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KV Srikanth Jan 13
A film celebrating
The greatness of a Nation
Patriotism its theme
Sacrifice its Core

A Cinema hall
Name translates as Gift
The hall playing the film
Would soon become a Coffin

Lives of many
Ended before they started
Kids on the aisles
Engulfed by the flames

Arrogance of power
That money can buy
Negligence of repair
Transformers unleashed their power

Smoke spreading across
Car parks and gates
Fire  keeping it's date
In all its rage

Hell brakes loose
All for a fuse
Stairwell and Ariel
Sounded the deathknell

Running towards the exit
Emergency lights not fixed
Chaos and confusion
People already dying of asphyxiation

Fire alarm not installed
Authorities knew it all
Even the Projection not stalled
Seating arrangements breaking the law

Box seats gates closed
Exit gates bolted
A careless employee
Took a break by bolting the middle gate

Deviations and violations
Fire service delayed
Gangways failed to accommodate
Balcony seemed far away

Exposed to carbon monoxide
Succumbed and died
Toll stood at 59
Injured crossed a hundred

A full house
Turned many into empty homes
Tragedy cover up with travesty
Ticket price  not just a life

Friday the 13 th
7 th month of 1997
Set the record for the ticket prize
A life for a seat
KV Srikanth Dec 2022
Happy birthday dear Lord
You son of a Jewish carpenter
Your life your message
Blood flowing like a river
Mankind's only true giver
Gave And forgave
Asked nothing in return
Kept your doors open
All we have to do is knock
Not with our knuckles
But with the faith in our hearts
KV Srikanth Nov 2022
Celebrating your birth
On the day that you were
You're here no more
No one feels that
The life you lived
A message for everyone

A step in your path
Is the way
To feel from ones heart
Your life filled with deeds
Others can't do in centuries
Child actor nurtured by your father
Wing Chun from the Grand master
Seattle to Study Philosophy
Where you met Linda Lee
Teacher another feather
Tutored the art of thr artless form
Oakland years and the Jun Fan Institute
Till today pays you tribute
Hollywood and the big parts
Television actor with a mask
Graduated to lead Actor
In people's consciousness forever
Aided by the philosopher
Who made millions of seekers better
Came Conquered Left
Remained in people's thoughts
Who celebrate your absence
In your presence
The art of being present without being present
If we're to nourn your loss
We wouldn't be disciples of Jeet Kune Do at all
A century later
You'll still be remembered
Sorry not remembered
Because you will never be forgotten in the first place
Happy birthday we wish ourselves
Cause we don't see you apart from yourself
You lived for the rest
But never seperated the self
The word I dors not exist
The Word Bruce does
Grateful to you
Till we join you
You left Game of Death half way
For you wanted us to  complete it
Each one imagining that they are you
Are filling in the void you left on purpose
When we reach the terrace of the Pakoda
You will be waiting to protect us all
In whatever the journey that awsits us
We will be concentrating on the finger
Just to get a tap on our heads
No bigger blessing one can get
KV Srikanth Nov 2022
Gratitude the key that ensures the imaginary line that we use to divide our life into good times and bad times stays imaginary
KV Srikanth Nov 2022
The next second is so uniquely unpredictable for everyone
KV Srikanth Nov 2022
We deceive ourselves even though we apply our own make up
KV Srikanth Nov 2022
You love yourself you acquire Pride Esteem Character Integrity Confidence You love  others You get Fame Trust Friends Respect Grace When you love others as much as you love yourself The Gates of Greatness  await  unlocked by the combination of Gratitude Empathy Forgiveness
to seat you on the throne of Immortality wearing the crown of Sacrifice with the  Scabbard of Penance holding on to the Sword of Conscience
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