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Nicole Aug 18
take every chance you get
every single one
cause right now
all i feel is regret
for not taking that chance
on us
i’ve been struggling to sleep at night thinking about the possibility of you coming back for a second attempt to toy with me. of what would happen if you did. of the possibility of getting my skull cracked against the pavement when walking alone. of my body forever going cold in the woods while you’re laughing because you finally got what you wanted. it’s scary knowing someone probably wants you dead, but i hope you know everyone knows who you are and you would never get away with anything if you tried. i may go lifeless, but at least my friends will know in an instant that it was you, and everybody in the world will know your name. i’d finally be avenged since seeking revenge isn’t in my nature. you’ll get what’s coming to you one day, regardless of a second attempt, and that’s enough for me.

// q.h.
June 25, 2019. 2:43AM
Calliope Nov 2018
You used the oldest play in the book,
But I’m a sucker for antiques and I’m optimistic to a fault.
You said don’t be worried,
But why is this time different?
We’ve always ruined it with our vicious cycle,
And the venom is just sweet enough that even though we are rotting, we still want seconds.
Please don’t let this be poison disguised as nectar.
Next time, I won’t come back.
Madison Sep 2018
Begging on my knees

Forgiveness is elusive

Yet you are a saint.
Mariah Wynn Aug 2018
I admit, I’ve never chosen you.
Falling in love is temporary,
love is a choice.

And I surrender to you.

You’re heart is grandiose.
In search of an asylum,
the delicacy of your love,
softens my core.
Peering into your soul,
through the earthy green
in your eyes, that spec of blood orange
a fire lights inside of you, hungry
to achieve a purpose.
I want to be your motivation,
be your motivator.
We could lose time
but we’d meet back at the equator,
once again, feeding the fire
that lights for you and I.
We’ve survived darkness
time & time again, lost.
In search of that dwindling fire
we find each other, nose to nose.
We are special,  We are young, We are beautiful, We are complex,
We are strong.
We are real.
Years spent, trying to navigate
the passion of our love.
We’ve rebelled against time,
against distance...
We are flawed, we are damaged.
But we are stubborn in love.

I hope I’m not too late,
I want a clean slate
I’m not holding back anymore.
For the first time, boo
I choose you.
To my ex
You bathe in my radiance,
With your eyes closed,
Taking what you need from me,
to strengthen your bones.

You stick around,
Just long enough,
But now its time for you
To wander off.

I expect that you will soon return
To use me again,
So I wait patiently,
Here on spectrum end.

When you return
You will regret not wandering sooner,
This time too much of me
Might just destroy you.

I am
Harsha Jun 2018
A wrinkle in time; in that moment you laughed and then the moment passed me by  
In that exact moment your laugh caught my eye;
Then I saw shooting stars making landfall on to the surface of Mars
The echoes of your laugh spiralled out of control in to my mind’s eye and lit up my soul
Entire parallel universes in their corresponding dimensions unwrapped in warp time & light speeds
You were setting me up for the inevitable fall
The fall that would come eventually and in the next moment I fell
Head over heels in love you could tell- so much it hurts
An epiphany - you are not the only woman for me in this world followed by this catharsis
But you are the only one for me in the entire multiverse;
But all these revelations took place in a parallel dimension on a mirror earth on a counter  ecosphere  
Because in this cosmos I never heard your laugh
Never saw shooting stars, create craters on Mars
Just as you left your impression on my heart;  
But sadly in this time line you never caught my eye
Hence in this realm all these moments just passively passed me by
Jillian Jade Apr 2018
He saved her
When she didn't want to be saved.
She was on death's bed
Her mind already made.
One last song she wanted to sing
Before she burned in Hell for eternity.

She knew she had lived for far too long
Everyone said she could overcome.
But only she could feel her pain.
No one understood
She would choose to live if she could.
So she sang her song.

A song that sang hello
Because she hated goodbyes.
This way, she could hide her cries.
Her cries in disguise
Her time to say goodbye.
She sang her last note.

But then a good soul came,
Asked her for her name.
Her tongue all tangled up.
A guardian angel
His wings spread wide
Wiped her tears and heard her cries.
So scared to regain hope
But his love helped her cope.
Not a worry in the world.
He did everything he could
To do her heart good.
Just to bring her joy.

When her life was at it's end
A whole new story began.
One's words cannot describe.
Her soul lives on when it could have been gone
Because of a Hello that was meant to be a Goodbye.

-Jillian Jade
This poem is about a time in her life when she wanted to commit suicide, but because someone special came into her life, AND CARED, she was able to see the happiness in life once again. She sang Hello by Adele, meaning for it to be her last song, but he heard it as a hello, when she meant it as a goodbye to the world. Because of simple words her life was restored.
Brandon Jan 2017
{Set I: Brandon}**
Linking You down with my life
We're busy as usual, but we should make time
Last semester drew a hole in me with its Scythe
With lost time, I don't think I could ever be fine
Last season sent me into a limitless abyss
How you pulled me out was the ultimate assist
I damaged you and I lost your trust
I never can be perfect, but I can perfect us
I love tapping into your emotions
But I cry at night, because I'm hopeless
You can notice in my melancholic notions
My story with you is limitless, nonetheless
I've walked the Dawn with a broken heart on my sleeve
My heart's patched, but the scars profusely bleed
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