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KV Srikanth Apr 3
Made the approach
Trusting the coach
Teaching the game
From its inception
The teachers devotion
For the game passion
Sets the process rolling
Day by day improving

Progress made
Coaches efforts
Match play next step
First step of mix up

Victory not a feat
Defeat should not repeat
More expected
Results disappointed

A year in the sport
A sea change seen
Attitude for all
Become a know it all

Kids start complaining
Parents encouraging
In every issue interfering
Know how acquired suddenly claiming

Exchanging information
With parents from
Another institution
Instilled wrong notion
About the Coaches intention

Bad mouthing coaches
Degrading their skill
Spreading this talk
Behind the back

Cause of defeat
Squarely on the Academy
Single out a coach
Make him a scapegoat

With purpose and ire
Spread like wild fire
Intention to smear
On the line
The coaches career

Acumen acquired
Coach not required
Now a winner
Coach made to
Look like a joker

Next level play
In another academy lay
Leave the very school
Lacking knowledge tools
A bunch of fools

Kids like this plenty
Forget their journey
Now a burden to carry
Never felt sorry

Ends up finally
Kids leave the Academy
Every aspect unhappy
Coach and facility
Washing in public
***** laundry

Coaching professionally
Done with integrity
True to duty
Need not worry

Walk on
Next aspirant
Seek your attention
Give him guidance
Shower him with affection
Stay true to the profession
Try to make him a champion
Without fear or favor
Benefits not consider
To create a player
The job akin
To the Supreme Maker
KV Srikanth Apr 3
Last supper
Apostles in order
One a betrayer
God the Forseer

Washed the feet
Apostles each
Objected the act
Act of faith

Swallowed the bread
Along went the Devil
Birth a curse
No crime worse
Judas Iscariot
His name

Denied by Peter
As predicted earlier
Not once but thrice
Only to later cry

Arrested and Crucified
Greatest sacrifice ever made
Tortured beyond belief
Son of God and a thief

Hes not god
Because of birth
Not the chosen one
Due to crucifixion

He is god for one reason
In agony and pain
Prayed to his father
Forgive the sinner
For he isn't aware
That he is the doer

No sacrifice enough
To gain immortality
Benefit of entire humanity
Founded Christianity

His life is his message
Follow his footsteps with courage
His door always open
His house and his heart

Love and Peace
Core of his teaching
Follow his preaching
Duty of every human being

Crucified and buried
Friday the day
Even in death celebrated
Christened Good Friday
Rose again
Sunday the day
Life celebrated
3 days later
Easter Sunday

In the face
Of nature's fury
Human unrest
For our souls to rest
On the Cross
Jesus of Nazareth
KV Srikanth Mar 31
First day First show
3 pm the time
Leading men
3 of them
Name above the title
Only one familiar a little

Hero of the picture
No clue for me or any other
Seats empty
Who is he ?

Chaos and confusion
Prevailed in fusion
Only one question
Exit the theater or
Enter the Dragon

Dad did the Math
His brain and heart
Contradict each
Heart wants to view
Brain wants to skip
Went with his heart

All set to enter
The hall of the theater
Doorman time bang on
Trickled in one by one

Time till screen parted
Next seat guys ranted
The audience sat clueless
Fearful of the content
Open mind not the intent

My father took a call
That we all exit the cinema hall
We give the film 10 minutes in all
To judge if it has the wearwithall

Screen parted
Scene started
Warner brothers logo
Proved the film was from a big studio

Shot of Shaolin
The film begins
Frames pass by
Time in a freeze

A hero never before seen
Speed of lightning
What was happening
Intellect interpreting vision
Next scene already begun

Empty seats stare
Surround sound roars
Dragon tunes never
Heard before

Father in a state of shock
From Silent era had seen it all
World weary in movie history
After this show
No more empty gallery

All the words
In his vocabulary
He used to shower Glory
On the quality of the movie

Hyperkinetic film
Unfolding from within
Philosophy and Action
Very rare combination

Martial Arts
Debut of sorts
Battle with Ohara
Blink and miss
Dont blink still miss
200 miles an hour
Fists and kicks
Glued to their seats
Marvelled at the feats

More fights
One better than the other
Brilliant combat
Till end of time
Never to forget

Name of Weapon
Till then no clue
Use of Nunchaku
Suddenly everyone knew

End Credits Rolling
Tears of joy flowing
Right call not to exit
Never again an empty seat

Tricked in Stormed out
Usually it's the other way about
Exit the hall
Straight to the car
Usual norm
Exit the theater
Back to the box office counter
To again view the phenomenon
Enter the Dragon

The film had a run
That did not seem to end
Every viewer stunned
Only to again Return
Father no exception
Most watched film of every generation
Till the same theater released
The Return of the Dragon
KV Srikanth Mar 16
Promise made
Cusp of Teenage
Not to indulge
In anything fatal

Spirituality and Smoking
Painstaking in understanding
Labyrinth if misunderstood
Alone you stood

Inference of god
Transcended ego
Inference of smoking
Transcended nothing

Perception of Divity
Varied with variety
Perception of smoking
Date fixed in deaths diary

Smoking is macho
Smoking is Style
Smoker due to peer pressure
Smoking as an exploration
Smoking for fun

Picked up at the interval
Wanting to ape the star
Chain Smoking with style and grace
Entire theater fell prey
Factor deciding character
In that time span lay

Never held one
A double edged sword
Which side to hold
Where from comes the smoke

Figuring out took time
Veterans of the habit
Encouraged mine
Step by step process explained
Learning so fast felt elated

Copied the style
Felt mile high
Smoked only in action
Real smoking yet to happen
By the end of one
Felt like a veteran
Balance movie left
Guidance for missteps

Movie had a good run
More viewings for fun
Nicotine patrozining latest victim
Perfected the art a new dictum

Darkness of theater
Into evening shade
In the parking space
First sign of turking
Entering a boxing ring
Saner option than smoke ring
Baby steps of addiction
Taken one by one

Health and money
Took a nose dive
Reputation no high five
Fun part ejected like in a spaceship
Phobia called hypochondria
Crept into the mothership

Habit had made a slave
Put up a front so brave
Slow march towards the grave
With death daily a close shave

Took a call
Not to feel guilty at all
Toed the tangential line
In the long run
We are all dead

Quit cold Turkey
Say goodbye
Once and for all
Then it becomes the past
Memory of it will not last
Overcome many addictions
This cannot be a tough one
Try one day for a start
The habit and you
Permanently part
KV Srikanth Mar 16
Woman in Life
A matter of Pride
****** divide
Only in the head

Seeking a career
Striving like anyother
But only harder
Capabilities in order

Ability to think
Comprehend and perceive
If the women were to recieve
Marks for their ability to conceive
Final result one
Simply cant believe

Termed Weaker ***
Called fairer ***
Both used facetously
Gender inequality
Living on the fallacy

Muscle size compared
Womens place declared
Strength put to test
Made to feel less

Narrow vision
Mental condition
Complete regression
Humiliate by aggression

Female a gender
Mistaken for ***
Weaker or Stronger
Comes into play
Biased and Opinionated
Thought originated
Without any debate
Already concluded

Thinking hazy
Conclusion fuzzy
Woman as an entity
Place in Society
Lacking objectivity
In its entirety
Thinking lies futility

Womans right to compete
Not for others to concede
Right by birth
Talent no dearth

Gender equality
In name only
Woman of quality
Credit to sexuality

Women live longer
Logical they are healthier
Study harder
Progress farther

Middle headed humanity
In reality a calamity
Women viewed in totality
Parity and inferiority

Conditioned by Society
Personal prejudice aplenty
Corrupted vision to see
A Woman as a Woman

To be pursued
In order to be persuaded
Law of nature provided
Preyed and Prosecuted
Paraded and Prostituted

Intellectual and equal
Responsible and capable
Leadership of the world
Not beyond A womans fold
Courage during calamity
Problem processing faculty
Calm and collectively
At ease with their personality

Biological differences
Harmonial changes
Childbearing and nursing
Endurance and pressure
Proven handled better

A world without poverty
Cause with Nobility
Gender equality
Always a reality
Remove the ambiguity
Remains Clarity

Woman has freedom
Nothing to fight for
World were a better place
Woman are to die for

Oldest cliche used
Remember your mother
Is a woman
Perfect reminder
To put our act together
Respecting an honor
Integrated in behavior
Objectify a Woman
God save the demon

Division in religion
Difference in Origin
Hostility in Countries
Inequality amongst individuals
Environment nightmare

No more no less
Very essence Spiritual
A Woman is a woman
Required and requested
Nothing from beginning

Woman of substance
Bow in their presence
Treat them equally
A truth with Finality
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KV Srikanth Mar 16
Unfulfilled dreams
No one an exception
Every human has some
Things they wanted to do
But never done

Reasons plenty
Usually blamed on Destiny
Convert to reality
Create the opportunity

Life led and lessons learnt
Burdens carried faced the brunt
Problems faced upfront
None left to surmount

Idea of expectancy
Lifes longevity
Some clarity
Based on fraility

Doctors prescribe
More or less correct
Time left on earth
Breaths till last breath

Time and tide
Wait for none
You no exception
Ready for the action

Things not materialized
Thought process conceptualized
From infancy till now
Dont get Into the how

Unrrealised gist
Prepare a list
To do before death
No one knows after that

Follow with zest
Complete tasks ahead
Fulfill before death
Before body under wreath

Lighten the soul
Before its journey behold
Last days on planet
Complete them rather
Than forego it

Kick the bucket metaphor
Your soul had left bedside
Nothing left beside
Things not done and unsaid

Follow your heart
Led by your thought
Fulfill the wish
The soul incomplete with
Prepare your Bucket List
KV Srikanth Mar 14
Ennio Morricone
Collaboration with Sergio Leone
Whips And Whistles
New sound to background
Sphagetti Westerns backbone
Never left Rome
Music his home
400 plus films scored
Distinct sound endured
Many Auteurs frequently collaborated
Fan favorite for decades
Won Oscar for The Hateful Eight
One of two to
To get the honor
Lifetime Oscar
For Composer extraordinaire
All roads lead to Rome
All notes lead to Morricone

Lalo Schifrin
Argentinian Pianist
Cult following with memorable Scores
Jazz themed band and Grammys Galore
Television Series & Movie themes
Added value with his Name
Superstars  first choice
Studios rejoice
A list Star to Act
Lalo to compose the Soundtrack
Fans across the world
Saw movies for his score

Henri Mancini won 4 Oscar's
Immortal theme for Pink Panther
Baby Elephant Walk
For Howard Hawks
Romeo and juliet love theme
Number one on the Billboard scheme
Partnership with Directors
  Everlasting music created
Deserving Hall of Famer
Years later for many
Still the favorite composer

Elmer Bernstein
Creme de la creme
Only composer
Nominated for oscar
Every decade since the 1950s
Won for Thorough Modern Millie
Versatility the key
Budget did not  affect
Genre did neither
The Magnificent seven & The Great Escape
Tunes stand testimony
For creativity and longevity

Dave Grusin patnership with
Sydney Pollack cruising
Director Composer  combination
Last of the Finest
Grammy s lost count
Oscar made the count
Composed the music for
Columbia TRISTAR logo
Outstanding musical score
Grusin music totally pure

Roy Budd Composer
Who learnt by ear
Could play by Three
At birth a Prodigy
Soldier Blue with Candice Bergen
Gave him the due recognition
Best Pianist Award
5 years consecutive
Soundtrack for films
Each one Superlative
Score for Get Carter
In our memories forever
Brain hemorrhage
Took him away  at an early age

Jerry Goldsmith debuted
in live television
Rambo and Star Trek
Franchise to name a few
His compositions always new
Composers like him
A very few
The Omen finally
got him his due
Paramount & Universal pictures
The music accompanying
The logos of the Studios
Jerry doing his wizardry
With the audio
Grammy and Oscar nominations
To be counted
Four more pairs of hands
Need to be included

Marvin Hamlisch winner
Of three Oscars
All in the same year
The Sting and The Way We were
Nobody does it better
Only one after Richard Rogers
To win The Grammy Tony Emmy Oscar and the Pulitzer

Bill Conti score for Rocky
One of the most Remembered in movie history
Replaced John Barry
In For your eyes only
Scored for the Oscar
19 times a record
envy of many
Won Oscar and Emmy
No Dynasty or Cagney & Lacey
without Conti

John Barry score for Sean Connery as James Bond
The super spy
A permanent legacy
Created by the supremacy
Of his musical ability
5 time oscar winner
From North Yorkshire
Illness threatened career Came back better then ever
Sold out concerts
Arena sized halls
Glory again after a fall
Oscar for The Lion in Winter
His personal favorite Goldfinger

Maurice Jarre  Composer and Conductor
Won 3 Oscars
All collaborations
with David Lean
Big Budget Films
His speciality
The Themes popularity
Showcased his versatility
His music told the story
Close your eyes and
You will know the reality
Appealing to every taste
Was Jarre's forte

David Shire
Winner of the Oscar
For Norma Rae
Composer & Songwriter
Streisands Pianist
Scored for Television & Movies
Conversation and Pelham
Musical confirmation
That his compositions
Will bear the
Test of time

Michel Legrand
son of a Composer
Winner of 3 Oscars
Conductor for many of
The French New Wave directors
Founder of the French Musical
Windmills of your mind
Forever etched in our minds
Over 200 films in a career
Prolific in nature
Select from his repertoire
Of music
Fill the air with Legrand magic

Michael Small son of an actor
Became a composer
Parallax View & Night Moves
Provides you with the mood
Alan Pakula & Arthur Penn
Directors for whom notes he penned
Sidney Lumet Bob Rafelson & John Schleisinger
Legends in their own right
Small' talent shined bright
Prostate cancer
Took away this Great Music Director

Charles Bernstein used Music & Sound effects
To maximum effect
Oscar Winning Documentary
Which had no oral commentary
To tell the story
Scored for horror genre
A cult in the sub culture
Burt Reynolds in White Lightning first chance to
Score for a feature
Charles Bronson in Mr Majestyk
Made these films click

John Williams pianist for
Goldsmith Bernstein & Mancini
Second only to Walt Disney
In Oscar Nominations
52 and counting
Winner greatest Soundtrack
Of all time
Star Wars earned him that name &  fame
Widely regarded as most successful  Musician
Positivity is the key
Particular theme  for different characters
Greatest ever
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