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Jul 19 · 90
Autumn Prayer
I yearn for the smell of autumn
A kiss from nature in the maze of trees
The ever changing colors and falling of days
The night owl's hoots whisper in my ears like dreams
And the day squirrel buries messages throughout the earth
The breezy twilight comes without warning revealing her beauty only to those lucky to see
The harvest moon reunites her golden glow with the black elegance of the sky
And the stars dance around decoratively for your eyes and mine
autumn fall dreams love peace leaves nature life
Jun 21 · 103
Wu Wei's River
Peace is flowing as a river, and I am on a boat sailing down this stream
That’s love- No pain, no worries
Just water playing her music to my ears
I am a guest in Nature’s house
It makes no difference who I am.
Nor if I am me or you, she or he, we or them
She treats us just the same
In this field, there is no pain, no separation between me and it, certainly no gain
Time runs not forwards nor backwards here
All is Now and All will never be back then or later
Because the All that was then and will be later is just Now falsely projected by the mind of separation
There is a comfort in knowing everything changes
But an even deeper comfort in understanding its essence remains the same
Taosim, Buddhism, Now, Present Moment, Peace, Life, River, Wu Wei, Time, Understanding, Love
Frankie Gestone Jul 2019
When the dust clears and you are near
The air brushes a wind straight through your hair
Sensations I cannot explain, sunshine or rain,
I see you see me call your name
In silence, the desperate call, I wait each night
If the stars align, and Jupiter meets Saturn, then it is the time
The gate will open and you will meet the lover’s nest
The owl awaits and watches the hawk below Venus once the sun sets
May 2019 · 5.2k
Un Parassita
Frankie Gestone May 2019
You know you are a parasite
But I will let you feed off of me
Sometimes I desire the poison
And a little dose is healthy now and then
Because what I have is also yours
And I live for you, I eat for you, I survive for you
Your primary host
They say you will destroy me from the inside out
But I lured you in, I consciously made you part of me
You did not come uninvited, and that is the point
You came willingly
So I feed myself you as you nourish yourself through me
A symbiotic relationship
For I do not go where I am not wanted
Through good and bad times we (d)evolve together
A true matrimony
Now forever covalently bonded
Mar 2019 · 336
The doG liveD
Frankie Gestone Mar 2019
An eternal place of pure fire and brimstone
Cannot compare to the depths of an unrested mind
The depths to which you can find no relief or to run and hide
Hell is being alone in a crowded street or in a room with friends and family
Or alone in the comfort of a made bed with you pacing inside my mind freely
Heaven is all these things under different circumstances
And the difference is in the mood and state in which the soul dances
So the white dog lives with his obsession over his little black spot
For this, he wants to run out of his skin but he is trapped while his mind rots
Even to escape his body, he is always left with his mind worried where he buried his bone
And he knows the dirt from his paws will leave a trace for others to find and roam
His territory gets occupied from time to time
By dogs with bigger spots and darker shades of black
And his mind loses his dominance by inferior thoughts of all that he lacks
Hell is when the comfort of your home becomes another prison
And there is nowhere else to go but where you are
Heaven is making peace with this and the ability to surrender
For having lived backwards is the devil and to live in reverse is evil
The old dog can learn the new trick that to turn around and go forward is the way of God
Heaven Hell Dreams Dog Devil God Peace Acceptance
Mar 2019 · 242
Hidden Love
Frankie Gestone Mar 2019
Cover up your skin
Those who abandon us wear us neatly thin
The only way to win is to fill your empty heart
I will give you what I don’t have as it is who we are
Cover up your skin
Hear the singing bowl or the mountain stream
If we blend, what could it all mean?
You and I or one and the same
Cover up your skin
From blonde to black
If you hide from me
I will always find you in my dreams
Cover up your skin
The crow cries in the trees
Its tears sing a repeating melody
The wind always blows you back to me
Cover up your skin
The last bit of flesh I want to see
Underneath the art you can bleed
And I will taste it, but not for free
stream of consciousness love music
Feb 2019 · 1.3k
The Way
Frankie Gestone Feb 2019
Then I heard, "We've met before. I believe countless times in innumerable lifetimes." She looked at me and said, "Boy, we have already done this. Don't you remember?" And the girl in my dreams said to look inside her eyes but not at her eyes. "There is a way out. I can show you if only you believe me. We can be free," she stated. Can the patterns really ever be broken? "You want temporary pleasure for permanent damage. This will **** you," she said. "Your mental imprisonment is an endless cycle, you broken record," she furiously lamented. "There is pain in everything. Pain in pleasure but pleasure in pain. What is growth without death? What is progress in happiness without change? The ultimate comfort is unknowingly repeating the same cycles over and over again. To enter the uncomfort zone is ultimate freedom." A beautiful dream just a brutal nightmare disguised that replays real events of the past in the mind until I wake up to realize they are no longer mine.

I sit still and she whispers for me to look down as she offers me a hot cup of tea. There is a South Korean woman in a red dress in my tea. She wears a lavender rose through her hair while looking at me. The ocean current pushes the waves to the surface of my mouth. She holds my hand softly, then gives a firm grip.

I am alone in a bedroom and there is a beautiful, but haunting Gregorian chant. I go out to the garden to pick foreign fruit from fences near an old church. I eat the fruit and she tells me to watch her hand. She draws three circles in the air. The first circle is small, the second is slightly bigger, and the third is much larger. "What is this?" I asked her with confusion in my voice. "Chaos," she said in an assuring manner. The circles followed each other surrounding me and going up and down. "But...can you see the order?" she asked me. I just watched them. "To understand the meaning is futile. It is beyond your comprehension. Things happen, you see. Maybe you think they are good or bad. It is just nature. Go with it and allow it. There you will become truth."

This woman wore black, she had pale skin, seductive emerald-green eyes, long and straight black hair, with a face so beautiful is was beyond reason. I could not look away. She directed me with her finger to come with her. We were naked and she kissed me in a dark room with the moonlight striking her body from the window of her bedroom. I closed my eyes and I heard her say, "Now try to find me." I opened my eyes and she was gone. As euphoric as I felt, I wondered where she had gone and if I would ever see her again.

I awoke to the oppressing sunlight burning my eyes. I felt an emptiness like never before. I searched lifetimes looking for her, only to receive hints of her echo. Every time it feels for sure I will meet her, I open the door to the beginning again. So I run and run in dreams. My mind is exhausted.

There she is. I have found her. I wait for her to look at me and recognize me, but she never does. She sits alone crying. I wait and then I leave. Something is wrong. Which is worse, I thought: To be rejected by the most important thing you have ever known or for it to disappear forever from your grasp and live each day and night yearning for it again? If only there was a cure for the mind's obsessions.

I woke up with no recollection of anything or who I even was. My phone was near my head ringing. I looked and it said, "Unknown Caller". Usually I never answer, but something told me to pick up and my curiosity got the best of me. I answered but said nothing. I listened and she said, "I found you," then asked, "What are we when our story ends?" There was nothing but pure silence until she responded with the question, "Now are you ready to be free?" I confirmed and followed her into the darkness.
Sep 2018 · 10.4k
Frankie Gestone Sep 2018
Play that melody for me

And whisper in my ears

You don't know it but you saw right through me and my worst fears

The game I was playing was in your court

Frozen still from your spell, I could not hide or run anymore

And you are toxic, but it is just what I need

Because you are beautiful especially when you scream or bleed

Enticing is your magic, mesmerized and hypnotized with tricks

Pure euphoria, I cannot help but love it

Blinking fading lights in a dark room is where I get my fix

Your pain is also my pain

For it is a pleasure in me to see you crying in the rain

Through chaos and order, your eyes ask for more

But you are taken and everyone wants some of you

The most elegant witch, a black widow crawling on a floor

You are just a lost little girl seeking a home

You are the witch but all your black clothes cannot cover your empty soul

I can see all the universe through my reflection in your eyes

Green emerald with a hint a blue liberates the waterfall of tears from your cries

I will search for you again through the skies of time

Somewhere between the seas and the mountains

I can conquer all and make you mine
waterfalls, dreams, love, Iseo, Italy, eyes, emerald, passion,
Feb 2018 · 662
Blue Onyx
Frankie Gestone Feb 2018
By: Frankie and Christine

He knew as soon as she walked out the door that he would never see her again. His heart sunk down into his stomach as he realized the only thing left to survive on are the memories of her. Fists clenched, blood pulsing through his veins, he set out for the only place that had ever made him feel sane--the docks. He kneeled down, head facing the water, he saw her reflection over his as his memory tasted her cherry lips. She whispered to him, something distant and vague that he couldn’t decipher. Confused, he nervously reached into his pocket, and the key to her apartment flew out and into the water- he had forgotten he previously stole it from her room. “What did she just say?” he wondered.

His palms sweating, and hands shaking, he reached for his cell phone anticipating a call or text any minute now. He contemplated giving her a call, searched for her name in his Contacts List, and realized that her name was no longer there. “The nerve,” Gianni thought, “how dare she erase her number from my **** phone? Now what am I going to do? Well, it’s better if she contacts me first anyway.”

Days passed and no phone call from Gabriella. Frantically biting his nails, he figured by now she has already moved on with another lucky guy, while he has been completely erased from her heart and mind- what a bitter cold thought how cruel life can really be. “Honestly, though, wouldn’t she at least want her key back?” he asked himself as the bitter cold swept upon his raw, cracked cheek. “And furthermore, how the hell did she get back into her apartment? No one else was home,” he tried to think rationally.

Gianni needed answers, and despite feeling crazy, he ventured back to the neighborhood where their love once was shared--would she be home? For what felt like an eternity, he ran towards her home, but he slowed down once he reached the door face-to-face suddenly feeling hesitant to ring her bell. Fingers quivering, he slowly pressed the small, black button. His body aching with the thought of the worst possible outcome, he turned around and slunk out before he could even see if there was a response.

Gianni found himself sitting on a bench a few blocks away, lonely and insecure. He looked at the time on his watch, it was 8:45 pm. He exhaled-it was so cold, he could see his breath -and in the vapor, he saw the image of Gabriella’s face. Then, the phone suddenly rang in his pocket- he reached hoping to see her mystical number again, but it was his mother calling for dinner.

He made his way back home, through side streets that he hadn’t ventured in years, finally to come home to see Gabriella in her baby blue peacoat waiting for him outside his stoop. There, he saw her, standing with open arms and a smile awaiting his presence. He walked towards her, but as soon as he put his arms around her embrace, she disappeared like the cold vapor from his breath- it was a dream- it was all just a dream.

“Was it a dream though?” he thought to himself, “or am I hallucinating? Is there a difference?”

The food on the table repulsed him and he could not eat any of it- it was steak and mashed potatoes again. He felt an urge to *****. There was a knock at the door, which jolted him in his seat and shook him to his core. He ran down the stairs to open to the door, only to find, Raymond, the UPS man, delivering a package that he needed to sign for. To his surprise, the return address was from New Mexico with just the name “Moretti” on the upper-lefthand corner--Gabriella’s last name.

He hesitated if he should open up the package, but his hands were opening the box before he could think again and he found two blue onyx gemstones with a note. “Gianni---the night we last spoke, I impulsively packed my bags and hopped on the very next plane to New Mexico. Maybe one day we will meet again and I will feel for you what I once felt. Have a wonderful life.”

His heart stopped, and he remembered how they used to just spend some summer evenings on the floor of her bedroom listening to Mother Nature’s Son by The Beatles from the White Album- a tear dropped from his left eye onto the backside of his dry hand like a raindrop onto a cracked drought ground. Humming along to that tune, he Googled what blue onyx gemstones are used for. These stones are especially good for people under mental and emotional stress and they are said to improve one's intuition and natural instincts, eliminate bad habits, give the strength for and to change, and to experience an overall feeling of inner rejuvenation.

“Guess she’s trying to tell me something,” he thought. He felt so dead inside and wondered how could she have left during the lowest and weakest point in his life. Tossing and turning all night in his bed, he remembered how he was once told how people put crystals underneath their pillows at night. Why not give it a shot? He put the two gemstones underneath his pillow, laid his tired head down on the cold side of the pillow, and suddenly drifted into a dream.

Up floating in the cosmos, Gabriella appeared to him surrounded by a baby blue light, the same shade as her peacoat. He began elevating up towards her level as he looked into her aquamarine sky eyes, as if it were her eyes that elevated him, and then he began swimming in the air with the pink fish and the violet dolphins. Then shades of orange, amber, metallic green, silver, and gold swam in circles around his soul, while a mirror came down in front of him and he saw his reflection of half black and white. All in the background surrounding him were various shades of gray. Gianni then began to hear Gabriella sing their cosmic song and suddenly he now could understand what her mirage had once whispered to him at the docks: We are timeless and you are now here, not with me but as me, inside me. Let go and burn out like the flame in the wind. You are nowhere. You are we. We are both the lock and the key.
Love, Dreams, Colors, Blue Onyx, Heaven, Hell, Peace, Surrealism, Universe
Oct 2017 · 412
Theater of Death
Frankie Gestone Oct 2017
She watched in an audience of life
The stage where she met her demise
She looked into his pitch black eyes
Where somehow she could finally see herself smile
She watched as she was brutally tortured, bloodcurdling screams
Her time of grief and sorrow was soon to pass,
like nightmares and dreams
She asked for this, to be free of pain
So he laughed and smiled, as she was mutilated in the rain
He wanted not just her body, but all of her soul
But she knew that was the one thing no one could ever control
When it was all said and done, the fire went out
The audience was shocked and quiet and he began to shout
He howled for more, as she vanished to a far away place
Entering the night, tears of intense joy and laughter all over her face
Oct 2017 · 630
Frankie Gestone Oct 2017
You make my walls crawl,
I move fast in slow motion,
I hear the colors shine so bright
Blinded by the vibration
Walls are closing in
I am still, running far away
I am marinating in your juices
You utterly annihilate my body
While you **** my soul dry
Levitate me, walk me on this hill of air
I can smell your words, my ears see you touching me
Take and ingest my seeds
For you can bear my mind inside you
Birth my memories, my feelings are in labor
Oct 2017 · 371
Frankie Gestone Oct 2017
A misty breeze,
Tall, twin talking trees
A little girl screams,
"There are two, but one is not me,"
Death knocks on her door,
While blood drips all on the floor
Collected and painted a self-portrait
Darkness comes, it's midnight
It is raining, you are in a storm on a flight,
Going nowhere, going home
The bed sheets are still wrinkled and cold
Still I wonder about the girl in the sky,
The one in my heart who flies high
She runs, she disappears, on a cloud she rides
My princess of darkness and bearer of light
You give and then you take, it's wrong, but you are right
From nature you replicate again and again
Then it begins, just as the story ends
Frankie Gestone Jul 2017
The Angel and Demon reside inside of me again.

"I could be your sweetest dream," she said
"Or, I could be your worst nightmare," he replied.
"I could save you, my dear," she poised.
He retorted gently, "Or, let me be the one who kills you."
"I am an honorable, compassionate saint and a despicable, ruthless sinner," I uttered, seemingly unperturbed by my surroundings.
"Two extremes at the end of each of the poles," they reiterated several times in a loud whisper.

Sometimes I like to take angels and corrupt them.
Other times, I gleefully take demons and purify them.
Jul 2016 · 723
Ode to
Frankie Gestone Jul 2016
What remains of you now is just a ghost
Love lies in a dormant state
Time robber, you fill my heart the most
For the time since you left, your presence lingers
You are cold and pale,
And your ashes of hair slips right through my fingers
Once a river full of love, dried sorrow now just an endless drought
But what once was, and your picture in my head
Your body, your soul, drools straight through and from my mouth
The scent still enticing and alive
Your eyes seep threw me dead still with a shine
You're close, yet far away in your shell comfortably blind
Sweet amore, how I could hold you and once again you'd be mine
Nov 2015 · 417
Frankie Gestone Nov 2015
I wish you could talk to me
So much I have to say only to you
All these people, and not one of them you
The only thing ever missing is you
The only one I need
Just one word, a whisper, your breath to know you are all right
It could never get easier
This is a wound time could never heal
Wake up!
You are in a dream
Mar 2015 · 476
Mystery Woman
Frankie Gestone Mar 2015
There is this being, strange and blue,
She is not of this realm, this I say is true,
Changing every day you don't know which you'll get
Who she is now, is it the one I met?
She is a memory, yet so real, this I bet
A true enigma, one I cannot ever forget
Trusting no one, she lives in seclusion
Here one day and gone the next, always a different mask
She leaves me in confusion
She is so far, an ocean away,
Yet so close in my heart, distance is only an illusion
I can find her just on the other side,
But I am stuck, seems true only in my mind
We are together on the same planet
But she is lovely and divine
Through light and darkness,
Just to see her and I am fine
Mar 2014 · 511
Tragic Love, Perfect Love
Frankie Gestone Mar 2014
There are extraterrestrial aspects in this world that are not of this world Beyond what we can realize with all of our senses
There is much more to life than what we see around us
We are not humans but spirits inhabiting a suit of flesh, bones, and blood
For the sake of having a human experience
Love is not rational and not of this material world!
Love has no tolerance for logic
We are energy and waves of vibration
Our bodies are illusions that our eyes deceive us
So we can make sense of the world
Your atoms that make up your cells in your body are like sound waves
We connect an affinity with our music greatly because we are the music!
It tunes to our frequency when we listen
You are a collection of musical notes and you are the harmony
That bestows the melody, baby!
In that first night, as I stared through your infinite eyes in the dark room,
I felt us merge into one being
I felt as you are me and I am you
There was no "us" anymore, and no "I" separating from the "you"
And when I was on my plane of isolation,
The epiphany greeted me as I felt a strong connection with you
It was that I left myself back there
Tell me, is it not going against nature?
We have found our complementary soul,
But we cannot stay together because of the light years separating us
And yet, I feel you here
In my heart and in my blood
Our love is too strong for this world!
We are criminals and sinners doing a sentence in cells which separate us,
Planning our escape
We have been exiled by nature
And so I grant you an expression of my darkest commitment to love
For a way out of this stage play to stay with you forever  
I fear not of losing the material world with its web of chains
All I need is beyond that
Amore, my love has no limits now
And so I take this costume and lay it down physically next to yours
So you are the last thing I see in this world before passing on to the next one!
My spirit flows away with my blood as I become part of you forever  
No more pain or uncertainties
Just pure love
I hold your hand and feel your blood pouring out and into mine
As mine pours out and goes into yours and we look at each other
The ecstatic feeling of our souls being freed and united permanently!
The experience cannot even be compared to that of physical *******:
The closest one can be to another on this plane of existence
Now melting are our souls as we finally become a unique powerful entity Forged with real love
This is the most tragic expression of love we are ready to face
I am not afraid to free myself from the chains of this material world  
I need more than this
Blow out the flames, dream a new and permanent dream, get lost in sleep,
  Embrace the mystery...
Jan 2014 · 2.0k
Una Melodia D'Amore
Frankie Gestone Jan 2014
Let me breath you in, she said
Every fiber of your being
And let your soul rest in my bed
An open heart, an open mind
You thought you have seen it all
But you have been clearly blind
Her love still lingers inside of you
Run away and embrace what I am, my pleasure and pain
Stare and let me entice you with these eyes of intense blue
I am, as you see, the calmness of a flowing river; calm and tame
And I am, as others cannot see,
An uneasy ocean, with massive and violent waves
A simple, still flower in a garden of smothering weeds
While being a volcano ready for eruption
Exploding, taking you over like ancient Pompeii was to the lava sea
Posso mettere un pò di polvere di stelle nei tuoi occhi
E far entrare un pò di luce nella tua vita
Let us unite in a state of pure ecstasy
Where the world ends, and Heaven starts
Nothing else exists, and there is no more "you and me"
Swallow my body and spirit whole, and take me in
Where there are no laws of physics or society's logicality
Come into my world and leave this one of gray
We can be gods of our universal dimension
Tu sei la mia stella e l'unica cosa a cui penso sempre
Your mind touches me in all restricted places, as you feel the hot temptation
Tu sei un mistero, Tu sei un enigma,
** bisogno del tuo amore, il mio sconosciuto
Io non ti conosco, ma sento la tua anima
We are aliens from our own dreams and imaginations
I am the light and the darkness
Allow me to inhale you and your inner creations
Take me as I am and you will see
That I will heal and fill the hole in your heart
Your weakness will be replaced with love and peace
Be my melody and I will be your harmony
Let us meet in the unknown, a foreign land
Let us die and shed our skin gracefully
Let us take a walk into the infinite
Apr 2013 · 692
The American Nightmare
Frankie Gestone Apr 2013
What more can be said in a dream when the world is a nightmare stream?
The great golden papers are being shredded
Open your eyes
All the mountains and ashes from the buildings in your dreams
Are now here for all of your eyes to see
The unseen men with no names
Watch us swallow each other whole as they control our stage
The public are desensitized, for with no more truths, you might as well believe the lies
The false idols are henchmen for something much bigger
Entertainment, the great distraction, helps us forget it won't be long
Before another pulls the trigger
The endless wars, our own worst enemies
Are the ones we have been fighting for
How can we comprehend, as We The People,
That our caste system: The poor, middle, upper, and Beyond
Are as One, All equal?
The Eagle of Freedom flies
Captured by Truth and Justice
Starved and caged, slowly he dies
Hand over your hard earned money and citizen rights
Under the flag you stand, next to the great Uncle
Reflections of red, white and blue: Oh, colours so bright!
We are just an experiment, animals in the zoo
We are watched and studied, too
The media and its advertising, the fishing bait
Poisoned by consumption, Trust and don't ask questions
For, as you know, it's the American way
Mar 2013 · 27.7k
A Life In Dreams (short story)
Frankie Gestone Mar 2013
He woke up in a rapid sweat, darkness surrounding him, his soaked pillow was pressing up on his neck as he could feel the uncomfortable stabbing cold run right threw his whole body. His mouth was dry and his body was in great pain. He lay there practically naked, but not just physically, also emotionally. It was like a catatonic state where the person’s body is paused in reality, but the actual person is far away and isolated even from himself. He wondered why he was so comfortable being uncomfortable and remaining frozen in time.  He saw nothing but the subtle moonlight that peaked through the blinds of his window. A point of existence, he feels nothing because all he has ever felt has drowned him. His numbness was being accepted and he embraced that if he remained this way, he would never have to feel hurt or heartbreak again. It’s better this way, he confirmed.

Eventually he got up out of his bed, walked outside to a nearby empty field. He looked up at the infinite night sky and contemplated the moon, the stars, and the endless space that sustained all of its existence. A tear fell down his cheek as he remembered the beautiful wonder of life and the universe; his realization that he is just a small spec of dust compared to all that is and all that is wonderful. Whatever happened to that universal happiness he used to feel? The feelings of the unseen, the cosmos, the mysteries that remain unsolved were all love. He then felt ancient and brand new at the same time-always being around all that is, but recently born into the unknown. The silence of the night swarmed him, and he suddenly embraced all the things he could not accept. The lullaby of the wind put him to sleep.

When he awoke, it was twilight. The sky was a lighter, deep blue and the sun in the far distance was rising in a fiery halo of mixed red, orange, and yellow colors, and the early morning clouds were clear and transparent. He heard the sound of a train horn in the far distance. He followed the sound with his ears as the sound became slightly louder and louder. Then, suddenly he could see the light of the early morning train.

The train had stopped as he approached it, and he hopped on with no hesitation or looking back. This runaway train was going to take him to where he needs to be, and he blindly and faithfully accepted that his fate was out of his hands now. No more heartbreak, no more reminders of the past, and most importantly no more drowning in his tears. As the train proceeded to move forward, he could feel fresh air gently touch his face, and all that he saw and ever knew were now flashing lights disappearing into eternity.

It was hours into the late morning when the train made its first stop. He listened to the train conductor speak out over the intercom, almost incoherently, say, “This is Brightstone Park. Next stop will be Riverhead.” A nostalgic feeling suddenly came over him as he could remember that his very first kiss was in Brightstone Park with Jessica Garzi. That was not his first true love, but his very first heartbreak. Riverhead was a forbidden memory, as he knew a classmate who had committed suicide off the Riverhead Bridge. He had not returned there in five years because of his haunting memories that would always come back to remind him just how cold and frightening the world really is.

While lost in thought, he felt a rough, sand paper-like wet feeling on his forearm. He looked down and it was a black cat, but not all black. The paws were all white like socks, and the chest and stomach were snow white. The loud prominent purr was a very peculiar reminder of a cat he once owned. Her name was Midnight. She was not the friendliest cat to strangers, but she loved him, especially when he massaged her paws. This cat was practically identical to Midnight. Midnight was put down three years ago though. As he began petting the cat’s back, it ran away and jumped off the moving train. He looked out in a hurry, but it was gone. It was just like everything else he loved. There for one moment, then gone the next. The strange thought that has one wondering if anything had actually existed that is now no more. A person, or a thing, could mean everything to you, but once they slip away, they become like the wind: occasionally brushing up against you, but never revealing its form.

On the train he began to wonder how he got where he was, and in general how the smallest decisions he made lead to bigger events and all in all, everything was all connected. There are no isolated events, or isolated people- it is all proven fact and science. Everything depends on each other to survive. The trees depend on the sun to keep themselves alive; we give off carbon dioxide to the trees and in return, we receive the oxygen we need from the leaves of the trees. He thought about the potential of a seed-for example, a tomato seed. Within that tiny seed is unlimited potential of life: The seed may produce one plant of several tomatoes, and within all those tomatoes are countless other seeds. This is all from one seed. Then, one may take a couple of seeds from a picked tomato and plant them throughout the yard creating a garden. That original seed came from another tomato seed inside a tomato on a plant, and that seed came from another seed. When did this cycle of reproduction begin and when does it end? Is it just another form of the infinite? When a person eats a tomato from that original seed, he receives certain essential vitamins his body needs for surviving and sustaining good health. This good health will effect his offspring and so on and so on. When he defecates, that will all return to the earth for potential fertilizer used for other tomato seeds. This is the same when he returns to the earth again. His dust will fertilize the same world that he came from, for all things come from it just to inevitably return to it.

He continued to think about how matter is never created nor destroyed and the same for energy. Nothing ever truly dies; the form changes into something new, like how water becomes a cloud and the cloud becomes water. Though this comforted him, he noticed that a few feet away from him was a former coworker and friend, Natasha Karev. She always infatuated him and they became close friends, but he always wished it had continued and gone even further than it did. One night, only a couple of years ago, they were at a friend’s party. Both were drinking, but not so heavily. That night they bonded and got so close, that she admitted she loved him. He was never quite sure how real that “I love you” was, but it was burned inside his heart ever since. That night there were moments she would tell him how much she wanted to make love to another guy at the party, Kevin, but was afraid to approach him. She told him she desperately wanted to lose her virginity that night to somebody because she was eighteen and only getting older. This was like a sharp knife slowly penetrating into his heart. He remained speechless for quite a few minutes. Finally he decided to go up in a bedroom alone. To his surprise, she followed him up and kissed him. He felt her clothed body up and down, and she touched areas not many have touched before. She told him she wanted to have *** and that she wanted him to rob her of her virginity. He was speechless, but extremely excited. Then, abruptly, she told him she could not because everything was happening way too soon. Why couldn’t she just make up her mind? He sat frustrated in the darkness, again, all alone. After that night, they spoke and remained close, yet that night was never mentioned again. It was as if it had never happened. After about two years of an on and off friendship, they just went their own ways. There were no fights or disagreements. Life just separated them.

“You’re just a figment inside somebody’s dream. So far from reality, you are a dream within a dream within a dream.” Startled by this soft voice, he quickly turned around to see Natasha smiling at him. “Ha-ha! I knew I could scare you. Were you abused as a kid, or something?” No words could come out at that moment, but he hugged her tightly. She explained to him that she is getting off at the next stop to meet a friend. He was sure he wanted to follow her and see where life would take him. She reminisced and told him how she had been away inside her own cave for several months, but is now very happy to meet up with everyone she had lost contact with.

The next stop arrived, but he did not catch the name of the stop he was getting off. As he got off with several others, both he and Natasha met up with her friend, Valeria, who he found quite cute. She resembled Natasha a bit in that they both had ***** blonde hair and blue eyes. They walked right into a giant street fair with a crowd of people looking at the foods and desserts, the trendy clothes, cheap jewelry, and children play rides.

As he looked around, he began seeing many familiar faces. He saw Kevin, a childhood and grammar school mate there with another co-worker of his, Jenny. Jenny was a Colombian beauty in his eyes and who was a flirt and tease to him, but never actually gave him any time alone. Incidentally, he knew both of them at different times in his life and had no idea they knew of each other. Kevin stopped contacting him during high school without any arguments or disloyalties that would tear a friendship apart. Keeping his head down, he walked a few feet to discover another childhood best friend, Jack, who was with a mutual childhood friend, Melanie. Melanie was a best friend of his and also a first childhood crush who also had a crush on him. He thought it was odd because even though Melanie and Jack were also best friends, Melanie never liked Jack in a special boy/girl way. He felt a moment of heartbreak, but quickly turned away and kept walking. A little further up the road, he saw two more childhood friends, Chris and Jimmy, who as children did not get along that well and only hung out with each other in the company of him. How peculiar it was suddenly seeing them together after ten years, and as seemingly best of friends.

That was not all. Things were getting stranger and stranger. It was like all the people who had made an imprint on his life were now coming together around him. He saw his two therapists, one he had gone to as a teenager and the other as a young adult, stand next to each other selling prescription drug samples. Both stared at him with a blank face, but with a prominent smile. He could barely nod at them. Natasha directed them to a local bar. Inside the bar was huge and also had a second floor. He noticed the music playing in the background was, Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2, by Polish born Romantic composer, Frederic Chopin. He became fixated on the elegant eighth note, left hand arpeggios, and the sweet and peaceful fast moving seven, eleven, twenty, and twenty-two notes from the right hand. If he thought about the most beautiful song ever written and all that is wonderful in one, this was the song.

They all took a seat and began looking at people and laughing at their behavior. Everyone was wearing masks. Social masks. They observed how different people act when they are in social gatherings, and how if you carefully study their body language, it will become clear that what they are saying and trying to put out is not what is actually being expressed through the body. One young man was frantically shaking his right leg as he tried to flirt confidently with a young woman he had just recently met. His face began to turn noticeably red, in an embarrassed flush, and he was making sudden hand gestures and quick eye blinking. She, on the other hand, pretended to be interested in what he was saying; yet her eyes would often look around the room and her body was a good distance from him with her arms folded.

Then as they were all laughing, he abruptly stopped and looked ahead to see two drunken women making out two tables away from them. As his eyes focused in on them, he realized they were two of his former crushes, Claire and Veronica, who he had no idea knew of each other because in fact, they were from different time periods of his life. He began seeing former teachers and professors from each stage of his school career, laughing hysterically with one another. Some of his most inspiring teachers and professors were gathered with other teachers and professors he despised. A young, tattooed hipster woman entered the scenery with a little Cairn Terrier that had an uncanny resemblance to his recently passed dog, Petey, who was put to sleep when he was away on a vacation, unexpectedly. His sorrow began to overwhelm him for not being able to say good-bye and see him for a proper last time. Everything about the dog’s high energy, playfulness, and watchdog attitude was exactly like Petey. A tear ran and fell off his cheek from his left eye right into the hand of Natasha. He looked up at her and she said, “Your tears are my tears. For what pain you withhold, I take and share with you.” She then wiped her right eye with the hand that held his tear. Natasha’s friend began to speak slowly into his left ear in Russian. Though he could not understand a word she was saying, it sounded just like a poem based on the pattern and rhythm’s consistency. It made him feel free of melancholy, but then thought of Angela Antonaci entered his mind.

He thought that the last painful experience ended with the break up of his closest best friend ever to play a part in his life. She was his girlfriend for the last three and a half years. They had known each other for ten years before they broke up their entire relationship. She was thirteen and he was fifteen when they first met in a park. She was always all over him like a little schoolgirl and he would often get frustrated with her obsession over him, for he believed he was no big deal. She was the first person to ever make him feel special and important, and even though he would resent her likeness towards him, he could never keep his eyes off of her or stop himself from always coming to her when he felt lonely. After about seven years, he realized he was in love with her. He had always been in love with her from the first time they met eyes. His long road had always lead back to her home in life. Every time he tried forgetting her and moving on, they would meet again. That person people search their entire lives for, he had found.

He rose out of his seat and briefly said goodbye to Natasha and her friend and went upstairs. He wanted time to be alone and walk around until he suddenly saw Jessica walking towards him. He stopped and waited for her to say hello, but she walked right by him, as if he had never existed. He felt a little insulted, yet relieved as any awkwardness that would arise was avoided. Looking ahead, he saw Angela’s two best friends, Kate and Julie, with her high school crush, John. John was playing an acoustic guitar on a lounge chair, singing to the two friends, almost enticing them with his eyes and voice. His jealousy overcame him, as Angela had been infatuated with him on and off even though he had played with her feelings throughout high school and college. John would tell her he loved her and make her believe he was a romantic, then when she fell into his words, he would leave her and keep a distance for long periods of time, leaving her in despair.

The conclusion occurred to him that maybe she was nearby. He searched throughout the entire bar not finding any other clues that she was around. When he went downstairs, he saw Natasha and her friend asleep, as well as most of the bar, except for the bartender. It was like everyone just passed out from the alcohol or possibly inhaled some type of knockout drug. The bartender was watching the news forecast of a tornado watch and dangerous thunderstorms. The bartender looked at him and said, “It’s better if you stay in here. It’s dangerous out there. I recommend you don’t go out!” He just listened, but decided to leave to the outside anyway.

He walked three blocks through the heavy rain and strong winds. He took a moment to stop and look at the black and gray clouds above him. As he looked across the street, he saw her. She was with her mother, sister, and mutual friends of theirs, Chrystal and Mike. He also saw behind them, his own mother and sister. He ran across the street to her and she shockingly with excitement screamed, “Hey!!! Oh my God!! Please stay with us. I missed you so much. You have no idea. We have to get to a shelter away from this storm. Hold my hand…” Smiling, he kept walking with them. They walked for twenty minutes and entered a giant field. After ten minutes of walking restlessly through the field, they all stopped to catch their breath. Angela’s mom ordered everyone to hold one another’s hand. An enormous gust of wind pushed them all to the grassy ground. He began to shake violently as he felt the touch of death nearby. He wondered if this would be the end, as he felt unaccomplished and left with so much left unsaid to her. Thoughts raced through his mind like a speeding highway about how to get to safety. Unable to control and remain focused on one rational thought at a time, he blacked out for a minute.

Then there he was right in the middle of a storm. In so many ways, he realized where he was ending was where he originally began. All the imprints from all he ever knew came back all at once to watch him finally leave all he ever knew from this life. And in the last moments, he found himself with her. He held her hand, while she held his, and the hands of their family and friends. The world was so dark and cold. The wind became much more rapid and an enormous bright light from it came within just miles of them. He kept looking up at the dark black and gray clouds over them, never as frightened as he was now. His focus was on the great strength of the wind. Whatever melancholic thoughts he had of his life, he would not give up hope. Maybe he was just hopelessly hopeful, but holding each other tightly might, in some miraculous way, save them. Then suddenly a deep peace began to sustain his very being. He remembered whose hand he was holding- the only woman to ever understand every level of his being. He looked down at her big, precious eyes pouring out tears. Their eyes locked, as she had been watching him the entire time. No words needed to be said from one another. They knew exactly what they felt and meant. For the first time in his life, everything was all okay. All was beautiful. The whole situation was beautiful, not tragic. In that moment, he understood this was where he was meant to be. This was where he wanted to be, for only in such a life altering moment does one comprehend the very nature of love and life. To just glance into her eyes and see the same person staring back in suspense, while all he ever knew was being born, growing, and dying simultaneously in complete acceptance. They began to fade and disappeared into the light.
Sep 2012 · 813
Frankie Gestone Sep 2012
Sleepwalker, take me by the hand. Show me the way you go. You see nothing, oh Sleepwalker, your days are movies and shows. How do you see in the dark and live comfortably in fear? Sleepwalker, is it not possible to hold promises or be sincere? Everything is not at all what it seems. Stay alone, Sleepwalker, you are not meant to be on anyone's team. Will you attend your own funeral or even be invited to show? After all, Sleepwalker, you would be the last to know.
Frankie Gestone Sep 2012
How should I know I am real?
You or I? Maybe that's just all inside
And I don't even know what I feel
The stars, sky, moon, clouds, sun, or rain?
Can't even tell the difference anymore
Because life and dreams, they all seem the same
Is it what is all right now? But that goes so fast
When I am done,
It will all be just the past
If the future is just a made-up mindset
Should I wait for you?
Can't put my mind to rest
I wonder if all of that limitlessness out there
The people we meet and all we remember and see
Is just the limitlessness imagination inside here...
Sep 2012 · 550
From You Came Me
Frankie Gestone Sep 2012
On the first day I was delivered from her
She smiled and watched me take my first breath
But I cried when she was taken from me
Torn apart and a broken soul as she was laid to rest
I could never give back half of what you gave to me
Your work is done, but your love will always remain
Thank you for having me, as I will carry a piece of your legacy
Though sometimes I feel like a candle's flame in the pouring rain
Heaven lies all around you for you have graduated
Though I sit and wonder why you were taken so soon and weep
Life will always get what she wants when its time
But I know your love will be with me when it's my turn to sleep
Sep 2012 · 1.1k
Leaving The Lion's Den
Frankie Gestone Sep 2012
Beautiful, sad, and true
Just this little story of me and you
It's always over before you know it
Your laugh, your smile, I once was sure to commit
The beginning, not sure of its start
Not once did I imagine we could ever part
Too perfect and too good to be true
My mind will never forget or get over you
I say deep inside I know you will return
But my heart, oh, how it slowly continues to burn
I have never known love, only hate
But it's you, the way, and I can just see it in your face
Quite sure about where my heart stands
Your soft, smooth skin I feel especially in the palms and tips of my hands
Your warmth is always where I long to be
The artistic wonder of your body always reassures me
Out of the seemingly infinite amount of women
There's just one, your elegance, I am sure to win
Your melodic, finely tuned voice is always on my mind
Your heart-shaped face and flawless smile always sends shivers down my spine
One has to stop and stare as your kind is quite rare
You are every boy's dream, his life he gives to you forever to share
Your fire is my desire, my passion for you I have no shame
Your being, your hair and outline in the dark is like a hungry lion I will never tame
Unleashed, please go freely and teach yourself to learn
For I wait, perhaps one day, you will happily return
If we see each other again, in love, under the sun
It will be only because of the reason that you are and I am the one
Apr 2012 · 10.2k
The Happy, Sad, and Unemployed
Frankie Gestone Apr 2012
We are young, but much older
We are loved, though only by a few of us
We remain restless
We watch out of our windows envious at success stories
Those who have written chapters of promise and wealth
We are the world's forgotten children-who once played in the backyard of our land and kingdom and who swam in oceans of eternal youth
Strangers rob us blind-and we know it
We try to convince ourselves that we are strong, but we shiver clothesless
We know what is wrong, but we do it anyway
School failed us
Society has ***** and stolen our identities
And we watch our neighbors die without saying goodbye
Our friends have long left us
The church we grew up in
is now just a cold, abandoned house; the ghosts never leave
They lived in another lifetime, but we all stay here for safety
  So carry me in your arms and hold me tight
Let us take what is yours- you are little mice and we prey on you like hawks
We want what was ours
We love the excitement at the expense of others
We become our own victims and kidnap our freewill.
We learn, though, and see our shadows in the dark
The silhouettes fool others into believing we are bigger than what we are
We leave them painted on the walls so we are always remembered
The goal is to stain something so deep onto the world that we immortalize ourselves, thus we are not vanished along with our bodies
Apr 2012 · 1.5k
The Confession
Frankie Gestone Apr 2012
~In a cemetery, you carried her
She could not walk anymore
You dug the deepest hole and let her rest
Sometimes when it rains,
The bodies flood your land
The graves are too shallow~

When you and I buried
The children in the pouring rain,
We looked up at the angels in shame
As their tears washed the dirt in which
The young forever sleep
The winter pushed its sharp, icy wind
On us the day the Father and Mother
Returned to the earth and below it
Kept our secrets silent
I waited until the summer to bury you
For the hot sun nourished the seeds in the dirt
And allowed your flowers to grow undisturbed in harmony
With the others who have left and gone
I bury my memories when they interrupt my peace
And I dig everyone up when I am lonely
Apr 2012 · 522
Deep Into The Maze
Frankie Gestone Apr 2012
I cried out, "Man is so lost, he does not even know he is lost anymore!"
He chuckled and told me, "No, man knows
he is lost. He just does not care anymore.
In fact, man knows that man
has always been lost, but when he realized he was lost,
he began searching only to soon stop the search."
I screamed, while trying to cover my ears, "Why?"
"Well, it is more comfortable.
The truth scared him, and so did the path to freedom.
So now, man hopes to forget this realization and maybe one day he will be
unaware that he is lost again. Ah, paradise!"
I put the covers over my head and hid safely in darkness.
He was there and lay right with me.
As he opened my eyes, he brutally reminded me,
"The problem is, once it is realized, it
will always come back again to haunt him."
He collected all of my pain in the palm of his hands and blessed me with my own tears.
"This," he said with absolute certainty, "is what you have been hiding.
Bathe yourself, for this is the Truth."
Oct 2011 · 501
For Everyone
Frankie Gestone Oct 2011
All the people I have ever known
Gather around inside me
Remain forever as a distant memory
Never forgotten
So mysterious how I knew you yesterday
But today you are just an illusion
I often ask the question:
Did you really ever exist?
It seems like all the people I have ever known
All disappear, yet today they seem so real
But when it comes to the end, they are all dreams
Just another form I have invited in my life
Just another aspect of myself
Are they all outside of me
Or inside of me?
When the day is gone and I lay in the dark of night
All that is left is me
Always at the end of every road I have ever traveled,
The only thing
I ever find is me
At the end of my life, the only one left is me
One day when I am gone, will I still be?
What about all the ones I love?
Each and every one of them
Where do they all go?
Oct 2011 · 699
My Illusion, My Reality
Frankie Gestone Oct 2011
A creation in somebody's imagination
Became a reality in my dreams
So real, so vivid
An unknown location in my mind
Held happiness and joy
Emotions were quite strong
Yet, so weak was its existence
Because any sudden movement of the rationale
Faded the beauty into nothing
So sad, I lay there
Thoughts wondered what it was
It was all just a reflection of myself
There was no trace of its reality
It was only born and died in my mind
What I loved was something I felt was missing
It was not a particular place or person
I am the place and person
When I look at my love
I see her as the beauty in my dreams
I already have that
If it was once evident in form
Then the formless is inside me
My own creation
If I want you to love
I need to love the nature in which I dwell
Frankie Gestone Aug 2011
The night introduced us to our deepest desire
A bed only for two could hold us like a nest
A black room and a hint of light from the moon
With only the subtle outlines of our bodies
Then fear came along by tapping on our shoulders
And now narrating a brand new scene:
Uncomfortable, he said to her,
"I am sorry, but we are unfamiliar with each other."
She said, "I have waited so long to meet.
Strangers can become lovers.  A seed may become a flower."
Slightly more comfortable, he then thought and said,
"A garden of flowers uncared for will become a manifestation of weeds."
A drop of sweat rolled across his body,
Not long before he became a flooded town,
And she became a rain shower of tears.
Time ran by both of them and left behind a trail
Of disappointment and confusion
Now indifferent to what used to matter most
Pain was buried beneath them
Hard to even feel, but they knew it was somewhere in the background
Now, so distant are they, yet just an inch apart
So alone they felt, yet both were accompanied by one another
The appointment was over
Sleep arrived and took each separately away to another place
The morning spoke to him when he awoke telling him
"You may have died, but you are born again
The night will always come again
The next time it comes, Love it
Speak to it slowly, Hold it in your arms
Be gentle, and Take care of it."
She last said to him,
"Being sorry keeps you in the same black room. The lock is inside the room.
Just feel to find it, and unlock the door. I will be waiting."
She closed the door.
He was alone in a room
Bare of all that he was
Wondering if he would ever see her again
He heard himself inside say,
"Next time you lay next to her alone,
Water the garden."
Aug 2011 · 850
Man, Woman, and God
Frankie Gestone Aug 2011
Rain drops of you everywhere,
Appearing and disappearing
From sky to earth
I cannot grab you but I feel your existence
I see your form but only understand you as formless
A hurricane of thoughts trap me,
Puddles of you flood my heart
Every step is one closer to you,
And the more I see through you,
The better I understand my essence
Because when I look into the mirror,
I see a road with no beginning or end
A perfect circle
Every memory of you unites inside of me
A revelation of wisdom that we have no difference
We are the same exact being
Now you are pregnant with my future,
My past is just a haunting ghost,
Melodic words you compose,
With a heart that emotes passion
Two beats per bar
An infinite number of bars
You and me: One whole note
Dissonance is the sound when we are alone
Together we resolve to consonance
We are fire and water as one
Finally united peacefully
Jul 2011 · 598
Four Seasons
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
You are equivalent to the four seasons:
Skin white like snow and Hair like winter's dark, long nights
Eyes like spring's clear blue sky
Hot like the summer's heatwaves
Your lips, hair, eyes, and skin resemble colorful autumn leaves
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
Words are powerful
Remember they are gateways to delusions
And are figments of the imagination
Sometimes used to hurt, sometimes used to heal
See the difference between love and hate,
Right and wrong
Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes
Take this moment to reflect
Forget what has happened
Because what matters is what has not been
What will you do in your life so great?
Be the change you want to see take place
And do not forget time is in a race
You are the victim until you accept it won’t last forever
Your being will die never,
But your body will eventually vanish
Leave the world with a feeling of content,
While others see your life as a time well spent
Most of all remember that you do not have a life
YOU are Life
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
When the plague hit
The day you fell into my lap
At around 5 p.m.
It was only me and you
And it shows...
Traumatizing everything in its past
As we danced in the rain,
The conclusion came clear that
We had no reasons
What made you strong used itself against you
You are my favorite weakness,
A beautiful weakness
But this spring the butterfly
Does not come out of its cocoon
Instead I picked you up like a little string
We are what no scientist could ever justify
We knocked down buildings with our smiles
We had each other the way it should be
And now your church is burning down
Both divinely and mysteriously
Like all the words that found its way
From no where right into you
Making its way into eternity
We could not explain it to anyone
And why should we?
We found each other
Through what is called the core of one another
And I kept you in my back pocket
Through the times that we
Burned bridges with our charm
We learned what no history book could ever teach
Everything we touched turned to gold
Leaving a little permanence
Jul 2011 · 570
Teenage Pain
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
Sometimes I feel that we should have never crossed
Other times, I feel like you're exactly what I need
It feels like we are always denying each other and looking for each other
Can it be possible that we hurt without one another? I do..
Do you feel the same as me?
Maybe it's just a feeling inside me
Or maybe it hurts because it is what is meant to be
It would not feel this lonely if it never was meant to be something
Jul 2011 · 510
Thoughts of Love
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
When you are in my presence
I smile
Because there is no yesterday or tomorrow
And when we meet
Rivers flow joyfully
Waterfalls gently pour
Angels sing
Hate finds love
Universes are born

Then I wonder:
If you could only see
How much I need you near me
How much we are the same
How much I feel your pain
How much I love you
How much I want you
And for you to want me
If only you could see
What is meant to be
What I am trying to reach
What is most important to me
If only you knew
When I need you the most,
Who I want close
Why it's you I chose
If only I knew
Where you are
If only you could feel
Where I keep you
My mind, heart, and soul still yearns for you
Come back home
Jul 2011 · 728
A Place Beyond Us
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
Dreaming of a new place
Far away from where I reside
Dominated by love
A population of people
Living alongside God,
I see the very essence within us all
The only thing that has ever separated us
Is the suit we wear and we are that space
That is between you from me

People watch the speed of light
And listen to the race of sounds
Self-created pain rests in another dimension
The lands are shared by those who inhabit it

I rest my little body on a flower petal
Sink myself into pollen
Imagining the realization that peace and Heaven are merged in me
The cloud above me patiently lives its life
And will soon let me swallow it when I am thirsty

I am the salt of the earth; preserving my world from putrefaction
Though my failing health deteriorates my body
Imagination emerges and is more real than reality
Jul 2011 · 603
A Home Within Each Other
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
The bird flew down south from the lonely winter
and whistled life and love just to himself
and only he could hear, but he knew that
faith would take him to his destination

With time and concentration
came a direction in the form of
love, another bird, just like him
said, "Follow me..
We could find a home together"

Two free birds flew side by side,
trusting that the worst had come,
but just as he saw her just as frightened,
he then realized, with tremendous joy,
that he had already found home.

And as she turned to look at him,
He whistled a thank you, and communicated,
"I have found home. We have found a home.
We have found a home in each other."
Jul 2011 · 638
A Life So Beautiful
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
To think about you, I remind myself of a time when I promised that life was mysterious and full of surprises. That the world is beautiful, and within the depths of life lies a gorgeous secret. My memories seem to fade in and out of the truth I have always known. A truth be known that there is something special, and someone special. A magic that is so undeniably sacred to those who see it. There was a time when I was lost in what seemed like an illusion that was limitless. When you were found, or rather, when you found me, it was as though you were always there waiting to appear at the right time. And what you did was grow with me into a life I have never lived before. I never lose you. We are forever. You are the sun that sets, but also rises again.

I began with a dream that was real only within me. Life was all the dream. Looking at the dark limitless sky, the melody played the moon and stars all around.
Jul 2011 · 668
Self-Encouraging Poem
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
I am strong,
I am excited,
I love to love,
I grow stronger from experience,
I love my love for her,
No wanting, just love
Feel the wind,
Feel the peace
Everything is blessed,
All is for enjoyment
It takes time to feel better
Jul 2011 · 3.2k
Poem For Christine
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
Christine is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day,
warm hot cocoa on a blizzardly winter day,
peace on earth,
a first kiss,
a magic moment,
a mother's love for her baby,
a tight hug in times of desperation,
a get together with old friends,
a memory of an unforgettable, life-changing event that was a blessing,
a melody so precious it makes you glad to be alive,
a best friend,
singing with those you love,
a coming together of friends and family during the holiday season,
when enemies turn to love and forgive each other becoming close friends,
birds chirping on a sunny spring morning,
someone saving another life,
and dying in the arms of your lover but the love never ceasing
and always remaining like an eternal flame
I love you, Christine.
Words can never describe you well enough
Jul 2011 · 507
Two Birds
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
Once upon a time,
there were two lost birds
in different areas of the sky
without a home
trying to find a place
in the long, lost, lonely world
They had been up in the sky for so long
that finally each one decided to land
and both had found each other without even searching
Neither had any direction,
but they knew in time that
both were the direction and the destination
Jul 2011 · 546
For You, My Flower
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
You looked into my eyes
And I saw the end of the world
You held my hand
And I felt the beginning of creation
When you talk to me
All I hear is the sweetest melody
Your lips meet mine
And I taste the peace in eternity
When you are in my presence
I smell the fresh air that fills my lungs
And I am thankful for breathing the same air
For you are blessed
And define the flowering of who I am
Frankie Gestone Jul 2011
When I look at you,
I see my self
Where I am weak,
you are strong
What I lack,
you have
Why I share,
because you give
Who I become,
you plant the seed for:
A disciple of your heart
How I learn,
you teach me
If I doubt,
you believe
In times that I hate,
you love
And when I give up on life and myself
all I have to do is think of you
and I am back on my feet
You took me by the hand
and allowed me to strip away your material
to find and realize
For what I want you are:
A luminous light ball of pure love

— The End —