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Star BG Feb 2021
Prescription for soul
to radiate inner peace
is to share loves light

Prescription for soul
to experience grand love
is to look into heart

to in breathe deeply
to go where no soul has gone
celebration time
First poem of day
Dvali Taytem Jun 2020
Lights haven’t looked like this
Since I was in my teens
Messing around with my hood rat friends
*** and amphetamines

I took a handful of Blue Dolphins
That were thirteen bucks a pop
If we bought ‘em in bulk, I guess
As we did more often than not

Or maybe a few of the triple stacks
Red something-or-others, I think
They didn’t work on me this time around
‘Cause I threw ‘em up in the sink

Now I am in my thirties
And my scripts **** with my brain
I know I am speeding my ***** off
But at least I feel like old times again
Drugs are bad, m’kay? The best explanation for what they do is that drugs aren’t “bad,” they’re awesome. They’re so awesome that they become all you want to do, and you’ll then do anything to obtain them. You’ll sell your belongings, your body, everything, because you want to feel good again. It isn’t the drugs themselves; it’s what they do to you and make you do for them.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Holding the prescription
She asked me
"Don't I have right to live more?"
With the adverse face
And the tired eyes
Through thick and thin
Weakening defenses
To feed the spirit

Hold on
Her skin have seen the past
Long live.....your hope for survival
Even though life was complex
She'll seek
What she deserves
It will be
Genre: Clinical Experimental
Theme: Right to live
Author's Note: All about yesterday
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
Prescribed drugs
Sipped with liquor

A lethal cocktail
Genre: Clinical
Theme: A taste of life
Cc Jun 2019
Warning: side effects may include: Dizziness. Lack of sleep. Nausea. Butterflies. Lack of speech. Daydreams. Irresistible urge for closeness. Tingles in fingers and toes. Intense need of eye contact. Dryness of the mouth. Feelings of addiction. Heart pains. Lung shrinking. Love. Love love love love love love love.
Luna Wrenn Mar 2019
you said its what you needed.
what the doctor had ordered.
picked it up from the pharmacy.
it would ease the discomfort,
aches, pains, soreness,
and finally you would
feel yourself again.
after all the years of suffering,
you could finally love me right.
but i don't recall doctors prescribing
whiskey in a prescription bottle.
Nexus Jan 2019
I'm addicted to this medicine, quetiapine and cynicism.
My doctor told me i'll never sleep again.
I might as well be taking ******, I made my bed again.
You see i've got this disease but these pills will make me real again. Paranoia with no cease to end. Anxiety around your friends. An emotion that others pretend to comprehend. It's on this drug I must depend my doctor said. For that plant you smoke ruins your brain, i'm sure that it was dope that drove you insane.
And I say to what end. He laughs then shows me my graph and points out a trend. You did this to yourself, a destructive state of health, now take this pill and get some rest. Tomorrow's a big day for you'll meet your true self.
Jayce Nov 2018
she recounts her life with the lovers she's had,
reliving adoration as she counts them off on her fingers
she showcases their best qualities
I cannot upstage her
I recount my life with prescription bottles
plastic and pharmacies
the time I swallowed all I had because I wanted to be happy
while she recounts, I relapse
Jasmine Reid Oct 2018
Swallowing pills
                         ­              &
Trying my best to get high again on the feeling, drugging myself up to remember the feeling of your lips, your warm touch, and inhale your deodorant, that succulent scent.

I want to be sleepless, and think in the night. And be happy, or sad, either one works
But I guess I just want to remember I’m alive

                     Nostalgia that drains me, happy memories turning into sour nightly thoughts.

I think of the dark night sky, and I thought there was once stars in your eyes, yes, maybe.

You made me higher than I’d ever been, and I miss you my dear dear happy pill
Druggo right here, am I right?
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