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Maybe I’m mistaken
Maybe because you are taken
Our Maybes will never be meant to be
Coz maybe that’s how our ending’s turn out to be
It will be may but will never be

Mykarocknrollin May 2017
It was like this
Always been his
But never been kissed
Sometimes I miss
But usually does it fit?
Can you feel a bit?
Under my lip
My veins start to flip
Not in a day that i think
That my heart will starts to kick
I hope this will not make you sick
Coz I just want to make this quick
That our sometimes doesn't break
And our moments just makes me weak
Mykarocknrollin Mar 2015
the more words
the more it hurts
the more it may be real
the more it might be true
cause baby before you do it
you had sealed my lips already
to talk
to kiss
to say
that we are meant to be
hope this last until it can
cause rules are destined to be broken
but not those who are really forgotten
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
picturing you with someone
makes me feel how to be with no one
settled myself with that
never hoping it might last
now the stars are up above us
creating a universe you and i can dance
Is this a chance?
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
His name will stick to your heart
it will stay
it will give you the best melting point of your life
This time hold on to it
cause his name will shiver the nerves of your waking day
but remember his love will show you
just enough and when combine to yours
the best wonders one could ever give will shine upon
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
when our eyes meet
it's like burning gold
and now i will say to you
it's painful to see that
once our eyes meet again
you're hesitations gone wild
are gone for me
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
I'm just like the air
Swiftly drifting behind you
Wishing you could turn back
And breath the same air i breath in
And then we could be the same air
That would travel everything that's beyond our reach
And therefore create a whole new world
With just you and me
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