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EmVidar Feb 2022
Time to say goodbye
before I'm dragged under
on last time

-em vidar
Karijinbba Aug 2021
🦋On HP since 2017.🦋
Been writing and
reading heavy on love betrayal
patience honesty trust truth.
I found so many treasures
So many dark secrets revealed
I found the exits fast enough.
Sooner or later most poets
most true lovers do.
The feeling is bittersweet
Love letters attest remain
their perenial truth love.
Some can run but can't hide
forever from themselves.
We all know who we are
How some pretend to be
Unwell to Exit the
easy runners lane,
no matter whose heart,
the game players strike.
I exit NOT love, nor free speech.
My banner is truth
I hide nothing my heart is pure.
Judge me by the contents
🦋 of my character like I do.❤️
🦋By Karijinbba🦋
I did EXIT TWICE IN YOUTH TO escape malignant covert narcissinst who trashed me a lifetime because I survived his human predatorial violence. I NEVER re marry fearing betrayal but I did love again.
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
So we start this ride again I guess
Go round and round and round
Try to get off this carosel
The exit can't be found

Spin in circles in my head
Down then up by memories
If only I were able to live in one
Somehow make time freeze

Fly in rotations
Dozens of feet above the earth
Without anything to hold today
What are these holograms worth?
I feel so low right now
Monté Carlœ Jun 2021

I think I love you,

Well, atleast I want to.
Jay M Apr 2021
Headed straight for the exit
Got the key around my neck
Not waiting for what's next it
Really doesn't matter, heck
If I can just outrun it
Keep ahead long enough
Someday, I bet
Though incredibly rough
I'll see the sun set
Without running past
Sitting to enjoy it
At long last

-  Jay M
April 28th, 2021
Jump, climb over the stones and keep going on the path. Just keep going, until you reach the finish line.
Ken Pepiton Jan 2021
pride "unreasonable self-esteem, e
specially as one of the deadly sins;
overbearing treatment of others;
pomp, love of display," 

From <>

Love is blind as justice, if my proud prejudice
were preproperly tuned to presume
you know

pride proceeds a fall, and all the angels know,
that first
giant step,
feels just like falling, it's humbling.

But try landing on your toes, next time.

Nope, says the proud but,
I always land on a ****,  but this can't be real.
It does feel as if
I've been impaled on an obelisk.
Second hand embarassment. Vent.
Traveler Nov 2020
My ego tried to impress me
But the fact is, I’m losing ground
When I wrestled with my Demons
God is nowhere to be found

My RNA is failing
In a  blemished tarnished blur
My eyes are getting tired and
I’m searching for my words

My dreams are but exhausted
I’ve lived and lied and loved
I took the devil by his horns
I never did give up!

What sound did I make
What word did I leave out
If I’ve said my all
Where is my curtain call

My dressing room is bear
The end was somewhere in there.
Traveler Tim

Exit stage left
Wary Oct 2020
They said; nothing last more than three days..

And i happily replied;
"Some names and some beautiful memories are unforgettable"
Unforgettable memories
Andrew Rueter Sep 2020
Driving down the freeway in Kentucky, there are only a couple exits people expect you to take. Lexington or Louisville,
pick one. Otherwise, what specific business
do you have going on in Sadieville?

I'm one of the unknown exitters
living 20 minutes off the Mt. Zion Road exit.
No one gets off this exit but me
onto a lonely drive through the trees.

I live off an exit where the vultures eat the dead, then perch on the trees that are dead, deceased in defeat under the feet that eat.
The graves of unknown soldiers lie buried beneath
convenience stores. The storefront sign says open
but the discordance inside is close.

Wandering in the wilderness
while the wind whistled my sins
you joined me in Union
after you missed the right exit.

Voices from the nether sent you letters saying things are better up north. My box on the side of the road holds notes that were
written with the intention of being read, but they're just
thrown out with the junkmale instead.

You burned too hot and I burned too much
in a snare I was caught once you abstained from touch
You were all I had, this isn't New York City
how many people am I supposed to have with me?

150 years ago, brother fought brother over the lives of their brothers here. Not much has changed since then.
A grave robber's eyes are seen in the faces of
wanderers. Welcomes only last until usefulness has passed.

You kept driving through
I wish I could exit too
but will Ohio be any better?
Once you find out send me a letter.
Pockets Aug 2020
Everyday is a highway
Every hour a missed exit
Life is just a truck stop
Till you make up your mind on the destination
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