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1d · 184
Star BG 1d
with dancing fingers and a flick of wrist,
I put thoughts to screen.

They pulsate aimed at eyes in shades
of rainbow hues.

REDS may launch emotions
While GREEN are words that carry healing.
BLUES are the scenes worth traveling in.
And White are like star-light phases
meant to light up hearts.

The color spectrum is endless
like universe that houses guides
to lead hands.

The breath is the key to unleash energies
that hug in moment.

With dancing fingers I march
sharing the parade of words
meant to be gifted to those who gather.
Just a thought on a precious day.
1d · 100
Time To Cook
Star BG 1d
With recipe of life,
I colonize mind
setting up red flags
to recognize the ego ingredient that
doesn't blend well
to serve my highest good.

My recipes includes a dash of love,
a cup of swirling dreams and
plenty of seasoning from emotions.

Time to cook and baste my mind
with intention of thoughts.

The poem concoction is done.
Feast away readers, feast away
Started this a while ago. ITS RARE TO FIND ONE UNDONE AS I WRITE SO QUICKLY.  (oppsie caps on) Time to complete it with dancing fingers and a flick of wrist.
1d · 186
Heart Day
Star BG 1d
Happy Heart Day I do say.
I send out  love so far.
Wishing everyone moments
cause all are shooting stars

Happy day! Oh happy day!
The wind its drifts so fine
I do stand in gratitude
and know all are divine.

Happy Heart day, go within
and you will find great peace.
Center in your greatness now,
and dark thoughts they will cease.

Happy day! Oh Happy Day!
Time to have some fun.
We are all incarnated
to anchor rainbow sun.
Connecting to this day is quite rewarding. I did and out came a poem.
1d · 47
A Poets Vows
Star BG 1d
When one marries a poet
they may receive poetry about themselves
BUT if they divorce
they take their poems with them
and there is no joint custody.
Just A thought.  LOL
1d · 55
Star BG 1d
Love is my vitamin
it expands within
as gratitude comes to mind.

It travels as backpack to cells
moving to anoint every *****.

Faith is my vitamin
it vibrates to ground self
to be in moment.

It travels inside heartbeats
that bring feet to dance.

Peace is my vitamin
I take in with breath.

It reverberates to open doorways
to walk celebrating life.

It becomes a garden
that spouts miracles.
first poem of day on a beautiful morning.
There is a gentle breeze
and birds are tickling ears.
Remember to celebrate YOU
writer friends
2d · 58
Loves Lantern
Star BG 2d
Inside breath, lit corners of heart expand.
Pulsating with self-talk and forgiveness.
Radiate outwardly
gracefully to tickle senses.
They echo moving in rhythms that
awaken my being.

Inside breath the light becomes a ball
illuminating my consciousness.
Moving to hold loves lantern
as I shine it to the world
Inspired by TheIdleOwl Thanks
2d · 143
Star BG 2d
I woke up to the morning light
smiled and returned to sleep,
curling back into a dream.

It carried purple clouds
and sweet fragrances in air.
Vibrations brought me through doorways
to open my heart
It made me feel delightful
as rainbows filled sky
and hugs came inside wind.
It caused me to feel love
smiling in energies of peace
as I drifted curled in a cloud.
Inspired by TS Poetry Many thanks
Star BG 2d
I look to the East with deepen breath,
freeing soul inside love.
I look to the West with dancing steps,
freeing my soul inside dreams.
I look to the South with open eyes,
freeing soul inside visions.
I look to the North with hearts song,
freeing soul as my mind follows.
I look up to the sky with gratitude,
freeing soul integrating light
I look down to Mother Earth,
freeing soul as my feet ground.

Ground in celebration of a new day.
Love connecting to directions. Each one houses different aspects of greatness
Star BG 2d
Take my crazy and mix it with a bit of sanity
and Wala you have a me clone.

Take my love and mix it with the moment
and voila you have harmony.

Take my faith and mix it with trust
and shazaam you have a miracle.

Take my intention
with my poetry
and you have
a loving friend.
Inspired by Krystal Scoglio

Take something and try it on for size.
What do you get?
2d · 203
Star BG 2d
The beauty of life on planet Earth-
The **** of life...
ALL in the name of expansion.
Purpose to realign consciousness
to tip scales
and let happy be on both sides.
Inspired by H-B Thank you for being the gift you are.
2d · 203
Star BG 2d
A gift it is... to be in the presence of a new baby.

The being unimpeded by earths
third dimensional mindsets.

A new born fused with higher self
who is the vibration of God.

The one shrouded in a veil of light
ready to experience life again for soul.

A new born in state of nakedness
lying with grace free of judgement.

The mirror of ones own original self
who carries unlimited possibilities.

A new born who gives an invitation
in moment to smile and play.

The reason to see blessing present
and release gratitude in voice

A new born who carries stars in eyes
calling many to embrace the now.

The being ready to take on role of teacher
for mother and those present.

Those who can see the embodiment of beauty
deserving of celebration.
Inspired by friend I heard was PG
2d · 67
2 Haiku's
Star BG 2d
A sacred baby
carries stars inside their eyes
legacy of soul.

School is in session
A new born is the teacher
every age teachers
students are us all
These came from my poem New Baby
2d · 60
Star BG 2d
Are you a cheater
Have you cheated yourself
of really being here in a sacred vessel?
Only you can answer
And only you can choose...

to live life to the fullest
to open up to life
and the gift it is.
Here to let the ego mind go
and move into the heart.
Where love forgiveness peace comes.
Here to look in mirror and view ourselves completely
before life becomes ash upon a mountain side.
3d · 63
Star BG 3d
i am a word hobo
inside a journey
filled with inspirational scenes.
gathers that I scoop up
and place in backpack
of mind.

My walking stick pen balances me,
as focused inside steps ground.

IF it rains emotions flow
IF it's sunny birds GRACE ears
making phases into songs.

When I arrive a-top of mountain
and plant flag
it means poem is done.

I am a word hobo
and I wouldn't have it
5d · 165
My Dog
Star BG 5d
My dog loves me
everyday regardless
of my stature, brains, or habits.

My pooch loves me
daily regardless
of my reputation, singing out of key
or smelly armpits
I feel blessed
And me...
I love him like family
Mi casa es su casa
Here is a silly one.
6d · 171
Star BG 6d
I am but a mirror of wordsmith self,
scribing with etheric words.
I walk and pen moves gracefully.
I run and my words move in open corral.
I fly and phases glide inside my dreams.
I breath and visions breath
ready to dance upon page.
Poetry mirrors life and life mirrors poetry.

Inspired by a chat with lefaNdlovu...Thanks
6d · 71
Three Thought
Star BG 6d
Penning, paper, and heart go together,
like peanut butter, jelly, and bread.

Bed, kissing, and cuddling go together,
like intimacy, dreams and a soulmate.

Thoughts, prayers, and trust go together,
like vibrations, believing and abundance.
Just playing inside mind playground on a Sunday night.
6d · 67
New Day
Star BG 6d
A new grand day,
where gratitude anchors
and miracles surface.

Where gentle breezes blow
and hearts open
to the magic of life.

A new baby day
where moment unveils
unlimited possibilities
and sun sends rays of love
to all.
First poem of the day.
6d · 306
Poet Musician
Star BG 6d
A troubadour I be.
Playing my musical pen
for those who gather.

A balladeer be I.
One who parades cross page
to sing to readers ears.

A troubadour am I.
The minstrel of written word
who performs my hearts music.

A jongleur be I
gathering events from journey  
to birth a poem
I am a self taught musician /poet
playing from life’s experiences.
7d · 89
Poetry Alter
Star BG 7d
As I stand at alter
to marry poetry with heart,
I see the guests arrive.

They are letters that dance
upon dance floor of mind.
They are the ones
that bare presents of phases
to scribe another poem,
as marriage celebration continues.

Do you Star BG take
the creative spark called love
for better and worse?
I do
And do you Master Spark Vortex
promise to continue
to shower her with light?
I do.

I now pronounce you
Mr. and Mrs S Vortex

May you create baby poems
to be shared with visitors eyes
who watch them grow.

May you be bounded
inside passions
where the pen will speak
inside all experiences.

And may you live eternal
with fire of love
to anoint the Universe
and celebrate life.
Just playing with the thought of getting married to my poetic self.
Star BG 7d
I have become like puppet girl.
moving with strings
infused with voice of ego.

Sometimes, I jump to it’s words
that are void of self love.
Other times, I fall from lack of trust
as strings pulled tight controlling my movements.

Higher still I jump,
serving the voice that veils me from true self.
Higher and higher I move
doing deeds not in the best interest of my spirit.

Until, cords I cut with intent
as my strings become wings of light.
As I glide with no more
a Pinocchio-like nose,
buying my psyche's story.

No more to do the biding
of my ego mind
replaced now with my heart.
Inspired by LefaNdlovu Thank you
Jun 6 · 133
Zen Prospective
Star BG Jun 6
My mind is like a fortune cookie.
Human form the sweet shell.
Zen insights, the fortune
to share.
Inspired by Dr. Peter Lim
Jun 6 · 117
The Poet
Star BG Jun 6
The poet shares their conscious mind
with insights and feelings
that float into another’s heart.

If it be a poet... it churns for inspiration.
If it's a reader, not bard...
it makes one think.
If it's God... it makes him smile.
just a thought
Jun 4 · 298
Star BG Jun 4
The beauty of life
The **** of life on planet Earth...
All in the name of expansion.
The purpose to realign consciousness
to tip scales
and let happy be on both sides.
Inspired by H-B many thanks
Jun 4 · 73
Star BG Jun 4
On cobble stone street
people move in haste
as street connoisseur of sound stands.

He’s the mighty busker
with instrument of choice
poised and ready.

He’s a special breed
whose stage is one
in every city and town.

He's there to share grand talent
and give one a taste
with hopes a coin gets tossed.

Buskers attire matters little
for his art is there to

Many passerby’s move
inattentive, uncaring
stuck in their whirlwind of their life.

Many a bystander
will listen for less than a second
breezing by without proper

Oh to the street performer
I pay homage
to the one who gifts currents of air.

Oh to the side walk master
I bow as my coin gets tossed
with prayer...
That their talents get posted
and their You-tube goes viral.
inspired from a chat with Ben Noah Suri  Thanks
Jun 3 · 74
Street Musician
Star BG Jun 3
The street musician plays
from heart
becoming his instrument.
His sounds infusing
with air so passerby's
can be empowered.

The music performer plays
sharing his art
to become a portal of sound.
His music graces ears
with his undying passions.
And guitar case open
hoping to feed his art
and self.
I watched this You tube and I highly recommend you listen to this artist. He inspired this poem.
Mariusz Goli "Improwizacja" Katowice Stawowa
Jun 3 · 72
Life Thought
Star BG Jun 3
We are only characters in life's play
BUT when YOU looks at the playbill
they can see that YOU
have a leading role.
inspired by chat with Godawan Thank you
Jun 3 · 185
Meet (repost addition)
Star BG Jun 3
Meet mistress color.
She is your friend.
The Red Goddess signifies love.
The yellow optimism.
Green prosperity.
And purple peace.

Meet the male deity of color.
He is your friend.
The Brown deity teaches to ground.
Grey lets emotions flow.
Black invites silence
And orange anchors new dawn.

Meet gold and silver,
spiraling into mystical love and light!
The gold that celebrates
a creative light.
The silver that makes one vibrate
inside love every moment.

Meet your inner self
It is your friend
It mirrors endless possibilities
and carries dreams with rainbow light.
posted again after Shamamam who inspired third stanza Thanks
Jun 3 · 295
Star BG Jun 3
With shimmering yellow sun
I sail a thousand oceans in mind
Harboring gratitude for poetic words
that hit human sails.

With soft sands tinged with gold
I walk with endless thoughts from heart.
Aligning in gratitude for the verse buried deep.

With feet grounded in pastures of trees tall
I climb upon countless mountains listening
with gratitude for Mother Gia’s poetic spurs.

And with thousands of colorful words I write
inspired every moment by life's rendezvous
that graces my path.

Grateful I am. Grateful I be.
Inspired buy two fine poets. Harper and Stu Harley Thanks
Jun 3 · 288
My Human Vessel
Star BG Jun 3
And I shall steer my vessel.
My sacred form upon
tides of great evolution,
as I drift in state of meditation.

Sun shines,
while menagerie of birds
surround with sweet sound.

Clouds dissipate
revealing rainbow sky
as consciousness awakes.

Guides come to lead
into the caverns of the heart
where drums echo.

It’s a grand moment,
whilst miracles on horizon center
in telescope like breath.

A grand day, as gratitude fuels
and pirate egos no longer stalk
so I move in peace.
first poem of the day
Jun 3 · 393
Star BG Jun 3
And I shall hallucinate my thoughts
into a vast sparkling pool of creativity.
One where fish swim gracefully
and heart sings to celebrate life.

Where verse becomes
like drifting wind
I catch in breath.
A place where pen rises
to oar my minds boat.

A boat where waves of poetry lead.
Inspired by Christy Sandhu Thanks
Jun 1 · 370
The Writer
Star BG Jun 1
A soul pens stories...
Some in written form,
Some etched in heart.
All become masterpieces
in journey towards enlightenment.
inspired by Ben Noah Suri A gifted poet Thanks
Jun 1 · 759
Star BG Jun 1
Meet mistress color.
She is your friend.
The Red Goddess signifies love.
The yellow optimism.
Green prosperity.
And purple peace.

Meet the male deity of color.
He is your friend.
The Brown deity teaches to ground.
Grey lets emotions flow.
Black invites silence
And orange anchors new dawn.

Meet your inner self
It is your friend
It mirrors endless possibilities
and carries dreams with rainbow light.
inspired by conversation with Muzaffer Thanks
Jun 1 · 137
Star BG Jun 1
Blue grey amber eyes
become sun that shines on poem
rays empower words
from sun of eyes poem came my haiku
Jun 1 · 190
Sun Of Eyes
Star BG Jun 1
Without readers eyes,
poetry would be dormant,
drifting in field of page.
Readied for the sun
rays of brown
blue, amber or grey
to anchor in vellum sky.

Without your eyes
moments would
echo absent of clarity.
Poetic painter
would long for exposure
in museum of minds

Regardless pen moves on
trained to release
a road for one to follow.
The reader who carries
the sacred sun of eyes.
First poem of day
May 31 · 1.7k
Star BG May 31
Human life is like a book...
The middle being birth.
The end death.
And the middle
a souls adventure of expansion.

Human life is like a book.
A grand story
unwinding with feelings as words
and moments as footmarks.

Once concluded it’s bond
in spirits core memory
to take one then
to a new book-cover of spirit.
A new beginning of
chapters where a sequel begins
with a beginning, middle, and end.
First poem of the day.
May 22 · 147
Star BG May 22
If I was a crystal vase,
my poems would be flowers.

If I was a ceramic glass,
poetry would be like liquid

If I was a spirit incarnated,
poetry would overflow
to be gifted to the world.
Star BG May 16
Spring has knocked on my doorstep.
Birds being the doorbell
for eyes to perk.
Frost melts away revealing
trees of green and flower bloom.

Sunshine is the exposer
of photos.
And peace aligns with breath.

I stand grateful to open door
as my heart smiles
for a visitor
I have met before.
Inspired by Edmund Black
Thank you. You are a gift.
May 15 · 67
My Poetry
Star BG May 15
Sometimes I sit at my desk
and think that MY poetry writes me.
That it bubbles up like rising dirigibles
tweaking my impulses to write.

Verses become effervesce tickles
to launch heartbeats.
Canopies of breath filled with words
get syphoned into heart.
Bristol waves of passions
gracefully float
from heart to hand with pen.
Dancing Pen to crystal page.
Golden text to readers eyes
and than perhaps a readers hand
who graciously gifts me with sun
and smile.
May 15 · 73
Deity Of Love
Star BG May 15
The deity of love did speak
from her pedestal of love.
Words pulsated
in swirling imagery
Dark fades into a light song.

Her pen had wings
anointing air of page.
Her presence was felt
as each stepping stone of words
tickled eyes.

The deity of love drifted
waving her wand of love.
Smiles anchored with harmony
as verse became
golden necklace of pearls.

And when she disappeared
to move in territory of universe
her words stayed
to gift all who gathered.

Hail deity of love
I bow in your honor.
Inspired by Hirondelle  who has a special love affair with words. A marriage made in heaven that I am grateful to see,
May 15 · 69
Vortex Grand
Star BG May 15
Inside kaleidoscope kingdom
of poetry
I elope with my words.
Moving in grace with wind
With swirling colorful light
making feet dance
voice sing
and pen write.

My pen is filled with ink of love
scribing in positive song
to open a heart.

I bathe in sparkling energies
moving below sun and
hue’s of moon.

I echo in a vortex
where time melts away
and visions anchor.

Freedom is my motto
as I pass love baton
from one word to another.

And as my kiss
harnesses love
I send them out in a poem.
A poem to be catalyst
so a reader can dream.
Inspired by Crazy Diamond Kristy A master of the written word and a gift t this site. Do yourself a favor readers look at her work.
May 15 · 71
Feather Power
Star BG May 15
Love’s infused in the feathers
that floats inside grace.
It travels near and wide
to send blessings to eyes
as bird carries it cross world.
Avifauna’s are the avatars to pass love.
Hold a feather in hand and it anoints you.
See it move cross screen of sky
and it tickles mind to awaken.
They are the cognizance spark
that gives wings to heart.

Guess thats why...
there are so many birds
on Earth.
Inspired by Stu Harley A gifted poet
May 13 · 148
My Days Quote
Star BG May 13
Everyday should be celebrated
as if it is one's birthday.
That way gratitude lives
with smiles and peace.
Happy birthday me and everyone.
Just call it your un-birthday and celebrate
May 13 · 1.0k
Cartoon Life
Star BG May 13
I live my life as if in a cartoon.
Moving inside laughter, tears
and colorful visions.

Yes, I live my life in a cartoon
dancing, romancing, and prancing
on the big screen of life.

Perhaps when I leave source
will present me with an Emmy.
Inspired by chat with Stu Harley Thank you
May 13 · 104
New Baby Day
Star BG May 13
Open your heart to the mornings sun.
The dawn that holds unlimited possibilities.
It’s the gift that holds miracles,
inside breeze,
song of birds,
and the heartbeat of life.

Present your dreams to Saint Matin
The Sunup that wraps eyes in moments blanket.
It’s your thoughts that sow them into reality.
In yellow diamonds.
Pinks so luxurious,
and red-oranges a glowing.

Greet with gratitudes voice at first light  
The genesis that gleams with brilliance.
It’s the self being divinity in motion  
in the journey.
Awakening to spirit
and inside celebration of love.    

Just breath into the Canticle of morning
it is rhythm of love and harmony.
First poem of the day.
May 12 · 273
Star BG May 12
an expansion of self
my poem flows,
becoming like a liquid
inspirational waterfall of verse.

tickle highway of air first
to land at home of page
where words can blossom.

Heartbeats are fused inside
tapestry of vellum.
as I write in song with pride.

Emotions deep swell up
to touch a readers eyes.
And moments melt away
as grace fills my passions.

Inside expanded self I sing,
hoping someone
will join in accompaniment
with their graceful moving eyes.
May 12 · 213
Wishes To Stars
Star BG May 12
I shall give my prayers
and wishes
to the stars
that shine like precious moon.

Give my aspirations
as Father Obe of night
has its star children
collect wishes.

And When moon shines brightest
it means wishes were received
He smiles
with rays of light
to doll them out
to passing angels.

And then I am delivered into joy.
to shine just like one of his stars.
Inspired by Hirondelle Many Thanks
She is truly a gift.
May 12 · 717
Star BG May 12
I see my mom in clouds
as I walk.
Feel her In the gentle breeze,
and melody of birds.

I hear her in my mind
ushering me along
with guidance
so I be blessed...
And see her in dreams
as she moves
in realms of the after-life,
INSPIRED BY Casey Evangeline Robinson Thanks
I lost my mom a week before Christmas.
May 12 · 135
Question (for you all)
Star BG May 12
If to take plain coffee
is to have it black!
(no sugar no milk.)

why with tea we don't we say
I'll have it
or green or yellow?
(or whatever color it is)
Just wondering on this Sunday morning.

In reality, there are only six different varieties of tea – green tea, yellow tea, dark tea, white tea, oolong tea and black tea. Although they all originate from the same plant, they differ in terms of how they are processed.
Star BG May 11
I say I don't care that I hear not
from my son
Deep down is a scar that will not heal.

I say its ok if he doesn’t call
he has obligations in a different state.
But thats a lie and deep wound
thats known to break the scab.

When I see a son and mother
on street my ego hides my pain.
Thanksgiving and birthdays come
and I lie awake
playing the question in mind...
What did I do that was so bad
for him to hold back his love.

When Mothers day is at my doorstep
I keep busy so I ignore the pain.
When a youtube shows a family
I try to ground by making
a deep breath bandaid
to keep wound dry.
as I connect to source.

Months go by
and avalanches build
with mini cascading emotions
that sometimes fall
chilling me to the bone.
They carry a sadness for days.
until I tuck them away
telling myself its ok he’s just busy.

Telling myself that time heals
as I send him love in ethers
by way of candle.
But the scar is always there.
Ready to ooze when I see
something to awaken it.

The only cure is Doctor Jeffrey
(my son) but he is out
doing calls for his life purpose.
And it seems he’s not available
to take on a mother patient.
I almost did not post this poem as this is a bit of a sore spot in my life.
It is NOT the kind of POEM I post but I wrote it to feel it and heal some of it. it is. I suppose perhaps my relationship will be rekindled at another time when he can get from out under his own thoughts and busyness. I still send him love and wish him blessings after all I did carry him for nine month.
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