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Thats what he said...
He was gifting him self to me..
No egotistical yes...
Lasted a whole 3 minutes at most
Waited a year
Strung along
By his ******* poetry lines
Repeated rhymes
Bad times..
I changed
Not Impressed
He remains
An undesired
Preyed on my weakness knowing I was in a broken state makes me hate him more. Thanking me for putting my guard down for him...only a true ***** does that lesson learned. His gift I misunderstood. He meant he is Gods gift to women ..ugh gross regrets soulless
Kyu Jun 23
"We are taught to hate ourselves."
     I was brought up to hate myself
     Only worth what others say I am worth.
That conditional love...
     I was born, without a choice
     but to trust you.
     I unconditionally love you;
     but you're not entitled to hurt me.
Every day my heart is ripped a thousand ways.
   I don't know me
      only who you told me I was to be
      who you said I was allowed to be
      do you hate the true me?
Why do you not want me to shine?
     You knock me down and I don't understand why.
     Belittle and break me until I cry.
     Nothing is good enough no matter how I try.
     When I begged for support; you said to stop that lie.
     I needed your love and you said goodbye.
     So I gave up... I wanted to die.
The pain of a distant relationship with you
   hurts less...
Than the pain of trying to endlessly please you
          the pain of never being good enough
                pain of impossible standards
                         of emotional abuse
                              conditional love
m h John May 10
i stood over the sink
waiting for it to fill up
so i could wash
yesterday’s tears
out of my face
when suddenly
i felt your words
grab behind my neck
and submerge me underwater
i could hear every
hateful word you said
muffled beneath the water
when I pulled my head up
the sink was filled with bubbles
and that was your way
of apologizing today
until you do it again tomorrow
don’t drown in the narcissist words
When you see her,

she is as magnificent as the rest,

however, when you look closer,

closer to her essence,

you can find something beautiful.

Beauty, however, comes at a price,

a price, which not many could,

nor would pay, as they would rather,

have their soul remain sane,

then their mind restrained.

As something such as beauty,

is but a matter of opinion,

yet the very depths of it,

the essence is worth,

this strange endeavour.

She may make you happy,

Might even bring you tears,

despite all of that you were aware,

that she had thought of but one,

and that one was herself alone.

Narcissistic, egotistical, self-absorbed,

all thy words speak but nought of her presence,

as even life itself was aware,

the only one which she cared for,

was none other, but her own.

Maybe there was something you could do,

however, to tame her and change her,

as there was beauty within her somewhere,

yet you were not sure, as your final moments came,

as the narcissistic flower grew closer in your grasp.

Devouring you.
Love with a narcissist
m h John Apr 1
i spent my life trying to please
someone with a twisted disease
i broke myself down
and tucked my feelings away
to become the person
they wanted me to be
i let myself be watched
through the glass of a two sided mirror
of a sociopath
i wallowed my spirit away
and begged for acceptance
but there’s nothing in the world
that i could do
to let the narcissist know
that i am human too
the only thing that can please a narcissist is being miserable
Jodie-Elaine Mar 14
The narcissistic urge flips eggs now.
Our ex-veteran father-figure gets a hamster, calls it Snuffles.
The thing you don’t know until the end of the script of the Tarantino-twist is that our protagonist sits
rocking back and forth in
a barren room inside a strait-jacket.

Meanwhile, our enemy shouts
something along the lines of:
"grab a spoon
I hope they don’t wash their hands"
The stones fallen off their strings,
gunshots hotwire themselves away from
a dubstep kind of drilling, the pipe dream
of an intimate email relationship.
Shout again,
"I hope you never feel those clammy hands.
Your diner eggs stink
I chucked up
In the kitchen bin.
Snuffles, a weird poem from my collection: 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY AND BRAIN FARTS FOR UNSOLICITED MICROWAVE HEADS' (again, yes all caps)
Dee Dec 2018
The I love you's and I miss you's all turned to violent threats,
All the giggling and the laughing became broken whimpered frets..
My once smiling lips became pinched tightly around a burning cigarette,
Your whispered sweet words gone, you shout at me angry and upset.
Accusations loud and sharp were thrown at me without regret.
Anxiety disguised as butterflies bruised my insides from all your texts.
The fear at your reactions always present in my mindset,
No more of this! I'm done paying in angst some racked up unknown debt.
I'm done forever proving I'm alone at home and not getting some guys **** wet,
I tried but I am done, this isn't love being trapped inside your net.
But like a Phoenix in the ashes, I'm reborn from all the fires that you set.
The chains you tried to bind me in are gone now, in my life I've pressed reset,
I'm happy that I left you and broke free, on that you can bet.
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