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RW Dennen Jan 2015
if I do not
feel like
RW Dennen Aug 2014
The city buzzing
then the ceaseless cease.

The devoured Sun,
horizon seeks
to **** in last rays
always waiting for dawn.

Then stars slowly
are splash-sparkeled
upon our black ceiling.

But now
a city metamorphosis,
spaces seemingly expand
as people dwindle-down
and echoing shoes abound.
And the night phantom stalks
to spread his expanding cape
while male alley cats serenaded
with strident love songs of blue-*****.

And obsessions rise under a werewolf moon,
the crooning of a barooom tune
while the city out-light-winks
its squared-eyed goodnights.

Caucasians and noncaucasions
become night brothers
by sharing similar oblivions...

...and we sink within our deep dreamy sleep
being snatched by
the penumbra
of  unconscious thoughts.

And other awakened languished
wane into a city goodnight...
RW Dennen Jun 2016
Sad wide eyes of homelessness
A murderous winter
falls without Mercey
The morgue fills with tenants
This is a word haiku not in syllable style
RW Dennen Aug 2014
I feel like a boat
beached on
this tree and grassy island.
Surrounded by
  a current of cars
that circle around and around.
Electrical sound wave
after sound wave
emitted from
the great city hum.
On all four sides from where I'm beached,
are squared-eyed
steel and concrete giant man-made
structures with memories
containing countless memories
containing countless filed stories
about lives still living and gone...
Written while sitting in Rittenhouse Square
in Philly
RW Dennen Sep 2014
There is a stillness
that lies beyond the tallest trees;
beyond the quiet nesting
of daylight summer birds

I am reluctant
to close my weary eyes,
to miss this beautiful cool
refreshing bliss
of serenity once more
bound in endless flow

How contemptuous a nightly lull
that breaks the sun's disquietness
of the day,
renders day into night,
and twilight shadows
that playfully scorn
our daytime senses

We are all rocked in the cradle of mother night
she sings
her veiled and peaceful
insightful sound
I suckle
like so many others
on her breast of cool refreshing peace
I absorb her calming black-night-lactose
that gently whispers to sleep
the energetic day child
within us all
As cool water consumes fire
As night consumes the heated day

I think beyond
the stars
that now shine
the past starry nights
I think about trillions upon trillions
of stars overwhelmed
by the black empty
outer limits
that encircle and distantly
embrace them

I think about
the greater part
of the universe,
making ours and all other
daylight galaxies appear
but like so much dull
insignificant fluorescent glow
And because how mind boggling,
awesome and vast
is the eternal cosmic night sky

And how belligerent to think
all galaxies' day-suns
like our Sun,
being the all powerful
when they are but only
minuscule stars winking and
swimming passively
in the greater awesome devouring blackness

LOOK NOW!...a comet
streaks across the heavens
like a rapid musicians
hypnotic metronome
then stops
then fades away
while the rest of the heavens
sing along
in blinking symphony  

Influenced by my most
inner ease
my total being joins
this starry rhythm
I sway like a calm breezy lull
and half shuffle
my feet
over the midnight countryside
of stillness...
... ever sooooo...gently
I changed the title from "When the sun goes down
to the above title. It seems more apropos
RW Dennen Oct 2014
What desirous riches we crave
to return our destinies
for paradise sights and nights
filled with glittering starry portals

And to feel the air of day and night
abound with blissfulness and sleep

Ooooh how we dream not that dreaded dream
but dreams of peace at rest

Aaah to return if only within a second and relearn
what nature has to give and only what we are allowed
to take
And listen to the shakers of the earth
growl their pristine craves
And to feel that solemn
rest once
the return to freshness softened
around our barefoot toes
And to regain freedom spatial boundlessness
but only regained at last
in dreams reposed
RW Dennen Oct 2014
There you go again with that **** hand
held device,
your eyes are but only
hyptonic spin thingys

Your fingers are tools by rote
You foam at the mouth while
your thumbs and fingers skate across glass
squeeking slightly as you CrAcK your gum
sounding like a miniature WAR
I SHOUT FIRE at you!!
And still the squeeking of the fingers with joining
I even jump up and down with still tipped boots
and still CrAcKiDY, CrAcKiDy, CrAkIDY, CRACK!!!
I grab you by the collar and TOSS YOU OUT OF THE BUS,
in my daydream, as I smile inwardly with a child's giddy laughter
He, He, He, He, that's all folkes
So I exaggerated the noises so...GET OVER IT!!!!!
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Exploding anti-war rally
with people of intelligience,
ends in dull silence
RW Dennen Aug 2014
Pills and rocks
and more pills and rocks that pyramid
the *****'s rotted gut.
The bomb for guts.
The gutless fool
Eluded from reality
not really here or there.

In this empty head,
synapses strain
from fast to slow
then fast again.
Biochemical articles
electrical sparticals
ion particulars
slip slip slip
to stop
in death's
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Taken, screaming, kicking, his
nana's image slowly
Being held tightly in tears,
nana is no longer there
No longer in nana's arms

He looks down at
dismal bottom steps
now empty
He smells the old wood
these steps of hell leading nowhere

Alien sounds from alien shoes,
he listens in fear and dread
Being lifted to an alien room;
taken against his six year old will

He remembers not what will come
remembering his nana's tears
at the bottom steps,
at the bottom steps of a foster home

And aghast, he was me...
RW Dennen Aug 2014
This actually happened in Center City Philadelphia
in a actual setting along the underground Broad Street
giant concourse. We always had a few homeless people
surviving underground but an explosion of homelessness
occupied during the Bush Regime. It got so bad that police dogs were used to chase these unfortunates away...

There's a little bit of Bushville under Broad Street
between Spruce and City Hall
There's a little bit of calamity between idle minds
and idle hours, between quick-*****-ground-naps,
police harsh tongue slaps and paper wraps
strewn helter skelter all about,
between dismal gatherings
of few laughter and just for basic survival

There's a little bit of Bushville
in saddened eyes and some veterans' ***** faces;
long unkempt beards
and bodies that lay limp in rags under cardboard in fetal

There's a little bit of Bushville in hearts of broken promises
There's a little bit
of Bushville in ***** stench
and ***** walls and ***** ground made black

There's a little bit of Bushville in all our conscious-hearts,
too much, too much to do
Under Broad Street in Philly lies a large concourse
where people take the Broad Street Subway between
Spruce Street and City Hall.
RW Dennen Feb 2015
Watch a squirrel's body ****
They strobe-light themselves through life
Watching an old "King Kong Flick"
Watch people dance under a strobe light or get a flashlight
and shake it side to side on someone dancing.
You will get the big picture
RW Dennen Sep 2014
You stood in the limelight
before a shaft of blazing light
emitted from the zenith positioned
matrix of all energy
The brightness illuminated your radiant countenance
as blackness enveloped around your structures as in an early baroque by Rembrandt
Your form was made from the finest materials
But your representatives stood in greedy defiance going beyond their eroded gardens and trampled vegetation and beasts underfoot, even defeacated plutonium in my backyard
and belched various gases in my face

Luxury is your ideology,
all too sure in obtaining
unlimited resources
You are still heavily consuming the best
still maintaining the frivolous notion
that all is well
never anticipating
that time passes into the future

The shaft of blazing sunlight
has insidiously been replaced
by a blinding interrogation lamp
as darkness licks at your morals
and creeps upon your very being

No longer can you obtain desirous
things as readily
as options become minimized

Panic is beginning to take hold
as reality overcomes frivolity
You are starting to run,
you have already left one of
your expensive golden combat-boots
in Vietnam; later pirated black gold from Mesopotamia
under perjury

But doubtless to say
there is no reason
for a prince to save you
because you have gotten too old,
much too corporatized,
too corrupted, too soon, too fast,
And I know you can
And I know you can
be that lady with that torch again...
RW Dennen Jan 2016
You stood in the limelight
before a shaft of blazing luminescence
emitted from the zenith positioned
matrix of all energy
The brightness illuminated your
radiant countenance
as blackness enveloped around your
structures as in a early baroque
by Rembrandt
Your form was made from the finest
But your representatives stood in defiance going beyond
their eroded gardens and
trampled vegetation and beast
underfoot; even defecated plutonium
in my backyard
and belched various gases in my face

Luxury is still your ideology;
all to sure in obtaining
unlimited resources
You are still heavily consuming
the best
still maintaining the frivolous notion
that all is well
never anticipating
that time passes into the future

The shaft of blazing sunlight
has insidiously been replaced
by a blinding interrogation lamp
as darkness licks at your morals
and creeps upon your very being
small cracks are now being discovered upon your once lovely face

No longer can you obtain desirous
riches as readily
as options become minimized,
while playing and bullying a winning serious game of monopoly
against poor countries

Panic is beginning to take hold
as reality overcomes frivolity
You are starting to run,
you have already left one of your golden combat boots
in Vietnam; later pirated black gold
from Mesopotamia
under perjury and severed our nation with the fascistic sword of xenophobia,
and plundered the spirits, at home, and other innocent minorities unjustly
And nationalised yourself from a continent to an island regressing
into itself; homogenized into exceptionalism and the nervous propagandized
gnashing of Caucasian teeth

But doubtless to say
there is no reason
for a prince to save you
because you have gotten too old,
much too corporatised,
too corrupted, too soon, too fast,
And I know you can
And I know you can
be that lady with that beacon torch of hope...once...again
And whence comes the nourishment of love that flourishes once more...
Hang strong my many brothers and sisters of the world, we will win, I just know it...take part!!
RW Dennen Aug 2014
Ancient trees of majesty
   why reach your arms in excellency?
Why skim the clouds and pierce the stars,
    to stand so bold as warrior Mars?
Why be a thing of children's play,
     and watch the scene where lovers lay?
  Why touch the hearts of young and old?
      Why change your leaves from green to gold?
   Why dip your arms in pools below
       and float your leaves as falling snow?
    Why whistle tunes on winds of high
         why whistle tunes as winds go by?

     I waited from dawn to dusk you see
     for these ancient trees soon whispered to me

      We grasp the day
      We grasp the night
      We grasp the fowl on earnest flight

       You give us  breath which we repay
            we mold your health in loving way
        We climb these hills and mountaintops
             and spread our green as greenery crops
          We house these creatures in wooden shacks
              and feel the cut of the woodmen's axe
          We watch the peace and wars go by
               and suffer pestilence without a cry
            We dance and sway on winds of old
                to tell our stories far untold..

This is a lyrical poem which can be accommodated by
       Enya's "The memory of trees"
Author of poem is--RW Dennen of Hello Poetry
Thank you kindly
This was my first poem written around 1965.
I was working for GOOD HUMOR on an ice cream truck.
I worked in Merchantville and Pensauken NJ.
On my lunch breaks I would awe at nature because I ate in
wooded areas best way to digest food around silence away
from the hustle and bustle...
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Face of a monkey (Bush)
A nation of lemmings
Into the black abyss
RW Dennen Aug 2014
What are the three Libers


       AnSwEr e
ANSWERE.                                 ANSWERE

      A N S W E R E.           OH PLEASE... COME ON NOW
The answers.       is is is
liberal liberty liberation  ARE YOU A LIBER???
NOT MESSIN' wit sha
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Severely apart
I need to connect with you
I drift like driftwood
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Shepard in a field,
crucified upon  a wooden fence
Your grieving flock was scattered

Liberty's book was swiftly plunged into
the blood of bigotry
Fascism laughed in tones of red, white and blue

Land where our fathers died
Land where our bigots hide
I say to you Amen...

I love Jesus;
you must too
resounded these hollow

Hate is now the doctrine
intertwined morph-boiled into fear and hate,
being poured over enlightenment
in destruction of green lands
youthful sprouts
in destructive steamy waters

The book of Leviticus
is the demise of reason
fractured from critical thinking;
allocated to the current pulped-swine,
swaying in hypnosis listeners of these pulpit-swine-beasts;
they embark with twisted trepidation's disdain

Shepard in other fields of life
into brute submissions
you will succumb being baptised
in your own red pools,
being smitten by the pulpit-swine-listners
of ancient prophets

The dirge, the slow dirge is heard
throughout our delicate land

Ooh sweet brilliant Oscar, we still suffer
as you had
my brilliant Irish lad

I love Jesus
must too
My country tis not for me
sweet land of bigotry
to thee I sing, to thee I sing...
In trubute to Matthew Shepherd, who was murdered by
some young sociopaths because of an innocent ******
RW Dennen Dec 2014
You can splice this WRITING this way, one must read slowly
in order to understand how splicing together stanzas can be read at READINGS involving a spliced stanza is another kind
of  art EXPRESSION on a person's face when reading this
think they are HIGH times will be had by all when reading
THIS will blow MINDS will absolutely shatter after reading
all of this way out NONSENCE can be fun don't you THINK no more, after all of this SPLICING
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Pondering about
my dog,
I think that
perhaps even
if humans
-in general-
sling stones
at their unsuccessful brothers, sisters and themselves,
their dogs
still remain faithful
Could be,
-in general-
realizing that this trait of faithfulness
both in God and Dogs
English-speaking people
-in general-
spell the word, "D-o-g"
but unwittenly
think backwards, "G-o-d"?
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Musical night chants in summer night a calling in stilled darkness
An impending scattered thought soothed by the nightingale

Reflection in a cool reverie
as the great earth-shadow stretches in abundance
The body caressed by moonbeams
dances the rhythm,
and the rhythm flows upon another;
a time to stroke and embrace
the eternal night passion

Participation of the Venus ritual involving heated flesh,
sweet, sweaty smell of pleasure
entwined excitement in a ******
chorus of Nirvana
And the final falling limp relaxation of
the aaah wow...
RW Dennen Aug 2014
I sit besides Aunt Edna and being 10,
fingers gently
scratch my back.
A steady hum of engine,
reflecting horses under hood.
Swishing trees and poles fly by.
An added whistling auto  breeze
wrapped in summer
symphony on the run.
Olfactory treat of country
lilac cradled in country air.

Days surrender to simpler times.
Away we roll-somewhat inclined- into a vesper-fiery
sunset and ice cream
My aunt Edna was a great and gentle lady.
But she would scratch my back while driving.
I didn't know whether to poo my pants or purr
RW Dennen Feb 2015
Wanting you dearly
Needing you cleary
Severely in love
RW Dennen Aug 2014
Walking walkers
that soon vanish
around corners
      ­               crumbs crumbling in crevices.
And some man-made drilled drains
drum drum drops dripping droplets
                                                drains for rats
Roaches run rampant
Running rats reach
reeking rotten
as walking walkers
crush roaches
running rampant
randomly for crazy cracks
that catch crumbs crumbling in
And running rats
     ­                  drains that
Thank thank thank thanks
RW Dennen Dec 2014
Bang those pots and pans
and blow those whistles too
Comes a better year
and love will come to you
Hug, laugh and dance
and leave 16 in the past
Say hello to 17
and give it all a blast
Jump up and down
like good old kangaroos do
Watch that confetti
land on top of you
Kiss all your
loved ones
and giggle in their face
make that yearly *******
never a disgrace
RW Dennen Aug 2014
Orange sunset sky
Words out of the mouths of tots
RW Dennen Feb 2015
Yes, you out there wherever you may be
You try to steal our souls in poems
We know you, to the tee

What twisted motives to be us, by proxy, what cowardess you be
What an empty vessel posses you, such sadness, such despair
You pick our hard imagined fruit and not from your own tree

You clone our minds, like leaches on our skin
You wish us harm, you thieving ***
You wormy monster, a slug, next to kin

I curse you
I loath you
I hate you
You stealers of our youth
Betrayers of our written souls
What lacks is pride, and owners of the truth
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Fashionable entourage
people dance in step
to the beat of hidden
native rituals
Hidden here and there
seeing a pair clad up to the hilt
with colored shades
cool as mountain glades
that never
shakes or simmers
on fire
a real deep desirous searching soul

Rapping about nothing
even though
face to face
words bounce off expressions
as cool as mountain glades
that soon melt-fade
into the distance

Rap, tap, clap
never nap
the cannibus-filled room
embellished by flashing lights
on nights
that take spatial flights
into another world that enters upon
lounging everywhere
people lost in space,
in time,
in androgynous acts

In vogue, you speak to me
about fashions
that dazzle, frazzel, razzle,
and lip curl
and eye twinkle
me to you,
in real
but unreal
MTV blotched, bleached
Sergio Valente dungarees,
then a real feeling child cries
in the background
and is soon hustled off to bed
And never a hurt we laugh
and smile
   and smile
A frozen smile grin;
take it on the chin sport
Keep up the good front
Keep up the grinning fort sport
A sported fort fortified Disneyland
and life's forever
carousel ride
and sweep the dirt under the carpet

A speak about profits
And speak about"ME" yuppie things;
about golden rings
that wrap around ears, around wrists, and cattle noses

Seek time entwined
to search geometrically
the advertisements
that lead you
and nobody but you to you
A love ballad between
one and no one but you
You and you
        and you
         and you
Being good you
                     you being good to you,
Being good to nar-sa-see-you
                                            you being good to only you,
to yoou
     to yoou
                    to yoooooooooou
A typical narcissistic tendency,
the dialogue between one
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Claim the earth beneath
Claim space, the sun, moon and stars
Claim all that is ours
Appreciate it, and smell the roses,we are all
still part of nature
least we forget
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Like a hypnotic beacon in darkness
guiding oily ships,
like this same rhythm,
I sing to myself
so much the same beat,
the song of
apathetic thoughts
of ignorant tranquility   While

smokestack clouds
loosen tears of acid rain
that rust metal on boots
will this prevail?

Dried poisoned earth beneath my feet
Yawning gaps and cracks
frown their crooked gruesome frowns
upon the dust crumbling ground

Micro-macro things float in the air
in which we inhale
Farts from smokestack gases
carbon emissions from cars
forever excrete poisoned
cougher's body-coffin-clouds
of black and blue

Trees as if on bending knees smothered
by accidental fluoride
little and feathered bodies
plummet and land
on polluted blackened ground below

Smokestack refineries
make fishy lakes
into crummy toilet lakes    Oily

ships clumsily spill oil contents upon
the sea to oily sea
Yet so crazy a world
so crazy a song
of easy tranquility
I sing sheepishly,
among TV commercial smokestack wolves
of sitcom ***** darkness,
who gleefully watch all the lambs go by
in "**** TUBE" harmony
RW Dennen May 2016
Being spring thinking it most apropos
for welcoming in our
so sought after warming friend
that influences both attitude and behavior as well
Meanwhile bursting pinkish and white blossoms of cherry and dogwood and the resurrection of tulips, of crocus
of bright yellow daffodils, in accordance, of perfumed scented purple hyacinth
All fall in spring patterns as hues of color and natural perfumed air flourishes everywhere
The air is filled with connecting one being to another
Each being is enthralled with the heated day
Birds chirp on nature's timetable
in genetic rhythm
Warmth fills our nostrils mixed with mother nature in blossoming  fragrance
This new warming day envelopes your body
like a true lover
Your stiffened shoulders and body relax with each easy step taken
Spring skies vanquish the dismal and grey days
revealing a blue and sunny canopy with white billowing clouds
extending into a blue dazzling horizon
Still and at ease are your and my thoughts
as remorseful thinking is now of cheer
And the relaxed warmth and happy chatter
of outside awakened people break the harsh-cold-winter silence

Have you felt your mind and body relax and smile after listening
my dear friends?

A revision from 2014m
And i say, "ahhhhhhhhhhh almost time for shorts;
sandles and a light t-shirt."
RW Dennen Feb 2015
People of peace walk gently
People of strength never be stilled
Abundance awaits those with courage

RW Dennen-

Stay out of Iraq the spirits
Eyes wide opened, boots and shoes lined up in order
in almost perfect straight lines in Philadelphia July 2005
Symbolic death shoes of civilians out of synchronization
in a war of soldiers

Under a small tree meticulously placed
we're children's shoes in a perfect solid circle
I read o months of age on tags
I read 8 years old on tags
I read 12 years old on tags
And on and on the children's lists grew,
as wisdom must have waned
and common decency
was once cherished

These shoes and boots sadly became
the dimishment of human beings,
horizontal and vertical rectangular
snapshots of once smiling faces
all in the name of war, they vanished all too soon

And I saw running tears and tears being held back
and I felt lumpy throat feelings in unison
with the rest but in cemetery silence

Touching deep feelings so overwhelming
is to touch a false bent flower and flowers
and pictures of deceased soldiers and civilians
and letters once presented at doorways
throughout America
America cried its sadness and disbelief,
the vanished breathers of life giving air,
Our sons, our daughters,
Our mothers, our fathers,
Our sisters, our brothers,
Our relatives,
Our close friends,
All perished, like a vampire that ***** away the life blood of
the once innocent

I noticed mostly tourists coming in droves from Market Street
towards us volunteers who were located adjacent to the
visitor's center side entrance as silence like before still prevailed
And like before the atmosphere prevailed even stronger
as these boots and shoes became tombstones

And tender hearts became tombstones
broken into small pieces
Passions never changed into loud speech

And the green turf
rolled down towards the sidewalk
like a green carpet holding all those boots and shoes
like a quilt interwoven with boot and civilian
shoe memories about days that should never
happen again...
A heart rendering experience and what the 'Bush Regime brought about'
RW Dennen Sep 2014
An inland blockade from Israel cut off life
giving supplies to the Palastians in Gaza.
This happened around 2010.
Formulated was the "GAZA FREEDOM FLOATILLA".
Their strategy was to dock in Gaza-away from land-and deliver much needed life saving supplies.
However, the flotilla was seized- on the sea -by the Israeli
Navy consisting of one hundred and fifty sailors.
Around ten people from one of the flotilla ships
were killed and  brutality reigned supreme. ( a Turkish ship fought back )
Incarcerations from the floatilla to Israel's jails took place.
And so I dedicate this writing to these wonderful people of
conscience and their brave hearts upon the sea...

Days of siege
Days of conscience
Days of hope
Sailing to their destination
Days remembered
Day's compassion
Days remembered these needed cargoes held

Engines turning on paths of caution;
love is carried on sailing symbols
Each ship and boat will shout her name
Will shout in spirit dear Rachel Corrie,dear Rachel Corrie
Will shout in spirit dear Rachel Corrie

Brave hearts you suffered so upon the sea
Brave hearts you fought for truth, hope and dignity

Brave hearts on floating love
Brave hearts you are that peaceful powerful dove
Brave hearts you are our guiding light
Brave hearts you pierced that darkened blackened night

Brave Hearts upon the sea...
In addition, The good ship Rachael Corrie was named after
an Irish lassie. She was an activist in Palestine. She was bulldozed over trying to save a poor family's home.
She got in front of it and was plowed under its merciless
tracks. This brave act claimed her and now she belongs to the ages...
RW Dennen Feb 2015
Be smart be alert
Do not hide the truth my friend
Defend the truth until the end

RW Dennen-

Come my brothers and sisters
  let us be basked in the sun of glory
Be we the tears that fall
  surrendered on cheeks that tell their tale

Let slavery's master-yoke be broken
  and cast away

Come my brothers and sisters
and so do join in our power's struggle
  to lend a better day

Come my brothers and sisters
  may your shining soul be at rest

Come be as neighbors no matter far away
  let our colors merge one into one is one;
    let racism fade away
  and let rest us upon the immovable stone
     of brotherhood; so powerful we are
And so too awaits our resolve enlightened by
our hearts of day

Then tear that awful blind of ignorance
and sing our song till all merge into one
And laud that peace that will increase good tidings to us all

Be that light until that sight
when colors merge and BROTHERHOOD,
  to never go away...
The movie "Selma" and that powerful music "Glory" inspired
me to write this piece. I loved Martin for what he did for all colors
on this planet earth
RW Dennen Sep 2014
White as winter skin,
expressionless faces z i p on by,
looking straight ahead

Timepieces remembered,
drudgery over leisure time
All in cadence, same beat, same drummer

Putting on Mona Lisa smiles
and handing out business cards
Numbers dominate words,
words mesh with numbers

Fast food, fast digestive systems
join Popeye's Whimpey ranks
Plop Plop, fizz fizz
Companies, corporations, amalgamations
merge then COLLIDE!!!
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Calm stilled waters flow
A reddened sunset beckons
And wind claims the chimes
RW Dennen Dec 2016
Now the quiet settles upon the plains
Whereas the saddened heart no longer remains
You fought your ancestors fight for freedom rights
inundated in baptismal water in freezing nights
Even braved the growling hounds
Feared not the shielded men of so-called law
You danced your chants and danced so ever tall
and saved the water for us all
for Came the Ancestors To The Call...

For all warriors at standing rock...
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Not much inquiry
is necessary
delineating candlelight
Not much pondering,
only the flickering
whispers which permeate
And transfix time
are the tools
for description...

...something about
the periphery
that lies beyond
its heated source
is the mystical shimmering glow
and its soothing embrace
that hugs
And most matter about... not yet exhausted
heated translucent secretions
gush down
from the hot-tip likened phallus...

...the heated beads reflect the candlelight
Watching the warm trickles,
human feelings are warm
Lightly light
and light headiness
soon embrace...
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Fishing for my heart
   the hook
my being
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Bursting pinkish white blossoms
fall in spring patterns
The air is filled with connecting one being to another
Each being is enthrolled with the heated day
Birds chirp on nature's timetable
in genetic rhythm
The new warmth envelops your body
like a true lover
Your body relaxes in each step that is taken
Spring skies vanquish the dismal grays
revealing a sunny and blue canopy with white billowing clouds
Still and at ease are your and my thoughts
as remorseful thinking is now of cheer
And the relaxed happy chattering
of outside people break the harsh-winter silence
RW Dennen Sep 2014
This is somewhat of a surreal writing and so is the title
well here goes...

Foolin' around with chaos
Kickin' at the cosmos
Not quite known' where
my left foot and right foot
really belong

Wondren' if the stains
in my undershorts
are the results
of nicotine  

Imaginin' the Philly goliath
clothing statue around 15th and Market
constructed to clamp
onto Willys Nose

Wittnessin' the  "Parkin' Authority"
rhythmically writin' on pads
their violation ticket songs
to the quarter meters of cash flow

Drizzly watchin'
The multitude of "Ben Hurs"
precariously skim
and fly around the corner
at 16th and Market headin' north  And

seekin' self-infliction
by seriously
tellin' a waitress
that she really serves the best food in town. And
salutin' every Admiral dressed doorman
that I pass. Then later,

overhearin' a good "Samaritan"
tell a street ******
that four roses
can also be sniffed as well

Thoughts of Christ
nailed to the " Charles Schwab" edifice
with a thorny looking crown
made from antiquated ticker tape
His side pierced by
piggy bank breakers,
and the outpouring of green inscriptions
that state, " In God we trust."

All these things
race through the squeaking
reels of my mind already
corroded by seen corruption as a
passing Krishna group's chant permeates
the thick city air
And an unnoticed dying dove raises
its quivering right wing
as if in a last salute to peace

And all too well I know,
how the city devours its youth
like Goya's " Saturn Devouring his Son"

All too soon, in the sunlight
of my benevolent youthfulness within,
a chilled blanket of knowing about ignorance
overwhelms me
Tormented by indefinable tormentor,
The love-lust for life diminishes
and captured by surrounding greed
and torn asunder

Driven away, sitting in Rittenhouse Square,
touched by two lovers
as squirrels
scamper playfully
          over dead dried
                 Autumn leaves...
                         ...that  crackle...
Looks like the day started out being silly into a day of being serious. Funny how, at times, life changes, even in a half surreal world
RW Dennen Aug 2014
Watching night step-sitters staring at each passerby
abiding time as if counting sheep stepping with the city's cadence
Hearing sirens alarming in their BEWARE BLARING;
persistent fearfulness for evil and citizens securities
Staring-walking-bodies searching a barren land prostrating
before the great needle
Patched streets and decaying sidewalks by flooding night lights lay surreal

DECAYING fingers of poverty playing its fingers into every crack, crevice; into every pore, into every cell member
into one's whole being
Sounding the hip-hop generation street corners of hustlers
jiving away the night
The hustled and hustlers' overwhelming struggling for power; being surrounded by red brick and stone; being  incased in poverty

Pounding city hysteria;
at times laying silent in sleepless depth
by the waning gradualness;
anytime readying itself to ERUPT
RW Dennen Oct 2014
My body is a vehicle
so I do pretend
And this I will defend
until the bitter end

Walking nearest stores,
and doors that open out
or get it in the SNOUT

Weave in and out
when traffic turtles walk,
cross your late fingers
to hear your bosses' BALK

Keeping to your right,
an american decision,
on the opposite side;
walking the English way,
a body collision

hog-walkers walking s t r a i g h t  i n  a  l  i  n  e
slower than molasses
and YAPPING all the time
REEEEVEEE up your engine
and pass them on the left,
say a "Hail Mary"
and CURSE their walker's theft

Pavement hogs on corners
gather all about
Sometimes I dream,

Pheeeew have a good caminar, mis amigos
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Walk the quiet crimson country,
ramble lightly
the silenced path,
on soft padded earth
Discarded temporal matters

Liberty from
heavy status vestures,
society's outward burdensome show...
RW Dennen Feb 2015
A mother holds her baby
Birth by nature is never sequestered
All originate from Earth Matrix
RW Dennen Sep 2014
My country right or wrong
we shall still sing her song and bombs away
on you
Bombs away on FDR we think he got away too far
in giving peasants below, our merit, the audacity to inherit,
our country 'tis only for me'

We'll work you until your flesh falls off, nine till five is not enough, to sell our gizmos here and far, to gluttons all alike
Ooops! (melody old man river)
...  Oh tote dat barge and lift dat bale,
ya gets ah little drunk and ya lands in Jaaail

Pull yourself by your own bootstraps, who cares if opportunity naps, while the "America Dream" fades away
cause thirty years of us

America ' tis only for me but not those signers of Democarcy
in Philly where they took that oath, on that **** parchment
I abhor,
on that damnable parchment I ABHOR!!
When in the service, we all pledged to preserve the constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies.
We are always talking foreign enemies, than I wonder where
the domestic enemies are?
RW Dennen Jan 2015
Iraqi Mother cradles child
Sudden incoming bomb shrill
Nothing but rubble
Not only did our troops get the ***** end of the deal
Also innocent civilians as well as the rich got richer
I really feel anguish and sorrow for both sides in general
I take no sides, only against these filthy rich profiteers
These vampires that drink their blood money
RW Dennen Sep 2014
All is silent and calm
when wars cease
A ressurection, brings its peace

Behold the field of battle will
bandy its curdled dead for nature's
abundant aura

The makings of war will ebb
then be cast aside,
unobtrusive from the sight of man
And let be known the chains of suppression
be rent asunder

Vanity must surrender its erroneous course
For on this day victory of truth will reign
For on this day an exultant resonance will sound its voice
once again
And on this day, wisdom will take hold,
like Hercules in victory with one mighty peaceful
blow in truth, vanish all foe of peace

Take heed by your very wisdom and let fly
that dove and let it soar and cast
its shadow on our land...
RW Dennen Mar 2015
Wanting you dearly
Needing you clearly
Severely in love

RW Dennen-

Don't  cry baby
  For I'll be near;
I must go, my journey ends;
  so touch and kiss my picture upon the wall

Don't cry baby
  All is fine, just journeying and drifting
to a different timeless-time

Don't cry baby
  Life begins, beyond the stars,
    where spirits sing on high regards
to saddened hearts aching somberly,
  like slow breaking hearts and slow breaking waves
      upon a tearful saddened sea

Don't cry baby
  remember you; remember me;
let beautiful remembrances forever be
  about just you alone, alone with me

Don't cry baby
  Think of you and think of me;
with two hearts merged into one;
  walking hand in hand into infinity...
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