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Ethan Apr 26
Quarantine has gotten me down
I can't deal with being stuck at home
I don't get to explore the town
It feels like I'm living in a dome.
Ethan Mar 5
I saw you
You didn’t see me
I looked away and then back again
You vanished
I asked around to see if anyone saw you
They all said no

You were the one that I wanted
You said you would never leave
You said I was the only one
But you left anyway

You showed up at my house
You were drunk out of your mind
You asked for me back
I didn’t know how to answer
You stumbled in and fell on the couch
I called an uber and escorted you out to it

You were the one that I wanted
You said you would never leave
You said I was the only one
But you left anyway
I just wanted to see how many people could help with a song title and suggestions.
Ethan Mar 4
We all take chances whether we know it or not. We all take a chance on one person once or more times. Taking chances are always a risk just like in Monopoly. But taking a chance in real life is way more dangerous than in a board game. You never know what happens after that chance. But taking chances is what life is all about. We have always taken chances. Since the beginning of human history we've taken chances. People take chances with religion. People take chances with no religion. But no matter you believe we are in the because we all take chances.
This has been on my mind for awhile and I am finally glad i have it all written out.
Ethan Mar 4
Any song can make you sad, happy, pumped up, and just really excited. But to really feel and know what the writer is feeling takes something special. To just stop doing anything and focus on the song and the words and the singer and how he/she is singing them.  Well lately i have been emotional for no reason whatsoever but its ok but that's life. Back to songs and not focused on me. If you can really connect with a song then that's great. If you can't then that's ok also. As long as you are listening to the music, not connecting to it is ok.
I don't know why but I just started tearing up to a song that I have no relation to. The reason may be is because I can actually understand and really feel the emotion the writer put into the song. There are these certain songs that I just start to cry and it's hard to control it.
Ethan Feb 19
A beautiful thing we experience everyday.
It can take down a plane.
It capsizes a ship.
It can bring major pain.
Why oh Why is it like this,
Why oh, this is not my bliss, bliss.

It makes everything living.
The Romans and Greeks gave it a name.
It is important to us all.
But we do not give it the blame.
Why oh Why do we do this,
Why oh, this is not my bliss, bliss.

They blame it on the people.
They say we are causing all of it.
We may be causing some but not all.
We should not submit.
Why oh Why do we do this,
Why oh, this is not my bliss, bliss.
Ethan Feb 11
So baseball starts soon and pitchers and catchers reported today. This is the most excited i've been since the Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl. I know that's not long but baseball is just amazing and an awesome display. Baseball is that sport that you can't run the clock out and don't have total control. Anything can happen in baseball. It's amazing to see the comebacks that can happen. If your the Astros you'll just want to forestall. Baseball is always somebody's passion. Some people say is boring. Others say it is a smart person's game. How can it be boring and lame if all those fans are roaring. Baseball every season relights the same flame.
Ethan Feb 10
For some people Valentine's day is so meaningful and full of love. For others it's full of disgust and unlove. For me it's a bit of both. It's just been another year full of growth. Past few years I've had no one to celebrate it with. It's all been a big myth. In the next few years I just want someone special on that day.  I'll even take them out to a cafe.
I know love and unlove are close to the same word but it's ok.
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