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Frances Taylor Dec 2018
Us humans are beautiful, original creations
but we are -  
We make up such a tiny part
of the universe and all of her stars.
Just one second of an hour - our time on earth.
Just one second of an hour - is that all its worth?
The damage we’ve created so far,
is unbelievable,
unreconcilable maybe?
In the words of Al Gore,
the truth is inconvenient
so much so
some don’t even believe in it.
Our world leaders say climate change isn’t real,
well that's not how the world's expert scientists feel.
We are just a speck, a tiny cog in a giant wheel,
but so powerful.
We have the power to create change.
To stop Climate Change.
uv May 2018
It is an unconventional truth
It starts and it roots
You start the engine right
You gear the stem in sight
You step on it faster
It runs more like a master
When it is time it over takes
Its a chance it loves to take
Just try to step on the right
It slows down with all its might
Drinks of the earth it drinks
Empities it with a blink
It greeds over it more
Can you handle it like before
It runs in the count of miles
Starts eating the green inside
It donates a lot of stuff
Believe me you do not want it bluff
It slowly taking over
Planning to become a ruler
Multiplying more than our race
Becoming the faith of the earths face
Lets take our control now
Save the world before its down
Lets see the beautiful skies blue
Before they bid adieu.
April Mar 2018
I see the deaths of a thousand trees
In stacks of paper that heavenward climb
And tell the stories of things long past
That the trees have seen

Is it only I who can see their lives,
The precious lives we’ve squandered here?
Is it only I who mourn the trees
Who gave their lives unwillingly
For the sake of knowledge?
Am I the only one who hears their cries?
The whispers of the leaves remain
And speak of loss
RW Dennen Sep 2015
Soft sweet meadow
radiating its breath of life;
sounding its serenity
in echoes of the mind's eye

Living in this flat land
lay plush
in wild, multicolored-flowery-pockets in greenery
blankets "Sweet Meadow"  with fresh quickened

And by our bedroom window
with a summer night's soft evening breeze
mellow cheeeping can be heard from way way down below
seemingly luring us to...

              ...AND LISTEN!!
Chant dear chorus
as violinist in "Cricket Suits"
join this cantor
that swings with rhythm
with wheezing sounding bugs, AH HUMMING!!
and an intermission of
Cha  Cheep,  Cha  Cheep
that breaks the nocturnal entomological singing
with ephemeral intermissions

Be bewitched by brillance as
tunes fly and z i n g
their little
songs so sweet a talent
little bugs sweetly sing
their little
tale of talent
in "Soft Sweet Meadow"

Comforted by vibrating frequencies
the air is electrical clasping
our good-inner child
as this meadow
unfolds its truth
being beneficial
to us all

We journey not too far
for this field draws us
to its delightful *****
We irresistibly suckle on its daytime scenic eye-filling foliage
later eliciting dreams made of peaceful slumber

Cha Cheep,  Cha Cheep and good night...
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Like a hypnotic beacon in darkness
guiding oily ships,
like this same rhythm,
I sing to myself
so much the same beat,
the song of
apathetic thoughts
of ignorant tranquility   While

smokestack clouds
loosen tears of acid rain
that rust metal on boots
will this prevail?

Dried poisoned earth beneath my feet
Yawning gaps and cracks
frown their crooked gruesome frowns
upon the dust crumbling ground

Micro-macro things float in the air
in which we inhale
Farts from smokestack gases
carbon emissions from cars
forever excrete poisoned
cougher's body-coffin-clouds
of black and blue

Trees as if on bending knees smothered
by accidental fluoride
little and feathered bodies
plummet and land
on polluted blackened ground below

Smokestack refineries
make fishy lakes
into crummy toilet lakes    Oily

ships clumsily spill oil contents upon
the sea to oily sea
Yet so crazy a world
so crazy a song
of easy tranquility
I sing sheepishly,
among TV commercial smokestack wolves
of sitcom ***** darkness,
who gleefully watch all the lambs go by
in "**** TUBE" harmony

— The End —