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Parker Oct 2021
I view the world through the lens of my parents
All men as power hungry, ***** animals that I'll never be enough for
All women as not wanting me, rejecting my very being without knowing who I am
Andrew Layman Mar 2021
Let's not be coy
I said,
wagging my finger
you are here to talk about me
I said repeatedly
to the mirror
so talk---
I said, playfully
or I will.
Larissa Frost Jan 2021
The siren saved me
With her fragrant tune
On the water
At half past noon
He couldn’t resist
And she pulled him
To have him join her
As her daily feast
At half past noon.

                      -L. Frost
Rebecca Oct 2020
Come one, come all!
I invite you now to the narcissistic ball!

A herd of manipulators will dominate this masquerade.
It will be a sight to see, get your ticket now and don’t be late!

The theme of tonight’s event is sociopathic tendencies,
preying on other people’s vulnerabilities.

Infatuated with themselves, lack any feeling.
Making love to their reflection is what they find appealing.

Mirror mirror on the wall
who is the grandest egomaniac of all?
They will be crowned tonight, didn’t you know?
You will find out if you dare to show!
Evie G Oct 2020
Aloof in the wind, perfectly poised to the sun.
Dressed in the disguise of men he’d seen in movies.
Waiting, in the wrinkles of leather jackets
Waiting, intoxicating scent of cigarettes
Hiding with teeth infested vines
Hiding, fingers meshed into the roots
Cowering, it can’t hide from a mind so sharp it wounds him
A disgusting entity , suffering.
Oozing, contorting to fit the eye of the beholder
Repulsive vines splutter bitter sap that once seemed so sweet to me
Yeah so this was some vent poetry, I think we’ve all unfortunately met someone like this. Any comments are much appreciated.
mark soltero Sep 2020
i don’t care  
i might be afraid
but i don’t care
it won’t matter
when i won’t be
lemme go on record and say I was definitely listening to nirvana when I was thinking ab this
Cattatonicat Jul 2020
You wanted me to be tiny like you

The compliments you gave out in the beginning
Dried up and soon nothing I did was enough for you

I went out of my way to help you the first time
After that, you took my help for granted, made me do it over and over again
You acted helpless to guilt me, and the truth is you didn’t want to help yourself
When I tried to stop, you left a hurtful letter, out in the open, very well visible, on the kitchen table
Yes, I know you lied about the fact that you wrote the letter for your eyes only
Yes, I know you wrote the letter to hurt me and manipulate me
That’s when I should have left you, but I was too nice, I was too naive

I did most of the cooking, and you did most of complaining about the food
You started to control the way I dress, you wanted me to dress the way that was acceptable to you
You also didn’t want me to be with my friends

You belittled the work I did to chase my dream
If I work for my dream, I would grow, and you didn’t want that
You needed me to be tiny, so you could control me

I couldn’t let you manipulate me into being tiny like you
I have a dream I can’t possibly achieve if I’m tiny like you
I can’t let that happen
That’s why you are not in my life
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
I am a garden exploding with flowers,
Like a work of art
but your eyes were closed and
You didn’t care to listen to my thoughts,
You cursed me when I begged you to stop...
spelled your curse words...
Your so smart
I’m a landscape designer and really connect spiritually in the garden. I begged my narcissist to stop calling me names which included every name in the book. Once I started counseling, I demanded that he stop cursing me so he would spell out your a “B I T C H.” He’s an attorney so he thinks he’s smarter than everyone.
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
I TOOK it and HEARD it
And tried to forgive,
Forgive the last time, or time before,
Forgive all the hurt
But I couldn’t take it anymore
Now the only person
I need to forgive is myself
For trusting a monster
Who is in love with himself
I was taught to be forgiving so I forgave horrific and abusive behavior over and over again always hoping it would be better but things escalated as I became more tolerant of abuse and he became more violent.
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