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fray narte Jun 24
and tonight, we no longer walk under the dripping yellows of the moonlight —
for the moon, it comes in phases.

but who i am, and who you are, and who we love
do not.

and tonight, we are made of half-darkness and half-stars borrowed from the night skies
but tomorrow, the colors of the daytime
will wash away the relics of this night

and darling, we’ll come out like the sun.

we’ll come out like the sun.
fray narte Jun 22
i’ll waste all my chances at heaven darling — i’ll waste all my chances for the midnights we spent dreaming, stranded inside an old lighthouse as the waves crashed on the shore. i’ll waste my chances for a mouthful kisses, dissolving the gaps between the stars. i’ll waste my chances for a sliver of early morning poems, for sunsets dripping on our skin, for seconds where i can hold your hand — free and unafraid, for minutes where i can be a sinner and you, my capital sin. for hours where i can melt all the world and its hurtful words inside your arms.

darling, i’ll waste all my chances at heaven if i can’t love you way past its walls.

i’ll waste all my chances at heaven — and i’ll waste them all on you.
hj Mar 4
See lovers holding hands on the streets
But I can't hold my lover's
Some people prefer the rainbow
Drained of its colors
hj Feb 28
If they don’t let me be with you in this universe
I’ll pull us into another
If they don’t let us be together in life
I’ll die for you my lover
They don’t decide what we are
Or what we get to be
They don’t make us
Our souls are free
They can shutup
Leave us alone
Let them say what they won’t to say
I won’t give u up
Whatever they say my love
They won’t mess us up
Be my mistake
Let everything be at stake
Girl, let's cheat
Everyone has a sin

Don't listen to them
For this is true
Theirs unsure
Be my mistake

For in this room
We are free
A prison of love
Baby you are my sweetest
- taste of sin

And when we reached the end
Baby don't let go
You are my life
My heroine
My favorite mistake
i've always been told to love;
and that if i do,
i do it raw and passionately
but now as i sit here with
the girl i may love,
i am told i cannot

for her body looks too much
like my own, so i am to
love the body of a man
whose soul does not
match mine like hers does

i wish you knew how
confusingly destructive
that sounds-- i am to love
the body of a man over the
soul of a woman
روبرت Dec 2018
I'm banking on Love
Hope I haven't over-drafted
Faith Dec 2018
We can’t choose what we like. It isn’t easy when that thing you like is not accepted by everybody. Yeah I’m talking about love. We’re supposed not to care about what other people say but when it comes to family things change.. My mom can’t accept my homosexuality and it kinda *****. Every time I go through a break up with a girl, I can’t say anything to her. I have to grieve alone. I need her. But well, this is not the end of everything. She’ll eventually understand it and I’ll be able to be myself with her. If you’re going through something like this, I get you and I know how painful it is.  I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it. We’re all humans, and humans fall in love with whoever they want to, regardless it’s a woman or a man. The thing is, we all deserve to love and be loved. We need to push away every hateful words and vibes and move on. And well, nobody is 100% hetero anyways haha. Hope this will give you at least a little hope that everything will turn out fine.
روبرت Nov 2018
My heart pounding on the door of my chest like a bailiff demanding the rent to be paid
No, I say I just can’t
Acknowledge me please, says my love drunk heart
No, I say just can’t
But to ignore me is to ignore yourself, says my grief stricken heart
No, I say I just can’t
Nothing is stronger than my relentless beating, says my powerful heart; I’m waiting when you’re ready
No, I say I just can’t
Love my dear it can and it will
روبرت Nov 2018
Long day
Fine I’ll have a salad
Love spilled out in green spinach
One day I’ll love myself as much as you love me
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