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idyllicrainydays Jun 2016
I'm so broken and I don't know how to fix myself.
idyllicrainydays May 2016
I'm tired fighting to this silent war inside me.

I'm tired of everything.

And now,

I'm gone.
idyllicrainydays Jan 2016
I always emphasize my love to him,
like the tree standing on an empty field when I was young.

The tree struck by a thunder many times,
and each time the thunder strikes that tree,
it loses some parts of it
but remains standing tall even if it seems weak.

It's like my love to you,
even if how many times you hurt me,
I'll stay on the ground and will never leave you.
I might lose some parts of me

But I'll still be here.
idyllicrainydays Sep 2015
You're my coffee,
You got me up all night;
Up all night to think of everything.
My vivid imagination,
My desired dreams,
And You.

You're the book
I'm currently reading.
Sad yet somehow happy,
Wise and widely unique.
And I'm loving it,
Like the way I loved you.

You're the photograph
I've been staring all day.
Mesmerized and captivated
by your beauty.

You're the brightest star at night,
shining so bright
above this dark world.
You were the brightest star for me,
And you will always be.

These are the things I love in this mad world.
and then there was *You
idyllicrainydays Sep 2015
Then there he is, there it is.
The feeling that I felt before.
The butterflies in my stomach.
The fast beating of my heart.
It hurts so bad but I don't mind.

                   My world's spinning round
                   But my feet's still on the ground.
                   My mind's full of thoughts.
                   And it is all about you.

Then it made me realize,
That I'm falling in love with you.
With your words that speaks reality.
Eyes that sees the world,
The false ideas and the truth.

                    To those words you speak up,
                    It touches my soul from within.
                 Stitches and fixed my damaged heart.

Yes, I've fallen in love with you.
And I know that I don't have a chance.
I don't expect, I won't assume.
And I hate how fast I've fallen in love.
But this is different from the others.

Different from the different.
idyllicrainydays Sep 2015
I remembered the first time we met.
You're wearing your army shirt.
You were holding your phone,
As i walk to you,
You held my waist as we came up the stairs.
And there i knew,
That you will never stay.

I still remember how you eat
The food i bought.
It's like you didn't ate for days.
How you gulp big ounces of water
And told me that water is important.

I still remember you
When i watch the film you love.
The story of a boy, left a girl
And had another chance to love again.

I remember you
When i read through the writings on my wall.
The night that i covered your eyes,
Preventing you to read all of it.
Because I'm too afraid that you might see
The world behind that wall.

I still remember you
As i play my black guitar.
I hated that guitar,
But you still played it
And sang a song for me.

I remember you when i tie my hair.
You used to tie back my hair,
Even though it was such a mess.

I remember you
To the refill of my clutch pencils.
How hard you tried to open it for me.

I still remember you,
The day you carried your basketball shoes
To your office.
And i patiently waited outside
As you talk to your friends.

I remember you whenever i see a coin.
When you told me
That you don't want me to get hurt again
While scraping the love mark on my neck
With a coin.

I remember when you called me on the phone and told me that you have bruises on your arm.
And you're too scared,
Because you thought a ghost did it.

I remember you in Sam smith's song;
Lay me down.
How you did your best
To reach those high notes.
And i know you're happy that day,
Because you made me laugh.

I remember you eating the burger i bought to you at the passenger seat of my car.
And you told me that you're a bit nervous
Because I'm the one who's driving.

And most of all,
I still remember how you held me
And kisses me so tenderly.
And to that kiss,
I can feel all your love.

And i remembered the day,
The last kiss we had.
The kiss that's telling me goodbye.

I will always remember you,
But i have to let this feeling fade away,
For me to forgive you.
There are still a lot of things that made me think of you. But these are the things I loved the most. If you ever find yourself on this page. I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and I'm sorry for everything. I hope you're doing great.
idyllicrainydays Jun 2015
i knew it,
after that dream that I cried
because you left me,
i knew that you'll do it.
And you did it,
and you will always will.
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