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I want the people knowing they made Day,
If that’s the case; or no case... make another day;
-Hey, I don’t want to turn into Malcolm or Michael;
I just wanna be what I wanna be...
Kovu, Mushu, Samuel; Bruce Lee -pure mind, **** Bill, Ip Man currency;
Me and my friends are under the sea,
Ernie and Bert are on Sesame Street,
They naughty away, displaying heart break; one day they’ll say it’s egregious;
Down here, -whales
-Nobody beat us,
Deprive us from our freeness, or leave us for our weakness,
There’s no place more exquisite, diabolical; omniscient like under the sea...

I just wanna live young, fall hard, talking love; fog season...

Can I be a petitive anomaly?
Can I be condescending pompously?
Can I touch on your skin and examine your eyes like there’s no bound to thee,
Can we slowdown the time to entwine minds and be,
One with our breath before the first drop of sweat electrify our senses to heal and define divine as we activate dormant currents in spine?

You don’t notice me but in time you will,
This connection is bigger than the Wachowski’s “Red Pill”...

Girl you must understand...

I wanna be your man, like Morpheus and Carrie Anne.
Dondaycee Jan 9
We care; only when there’s an awareness of an experience,

I’m watching this movie, and even with the abundance of love and terror, the excitement seems to be absent.

I find it cliché that change takes place after the moment is no more.

I find it humiliating that we embrace what we see over what we feel.

I find it unfortunate that I have watched this movie absent of company.

I find bliss in the day that I am liberated from experiencing bodies without a consciousness.

Dondaycee Dec 2018
Everyone is ******.
Everyone is genius.
Observation is judgement.
Assumptions convenient.

I fell inn love with my best friend,
It’s why I decided to extend,
Mind past the thoughts that were programmed,
An extended conscious; suspend,
Consumed psychoactives; transcend,
I seen what’s objective; pre-thoughts were neglected, I can no longer “pretend”,
I will no longer contend,
I can no longer commend;
I can only amend; new perspectives to my ideology using Scientology;
Everything that I express is a biography; I can only, (Ascend),

She got potential… I hope she keep her head up,
He’s preferential... he’s sure to be fed up,
May both be light that serves as something gentle,
Harmonies instrumental.

Sometimes I wish I defined none,
I feel like I’m only defining one,
Can’t picture a time that I’d run,
Can’t picture a time that I was done,

I’m wishing today we’ll choose to breathe,
Remember, forgive, and it’s a week,
Decisions were made in liberty…

I’m wishing for days where we’re free.
Dondaycee Dec 2018
I’ve enjoyed luxury to my perceptive peak. I have enjoyed both the humor and seriousness in conceptualized thoughts regarding liberation. I’ve searched for validation in wanting to pursue mutiny. It’s unsettling to think that we consciously as a collective choose not to be aware of the dread that resides in reality. We know of crime, however we do not mutually share an ear to it’s severity. I found and experienced the genius in all whom I have shared the act of conversing with; within that same breath I have discovered that it is our very gift of intelligence that bound us mutually to stupidity as well. Understandable if there’s ignorance. My alarming question is why would we settle or be content with lack residing in systems that are meant for our personal development, and yet take a stand towards each other when the byproduct from the lack is elicited. We indulge in the idealism of what’s right or wrong when it comes to the collectives that resides near or in our personal experiences. That’s understandable. It’s baffling that we may, at times aid or protect the freedoms of men the public eye never see, however the lifestyle of a brother or sister that is considered an neighbor is hardly ever an topic for discussion (neighbors is referring to border lines). I’ve studied our history countless times and what I’ve find are sequences of events that have only divided the people and have never directly affected the power, function, or foundation that resides as the causation of these events. I have yet to find any actual evidence that shows or proves or validate that humans are incapable of being self governing with themselves. In fact I’ve found endless validation that defines the contrary. With this concrete understanding, I find it almost illogical and unreasonable to believe or even entertain the dogma that is circulating from mouth to mouth. This has never been a matters of liberation from a type of system and I’ll admit that I had previously conceived the thought that the problem resided within it’s varied function. I was terribly wrong. This has been a matter of truth. We are only missing the truth; the full truth. It broke my heart when I came to the realization that we haven’t been free for centuries. To no longer believe but know that our species have showed nothing but good and love at it’s best, has activated a light of happiness that will forever burn. With that said, I say In the same breath, it is absolutely terrifying that I have lived my entire life in a society that is the most oppressed throughout the world, and the beautiful innocent people that reside in this place, have absolutely no clue what’s happening in the shadows. I no longer have the strength to argue with anyone. I no longer have the strength to weigh in disappointment or form a judgement of another individual whom is living with complete involuntary action. All I have to give is love; The hatred I have towards myself was/is only because of wishful thinking, for if I ever had the opportunity of conspiring towards the CFR, I would, and I would’ve executed every step even if it meant closing my eyes to fully welcome an infinite dream. I would’ve, just to know that the concept of liberation was for once, actually experienced.
Dondaycee Dec 2018
Home resides in a place beyond mind,
My spirit calls and calls,
Bound by the physical, I allude in time,

It’s a stretch to say I’m here or there,
Hopefully I’m somewhere near rather than in between; boundless fear,
This world don’t care,
We won’t share…
What about other creations,
The moon, the ocean;
The water…
The air…

I came here to inspire a reason for us to aspire ourself,
The final hour will reveal health,
Identity; wealth,

Up above the world so high,
Oh how I wish I’d leave with sky…
Dondaycee Dec 2018
This is not my home,
Blame narcissism; what I bring to the table is balance and I’m not alluding to table salt,
Credited Shiva when fables taught;
So why am I alone?

To the left are the people I left,
I can even summarize as past,
Their decisions were based off right removing rights,
This is an act of freedom;
Feeling obligated to honor a name,
The illusion is last,
As of right now,
I exist in between,
It’s during the experience, that I wonder…

Sooo, why am I alone?

When I lay eyes on a female, I want her to feel disrespected,
It’s important that a female is aware of her insecurities,
It’s important that she sees the disconnection, impurities, her own reflection,
Buddy want his hotdog wet; thought ejects*,
Natural selection,
Buddy want the Top Dog vest,
I’m baffled, I only guide a confession,
I’m eliciting the potential,
Pushing a resurrection,
Sharing; passing lessons,
Sparking questions,
My love you’re in the box, I want you to be free; Change of perception,
They fed you food for regressions and impressions,
Polarity rings; I’m attracted to the curves, the body’s expression,
That musty smell of oppression/depression,
How could you blame me for wanting to interfere,
I hate MEN; I’m calling progressive…

FLO here,
For lovers only,

Love is what I’ve been giving since birth, and I don’t expect a return,
People show hate; universe translation (twenty years later),
“Tough love”; discerned,

I laugh daily, that is the outcome of pain,
Me wearing colors was the outcome of being plain,
I made a choice; no longer was the same,
I can honestly relate to Jane,
Feminism is misconceived these days; point was a healthy balance of both carries no shame,
It’s unknown, separate from the game,
Adiyogi Shiva; Transcendental if omming the name…

I always wonder if I’m narcissistic; I love people unconditionally, there’s no reason why I should ever feel alone.
Dondaycee Dec 2018
If I pick any archetype to validate my purpose; yes, I soon grow tired of teaching. However I’d like to think that I indulge in all therefore nothing ever grows old or become unenjoyable.
If you rid yourself free from labels, you are then signing up to be all. If you are all, people will choose your archetype. So if you essentially want to create change through love, all you have to do is express love, and whatever a person perceives your love as being for them is the role you temporarily play.
If it is wisdom someone is seeking, you’ll naturally give it.
If it is laughter, you’ll naturally give it.
If it is guidance, you’ll naturally give it.
It is when you try to become a role that you struggle to be efficient with communicating, simply because the conversation is lacking balance thus lacking a mutual understanding thus becoming a one sided conversation.
Remember there’s never a point to be made, however there is always a point existing just long enough for us become aware it.
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