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KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Treating people better
Not being reciprocated
One way street
Exited when felt
Bound to end in misery
Another form of slavery
Taken for granted
Expired and dated
Lies many  a lesson
Stop taking poison
Dont cut your fingers
For one who won't scratch an itch
Last available option
Second only to boredom
At Beck and call
They know it all
Wait for the call
Take another fall
Empty and needy
Express it freely
They play the tune
You dance accordingly
Granted and Gratitude
Seperated at birth
Gratitude stays right
You pick your side
Picking your friends
An art as rare as Van Gogh
Only requirement is Class
That'll set you apart
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Saying Hello takes a second
A goodbye takes forever
Best way to overcome
Grief is to grieve
Every tear is blessed
It is in the memory
Of the one you loved
It houses the soul
A treasure to behold
The price paid for loss
Is a spiritual reality
Your sorrows are messengers
Of the unspeakable love
Love leads to loss
Still worth a lot
Not risking love at all
Grief better off in the heart
His name v is the prayer
You want to recite
His wisdom is the music
You want to hear
He is the laughter
Expressing your humor
He is more beyond
The mere physical level
He is in everyone
He is everywhere
Tears will show him
To you one day
I know its a hard thing to say
I cannot share your grief
But I most definitely understand it
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Covered in mud
Below the ground
Only real estate
To bear your name
The one you didn't buy
Secure future safe
Only outcome sure
Laughable not part
Of your desire
Life after deaths
Peaceful resting place
Addressed as late
Blamed on fate
Sand like food
Has your name
Written on it
Will fill you full
Outside as Inside was
Dug in dug out
Afterlife's foundation laid
Retired without pension
Rest doesn't charge rent
What happens after
Lie and ponder
Six feet under
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Supreme being and Moral Authority
Power over nature called a deity
A system of faith and worship
A passion with devotion
Trust and confidence
Doctrines of religion
Presence of proof absent
Intended ally for the human
Or the one omnipresent
Gods as masters
Cannot be secular
Are the gods at war
No evidence so far
Fight for survival
Ironic at every level
If gods can go extinct
Thus, fears the man
His duty to keep alive
The one who answers his prayers
The biggest joke I've heard in a while
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
When you hate
You have lost
Greatest form of giving
Lies in forgiving
Home is where
Your heart is
Living in the now
Is being in meditation
A silent mind
Is also deaf
Walk slow Talk slow
Don't say much
Rarely smile and never laugh
Respect is in search of one
Who does and lives thus
If not getting yet
Any other benefit
Is only a curse
Not worth a life
Faith is unknown
Having on the unknown
Hoping for the unknown
To deliver in our favour
Favour or not also
Is an unknown
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Love and forgive
Practice and preached
Suffer he did
Your deeds and not his
Betrayed he was
Crucified he was
He knew it all
Took his fall
To teach us God

His life his message
His death his message
His resurrection his message
He is the message

Know Christ know yourself
Reject him you still realize
Its his kingdom
Kingdom of compassion

He is not in competition
Human does the comparison
See him as God or not
He still knocks on your front door

He is already in every heart
The simple act of God
When he is already there
What is there to spread

Man made difference
Yours versus mine
Go ahead do your time
Its he you go to in the end

Came back on Easter
Let us get together
He resides in our heart
Lets find a place in his

Serve the other
Believe in the creator
Take everyone as a brother
Any expectation  don't bother
Repent your error
Enemy or friend don't matter
Love only to offer

Let us get together
He resides in our heart
Has us in his
What more do we need
Apart from celebrating his every deed
Praise the Lord
Not with words
Action and thoughts
Purer they are
Least you can do
To him on the Cross
KV Srikanth Apr 2023
Darkness engulfs vision
Music we appreciate
Form it doesn't have
Destiny ends in the grave
Justice a treasure
Not to be unearthed
Covered with mud
Will show up
Leaving its place open
To fill it with those
Whom Injustice seek
Manipulation and lies
Always loose the fight
Even without an opponent
Desire the fuel
Never lasts the distance
Always ahead in the race
Finishing line in place
Increasing the pace
Never crossed the line
Always end up loosing
Running out of time
Calling card is Slime
Which doesn't trust itself
Time to call Gin
Truth unfolds the cards
Winner take all
Better luck next time
Till end of time
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