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I just wish I had mine
Lorraine Cinco Jun 2015
It was the same overwhelming night when the first time he told me that he loves me.
The only difference was when the second time he told me this.
I never believed him.
I want to love him more.
Love, pain. Love, pain.
Echoed million times in my head.
Heartbeats like drum rolls.
No air, breath in, breath out, I couldnt bear.
A cut connections trying to fix like the way he tie his shoe lace.
Shall I trust him?
Shall I believe him?
Never again to the same man.
But I am like a child.
No matter how deep the wounds.
I still play this game of love.
Stained memories were hard to forget.
Uninvited yet kept on coming.
But I took the chance.
Fell in love again.
After all, no days I never did.
Hae Sun Aug 2018
I could’ve woken you up in the morning and could’ve been the sun that rises even when we both live in a place where it never does.
I could’ve taken you to museums, at least 2 of where I’ve been to. The first one, we’ll have to take the bus because I’d tell you that I’m too lazy to drive but for the second one, I will tell you that I’ll drive you there.
My car would look at me as though it knows that there is another soul seating in the passenger seat – it was no longer some books, a box of pizza, or my dog.
I could’ve taken photos of you in that place, post them everywhere but subtly so that they can see that there are at least 2 forms of art in that photo — the one you’re looking at and the one I’m looking at.
I could’ve talked to you at night under the stars, in the same rooftop where I told you that I liked the cathartic experience of doing just what we could’ve done; the same rooftop where you talked about your life, at least some pieces of it.
I could’ve brought you to where I used to study. We could’ve walked the halls that stared at me for being too alone and too lonely only so I could tell them, “Hey, here he is, finally.” and they could’ve smiled at me because they know how long the longing lasted.
We could’ve taken a stroll in the shade of the trees or could’ve had a picnic there while watching the joggers and the sunset.
I could’ve introduced you to my friends – they’ve been meaning to meet you. They too know how long I’ve been stuck on an island by myself. They know who I was when I was eleven and when I was sixteen and I bet, if you gave them a chance, you could’ve heard the crazy things we did.
And maybe they could’ve liked you. They could’ve told me how lucky I was and probably would’ve warned me that if I hurt you, they’d stick with you instead of me.
I could’ve introduced you to my family — my mom liked you even then. I could’ve introduced you to my little brother who I would consider as the biggest and most important judge of character because I believe that children can sense goodness in people and he could’ve seen that in you.
I could’ve written you letters, could’ve left random little tokens I would've used for all the words I cannot muster to say.
I could’ve played the piano for you even if I just know, at most, 3 songs; even though I don’t really know how to read notes at all.
I could’ve introduced you to the artists I like and I could’ve known more of yours. I could’ve listened to them and I would have had to remember you every time.
I could’ve held your hand, could’ve eaten brunch with you, could’ve read you a poem.
I could’ve loved you — could have – if I was the given the chance.
But, I was and I could’ve used it but I didn’t.
my idea of an “us”
Cathyy Jan 2016
Will you dance with me forever,
Around in circles?
We'll stay young together..
Forget growing older
You'll still make my heart race
Whenever you walk by

Let's paint this city over
With colours of Autumn
Red orange yellow and gold
Leaves.. you feeling colder
I'll still hug you tighter,
Whenever you walk by

...As time moved on, so did you
There hasn't been a day where I don't miss you,
And now everything has changed
But darling I could kiss you,
I'll never let you go..
I just want you to know...

Would you dance with me forever?
If I could turn back time,
Would you want to stay young together
I'll paint you a brand new infinite sky,
Anything just to have you,
Happy, here in my life...
I'll write you the most romantic poem in the world,
Even if it can't change how I appear now, in your eyes..
along the lines, t'was paths that crossed
of fates to dust, the fates accost
probability - it just so happened
that I'd stumble across you  

of all the times and of all the chances
as winds would blow, a tree then dances
uncertainty - it just so happens
that I'd fall in love with you

as droughts would bring a land to famine
a love that grew though soils were barren
possibility - how could it happen?
that I'd fall again for you

times have past, we've spent the chances
the winds have blown, and comes the silence
surety - and so it happens
~I'd want to spend my life with you~
'time and chance happens to them all - Ecclesiastes 9:11
'fate, to us all. destiny, to each his own''
gleck Jan 2016
People say that growth is a lifelong journey.
Talk about the scheduled trip like it's to the most holy place.

I can leave I had a talk with my attorney.
I have packed my bags and I'm ready for the new taste.

Where is this fantastic place called the future?
nosipho khanyile Oct 2018
I met you today for the first time.


Noticed you when I locked eyes with a stranger.

I told myseld to refrain.

But if you promise not to hurt me this time,

I might give this one a try.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Just to remind myself that love is not so cruel after all.
Minuscule Ego Dec 2018
Troubled, trouble again he felt
How could she tried to do such to him
How could she throw out all he ever ate up
When all he’s ever done was loved her till health
Oh he wish to fly a dreamer n’ say goodbye to it all
The stumbling and fights - the curses and the brawls
Theirs were none compare, but now, a finished ashes
A fire that burns and burned, n’ then flickered out
Leaving a wound that bleeds more gashes

Is his knight of shinning armor now a fraction
An embarrassment to the highest order - a madness
Does she see it in his eyes - though he'd tried to hide it
That the best things in life aren't free, so why get blown
Stay young and let the wheels keep spinning in motion
For easy beams of life are a glee - it all ends in a frown
Some in the graves and some the caves
Some in those cravings that end with AIDS
But you’ve trained to trample on scorpions and snakes
So where are your wits? My heart teased

Is she willing to stay? The brain bellows
Tis present, what's yesterday? my heart replies
And that of her mischievous plans? He echo slowly
A flunked! I suppose - I know she craved for tomorrow
That at times love isn’t prove by poems and presents only
Sometimes it has to be proven through pains and patience
But as for the incursion pain, that plan must not delude me
Not today, not forever. Indeed good and better suits us well
But the aim must not dethrone me; let’s it makes me a ******
For if one succeeds in turning a man from his manly posture
Not only do it loses his humanity, but it also earn him a killer
And yes! I see all the beautiful flowers up ahead

Mi lady in red (s2m) : oh she is bleeding out red
Redder than the sunset n' brighter than the black
We all have planned and all succumbed to its sorrows
But if one’s wise, they will realize there’s always tomorrow
Ours is right now, so swallow the pride and take my throne
Cherish the Prince and decorate his life with your flames
For good is better n’ bright and better is best n’ prettier
And the Boss n’ every other are only petted and petter
The perfect story: I bleeding you and you, only me
(s2m) : Oh! A dream come true

(s2m) : Break the rules n’ have a fun
Let’s loose ourselves and swing along
In a music that rules the day and all night long
But I refuse be a victim of saving someone’s mom
Most especially one who seems like she’s drowning
When in truth she’s not – when she’s acting n plotting
I ought not to be the next Lemuel that fails and felled
Hush! My heart spurned again, she’s all I want ever wanted!
Can’t you see how wide opened I am – I’m always wondering
Where does she? How I long to see the sun rise on her face
What is she doing? Is she okay or is there someone else?
Is someone loving her more: a guy or a girl I suppose
Does she get lost in their eyes too? Oh, it’s absurd
You and everyone versus me and everything
A logic bomb and Elle - a soldier and Simi
(smh) : Oh! A gleam that’s not true

So now I am standing on all men’s behalf
I guess it’s only me who’s saying: we are sorry mom
Sorry that we made a fool of ourselves and broke you
I’m sure we all prone to love you but it all went wrong
We fooled ourselves - we’ll get over her just like a song
But I can’t live that lie anymore - I be a fool to lose you
So again my heart bleeds: a change is all tis asking
The chance to rewrite all the cries and scars
That’s keeping you from a change.
There’s a danger in loving someone too much, but sometimes that’s just not enough.
silentwoods Dec 2018
they fell into
a sea of words
and drowned side by side
in silence.
silence is heavier than words.
Willow Jun 2018
She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve given hundreds more
Than she would ever need
All while she slept comfortably.

She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve offered thousands more
Than she would ever realized
All while she viewed simply.

She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve offerend millions more
Than she would ever believe
All while she thought easily.

I deserve the precious chance
You haven’t offered one
That I would take with love
All while I dreamt widely.

I deserve a chance.
Willow Jul 2018
I loved him with what was left of my heart.
I thought he cared about me, but he just used me.
I waited for him. I gave him so many chances because I believed he would change but after a year of waiting my heart knew that he left me and went away. The little left of my heart started to crush like the other pieces. But I just had a piece left and I guarded my heart for so long that my heart forgot what it was like to breathe.
abby Apr 2016
I don't think you ever realized
how just being in your presence
captivated me more than
I could have wanted
and that wasn't necessarily a problem
until you decided
that you wanted to keep me around
for the purpose of
accompanying you
down a dead end road
that didn't mean half as much to you
as it did to me.
You had so many other paths
to explore and figure out
that you lost control
and hurled yourself my way
without thinking twice.

I don't know you anymore,
but in some way
you've helped me
get to where I am today.
For you, the one with all the chances
T Aug 2018
In life you don't usually get another chance to prove your love
But as the tears rolled down my face It was a sign from the lord above
She misses me .....the words were indirect but still there
It was something that I had longed to hear
My love for this woman has survived this long road
For this I will do all that I am told
My heart is full of happiness at this time
For I am primed and ready to make her mine
These tears are but a reminder of how the lord moves things in mysterious ways
For my future looks bright again more than it has in many a days
So my eyes I will wipe and stand up tall
For he said if you do things right you can have it all.
Tompson Mar 15
I'm gonna give life one more chance
I have to try before I chose the end
Because that's how life works
You keep trying your best
Giving shots without no rest
I'm gonna try this new thing now
Before life shoots me down

Ashari Ty Jul 2018
If it wasn't for a beating
I wouldn't have fallen
And felt how soft grass could be

I wouldn't have seen
How opportunities are
As wide as the sky

I wouldn't have noticed
How sunlight can still
Seek around the tree leaves

I wouldn't have thought
How stars are way greater
Than what's in most's visions

I wouldn't have realized
How many one can
Learn from defeat
Defeat is just a process. You might as well embrace its existence. ;>
elaine Feb 17
I thought I'd give it a try
To forgive someone who made me cry
It's not easy, I won't tell lies
I was left with swollen eyes
Timur Shamatov Oct 2018
Passion burning bright
In a silent goodbye
I'm watching you smile
For the last time
As soft as you were
Gentler you'll go
And all the thoughts
Of heart's desires
Melt away in a thought
That I'm too scared to say
"I never want to say goodbye"
Cné Nov 2017
Lies and deceit, it's all around me
Lies and deceptions, two bad surroundings

I see no point, I see no end
Those are enemies, who I thought were friends.

I see and hear it, find it hard to believe
They don't want any good, but only to deceive

I don't know who to trust, everyone's a target
The things they'll do it’s hard to forget

Deceit and deception, over and over
The chances of good friend, like a four leaf clover

Be careful of personas or alters unknown
Hidden behind a profile not wearing perfume but rather cologne
Amaris Sep 2018
i'm back here again, **** it
incarcerated by silk and steel
i've made it livable to an extent
and the exterior is covered still
i have my own space, just mine
decorated with black and grays
sometimes i can see the light
and i try to hide away for days
cocooned inside here i cower
can't go out, i'm too terrified
i ignore the knocks on the door
there's persistent voices outside
"the key is in there with you
move around and explore
you alone can set yourself free
use your matches to find the door"
strike, watch a blossoming flame
it flickers, shadows shift around
the glow encourages another call
now extinguished, i don't make a sound
loneliness and fear is all I know
heavy chains hold me from the lock
those voices again, encouraging me
we're here for you always, let's talk
Egeria Litha Jan 2015
Being psychically attacked
By my twin flame
Until we are resonating
At the same frequency
Dissonance will arrive
Polarizing our soul
This knife in the back
Is driving me insane
A lovely release
Is the only cure
To make it go away
No eye contact and
A detached embrace
Got the **** out of his place
Feeling his solar plexus
From miles away
Let the mind become silent
And listen to what the heart
Has to say
Promise you
It's better this way
Time and space
Heal the path
For new love awaits
The beautiful fact about
The universe
Is that we have endless chances
To rectify what is dead in ourselves
What is alive in our dreams
What sets us on fire
What fills our cups
And plants our feet
What we want to breathe
desire for my beloved
Is not held in worry
If not in this life,
Then another
To start again from the beginning
But we will always remember
JKJI Feb 17
the broken, ask God
not for forever.
but for another chance at love.
I think we get hurt to learn and grow. Not to run away from love.
we go higher than a plane
and further than a car
is it not good enough
to enjoy beauty from afar?

we are the aliens

(we are propelled to take chances
with trajectory toward illumination
lifting off into oblivion
to our new space station)

we build rocket ships
to keep us up to par
is it not good enough
to only wish upon a star?

we are the aliens
Songs abound in Time as running due paid
We of Merry Emotion dance a Jig
And see you Happy toss-coins on the Said,
Mark farthings for pounds won on Cocktail's Lip
And whilst we Celebrate, what is that Chest,
Eating Sweets beneath the Lottery's Lot?
That's a nice hobby; Dried lollie's possessed
And Playful Numbers tucked beneath forgot
Taking Remembrance when he was Alive
With Chances simply Fun and Truly told
That the Greatest Theme; Not for Profit's Bide
But Storied Values hungry tongues retold.
What such Lesson this, a Blackboard can learn
Gems studded aside; That same Chest you earn.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Diana Garcia Feb 22
Seems likes this whole time I was only chasing a dream or a moment in time when everything seemed perfect and sublime
The moment has passed and no matter how much I strive for it, all we have now is something that will never last
“It’s better to have loved than to have never loved at all”
Can’t let go of the past cause I feel like we could still have it all
We had the craziest of romances
We’ve given each other about 20 second chances
Each time we grew a little colder but I kept trying to reenact those days where I’d fall asleep on your shoulder
I finally realized it’ll never be the same and you’re not the only one whose to blame
You left me alone cold in the rain and I couldn’t find it in my heart to forgive you or let go of the pain.
I never stoped loving you and I probably never will and I apologize if my insecurities have taken away from our happiness and thrills
I’m sorry I never listened and tried moving on
I still want to share your last name with you and our son.
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