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Jan 5
Today is yesterdays dreams,
and tomorrows accomplishments.

Today is a yesterday wrapped in
present to opened so they become
tomorrows precious gifts.

Today is a whisper of the past just tweaked
with grand tomorrows.

Today is the day I write a masterpiece filled with yesterdays thoughts and tomorrows dreams.

Today is yesterdays sorrows wrapped in paper
gold that shines like sun to dry up tears making room for tomorrows with new wrappings.

Todays schedule is yesterdays thoughts, ready to expand into the tomorrows.

Yesterday don't leave home without it for it fuels tomorrows as todays motor revs.

Yesterday is infused in blood stream so heart beats with flow of aspirations today and riches for tomorrow.

Yesterday is culmination of tears and laughter
that unleash dam to float in more tears
but this time with a shinny dream boat.

One part Yesterday, and two parts today with table spoon of tomorrow makes a grand recipe for life.

Yesterday I recall mistakes well not to repeat in today so errors do not fill tomorrows.

Yesterday provides magical insights, so Today and tomorrow brings peace.

Yesterday becomes today and today becomes yesterday so... use it well.

Yesterday I planted a dream seed. It sprouted in today and grew tall inside tomorrows.

Tomorrow is todays yesterdays, so step lightly as not to mix them up.

Tomorrow will be the new today and is the first day of my life.

Tomorrow is today simmered in the sauce of life.

Tomorrow I will wake up inside today to live authentically inside peace.

Yesterday is today turned inside out so wisdom comes in tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are houses of God so one is never homeless or alone.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is journeys gift to celebrate as if its Christmas.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are the chapters in our books of life. Write them well.
just playing with the words today tomorrow and yesterday
Star BG
Written by
Star BG  66/F/New York
(66/F/New York)   
     BR Dragos and ---
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