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Oli Nov 2
is this the existential piece of the puzzle
trembling fingers pull from under
a dozen years crawl from out the shadows
pieces of context rehearsed backwards,
you are the words left upon it
tasked to repurpose them and interpret
will they notice,
Will they notice?
the effort it took to sit still, and rebuild this
you are the monument, you gave an answer to every possible question
you were the moment, stretched and prolonged across the surface,
you are a monolith, relevant in every page, every minute
battle of attrition, never lose it
never lose context, never forget the words you've repurposed
you are a fortress
of time, perpetually proceeding and receding
recontextualize to even it
never let it slip from your grasp
will they notice?
Oli Nov 2
area of infection is stretching its tongue-like limbs out, a yellow and fleshy door blocking the hallway
so we all arrive at the same time, on the same night with a handful of solutions, then get tired by the next day
to, on occasion, try the same thing for the next two weeks, until we can do nothing but imagine that time before the cancer door did not exist
Oli Sep 28
i go to visit your funeral a few times a week, i feel your spirit go over me and under me to the sound of the beat
playing dead, we're killing our time
cause we've lost the concept of hours as we sway like singing chimes
Oli Sep 24
lovely calling, across the sea
speak in tongues and allegory
can i say what i really mean
emorie, i see your face, i feel mine bruising
all my wounds, fell from 10 stories
when i finished writing, and nobody seemed to
notice me, was oh so quiet
standing atop the pages boldy
spilling every drop for you in hopes that you'd see
i know pain's unnecessary
i know
pain's unnecessary
Oli Sep 20
cut, cut, cut
two weeks and still i have no nerve, it's what I heard
dig a hole for every word, i kept the thirst when i spit dirt
cause it felt good until it hurt, got crushed and ****** until it whirled into the earth
and all your ***** get seen not heard so take it as a risk of birth

my blueish face with a smile on it, for the first time
and if you cant wait, you can grab my waist, make it last this time

in case you bought it, it's happy, gladly,
just cut me up and then put me down please
ill be here waiting like i always am, ****** up inside and outside again
pushed in till it's not seen but felt, dont tell
Oli Aug 7
girl trapped in reclusive isolation aesthetic
reaching towards the feminine thing
to run right through the nerves of my aching
but i taste blood in the water, and the sudden rage i feel is bigger than the drink

looking through those movies in my head, essential
i can see the sun underneath
the things we said in vain in spite of potential, then i realize i'm nowhere to be seen

why won't you specify
what the **** is the problem
my lungs feel like they're
almost systematically
being pierced
to the point of losing all ambiguity

these are brand new words on a poem, you see them
but these were brand new words on a poem, you seen them last week
diminishing returns is our platform, and the methods are so much worse than you believed
Oli Jul 13
you know i was
thirsty reaching for ***** water, it's a discipline
i got to where i wanted, could i
drink it? am i rotten enough
to ask your permission?
am i smiling too much, is it
comfortable? could i emulate such a luxery, could i
keep it?

this year to commemorate
what lasted, and what's about to
fall apart
i'll become the epitome of loneliness, i'll
change it as soon as you
notice, i'll change it as soon as it's
i'll burden my senses and every inch of space i occupy

is it a habit? is it a weakness?
lying on the ground and i'm filled with ***** water
is it possible i could escape this?
crawling at your door and i'm filled with ***** water

what you want is different, what i need is priceless,
where you sleep it's dark but where i weep it shines, it's the space in between what contrasts that keeps me alive
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