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Nat Aug 2021
Playful smears of ink
And all that they imply
Rubbed across the page
To tease the naked eye
Camera, lights, action...
Wake up, get up and don't forget to stay up.
Sway n walk but remember not to drop,
this is what we are going to call fashion.
Bring your hips left to right, stand up tall
and try not to fright. Bright lights up in it,
cause every gentleman loves to stare as the
senorita walks up the stairs in her high stilettos.
Smell of fresh fabric and the grip of leather tights,
take it and wear it because tonight you're the Queen
of the ball baby, coming out through the dark light.
We want fashion, poise and something to call Sensuous.
Do the cat walk
Strike a pose and tip to your toes,
cause tonight is fashion.
Competitive looks and reading books, you know you're in
it for the game to win it.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

Swathed in cloth of gold
Strokes for wolf and lions tamed
Charm him with her cups

You know what time it is! Another haiku ^-^
Thanks again for all the love and support! I saw Hekate was trending for a while, im really grateful! 🙏
Todays haiku follows another woman of myth, the Enchantress Circe, another woman I adore.
Ive read so many myths about her as well as Madeline Miller's novel, Circe (a fantastic read and adaptation of her story - her writing is impeccable. A definite recommend!)
Her role in the Odyssey I've always found somewhat charming, as charismatic as enigmatic as Hekate in a way. And I always try to be playful when conveying sensuousness also hehe!
Thanks again everyone, it truly himbles me to see people enjoying this series! 🙏💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Tafuta Atarashī Sep 2019
butterflies that fluttered
in your heart after our eyes met,
Have bloomed into carnations
Full of stars constellated
With passion between
your thighs.
can feel the heat
of your unseen
As it begins to rise
As the sun on the horizon
until your sensuous reaches zenith
and I witness
Your flower petals kaleidoscope and unfurl
As you release sweet nectar that pearls,
with aromatic efflorescence,
Onto the the surface
Of my stamen
Inked Quill Aug 2018
Dear Darling
What turns me on
Isn’t the thought of you
On that date
That you held me
At my waist
Pulling me to you
What turns me on
Is what your tongue
Can do to the moist heat
Between my legs
And I look forward
To a sensuous serendipity
When it’s least expected of you
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