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Sep 2015 · 6.6k
Act like a champion
"Watch that lady. She has been standing there for as long as I remember. Still waters hold no treasure that's why ocean flows with unwavering current. Watch her closely she's obsessed with her phone; changing display pictures forever...  smart girls change fortune"
-Matthias Pantaleon, [Act Like A Champion]
Aug 2015 · 843
Black Hawk
Seven men gunned down
Two taken captive at the foot of the hills
One cooling off in the belly of the beast
Seven more buried in unmarked graves

Alpha tango, alpha tango
Black hawk is down
Do you read me
Black hawk is down

We are neck deep in enemy's line
Chances of survival are slim
More men will be bury unceremoniously
To retreat is not an option

Alpha tango, alpha tango
This is the last man standing
In the pool of his own blood
Confirm you read me

Enemy forces are advancing fast
There are few choices to make
Except to do the unthinkable
And die with the enemies

Alpha tango, alpha tango
My daughter will be one in two weeks
I wouldn't be there to buy her gifts
Grant me but this wish to give her a bundle of flowers

Tell my wife I'll die
Thinking warmly of her
Send roses to my mother
Tell her I love her till the end

Alpha tango, alpha tango
This soldier is asking your permission
To die for a just cause
Over and out!
Jul 2015 · 841
they want to strip me of my selfhood
They want me to talk like them,
write like them and even snore like them

It may be the norm for some folks,
no disrespect but not me
I cannot accept the script they wrote for me
I write my own story and despite what they
may think of me; I owe them no apology

And whether they like it or not,
I will still be like this tomorrow
and if I die, at least I have given them
something peculiar to remember me with

© Matthias Pantaleon
Jun 2015 · 813
One Love
Let's build a world
of laughters
and choral singing
against a realm
of malice
and suicide bombing

© Matthias Pantaleon
Jun 2015 · 754
Keep Your Distance
I did not beg to be loved by you
Your affection itch every ounce of me
I'll do well knowing that I'm not yours
Gracious omen it would spell for me

You will do well to keep your distance
I do not wish to come across your footprints
Even if it's the only way in the world
I rather stay here and burn cold like ghost

I don't see us sharing the same fate
There is nothing in the future you propose
I see me standing alone, there is no you, no us
Just the distance between us and the fog ahead
Jun 2015 · 393
Take It
know it
from the start
you were looking
for a reason to leave me
now, you find one - take it
Jun 2015 · 2.2k
Friday's Child
I was born at night tall like swagger cane
A Friday's child - delivered with muse
That was fortunate enough for my parents
Oral poetry poured plentiful in the morning

That's what Saturdays are good for
Teachers worn their loincloth lose
As wine and fish soup flowed at ease
While farmers set out to burn in the sun

Now you'll understand why I chose not to be
a Saturday's child, I dread to be a farmer
Heavy drinking may not be my fate as well
It sure sets the mood right for what's right

I took sides with either of the two vices
I pitched my tent where grace and virtues lies
Jun 2015 · 932
Make A Wish
With unflinching faith,
wish on a star.
Knit your dreams,
It'll lead you to the be among
the stars
Jun 2015 · 6.1k
Whatever you do always say a little prayer,
read poetry - read between the lines
and watch the stars in the night sky
you'll be amazed how many friends
will find their way into your heart
friends who'll never leave you for the world;
friends like love-joy and quiet-laughters
Jun 2015 · 4.8k
Black Knight
I make a lot of enemies without intending,
They outnumber me greatly with their size
but they cannot withstand the wrath of fury;
I come ****** but unbowed to these wimps

Hence, they unleash a band of Anthropophagus
Well, I have the ***** to slain these monsters
The sight of them is infuriating, less frightening
I gave them something to mourn - I have to

Again, I walked away from the battle unbowed
Because I have what it takes to **** a mockingbird
But, it didn't make me feel better or worse
I have to put up with them and their excesses

Now, you will understand why I never turn to see
who stab me in the back - it's not worth turning
Jun 2015 · 928
Take My Breath Away
Through the eyes of the mirror
I see you melt away
taking my breath as you go
You ain't going nowhere far from me;
as long as you take my breath with you
I will find you
Jun 2015 · 664
Throw Him To The Wolves
Come to your senses and keep your distance
How you do it - is entirely your piece of cake
At all times wear a long, pale face around me
Do not as much as smile at my birman kittens

They can't stand your sight or the likes of you
It's unthinkable how I put up with you these years
Said you'll be there for me when you actually mean
You will never come an inch close to my street  

Now, the storm is over or so you thought
Like the wretched dog you are - shamelessly
You crawl your way unto my doorstep, with the
Hope I'd throw myself at you for all its worth

I rather get drown in the middle of nowhere
Than to stand the pathetic sight of you anywhere
Jun 2015 · 760
I Am Not Yours
We cannot travel
in each other's arms
My arms belong
to another traveller

Close enough
to keep us apart,
and forever

Wide enough
to thread a needle
and secure the
thread with a knot
Just so you know
Jun 2015 · 485
The End
It's night and the cloud is heavy with storm
Rain will be here soon, my mother hurriedly
Put away the chickens in their wooden castle
An a few baskets to trap water for tomorrow

The first pebbles drop, hitting the rooftop
Like nuts and bolts from the mechanic village
We rejoice as Heaven empties her stream
And it rains plentiful filling seven big baskets

Then, the hissing starts from a near distance
Our windows clap to the rhythm of the wind
Then the quarrelling begins, the wind wouldn't
Stop hitting our windows and damaging three

Why didn't you shut the windows? My father screamed!
That's the end, he said no more, we slept in the cold
Jun 2015 · 360
Forever August
If you wait for me you will meet death alone
Because I will never be caught dying with you
Keep moving, don't look behind your shoulders
There is nothing behind you, but mere shadows

Don't tell anyone I had been with you lately
They'd never believe a single word you breathe
Don't try to convince them, they'll get infuriated
Wipe off your sheepish grin and follow your heart

Don't stop listening to your heart - not once
If you do, your heart will stop beating forever
But you'll not die anyway, you'll stop existing
Like the shadows behind you, you'll diminish

And if you wait for me you will meet death alone
I'm forever August, I'll never be caught dying with you
Jun 2015 · 580
Petite Amie
A flawless piece of monument
Radiant like a sparkling white bonnet
She seized the shine for the moment
Soft girlie smile like Aja Monet

She got me filled with excitement
In the pen it's called heart magnet
The type that left you in astonishment
I got my hands sterilise in muse cabinet

So, I could put down a few statement
Maybe a line from my favourite sonnet
To melt her heart and end this segment
Together we'll reign, Lady and Baronet

If we come under attack, she'll be the cornet
I'll protect the flanks of our cavalry like hornet
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
The Saga Continues
Blood on the street;
The man who cast the first stone
was discharged and acquainted
While passersby were jailed

Cabal in the chambers;
Making treacherous remarks
Lady Justitia is not only shortsighted
The silence of her treachery is deafening

Customise looting spree;
Men of means are pardon of their sins
While men of straw burn in hell
A cleansing ritual to appease angry gods

Two mad men fighting without cause
One is protected with immunity clause
Jun 2015 · 944
Elastic Limit
I could not leave you
because I love you
I finally left you
because I had to

When a man say it's over
he has reached the elastic
limit of his patience

I'll not forget you
because I'll miss you
But, there'll be no tears
and there'll be no goodbye

— The End —