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What You'll Reap

I got stabbed in the heart today
not the first time in my life,
betrayal stepped into my world
and cut me like a knife.
Forced to understand
the nature of my pain,
struggling to overcome
the past and what remains.
My soul is different than yours
I still love you and forgive,
that's how I make sense of this
life, I've only one to live.
Today my heart might bleed
tomorrow heaven knows,
Life's to precious to harbor anger
what you reap you'll surely sow.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 06/16/2015

Survival ignites our every breath
a force that dwells within,
no matter your situation
the fight for life will always win.
It lights a fire inside of you
giving hope in your darkest of days,
keeps your head above water
while riding life's turbulent waves.
Proof we're somewhat the same
in the master scheme of things,
I am me you are you
everybody dreams.
That time will never be over and
survival out reaches it's hands,
faith is a gift that keeps on giving
beyond what the heart can comprehend.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 04/15/2014
I'm in survival mode, I dream and hope just like you.
Ace Of Spades

This is your life, the hand
you've been dealt,
dance the dance live it well.
They'll always be others
less fortunate than you,
who've walked into fires
you've never been through.
Yet still find hope in
the darkest of days,
taking time to celebrate.
Counting their blessings
one by one,
knowing when the day
is done.
Tomorrow will be here soon
it's course may be rocky
the road may be rough.
You may not hold the
ace of spades,
and things you dream of
might seem far away.
Nothing is ever out
of your grasp,
faith can move mountains
erasing the past.

There is always hope!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 03/14/2015
America So Beautiful

From the snow capped mountain tops
glittering like diamonds when kissed by the sun,
to her golden shores with crystal blue
waters, amber sunsets when the day is done.
America so beautiful land of the brave
and the free,
I'm proud to call her home
and defend her liberty.
One nation under God
that shines above them all,
united by our differences
remembered and feared
standing tall.
America so beautiful God
give us strength I pray,
as you gave the mighty eagle
that lives to fly another day.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 02/26/2015
No regrets

Be who you are
let your purpose unfold,
there's nothing to fear
as your story is told.
May you walk in peace
and your conscience guide,
every step you take
in this journey called life.
Count your blessings
one by one,
when you've gone the last mile
and time is done,
may you walk into heaven
having done your best,
leaving this world with
no regrets.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 02/20/2015
To Old To Be Young

I'm to old to be young
to young to be old
stuck somewhere in between,
looking in the mirror
I know I've aged
but looking back at me,
is the child that once
frolicked through youth
not a worry nor a care,
every line on my face I've earned
as well as my silver hair.
I'm proud of who I am and
the person I've become,
a soul I hope the world will remember
to young to be old
to old to be young.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/30/2015
All Rights Reserved

They take us away,
on a voyage through time,
dancing silently
in our hearts and minds.
A sweet release from life's sorrow
and pain
a treasure a gift
as we stroll down that lane.
May you take a moment
and remember today,
those times of the past
that slipped away.
The smell of the ocean
or a rose freshly bloomed,
summer nights and
the light of the moon.
A star you once made a wish
offering hope as you journeyed along.
This life you live
every goal you've achieved,
forever survives in
your memories.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/27/2015
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