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I’ve pushed things to the edge
And I know my faults are clear
But now the horrors sinking in
You may no longer be near
For what it’s worth I’m sorry
I’m filled up with remorse
And all the tears that fall down my face
Are from a greater force
I turned into a monster
A kind you’ve seen before
And now our love is on the line
And you’re almost out the door
I know these words are empty
That they often can betray
But I want you here beside me
And there’s more I wish to say
I’m sorry that I hurt you
I live with it each day
And the pain that I put you through
Is not my loving way
The fear I have is growing
Of losing you forever
I’ll put it all on the line for you
With passion in each endeavor
I still will make mistakes
And I’ll mess up as people do
But of any mistake I’ll regret the most
Is the one where I lose you
So I come to you in shambles
And I hope that you will see
That I want you forever
That I love you, devil lady

This one was written a while ago in 2018.
Jade Wright Dec 2020
Hello Tier thirteen
Keep your cages nice and clean
Purse your lips and nod.
Karijinbba Aug 2019
I am underwater how do I chase?

Please forgive my blockings being unfollowed saddens me
I am only human make mistakes

Trying to understand your poetry without seeing your face
as the mirrors fogs I pushed to defog and unmask  

I am a realist in attitude
vission depiction is hard to do

seeing across the cyber space cold computer screen with clarity is exausting however fun

I guess I lost it forgive me
what I searched for desperatly
to find and hungrily devour
has found me instead

the final blow was executed
bittersweet the object of my
obsession has withdrown
a sacred tree tored in half

I remain changed wiser
a crying sorrowful nymph
bent fallen in this battlefield arena
my world in shambles remains
my sacred tree unreachable is

I struggle to breath as
I come up for a little fresh air
and a mighty hand pushes
me down
down under water again
and again

I appologize have mercy on my soul beloved loyal reader how much more wiser thou art

I hope whats on the other side is better than on this mirrored life of mine.

understand me please I pleed
that I may gather strenght
before I go hence and be no more
By: Karijinbbs
It is only human to err and make mistakes and all we can do is learn and bless our beloved runners escapist no matter the pain.
neth jones Sep 2018
Clamber! You are a Shambles
Scale the scree
Tilt the axis of your *****
Up turn your gravity
(It's a matter of urgency)

I want to break your brand
And scare you up a heart
...but that task is for you
And to be achieved
In your time

I still feel criminal as an onlooker
Richard Grahn May 2017
Your intriguing smile
Left me in shambles again
I’m caught in your web
Sami Rose Sep 2015
I kissed you as the stars fell because I knew it better depicted our love than anything else could. We shined so brightly so quickly, but like all beautiful things, we turned into shambles. I swear though, I never felt more love than our one o'clock screaming phone calls and alcoholic lullabies.
Just when you think you're doing okay,
just when you think your life might finally be headed in the right direction,
someone from your past walks by in the grocery store.

They don't have to be someone who was particularly special or important to you or your life at any point.

They don't even have to be a friend.

Regardless of who they are,
they never fail to remind you that your life is not actually ok--
it's in shambles,
and suddenly that oh-so-genuine smile on your face
cuts into you like so much shattered glass,
because your life *****,

and nothing you have done up to this point can actually change it at the end of the day.
August 30, 2015

I was literally at the store, getting groceries, when an old acquaintance from a few years ago walked by in my peripheral vision. I recognized his face, though his name took a moment. I was surprised he remembered my name...

Anyway, I chatted with him and his lovely wife, made the usual resolutions to hang out some time, etc.

After they left, though, I was just struck with a feeling of what could be called existential nihilism. I really don't know. It just ******.

On a side note, it reminds of a tattoo an ex once mentioned: "Life's a b*tch and then you die."
The Wordsmith Aug 2015
I converse with the insane,
And I see dead people,
I seek no fame,
Or salvation from church steeples,
I am alone,
Yet in my head we are many,
A clamoring of voices,
Above the anarchy of it all,
This world is broken, a place where life is a gamble,
And familial bonds are broken down in shambles,
I am a grateful dead, of a time long forgotten,
And like that I shall remain, till my bones are long rotten.
I have no idea what this is supposed to be about, wrote it in the heat of the moment, so please feel free to comment with interpretations!!! :)
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