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Mar 2021 · 1.0k
Today (Haiku)
Star BG Mar 2021
toast inside moment
today is great day to live.
celebrate the dream
Mar 2021 · 663
Star BG Mar 2021
In the changing fortune of time,
heartbeats expand and wisdom follows.
Spiraling sweet air
becomes infused with song.

Deep inhale circulates
Eyes become fixated on light.
Energies interweave with moments
golden platter of food placed before awaken one.

And faith carries
as to move forward inside love
and compassion.

Time awakens the sleeping souls,
as sands of hour glass drift
upon oceans beach.

Now mind becomes reborn in thoughts
releasing dark rubble to make expansive pathways
filled with miracles and harmony in new day.

With wealth of time
clouds dissipate
gifting the walker who stands grounded
in steps.

Aho to gift of life.
Aho to those who led the way.
first thought of day
Feb 2021 · 966
Prescription (Haiku)
Star BG Feb 2021
Prescription for soul
to radiate inner peace
is to share loves light

Prescription for soul
to experience grand love
is to look into heart

to in breathe deeply
to go where no soul has gone
celebration time
First poem of day
Feb 2021 · 1.4k
With Eyes, Ears, And Breath
Star BG Feb 2021
Eyes they set on beauty,
as morning sun quenches moment.

As ears aligns divine birds
that sing with orchestrated music.

As breath rejuvenates
to see mirror image and smile.

My heart beats in beauty
mirroring in heartbeat own magnificence.

Mirroring the radiance of the soul
that reveals a lotus flower.

That vibrates to guide my way
in steps of dance.

Thoughts they understand
a spark of Divines perfect lives within.

I be co-creator of thy sea.
inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma a gifted poet.
Feb 2021 · 428
Star BG Feb 2021
two feet expected
snow kept all in except plow
knitted gloves are done

snow day keeps kids home
snowmen born with children’s hands
hot chocolates on stove

all night snow fell down
inner child in adult smiles
no work, back to bed

wind builds as snow swirls
rolling over back to bed
I just love Winter

it’s white wonderland
when done ten feet reported
Go plow go, bless you

snow on street fell fast
Mother’s pregnant with child
snowman is now birthed

snowed entire night
white wonderland blesses eyes
jumped for joy, no work

snow fell ten feet tall
winters monster reaped havoc
shovel sword aimed high
Feb 2021 · 636
Two Flower Haiku's
Star BG Feb 2021
rainbow flowers grow
below matching rainbow sky
photographer smiles


wonderful flowers
get picked by a handsome bow
will she say I do
Inspired by Dr Peter Lim a grand poet
Jan 2021 · 594
Human Vehicle
Star BG Jan 2021
Putting mind in first gear,
I  prance and romance

Senses heighten
spiraling into breath.
Eyes focus,
as light integrates dark of night.

Dancing steps
grace my steady pace,
Gentle of voice mergers
with precious birds.

New baby day emerges
as if I be chick hatched
from fertile egg.

An egg born of universe.
Born to sing song of gratitude.
First poem of the day. saw the word gear and it insired me.
Jan 2021 · 1.1k
Hearts Museum
Star BG Jan 2021
I peered into the many corridors of my heart and found a museum of memories waiting to be examined. Some I craved, as they carried me into landscapes of smiles and sweet breezes. Others were framed in emotions with dark shades that made me inspect briefly before moving on.
Ticket to my museum was a simple breath and the time to drift in chamber walls. And as I did moving spiraling energies time dissolved into my naked self.
inspired by Ashley K
Jan 2021 · 205
Never Too Far Away
Star BG Jan 2021
Never too far away
the vision of your face
in my mind
filed for eternity.

No never oh never
to far my
who floats in a memory
that stops time
as if we first met.

I step onto floor
to dance in our favorite song
The one that plays
on awakening.

I drift in a breath
catapulting self into visions
of us floating
in stream of love.

Moments melt into
fiery stars
that vibrate
night sky.

We shall meet again
when surface of skin fades
and highway
of universe leads.
For you are never too far away.
Jan 2021 · 270
Winter Time
Star BG Jan 2021
Gentle frost quilted upon maple tree
weaving glass texture calling to eyes
as breath circulates giving wings to thought.

implants of walking steps formed
celebrating gift from clouds
while gratitude centered within

Kiss of Winter moved upon cells,
opening portals amid landscape
worthy of any artist to paint.

And mockingbirds echoed in distance
merging with rustling leaves to
explode in moment that blessed ears.

I rose in icicle palace of trees
putting walking steps in gear
as pale moonlight release rays of songs.

Winters air quenched breath
in silvery puffs launching thoughts
before disappearing to open senses.

Peace fell upon consciousness
as mirage appeared gracing mind
with visions holding blessings

And as delicate snow fairies tickle
igniting opulent dreams of heart
self felt engulfed in radiant beauty.
Jan 2021 · 258
Who Am I
Star BG Jan 2021
Every moment,
holds woven threads of inspiration
when you appreciate fabric of journey,
to move with needle-like pen.
A poet seamstress, I be.
Aug 2020 · 381
New Day
Star BG Aug 2020
Sun swims inside blue sky
Birds mimic sweet air
Day unfolds to celebrate.
Celebrate the phylogeny of a new day.

Summer air percolates in lungs.
Ears drums attune to moment
Time to whisper prayer
Prayer of thanks for gift of day.

Heartbeat pushes cells to dance
Eyes open window of light
Smile mounts upon face
Footsteps cavort upon Mother Earth.
with graceful tango  
And graceful Soul expansion meets sacred day.
Aug 2020 · 335
Star BG Aug 2020
Lions gate
Expand so great
Feel you fate

Feet alate
Move, create      

Conquer hate
Dance gyrate

lift your weight
Peaceful state
Love checkmate

Find soul mate
Take life bait
graceful gait

8/8 l

8/8heart inflate
light spate
forgiveness trait

8/8 meditate
feel first rate
Happy 8/8 all. mIts a powerful gateway to expand the self and align with energies of creation.
Aug 2020 · 328
I Sing I Sing
Star BG Aug 2020
I sing the blues
in the Key of C
for catastrophe…
with sharpen bow to self
if resolution isn’t found.

I sing the blues
in the key of D
for death
with tears as accompaniment
that stain face and heart.

I sing the blues
in the key of B
for begging
with hope someone will hear
to teach me a new song.

I sing I sing
with keys to see which door
will open for new beginning.

Singing competition begins
D and G (death to God)
 F and E (freedom inside  human existence)

What song will prevail?
Time will tell.
Inspired by Gideon Thank you
Aug 2020 · 251
We Meet Again
Star BG Aug 2020
They call her Raina Rainbow.
A beauty that opens my heart
as I gaze upon her.
As I touch her with breath and eyes.
I dance before her with awe
And celebrate to touch with mind
her strands of colored hair
that falls upon sky’s face.

They call her Raina Rainbow
speaking optimism
to consciousness with no words
but visions so loud.

Oh Raina do come across my path
I long to wrap my eyes in your beauty
and drift with prayer to never part.
Never part
until my eyes and I meet you again.
Aug 2020 · 228
Ode To Gordon Lightfoot
Star BG Aug 2020
Gordon, Oh Gordon,
You make me smile
at break of day
when sun rises
and birds fly.

Gordon, Dear Gordon,
Thy vinyl Frisbee
turns back a time
where simple melody
makes heart sing.

When sadness comes
I recall I be not alone
with caravan of guides
saying in gentle breeze…
“I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful.”

Gordon, Sweet Gordon,
Your words match my truth.
as guitars melody plays
cross and into ears divinely.

You gifted me song,
that echoes throughout lifetime.
tickling senses pulsations.
And it shall be the fuel
as life chapter ends
to carry my beautiful soul home.
inspired by song
Aug 2020 · 276
Star BG Aug 2020
As I dance to the music of my heart
my special song expands.
It moves cross highways of joy
with mountainous visions that call to be wrote.

I dance in new beginnings each day
inside pages of my journey.
And on days where clouds form to block sun
I breath deep aligning becoming the lover
to my true self.
Breathe deep to ground inside
Mothers hug that moves in wind.
A hug that gives me reason to forge ahead
to celebrate inside harmony.
I look for a partner to read and dance everyday. Invitation stands.
Aug 2020 · 227
I Be Fountain
Star BG Aug 2020
I be a fountain of words
ready to take breaths spoon,
and scoop them up to scribe away.

I be the mighty river
expanding with waves of phases
to invite fish like eyes to wander.

I be a sun that breaks through clouds
to tickle with rays of hope infused verse.

Come and ride this moment
to feel rich with my abundance of words.

Come dance upon my field of blossoming
libretto’s that match birds who sing.

I dance with life using my skateboard of pen.
I fly with moment to open hearts who gather.
I be a poet with destiny to offer
lyrics from my love fountain
for all to drink.
Inspired by a chat with Old Poet MK   Thanks
Aug 2020 · 165
Star BG Aug 2020
Inside river of breath I expand
drifting on a silken plane for peace.

The beautiful wind tickles beating heart
The beautiful visions catapult me into an endless quiet.

Inside river of kaleidoscope dream I awaken,
moving gracefully in a galactic highway.

Beauty surrounds striking the cortex of heart.
Eyes wander in awe,
as light body fills
with stardust energies
igniting imagination.

Mountains of light
float in a silence as loud
as a river of stars that calls
to follow.

Starfish body glows to swim
in waves of wisdom
gathering its gift
while peace pulsates
inside beauty.

inside a fountain of light
spiraling energies kissed by universe

I’m alive in a place
where pain and strife melts away.
Where time is swallowed up
in an instance as I let go.

Heartbeat expands
as moments float away
in clusters of heavenly bodies.
Thoughts celebrate the moment
to bring joy to all senses.

Take me soul,
into the golden dream
for peace.
I call with vigor.

Take me wind,
that merges with breath
inside opened heart sails.
For I wish to
explore eternity.

I wish to
I move
with eyes that touch
Gods magnificence.
That touch magic of life
with gratitude
as an entity of light.
inspired by this you tube You owe it to yourself to listen
Mar 2020 · 277
Star BG Mar 2020
I take a vitamin thought everyday.

It Includes
A pill of optimism
A pill of gratitude
A tablet of trust
A pill of anticipation,
that day will be great
Because its manufactured
with breeze of breath,
in the factory of heart

When one has a good attitude it is like a vitamin in itself and it can shape your day.
JUST thinking about the virus
Mar 2020 · 277
Lemonade I Make
Star BG Mar 2020
Make lemons out of lemons they say.
I make it in my house each day
For I never know what will come
so I drink and bow to sing and pray.

Pray to look far deep inside
then I move with inner pride
cause I know life is a gift
inside hardships I won’t hide.
Just a thought
Mar 2020 · 194
Star BG Mar 2020
Raise your happy level
and keep free from viruses.
Three vitamins a day essential.
A happy pill.
A grateful pill
and a pill of song
that connects to
the wisdom from source.

And extra vitamin L, love
tainted with smiles helps.
Mar 2020 · 272
Star BG Mar 2020
We must stick align to what is important
Ws must celebrate our differences,
love Mother Earth
and get back to basics.
Mar 2020 · 151
Star BG Mar 2020
We are not trapped in our homes,
only trapped in the mind
for when we awaken
to share in our own great company
we align with what is important
and it sets one free.

Use it to ground align with source
and write or try something new.
Take a course on line.
Read a book.
Celebrate your own magnificence.
This virus/ confinement will end soon
and when it does

There is so so much
going on behind the scene.
The virus is a cover
for this happening.

New financial system, new laws,
arrests of the shadow government
and cults that are rampage in our society,
And much more.

Breath and connect knowing all will be fine.
Use it as an opportunity to feel my inner power.

WE are just as great if we stay in bed in our PJ's
or go and run around.

IMPORTANT Aligning with discontent and fear
is a disease in itself and only leads to illness.


Mar 2020 · 947
Turn On Lamp
Star BG Mar 2020
I turn on the lamp of love in my mind
moving as its glow shines. As it
spreads out eyes into day.

Energies spiral as voice aligns with breath
and song resonates outward shines. As moments of sand pile so memories begun.

I turn on the lamp of love in mind
that never burns out. That is
light particles magnetized
by heart pulsate.

Engirds spiral to enter cells
with breath as every ***** feels
energized and human form becomes crystalline.

I turn on the lamp of mind for my soul
and send it to the world to know
everything is grand and alright.
Everything is alright
Mar 2020 · 139
My Beloved Fly On Wall
Star BG Mar 2020
You my behove’d
I shall love forever
and a day.

You were my icing
on cake of life.
When you left unexpectedly
stars stopped shinning
and heart exploded
in rough waves that
rolled down face.

Days darkened
where only solace was
my bed and holding

How could life be so cruel
I thought for we both
just started a relationship.
We both knew we had soul connection
as you showered me with unconditional love.

And soon after
feeling stuck in hourglass of time,
where sands smothered me
I awakened to see your face
in a ray of sun.
When I heard voice of bird sing
with notes that changed into words
I listened.

“Wake up and look.
See me I am in everything. I
am in the gentle breeze to give you a hug,
and Spanish fly whispering in your ear love songs.
I am in moment that expands with sunlight to warm heart.
I’m inside your heart beat that plays with memories.
I am in song that echoes reminding
that I am still sending you unconditional love.
I am now your spirit guide
and shan’t live you side.”

With deep breath
I turned on the radio
and there played.
"I will love you
for a thousand years
And a thousand more."

I cried happy tears
and started to live again.

Now, whenever I hear
the song, A thousand years
by Christina Perri
I think of you Curtis dear.
You are my shinning star
and whispering Spanish fly
on wall serenading me with love.
Just a ditty I wrote when I heard this song
Feb 2020 · 139
Caverns Of Heart
Star BG Feb 2020
Into the caverns of my heart I move
with breath and intention.
With musical heartbeats
that echo divinely.
What follows is joy
Is peace inside moment
that reveal highways
of possibilities.

Into caverns of heart I stand
expanding consciousness
into the magic of life
The place where secrets live
and songs flourishes.

There I be dancing in song
in dreams that become my art.
Inspired by you tube of One Republic Piano Guys instrumental.Great relaxing inspiring music
Feb 2020 · 253
Star BG Feb 2020
What is a zen thought?

Is it so subtle it drifts in the silence
of a gentle breeze?
Or in its simplicity inside a kids laugh.

What makes a zen thought zen?

Is it wisdom scribed by one
who looks for answers?
Or a phase that invites contemplation
for wandering soul.

What is a zen thought?
Is it a line or two orchestrated by
one named Buddha?
Or person dressed in robes
who walks in hallways of monastery?

What makes a zen thought zen?
Is it lines with words that are few
but echoes loudly?
Or in a star stuttered night
that vibrates peace?

The answer lies behind heartbeat
inside  life's journey where road opens
with no stoplights.
Dedicated to Dr. Paul Lim. Thanks for your inspirational ZEN thoughts as well as others.
Feb 2020 · 900
I Set
Star BG Feb 2020
I set my alarm for happy.
Hope I don't oversleep.

I set my alarm for dreams
hope the ring tone makes me dance.

I set my alarm for love
hope it wakes up heart.

I set my alarm for harmony
can’t wait to hear it.

I set my alarm for smiles
hope its infiltrates waking moments.

I set my alarm to peace
as I attune to music of heart

Alarm to call angels
for their unconditional hugs.

I set my alarm
to be walking lighthouse of love.

Alarm to shine
as divine being of song.

I set alarm of senses
so I may be authentic self.

Alarm to be
shining lighthouse of color
anointing all.

I set my alarm
to merge with all I see

Alarm so human vessel
can awake to let freedom ring.
Just a morning thought using the word alarm
Feb 2020 · 292
No Time Waisted
Star BG Feb 2020
At the dock of my dreams
morning sun rise.
Watching AS TIDE TAKES mind
away inside quiet time.

I watch as time floats away

No time wasted
no time taken for granted

I sit at dock
WATCHING tide divinely dance.
Watching as breath match waves
and change WAITS clvidid first
in mind then in heart.

I watch as bones rest.
I mediate roaming in a grateful mind

no time waisted
no visions taken for granted.

I sit at dock
no place I’d rather be
after roaming many a mile

I let self simmer into moment
I ready self for change to plant roots
so dreams flower

No time waisted
No reason not to smile.
Inspired by old song Sitting On The dock of bay
Feb 2020 · 180
Star BG Feb 2020
In the temple of my heart,
God sings.
Anointing and expanding
my human footsteps.

I dance hearing grand melodies.
I celebrate inside divine connection.

In the temple of my heart,
God echoes.
Gifting me in moment
to shine like sun.

I walk and angels follow.
I bow as gratitude is whispered.

In the temple of my soul
God has a home.
And I feel peace on Earth.
Inspired by chat with Stu Harley
Feb 2020 · 361
Star BG Feb 2020
I collect nuggets of wisdom wherever I go.
Inside steps of dance and tears of healing.
Gentle breeze and precious morning sunrise.
And whispers behind a poets voice.

I collect nuggets of wisdom  everywhere
In a child's presence and song of divine birds.
Silence behind ticking clock that vibrate.
And visions in eyes of dragon flies flight plan.

I collect nuggets of wisdom everywhere.
Inside beating of drum by American indians hand.
Breath of an inhale and exhale that balances.
And elders voice within meditative stance.

I collect nuggets of wisdom from everything.
And store them in heart thats an endless chest
with wisdom of its own.
First poem of day.
Feb 2020 · 133
Mind Your Thought-Thoughts
Star BG Feb 2020
Mind your thoughts
if they be laced with judgment
for that is a **** seed
not to be cultivated.
Mind your thoughts
as they develop
inside energies that could
have negative consequences.

Mind your thoughts
for they hold infante power
of creation.

Mind your thoughts
to become embodied with love
laughter and happiness

Mind your thoughts to expand
so you may reap the benefits
of an awaken soul.

Mind you thoughts for they mirror
and orchestrate your journey.

Mind your thoughts and if they are negative
change thy computer program.

Mind your thoughts
or ego will jump in and run the show
Mind your thoughts daily
or ego will have field day
life won’t be your own
just some thoughts about the thoughts that come in and out in any given day. Thoughts that can shape your being both physically and emotionally. And they have the power to create either what you want or don't want.
Feb 2020 · 190
Star BG Feb 2020
On any fine day
Ye shall find me with head
in open sky.
In energy river of the galaxy
that calls gracefully.

Any moment I drink I do
the fine wisdom threaded in wind.
Consume it like fine wine
that bubbles
to create phase.

And on any fine night
when owls echo
and moments carry
I terpsichore to hearts song.
A song that makes
life grand.
as we conversed Stu Harley inspired this.  Thank you

Tersichore is the word of the day. Oh fine poets learn it and use it well. Let it melt upon thy poetic visions and aid to paint a grand write.
Jan 2020 · 141
Rainbow Dear Rainbow
Star BG Jan 2020
Arc of beauty
hugs eyes gently
washing away cares.

Hello, I say,
woven gift from Father Sky.
Hello, I whisper,
in gratitude breath

Arch of light
senses awaken
as your a wonder of the earth
a tickle in eye
that rotates to smile.

You eminence
comes in mornings
casting your mystery
upon young and old.

Come midday
crossing plains and valleys
behind mountain peaks
and inside waterfall magnifico.

Your like enigma that comes
expanding imaginations
with fancy shades that mingle
with sky.

Your a sign that whispers sweet love
and celebrates the moment
after rains have come.

Rainbow Oh Rainbow
Hello! Hello!
Inspired by poem by Kayode Steve Adaramoye Esq
Many thanks
Jan 2020 · 207
Star BG Jan 2020
on the HP western front
of my Home feed.
It’s roads are empty.
Its resident poets seasoned
with gifts aren't walking with pen canes.
Or driving cars of visions.

Guess they're all
in a different cyber town

after some clouds in mind
bring rains to community,
a rainbow of words will
come and my home town
will be FULL AGAIN.
Just having a silly thought.
Jan 2020 · 174
Star BG Jan 2020
She's butterfly beauty,
slender and sleek.
With red and black markings.
oh so sweet.
And gracefully moves
in divine motion.
Playing to heart
to make commotion.

She carries blessings
on wings of gold.
And goes to heights yes untold.
Expands under
the sunlight bright.
Painting a landscape
out of sight.

She's special gift
filling senses grand
and sometimes she
does move on land.
A precious one
who lights up eyes.
I must insist,
she is a prize.

My prayers go now
to merge on wings.
I am grateful
my heart does sing.
Yes whispering I do
toward her great site.
She makes my day
a real delight.

And when I see her
Mother Nature's near
Hugging  eyes
that wash all care.

I think all now
should look up far.
A butterfly's like
shooting star.
Do make a wish
to aid your walk.
This is the truth
not pointless talk.

I now end ditty
and eyes look up
A buttery smiles toward me
for luck.
I saw a picture of a butterfly and out came this poem. Have great day all.
Jan 2020 · 201
Star BG Jan 2020








Jan 2020 · 163
Smiles Speak
Star BG Jan 2020
With meter wide I wear my smile
with teeth so pearly white.
as I do take deepen breath
I have miracles in sight.  

I bow with gratitude to sing
and move so wings take flight.
This day opens up with faith
as I now feel so right.

So I smile connect with all
we are grand mirror deep
It is time to hear Gods voice
that echoes of so sweet.

I bow with sun oh so bright
vibrations we all be
as we recall why we’re here
we than becomes so free.

Weather you carry a cane,
or dance inside young age.
Wisdom lurks within your heart.
as yes you be great sage.

For as we do move with trust
our hearts beat oh so fine.
We must realign with truth
we all are so divine.
Ravinder Kumar Soni inspired this with his great write. Many thanks.
Jan 2020 · 176
It Is The Dream...
Star BG Jan 2020
of every writer to allure the reader.
To take words and amalgamate them
into an offering that are like candy treats that cajole.
They don't bring weight to stomach only mind,
and expands ones consciousness divinely.

Written ditty at times becomes doorway
to emotions whereby brotherhood of eyes
get to spin in splendor.

Yes to entice a reader
is the best compliment one can get.

Hurray to the dream.
First poem of day. Inspired by Scriptedsilence.  Many thanks
Jan 2020 · 128
Star BG Jan 2020
When my home on street of HP
is quiet
not a street lamp poem to be seen
I take to the street
and write myself
hoping another light
to cast a poem shadow
will go on.
silly thought I scribed when in middle of night on HP site there were no poems to read on my Home of HP site.
Jan 2020 · 201
Star BG Jan 2020
When things are tough
and life seems like
an never ending challenge.
I ask for back up.
From... friends, my Guides, Higher Self,
and The Divine.

When things are difficult
and every minute gives little comfort.
I breathe deep and ask for help.
From...Mother Gia, Allies in Universal,
Family and my own Inner Wisdom.

When thing aren’t easy
and friends seem few.
I ask for help recalling
I am sacred, eternal, a gift and
carry the essence of love.
Second poem of day
Jan 2020 · 154
Star BG Jan 2020
I am a gift...
Consciousness wrapped in a body.
A blossoming flower
A sunsets radiance.
A starry night.

I am a gift...
Consciousness expanding in heartbeat.
A seed of The Divine.
A Sacred bird of creation.
A blessing deserving to fly.

I am a gift...
Consciousness I gift to humanity.
A mirror of my soul
A part of whole just like you.
A truth we now both know.
Jan 2020 · 191
Word Power
Star BG Jan 2020
Writing is liberating.
Each word part of my heartbeat.

It makes time stops.
And then, one must regroup
to get back to life's reality.

Scribing puts writer into a vortex
that carries one
into new visions, divinely.
It's window that when read
can provide views of understanding.

Writing is a companion
who allows you to
speak freely anytime.
It's a voice buried in words
that gets ignited as one connects.

Scribing are words that hug
in middle of night,
when one can't sleep.
It's fuel that drives thoughts
with no red lights.

Writing is therapy where
one finds no need to hire a therapist.
It's sentences that are like a telegram line
which is electrified by readers eyes.

Scribers are members of sacred club where
membership is free and lasts a lifetime.
It's a penman’s purpose,
that comes at any age.

Writing is thought or emotion
that rockets onto page
with destination... Ones heart.

And poetry sweet poetry
are words that move like blood cells.
Please cut me and watch me bleed.
Inspired by chat with peter Lim Many thanks
Jan 2020 · 188
A Thousand Strokes
Star BG Jan 2020
A thousand strokes of pain,
my heart does feel.
As moving on thy field of love I go.
A mind field it has come to be
as voice explodes in ears.

Slings and arrows they move swift
with heart to be the open mark.
It hits with power oh so strong.
Your words sting with goodbye.

How does such thing come to pass?
When in your heart I found a home.
Emotions rope to pull so tight,
and light I do not see.

Oh I must stand to face waves.
that hit upon my shore of heart.
The birds still sing a top the tree,
but ears they cannot hear.      

Our vessels shan't meet again,
as flag half mast begins to fly.
My sadness comes to mesh with wind,
while open waters lead.

And perhaps flesh boat shall sail
through sunsets bright again someday.
To find soul who does long for love
inside the sea of life.

Oh to float in beating waves
that calls you as the yacht you be  
You come in time that melts away.
I found a love at last.

Learn did I if cloud tears fall
to understand just what to do
We will yes coast to realign.
A rainbow we will form.

So cockboat of mine is pulled,
by thee to launch a thousand dreams.
And we shall play love songs all night
Our union it is sealed.
This write is so Not my normal write  First I wrote this
To retire or not that’s the question
Wether tis nobler to sling the arrows
of outrageous fortune...
No question no fortune neither way.
and then I exploded with this. The last paragraph came when I looked up different words for boat and found cockboat. It is indeed a real boat.
Jan 2020 · 468
Star BG Jan 2020
He is a quiet man,
but sure can move on dance floor.

He’s a simple man,
but is filled with grand wisdom.

He be a shy man,
so don't ask him to sing to a crowd.

He's a big talker not,
but his actions speak louder than words.

She is a quiet woman,
who appreciates simple things in life.

She’s a simple woman,
brought up the old fashioned way.

She be ashy woman,
preferring to stay at home rather than party.

She's not big talker,
but when she speaks people listen.

He is a quiet man,
but ***** in bed.

He’s a simple man,
who loves nature walks.

He be a shy man,
so plan no surprise party.

He's no big talker,
but sure can write a grand ditty.

HE believes in fairytales of love
SHE believes fairy tales of love
THEY are living happily ever after.
Inspired by Peter Lim. I value our connection
Jan 2020 · 435
Compartments In Mind
Star BG Jan 2020
In mental compartment of mind
a delicate balance must be found.
Boxes of memories are stacked
careful not to tip them
Careful to stack into their
color coded container.

Red for past pain
Blue for sadness that forsaken me
Green for money had lost and had again.
Purple for people who come and go.
Yellow for happy thoughts to fly in mind.
Orange for moments of change needing to accept.
Pink for memories of play with inner child.
Indigo for dreams seeded for future.

A mental compartment in mind, I carry.
And sometimes they tumble only for me
to re examine, cry,
and make a rainbow.
Inspired by Temporal Fugue-a fine poet
Jan 2020 · 258
Penny Wisdom
Star BG Jan 2020

A penny for your thoughts...Keep it clean.

A penny for your thoughts launches honesty.

If a penny buys one a wish, does that mean
five cents gets five wishes?

A penny went a long way in past but now not so much.

“Pennies add up fast so feed me. I’m hungry.”
A child's piggy bank whispered. Do adults hear?

Pennies fall from heaven with blessings but people
forget to open their heart wallets.

A penny saved is many a penny spent on another day.

Take penny in hand and offer it to a friend
so they receive the gift of a wish.

To offer your two cents is to give advice where one might not like it. So consider keeping your two cents to yourself.

There are no more penny candies
or penny post cards so very sad.

If pennies really fell from heaven than you best have an umbrella when you go out or at least open pocket

It takes a lot of work to stretch a penny
and these days it doesn't go far.

A person who is bad is no longer a bad penny. Now he’s a bad dollar...Inflation

There are no more penny loafers. They are a quarter loafer...Inflation continues.

When a parent names their child Penny, perhaps they are reminding them to be thrifty all their life.
Star BG Jan 2020
Today is yesterdays dreams,
and tomorrows accomplishments.

Today is a yesterday wrapped in
present to opened so they become
tomorrows precious gifts.

Today is a whisper of the past just tweaked
with grand tomorrows.

Today is the day I write a masterpiece filled with yesterdays thoughts and tomorrows dreams.

Today is yesterdays sorrows wrapped in paper
gold that shines like sun to dry up tears making room for tomorrows with new wrappings.

Todays schedule is yesterdays thoughts, ready to expand into the tomorrows.

Yesterday don't leave home without it for it fuels tomorrows as todays motor revs.

Yesterday is infused in blood stream so heart beats with flow of aspirations today and riches for tomorrow.

Yesterday is culmination of tears and laughter
that unleash dam to float in more tears
but this time with a shinny dream boat.

One part Yesterday, and two parts today with table spoon of tomorrow makes a grand recipe for life.

Yesterday I recall mistakes well not to repeat in today so errors do not fill tomorrows.

Yesterday provides magical insights, so Today and tomorrow brings peace.

Yesterday becomes today and today becomes yesterday so... use it well.

Yesterday I planted a dream seed. It sprouted in today and grew tall inside tomorrows.

Tomorrow is todays yesterdays, so step lightly as not to mix them up.

Tomorrow will be the new today and is the first day of my life.

Tomorrow is today simmered in the sauce of life.

Tomorrow I will wake up inside today to live authentically inside peace.

Yesterday is today turned inside out so wisdom comes in tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are houses of God so one is never homeless or alone.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is journeys gift to celebrate as if its Christmas.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are the chapters in our books of life. Write them well.
just playing with the words today tomorrow and yesterday
Jan 2020 · 582
En-garde Fellow Poet
Star BG Jan 2020
En-garde fellow poet
who stands with gold pen sword.
Raise thy weapon and duel with me
in bout with words.
My tool be sharp with potent prose.
sonneteer stand is ready to fight

Yes En-garde I say
for be know to slain one with a  mighty song.
And I am Known to gather crowds
who watch many a victory

Un-garde I echo with parry to cut thy thoughts.
With sabre pen sharp with ink red.
Perhaps than you shall bleed
as we will meet upon ground of page.

En--garde you who cast a shadow
of judgment with they eyes
For battle shall commence
on Fields a plenty
And I will win a sun for sure.
just playing with thoughts of fencing with a pen
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