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Joe Workman Dec 2020
Piano light, piano bright,
play me into sleep tonight.
Music soft and sadly right,
speak my prayer and give it flight.

No angel yet, no deity
has offered help to comfort me.
Though I try, and though I plea,
I find naught, but misery.

So, piano, strong and true,
I ask only this of you:
if you can, and if you do,
make it sound like it's from you.
Joe Workman Dec 2020
Tales of silence
and darkest dread
on a loop I can't ignore -
mind full of regret.

I should have, I can't
I shouldn't have, I did
I will, I don't

The core malfunctions,
overheating in the cold;
it's strange, and the birds still laugh.

Holding strong until complete collapse
is stupid and unavoidable.

Attend the sirens as they wail for a stranger
and feel pity and know
they will soon scream
much closer to home,
the *******.

Flesh is outgrown and shed;
it must be the husk
which lies brittle in my throat
and scratches tears from my eyes.

**** the impossible future and
its surely sour grapes.
Joe Workman Nov 2020
My feet are ******* stupid.
They've walked me into so many things we should've avoided.
My brain is stupid, too,
for allowing these
But where the hell was I -
The me that I think is Me?
Did I ignore Me,
or was I even there?
And why should we live with these
Joe Workman Nov 2020
It takes a special kind to love
unapologetically, knowing
the letdown is already there,
just unseen.
Love this kind back
in equal measure,
and equally unapologetically.
Joe Workman Nov 2020
don't be too ******* yourself
but don't be too soft.
expect yourself to do things
but do not expect those things to be
just be, i guess. just be,
and know that sometimes
you'll be beautiful
and sometimes you'll be
a bouquet of slightly ugly rocks.
Joe Workman Nov 2020
******* I want to write
about beauty
and love and joy and *******
and a frolic in a meadow
and flowers I like and
how drums can spark a dance
and about people who
make the world worthwhile
and good food.
good everything.
I whine instead.
I'm a **** on a shoe
and a mosquito.
but I see the beauty.
I love it.
why can't I create it.
Joe Workman Nov 2020
I probably will not make
  even a small difference
and that's okay, I'm sure.
The odds are against me doing great
   or even sorta good things
for this world in which
       I'm so dissatisfied.
I think I'm too ******* lazy.
Or my concern is not serious enough.
I want good and better and best
but I'm none of those.
I watched a beetle on a burning board
and by the time I realized he wouldn't make it to safety, it was too late for me to help.
I should've helped.
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