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Amelia Robin Jun 2023
Thinking about you between meetings,
Between meals, between showers,
Between random scrolling on the internet,
Makes me giddy and profoundly safe.

Lately may have been hectic,
Crowded of thoughts and uncertainties.
Thinking about you solely,
Does not ease any of it truthfully
But choosing you among those things, does.

Remembering why we even started
How you make me feel enough and heard
How I can still picture vividly the first time you kissed me and how it smells
In hopes that the feelings and memories
won’t be slowly slipping away.

Those full infinitives
In the future are not what I am after all
From then on ‘til now
That’s what really matters.
After n years of not writing.. posted something again.

Thank you, J.
Jenna Sep 2020
The friend we all wanted with a smile we all need,
she was funny and loving, just a regular teen.
Black dyed hair with platform heels, nobody noticed she was missing meals.

A song in her head with a knife in her heart,
these rude little kids were tearing her apart.
"Too skinny." "Too fat." "Too this." "Too that,"
This confused little girl was getting kicked to the mat.

Teenage life is a struggle alone,
but she was being bullied and had problems at home.
We spoke up and spoke out, but the school swept it away.
A perfect reputation was bound to stay that way.
But the view's fine from here,
they say, all carbon copy cloying concern.

They don't know that the sun doesn't rise
and set quite so exquisitely
when your sky
is on fire.

But the view's from fine here,
they maintain, as unsaid words skulk in the throat.

They don't notice the skin that burns and crackles
and stretches at a breaking point
that's been broken
for years.

But the view's fine from here,
they confirm. And then turn away.

They don't see what shouldn't be seen,
what eyes can't afford to shut
even as glass splinters
edge closer.

And they are right, really,
because their view truly is fine from here.

#BlackLivesMatter i
It's been an indescribable week for the whole world. Watching all the scenes coming out of the US feels like watching a film you can't hit pause on. And I couldn't not write about it. .
First, I wanted to write from the perspective of someone in the riots, someone who's suffering from this appalling inequality. But it didn't feel right. I'm a white woman living in the UK, so this isn't my reality. The reality is that I benefit from my white privilege every day. And the reality is that many, many people in my position, with my privilege simply refuse to fully see what is going on, and don't attempt to empathise with those suffering.
I dream of a day we all understand our privilege and use it to help those whose voices are drowned out. #BlackLivesMatter
Crystene Apr 2020
Its been a long long time
I couldn't make a letter,
A hand writing letter.
I do missed writing,
Just like yours before.
I really loved reading it,
All the letters you gave.
I am felt greatful and honored,
Because somebody made
A letter just for me.
Who is caring and loving me
All by means, how special I am
Missing the hand letters of my bestfriend who is far far far away...
Rose Mar 2020
Oh my love.
Ryan James,
is the name you chose.
And it is a name that I shall never forget.

For you have shown me love that my heart has always craved.
You have loved me through all of the bad days.
The days where I laid in bed and didn’t want to talk.
To the days where I was snappy and mean.
And even the days when you were unsure of being with me.
You have always taken care of me and loved me.
You have hidden me from the world when I could no longer handle the hate.
And now it is my turn to take care of you.
Through all the tears.
Through all the dysphoria.
Through all the days where you’re snappy and mean.
And even the days where I am unsure if we’ll make it.
To hide you from all the hate and judgment.
You have shown me what it’s like to be loved.
And now it is my turn.
To love you through all the doubt, judgment, and hate.
To love you through all the hormone changes.
And days where you don’t want to leave the bed.
Ryan James, I love you.
For my love, my soulmate, my happy place, and my home.
fray narte Jun 2019
and tonight, we no longer walk under the dripping yellows of the moonlight —
for the moon, it comes in phases.

but who i am, and who you are, and who we love
do not.

and tonight, we are made of half-darkness and half-stars borrowed from the night skies
but tomorrow, the colors of the daytime
will wash away the relics of this night

and darling, we’ll come out like the sun.

we’ll come out like the sun.
fray narte Jun 2019
i’ll waste all my chances at heaven darling — i’ll waste all my chances for the midnights we spent dreaming, stranded inside an old lighthouse as the waves crashed on the shore. i’ll waste my chances for a mouthful kisses, dissolving the gaps between the stars. i’ll waste my chances for a sliver of early morning poems, for sunsets dripping on our skin, for seconds where i can hold your hand — free and unafraid, for minutes where i can be a sinner and you, my capital sin. for hours where i can melt all the world and its hurtful words inside your arms.

darling, i’ll waste all my chances at heaven if i can’t love you way past its walls.

i’ll waste all my chances at heaven — and i’ll waste them all on you.
hj Mar 2019
See lovers holding hands on the streets
But I can't hold my lover's
Some people prefer the rainbow
Drained of its colors
hj Feb 2019
If they don’t let me be with you in this universe
I’ll pull us into another
If they don’t let us be together in life
I’ll die for you my lover
They don’t decide what we are
Or what we get to be
They don’t make us
Our souls are free
They can shutup
Leave us alone
Let them say what they won’t to say
I won’t give u up
Whatever they say my love
They won’t mess us up
Be my mistake
Let everything be at stake
Girl, let's cheat
Everyone has a sin

Don't listen to them
For this is true
Theirs unsure
Be my mistake

For in this room
We are free
A prison of love
Baby you are my sweetest
- taste of sin

And when we reached the end
Baby don't let go
You are my life
My heroine
My favorite mistake
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