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I'm naked
My eyes become the gate to the tapestry of life,
shifting waters, temporary islands
of dirt
you cannot trust
I'm surrounded
Shadows of the flying oceans fighting the heat,
mother almighty, kissed by all power
of connection
you cannot beat

The green devil holds the truth in its everlasting clouds
they sing and dance to the drums of the soil
and cry, always cry
all the way to the source

I'm human
I curse and I curse
every and each hand
that tore down that gate
for pieces of colored paper

I'm everything
The us that didn't run from the truth of being
The us that became them after the sea routes
Lips and eyes that are entire bodies
Bodies that touch harmony
and see through the past
Becoming one
with wild, roots and sap
Amazon Forest, photography exhibition
Damon Robinson Dec 2021
There is this pair of sweatpants,
they sit in the bottom left drawer of my dresser.
I like to picture myself wearing them.

That comfortable,
snuggly feeling.
Like a warm hug
from an old friend
you used to crush on.

It's such an out there concept,
- but imagine if it happened.
wearing those sweatpants
from the bottom left drawer of my dresser.
Or that black hoodie
that my mom got me two Christmases ago
the one that she special purchased because so it'd fit just right
Or any stained shirt ever
one that you can wear for comfort at home
because finally no one is watching.

I learned young
to button-up
so that there wouldn't be
as many eyes watching me today
so i can go and buy my favourite candy
from that gas station down the street.

And I always wondered
why some people's sunday best
was my only way to feel normal.

I was about 10
when I learned
that wearing comfortable
might get me stopped
by the police today.

I guess this is what it's like
to be true
and free.
to this day i cannot go to any store without feeling like a criminal. @DamonRobPoetry
GaryFairy Nov 2021
take a course and forget what that course meant
take a job with the code enforcement
make a code and brutally enforce it
lead a horse, don't know where that horse went

sleeping dogs have the sharpest teeth
with a hunger from the heart beneath
who better could ever deserve this land
government visionary missionary businessman

make up a law just to break it
put it to sleep and then you wake it
take away and over-take it
it's my bedroll, let me make it

take a bow your job is done so keep it
make a candlestick and try to leap it
pull the wool down then fleece it
lead the sheep, forget where the sheep went
Ken Pepiton Feb 2021
From labyrinth in Istanbul, my eye spied a familiar cord

How can any education
Be a sufficient insurance
For a pathetic population
Keeps favoring ignorance

From <>

Truth known makes free,
truth hid is not ignored,
it waits the fire the next time innocents
are sacrificed to lies. ... thanks, you gave me a spark,

as real as any angel a self anoints another, go
be a lying spirit in the mouth of the tyrant's prophets,
let all the wise

laugh at the possibility of one peacemaker's leaven,
leavening the entire lump, liked or not.

Plop. On to the publisher's desk, piles of wonder and ifity.
A fantasy realm,
counter trope, here the so-called victor-victim ratio,
is imperceptibly low,
we have a regulation: each day requires
its sufficiency of evil,
no harm done is intentionally not possible,
otherwise you get a dimension of flat metric orthogonal
constructive critics
assuming unassigned roles. Do you dance? Or only read along?

Behold how great a fire words may kindle in a satisfied mind.
Permission granted is a state to be in, if you can imagine that's our native earthling state. If we are not the happy people, such must be imaginated.
Julia Jan 2021
Once upon a time
Before the whites stormed our prairies
Like it was theirs from
The beginning
We roamed as we pleased
No cares but our own
Life was simple
We were
They came like a wolf in sheep's clothing
Only wanting peace and a
Fair chance
We comply
We make space
Yet they are not
They take our outstretched hand
But pull a thread of our clothes
From behind our backs
with the other
Turning and running
till we are left naked
And we wonder
When they will be
We’re driven to places
That are not our home
They claim they have Providence
On their side
They will do as they please
Until their goal is
So here we live
Where they say we can
In the way they allow
And though it has been
Hundreds of years
We will not be silent for
Our killed brothers and sisters
Our stolen land, our stolen lives
We will not be silent
We are not
I am not Native American, this was for a history final where we tried to look from a different perspective.
rayma Nov 2020
when we first came to this land,
blood was shed for our entitlement.
when we first came to this land,
we took the things that were never ours
and trampled its native growth.
when we first came to this land,
we instilled in it a sickness that may never be cured;
we tarnished sacred lands with greed we call virtue,
and when we did so, we stood on the throat of humanity.

there are some people who are doomed to repeat history.
there are some people who will trample native growth,
spread sickness,
and stand on the throats of our people.
with the heavy weight of six centuries upon our shoulders
we stand,
a hobbled nation no longer able to stride,
heads held high,
through this sea of blood without meeting challenge.

with six centuries passed, we commit genocide anew.
it is not the native growth that suffers,
but the very peddlers of greed who are infected
by the sickness of consequence.
but they alone will not suffer.
as we march through this new iteration of history
wearing death masks instead of cloth,
thousands of innocents lose their lives
in a battle of which they were never a part.

the single day that we dedicate to gratitude,
the one day of the year some remember
to give thanks in between passing heavy dishes,
is not a commemoration of discovery.
it is a commemoration of consequence and greed.
and six centuries later,
it is our own people who we will massacre with the cry of freedom.
This year, I'm celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day by staying home and staying masked. America's history is a ****** one, but there's no reason why we can't stop history in its tracks. With Covid-19 cases continuing to rise and falling further from our control, please rethink your plans if you're gathering with people outside your home this Thanksgiving. Anyone can get the virus, and your need to gather with family while others remain stuck in isolation could **** your parents, your grandparents, your nieces/nephews, and even you. Holidays happen every year, there's no reason why you can't miss just this one. Please stay safe and celebrate responsibly. Wishing everyone out there lots of love and healing, and a quick recovery to those infected/effected by the pandemic ❤
Krystal M Toney Sep 2020
My feet tease the path
as I dare to venture
deeper into my own
simple pleasures.

Beckoning to the trees
to sing the melodies
of our tired ancestors
as the wind flows through their leaves
like fingers over a harp's strings.

The hawk dances with the shadows,
daring the sun's rays to cut in,
hand outstretched, shinning and asking
may I have this dance?

The owls hoot the language
of muzzled tribes.
Low and deep,
filling the forest with the vibrations
of forgotten souls.

And as the world calls,
the armadillo crosses my path.
It follows me to the ledge.
It offers me it's armor
and pushes me off the edge.
In honor of the armadillo that crossed my path not once BUT twice. May your visits continue to remind me that the forest is not only alive BUT LIVING.
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