey is not mine;
So she played me like Dave’s game...

He so fine, He locked eyes,
He sipped wine till she showed signs;

Are you hurting, are you in pain and looking for pleasure?
Are we flirting, am I insane; drawing illogical measures?

He’s sliding and I’m watching,
Reiteration; This happens often,
I previously said caution the common, but I’d rather endure the pain than watch the green leave before Autumn,
Personal calling, my subconscious when other has fallen, towards bottom to root; to blossom;
My love will heal her and afterwards;
I’m forgotten...

Decisions from the heart can ******* the mind,
Distraught and confused,
A conditioned perspective causing a ripple in time,
It is wise to accept, even if it means the contrary of feeling fine...

If all stay, what is mine,
If all leave, who am I,
If I’m a figment of the imagination, what is life?
If I’m resenting, being rash, impatient,
What is life?
What is purpose if not, suicide?
Why does it feel like my wants are conditions I must neutralize,
In order to experience peace, wisdom, and the truth inside;
Bound by progression,
It was never a thought to move aside,
And even though there are few who arrived,
It is I that replied,

“I love, because I am love...”
Dondaycee Feb 2019
Every shred of tear; wipe away,
Pleasure in pain/hideaway,
There’s no need, for we have died before.

Projections erased him, they erased her; there is no me...

May we resurrect in the belief that we are ourself,
May we protect what we hate before we yet again damage our health I speak of poison,

-We see the same picture, the difference is in words,
Be idealistic, be a facet, be a verb;
We never created movies to be seen;
Moving pictures express terms unheard,

It started with love, it transmuted to hate, undisputed we reputed it fate, conceiving idealisms that uprooted from grave; polluted minds but in time we refuted/we changed; forgive, accept, remember, create...

Old cycles were never mistakes,
They were waves of frequencies that propelled us back straight,
Back towards a time in which all are gay.
Dondaycee Feb 2019
I was king, I was great, I was different,
I was everything... now I’m something that doesn’t listen,
“I need a future, I need a purpose,”
To insist on a need means it’s the contrary I’m missing,
What is it that prohibits the spirit?
“A limited truth.”

I traded idealism for imagination, idioms, and moments,
I told my last lie and watched the domino fall; past-life points now obsolete, I’m currently projecting atonement,
There are no opponents,
If you’re fighting to belong you’ll die a communist; homeless:

We’ll build extensions of what we’re neglecting,
Project it as an idea or weapon;
Worthy of investment, detrimental in a second,
We’ll emphasize value, although we’ll never own it,
Twist empathize to divide choice,
We’ll sympathize like it defines voice,
Children/Public victimized;
But, he did send his condolences...

Enloa Gay offspring reflected a direction,
Little boy and Fat boy’s catastrophic erections;
***** with forced seeds, liberty gave birth to perception...

Must we congregate after acknowledging an imperfection, or at the sense of a disconnection?

I.e., is there ever a right time to reflect on?
Dondaycee Feb 2019
Perish the world, he’s scaring the girl,
She is warm hearted when she grows,
A beauty obsession alludes the thought to attach; beauty’s possession reflects what she already has, it’s clearly neglection serving as an obstacle which it is Optic Optimum, she tends to know...

My love, why do you concern yourself with material and disaster?
Is my existence not enough to excite/evoke an ******* chapter?
I look at you like I look at me;
Heavy hearted tendencies; unintentionally,
Resentment will never see the light of day, it doesn’t exist in me;
Words can not represent me,
I’m neither here nor there, I’m currently/representing a common denominator; a piece of the math that equates to half of a problem that graphs a three dimensional shape expressing light, consciousness; you and me...

I ask time after time,
Can we focus on mind,
Can we be aware of the experience before involuntary actions lead to the terms myself and find;
Moments in which we intelligently convince ourselves we’re contrary to being fine,
Stupidity exposed when we shut our eyes to say we’re blind...

What is life if all leave?
If all stay, what is mine?

Where is the world?
“The women had grew...”
We’ll call it nothing short of paradise; a reflection of something new that has been known that transcended the seeds left behind;
Perish defined...
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