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the time when you are just seven
the time when just know odd and even
the time when you don't breakeven
missing that year seven
where we are not mistaken
where we are not longing for affection
where issues are not getting worsen
can we begin again
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2021
what is the percentage
that i miss you
that i reminisce us
what is the chance
that you miss me too
that you miss us
what is this feeling
that i thought of you
that i create an image of you
is this ninety-nine percent
that we miss it
that we must kiss it
to close it
to end it
coz 1% is not ours
to take
to risk

Mykarocknrollin Jul 2021
maybe you will think
maybe you will feel
we all have reasons
we all have decisions
we all have explanations
does it count
does it matter
will it evaluate who we are
will it assess our personality
sometimes it will take seconds
or minutes
or years
what if it takes 100 years
to get back again
to turn that chance again
to hug her again
to say you love her
to say sorry
to make her feel
she's the one
she's the only one
of all the hundreds

Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
in this time
in every line
in this and every moment
inside this short poem
i hope you know this is for long
in sad times
in happy times
in all the nights
in each coming days
in all the seasons
i will fight
in tears
in joys
in all my hi's
in all my hello's
is you
inside my heart
i am thinking of you
i know you too
i really like you
i never think
i feel and i need you
i will say it
i am in love
in you
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
what it is really
that we crave
that we need
that we value
that we shout
in our hearts
into the world
in silent nights
in our sweet prayers
into the void
is it a person
is it a thing
is it a place
is it a moment
can we hold it
can we touch it
can we keep it
can we create it
can we feel it
will you be willing
will you risk it
will you take it
will you have it
will you make it
will you accept it
will you say it
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
you don't know
you don't know
really you don't know
do you know i hurt myself
do you know i cry on random stuff
do you know i'm weird
do you care
do you still care
do you love
do you really love
i am a ****
i am a mess
i am a glass
i am a bomb
i can instantly break
i can create more mess
i can explode anytime
i have a time in my life
will you make time
will you be there in time
will you make space
really do you
are you willing
is it really you?
Mykarocknrollin May 2021
lots of laugh
lots of cries
lots of smiles
lots of frowns
in all the lows
and in all the highs
you are there
you are here
in my heart
in my mind
in my spirit
i know
location is far
but your
loyalty is on par
this is for a longtime
this is for the long haul
i like you
will lock this
definitely this is not lost
it is a sure found

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