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Joe Workman Mar 18
Blacking out, then waking up
quite a bit less pretty
than we were the night before
But we were cool and we were flying
Man, we couldn't get enough
We tried to keep our fear of dying
off our drunk and tangled tongues
Say what you want
about 20/20 hindsight
But even now
I sort of miss those desperate nights

Time has been kind
to you but not to me
Or am I shifting blame again
when I know **** well where it should be
It's pathetic, all this nostalgia
this rose-colored reverie
In truth I know it's nothing more
than a loser's crooked memory

Happy times, then morning comes
and I'd be ******* empty
wondering what I was living for
Was it hope or hope abandoned
I don't guess it matters now
Either way I was barely standing
Couldn't have been fun to be around
Say what you want
about 20/20 hindsight
But even now
I sort of miss those desperate nights
Joe Workman Mar 15
Don't shut me out
I need to know you're okay
especially when you feel like the world isn't welcoming you
You have my love
so never be too afraid
to ask me hard questions when you're brain isn't answering true

Oh, my child
For a while
your honest smile
has been hiding
Let me share
the cross you bear
The weight isn't fair
There's no denying
You've struggled and you've strained
and the battle has you feeling drained
But look at all the ground you've gained
Keep fighting

When there are storms
and the rain is falling from your eyes
use it to water the garden inside you you're trying to grow
Then when you can
rise through the clouds to sunny skies
and use these moments of warmth to find the You you're dying to know

Mile after mile and through every trial
I'll find the way with you
Because I have faith in you
Keep fighting
Joe Workman Mar 14
A choice to make
Will you roll the dice
Take a leap of faith
to see if you can fly
Or keep your head down
and stay in line
If you're too scared to make a sound
Then they'll make up your mind

The doubt within you is gripping your bones
leaving you unable to decide on your own
Is there light beyond the curtain
You may be uncertain
but don't let your worry turn you to stone

Never do just what they tell you
They think that they know better
They only know how nervous
they can make you some days
You should let the *******
drown in their disaster
while you keep yourself
a fair distance away

Will you believe
in yourself enough
to regain your feet
after they've tripped you up
It's an uphill battle
but at the top
you'll look out from your castle
and be glad you never stopped

Not every setback was a cause for concern
A ****-up wasn't failure if it helped you learn
Even when you felt like fainting
something kept on saying
Your strength is born from pain you didn't earn
Joe Workman Mar 11
You're older than you've ever been
But you'll never be this young again
Who gives a ****, all mirrors ****
You're riding high
Your life was made for music
and you know what you're doing
Rev the crowd, let's get loud
While we're alive

Music Man
the hourglass keeps losing sand
and the less there is, the heavier the load
Music Man
the magic music from your hands
takes the heart of lead and turns it into gold

Old routines for brand new shows
Stage man says its time to go
Pour a cup, then drink it up
and grab your hat
Crowd is strapped in for the ride
You're breaking through to the other side
Time has come, we hear the drum
No turning back

Music Man
through dark times and troubled lands
all that you create lights the way back home
Music Man
We all hope you understand
in the roughest waves, you are an anchor stone

So play on, play on!
Make it loud, keep it strong.
Music Man, strike up the band.
We'll sing along.
Joe Workman Mar 8
Take another swing at me.
It's okay; I know I'm deserving.
This is such a worn out story,
and even though
we're on different pages,
we both know the ending.
I'm tired of having memories
of what it's like to smile.
I used to be okay with me.
What changed me?
Who changed me and why?

There's got to be hope for tomorrow.
There's got to be a way
to make my dreams come true.
You make me feel so far beneath you.
I'm at my loneliest
whenever I'm with you.

Please know it's not your fault.
I've been this way since years
before I met you.
Has it really been that long?
Has it really been only years?
Sometimes it feels like lifetimes
and I curse each one I've lived through.
I'm so ******* sorry
that this is all that I turned out to be.
Joe Workman Feb 20
When it all goes sour
in the blink of an eye
and you find yourself faltering
with no time to try
to make up for the wrongs
you didn't know you were committing

The last door to your dreams
is barely ajar
and every single step creates
a brand new scar
but keep your head up
and don't you ever think of quitting

Because there's lots of time
and the world is wide
enough for you to be who you are
for you to be free
No need to run
there's no cause to hide
away the simple joys in your heart
that help you breathe
Just be

Can't get it right the first try
every time
Sometimes you'll have to eat
on someone else's dime
But remember all the favors
and then try to pay them forward

Sometimes everybody needs
a little help
and in these moments we should rise
above ourselves
and look out for the ones whose lives have really got them cornered

By their very nature
mistakes are forgivable
Just try your best to learn and move on
Ignore all of the haters
Embrace the inexplicable
Give your best to get what you want
Joe Workman Jan 30
With so many things so broken,
so many hearts upon the fire;
When our world seems irredeemable
and my hope hangs by a wire;
when the dirtiness and darkness
is etched into my face
there's a brightness that comes shining through
to guide me from this place.   

And that light comes from your eyes.
I know it shouldn't be surprising
how effectively your faith in me
can make me want to try.
Oh, how beautiful, your eyes!
They see through my disguises.
They break my walls and give me pause.
And I no longer want to die.

While I try to dodge my worries
and forget that I'm alive,
I know that you will call me out,
won't let me die inside.
When I dwell on my forgotten
dreams and hope gone cold,
There's a brightness that comes shining through
to make me feel like gold.
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