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Martin Boško Apr 10
Royal rings around
Saturn the devourer
Dominating space
M Solav Mar 20
When within my cells there rages wars,
For a second breath I’d stare at the stars;

The old world thickened under my feet,
Yet across my sorrows the ends would meet;

So to renew these aspirations of ours,
Perhaps on a missile on its way to Mars.

  ("We are past the third wave,
   past the coastline,
   past the coral reef.")

No I haven’t always been there for you,
In these gardens we’ve walked around and through;

From green to red, vice-versa and so forth,
We’ve gone past Saturn many times before;

Now I’m on my way to a distant shore,
Paddling the bloodstream of my heart.

  ("We reach through the gate,
   the gate of no-return,
   far beyond Saturn.")

Amidst curiosity and its pulsations,
Of skies infinite, a stubborn astronaut;

It’s time to decline and lose it all
Or time to rise up and answer the call;

Fractions of a split-second, a trigger;
Wings spread to the dark yonder.

  ("Gone past the point of no-return,
   Cicatrize our scars as we sail
   Far into the night.")
Written on April 19th, 2018 - for a song that never was.
eden Jan 12
perhaps i am simply
not of this world

maybe i was
born on venus
or even saturn
perhaps i came into
on one of it's rings
or what if i am from neptune
or one of the
fourteen moons
surrounding it
the blue planet
encompassed with
the hydrogen
the helium
the methane
in the atmosphere

what i am used to
is an environment where
i can't breathe
maybe i like toxins
maybe i like chemicals
because i feel comfortable
being exposed to them
constantly bordering
along the thin lines
that seem to
beauty and chaos

the earth is not
my home
alienated on this planet
i rest and reset as the sun
moves through the sky
i move through my days
and they feel
repetitive to say the least

i wish i was born here
but i don't think
i have ever felt more
out of my body

what if i was not formed
on any planet
maybe i don't even exist
at all

a void in and of itself

i may just be a sad
and empty
never ending
black hole
Krad Le Strange Dec 2020
To my Saturn
After years of waiting
Aimless orbiting
Kaleidoscopic space-time bending
Our paths finally converge
Admiration and excitation surge

In this great conjunction
it showed me this one great revelation –
this is the closest we would ever be,
this is the closest we could ever be
Only in this lifetime, hopefully…

Even if it is just a brief encounter
I would not trade it for another…

Until then, my dearest Saturn...

-Your Jupiter
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Great conjunction
You call
They remain 400 million miles apart
Appearances are deceptive
Mood is festive
Saturn, the planet of justice and punishment
Video conferences on the celestial screen with
Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge
Decide modalities ending
Corona war
In deference to Jesus Christ
Merry Christmas!
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
I may be foulmouthed to the core,

let alone when we have our very own

\\ tête-à-tête //

but honey---

I know my heart is genuine.
Hit me up after your Saturn Return, girl.
sab ariana Nov 2020
in the void
the darkness
the sapphire shadows below
i have waken soon all of mankind will know
from the waters i rise
to bring you a cold wet demise
the tides they turn  the moon she burns
the great flood is here
the ground soaks in the oceans tears
oh my followers they wept
deep down in the depths
how long have i slept?
celestial dreams my planet of rings
judgment and their cries
"no one can escape her watchful eyes"
judgment she cries
welcome aboard my painful ride
now that i am awake terra she shakes
man is five and yes i am eight
the tentacles from your nightmares
the dreams that you hate
the cleanse has begun
my song  is now sung
all hear my call
the great cthulhu brings you your fall
dun dun dunnnnn i was listening to the call of ktulu by metallica and idk i guess i got inspired
Tommy Randell Oct 2020
A glimpse at Saturn from so far away
Reminded me when things are seen that way
We love them as being as they seem
And as they seem becomes what they mean

It isn't so -- the mind's eye makes things glow
With the falsity of being more than we know
Few things we Love stand up to scrutiny
Which reminds me of you ...
             ... and what you used to mean to me

Seen through a lens the universe is not as we Thought
We hold it to our mind's eye and it falls short.
Diya Jul 2020
I'm a lonely voyager
Travelling million miles away
My land of Genesis!
Intelligence and technology
To give me birth
Man gave me life
But sadly, I'm lifeless!
Even my destiny was written
  Before my existence.
My nuclear heart is fearless..
I've covered the strangeness all alone!
The vast space seemed
Like an endless ocean
Where the stars were dazzling pearls!
I was in search of an island
Floating in the infinite Universe
I even had to lose a part of me
Huygens went on a different Odyssey!
It was meant for the Titan..
Where the sky cried methane tears
Into the snowy sands..
The Orange haze
Could no more conceal,
What lies beyond it.
The yellowish brown hues of Saturn
Penetrated through my lens
As it's gravity pulled me closer..
A graveyard
Icy comets and asteroids
Hugged it's silhouette,
Creating ripples in the cosmic ocean!
I fell in love with the ringed planet..
She was the reason
"The dawn of Cassini"
For almost two decades,
I orbited around it
Diving into the unknown,
I unveiled it's little secrets.
I discovered the lost cousins of Titan.
Jets of icy particles
Streamed into the space
Disclosing the salty oceans that hides
Beneath the crust of Enceladus!
I even witnessed
The dual- shaded Lapetus
Who had fragments of Phoebe
Embodied into it's anatomy.
I manoeuvred between Saturn and its rings 22 times...
Before plunging into the laps
The ringed planet.
My death was inevitable
As I ran out of fuel in my veins!
My antenna waved at Earth
For a last goodbye.
And then,
I kissed the lips of death
As I burnt like a ephemeral meteor
In the Sublime Saturn's Skies.
An ode to Cassini mission (1997-2017)
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