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maybe marc Mar 19
would've been nice
if you'd have warned me
this love
turns into depravation
*** in to yes yes yes
i'll do as you say.
submission turns into emotional slavery
once i don't want to **** i become a monster
your ****** so much more important than my discomfort
or pain.
your love so twisted it means i have to stand it
when you scream
hold me so strongly my bruises
turn visible,
not where i asked for them.
your abuse the abuse i asked for
transformed into real more real than i expected.
as always you'll do what you want
i'll end up crying anyway,
doesn't matter what
i'll always be wrong
**** *****
******* *****,
can't you take it anymore?
maybe marc Jan 23
i see yourself faltering in frustration
and i see myself surviving the situation
feeling sick from all the thinking
feeling brave from all the fighting
knowing nothing's better than wallowing
accepting my defeat and crying
about how i didn't pull myself out of it.
wouldn't erase what i had done,
couldn't choose the different road.
this today will be different i told myself yesterday
but i still lit that joint
and went to bed without a date
for the flight i have to take,
january 19th
the deadline to make a choice,
december has come and i've yet to get a job.
why is it that my brain's convinced i'm doing what need to be done?
i'm just hovering over illusions, if there's infinite worlds going on
this is the one where i let go
of all
my possibilities)
now tell me again about skipping the hard work
because convincing myself that everything's fine is harder than dealing with all.
maybe marc Jan 23
si mi amor
lo que tu digas
me someto a tí.
dime ven
para ir
o dejame aquí
te diré siempre sí
lo que quieras de mí
si yo soy pa tí.
te disrumpí?
acaso no fuí
lo que pediste de mí?
no te compliqui
me voy de aquí
si te dije que me amarrí
no fue porque sí
pero amor no así
fue fisico lo que pedí
no que amarres mi emoción
mi forma de sentir
esto no funciona
en verdad no soy pa tí.
amor, sí,
te mentí,
me hiciste sufrir
tal vez no más
de lo que yo a tí,
me lloraste
te sufrí
nos hicimos pedazos
antes de salir.
me dijiste
que tu camisa se voló,
yo me caí
algo me dice
que esto no debería
terminar así.
las cague re feo pero el me trato mal y me dejo unos morados buenos malos bonitos a petición y regaño. no estuvo bueno como nos tratamos, lo que te hice lo que me dijiste. como nos quisimos, tan feo y tan re lindo.
maybe marc Jan 23
no gracias
a todo lo que no es esto
lo que es tal vez es
que estar allá lejos
mientras toco fondo en este barril
oye te
vamos pa alguna parte
tratemos de avanzar le.
jan 6
maybe marc Jan 23
top it
how could you
there's no place to crash
trust that something good will come out of today
out of tomorrow
i'll just wait
like i did i have i will
not that i want to
i'm just programmed
to say
help please
found myself in a situation
i don't want to be in a situation
she says i can't help but listen
i want to just move and choose the road most
i got tired today,
i'll just eat drink smoke sleep
without any meaning
bite my time
bide it
breaking them all
******* it up for just me
letting it all be seen
the full incomplete
version of me
if i am truly what i seem
i am wait i n g.
dec 11 2018
maybe marc Jan 23
ya chao culiaa
para la wea
que no había naa
dejate de ser la desesperaa
que mimos mañas mañanas
deja las vueltas las volaas
las mentiras la wea que te da
de atrapaa
lo típico.
asi que ahora borraa
quiero estar drogaa
abrasada ja
en brazos brasas
no te quiero naa
pero igual me teni pegaa
ya basta ah
perra sumisa confundida
no sé que decir más
solo se que ya no da
pa repetir la forma en la que va
voy vengo y no me fuí
mas encima de te crei
tan gigante en tu entrega
pero eri un orgasmo barato
un mal rato
un rico recuerdo
de cabra chica la navida
se acabaron las que no soy
lo que vendí
me gaste así
de nuevo ni me corrí
(en lugar, de, en)
te creiste mas de lo que conocí
no me wevi
salte de ahí
ya no estai invitado
no me digai que me queri
sabemos que es así
pero en error me repetí
te herí
me pasé
pero pendejo
maybe marc Jan 23
you can't see it but s is for ****
for being this way
for betraying myself
for wanting it all
for not saying what i've been meaning to say for ever
couldn't even whisper it against your skin.
dec 2 2018
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