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Jay Altezza Oct 2016
Whether or not we were created or we happened by chance, we still exist. Whether we are real or not, we still are. Whether there is more or it's all over, in this world or a next, let us just be.

I do to become. I do therefore I choose. I choose therefore I think. I think therefore I can. I can only cause I am and I am so I become...

Purpose is found among a vast sea of many meanings from which each picks that which shall compete the statement above. Influenced or not; Predetermined or not - this selection is still made regardless of belief, precisely because it is belief.

Thus, our existence precedes this purpose but proceeds from a sea of meaningless. For ambiguity, or many meanings, is just a synonym for meaningless.

Embrace this and you shall live! Freedom is but the choice to choose a master. The 'how you will exist' is up to you and for as long as you exist, the only permanence is this capacity for decision not the choice itself you make.

The question thus gradually evolves from "Why do I exist" and "What is my purpose" to "What do I become" and "What should I spend my time doing"

However, be afraid not of a mistake. Simply learn from it for all it needs to be rectified is a different mind from s/he who made it. Though, with that being said, still be careful not to break that which cannot be entirely mended.
It's less of a poem and more of reflections. A moment as a philosopher. Lol! Hope it makes at least a bit of sense cause I was literally just spewing my thoughts into writing. I didn't try edit it much. Cheers. Also, check this out:
The conclusions are quite similar.
Jay Altezza Aug 2015
A soul inhabiting two bodies at once
A mind that might seem set in a trance
A heart that to one love song it’ll dance
It’s true its only you I pursue
In other words I love you
You are her
You're my girl
You’re my world
And my star
Do I Say
Till You Say
I do
Cause what is life
Without you
But misery
At infinite
You and me
Destined to be
No one
Can disagree
You’re the gravity
That keeps me flowing
The fuel that keeps me going
The queen to my kingdom
The key to my freedom
You know yourself ;)
Jay Altezza Apr 2015
We were all born to be slaves,
"To what" is all that we are free to choose.
Jay Altezza Feb 2015
I want to hold on
For there might be hope
But I'm afraid there may be no point;

I want to let go
For there may be no point
But I'm afraid there might be hope.

**My Dilemma
Jay Altezza Feb 2015
Juice freshly squeezed
From poisoned apples I sip
Happiness as I knew it
Has seized to exist
Without you I can't sleep
I've tried and tried
But all night
Your smile keeps me counting sheep
Days pass but it only gets tougher
To live is to suffer
To love is suicide
Inside my mind memories I hide
I reminisce your presence
My now's no longer a present
My face craves your touch
Since you
That good
It's never felt as such
My cheeks miss your lips
Withdrawn from your magic
My mind flips
A love story gone tragic
Before it even started
My heart ripped
Into pieces
When we parted
Away those pieces are sweeped
In the trash they are heaped
These thoughts make me weep
On a ***** so steep
I'm hanging off the tip
Trying to get a grip
Acquainted with grief
Searching for peace
Watching water drip
Off the surface of a leaf
Observing people breathe
And trees swayed by the breeze
Playing the same old songs on repeat
I'm looking for some kind of relief
Apart from diving in for a swim
In a pool of liquor that's cheap
Aware you hear me not when I speak
And this poem you might never read
But know I know no bliss
Though I see the lamp in the tunnel lit
The one placed at the end of it
My dear, you are greatly missed
From within my soul deep
Maybe we need space to truly connect
Jay Altezza Nov 2014
Do you hear the shadows shout?
Thats me trying to pour my heart out
And tell a story nobody has ever heard about
A rollercoaster with ups and downs
A relationship with smiles and frowns
The magic got me addicted
But too late I noticed
The risk was never worth it
A tragic accident
Had already happened
Leaving my heart sleeping in a casket
Damaged, with no way to be salvaged
Maybe I should have taken a course in braille
Cause love is blind
And no matter how hard I search
I never find
The answers I seek
To enable me to understand this chick
A foreign species
Is what this girl is to me
A mystery that was never solved
A code that was never hacked
Around you my world revolved
And I remember it really ******
When I figured
The three words
I loved to hear were a lie
I almost died
But I survived
And made it through alive
Then a few months later you apologized
Saying that things changed
And you'd like to try it again
But the pain had left resentment engrained
In my brain that almost drove me insane
And she who was my love became subject to my wrath
I lashed out and if I didnt say it before I'm sorry about that
Gave it time it went
And we considered each other friends
Or so I thought
Before I was aware of the feelings you caught
And you started talking about how you'd like to slit my throat
Along with those of whoever will be my wife and kids,
Then the crisis proceeded
When you sliced your wrists
With a compass
Trying to release
Whatever it was or still is
Killing you inside
Well fine then alright
Now that we've dropped off a load
And gone down the yellow brick road
Travelled along memory lane
Unravelling the past that was lost in our brains
In the hourglass drop the grains of sand
Lets fastforward to that which is at hand
Youre becoming someone I used to know cause we aren't talking
You're ignoring me and your friends who remind you of me
Trying to convince yourself that you dont really need me
And It's 2A.M. in the morning
Here I am awake and writing this poem
To once and for all rid myself of thoughts of you
If this doesnt work what will I do
Cause I know one thing's for sure that's that we're through
My aim is to mend all the issues
That I developed from you
And resurrect my heart, finally put it back to use.
Jay Altezza May 2014
As much as I want to blame
And everything
I must admit
Its all my own doing
For I picked the easy way
In favour of the right one
I picked the short-lived grins
The road most taken
It is no wonder right now
All I do is I regret.
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