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Dear Lord Jesus
You are in my heart
Day and night and
You are my strength
And my hope in life and
I'm so very grateful
For you in my life
And you hold me tight
In your heart softly
Kissing me day and
Night and you make me
Stronger every day and
I love you more
With each passing day
Amen Lord Jesus Christ.
A Prayer For Italy
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Isn't it weird how fast I've fallen?
I already miss your spirit, sunshine.
To be frank, wherever I'm going
I feel the urge to be back all the time

I miss museums and ancient buildings,
The river, the grass and the trees.
I miss the way I was usually feeling
While I was walking down your streets.

I don't honestly know how it happened,
How quickly you captured my heart,
But I could've never imagined
That I'd miss Roma so hard
Chris Saitta May 15
When she folds into me and weeps,
The world of empty things falls into me
Like the wetness of July in antiquated Rome,
Mother of tears, Mater Lachrymarum, in Forum stone,
The rain-addled veneers of Octavia’s portico.

Gather up these black sickened bellies of ruins,
Turn them out to make hunger the den of the skies,
Let the cracked whisper of each monument and temple
Breathe as Caesar, in unending stillness like a bare road.

A road is the sadness of seeing our beginning
But knowing love its far-off end is foretold.
ria geneva May 4
the light tore through her eyes
as she rolled in the green grass
laughing through her tears
as she watched the sun’s demise

and seeing the sky turn from arctic to indigo
she lifted herself from the earthen bed
rosy cheeks aglow

tumbling drunkenly down cobbled ground
hearing the concertina player’s refrain
the air cradling the forte of the sound
and the breeze thickened with the cool evening veil
so she walked
past the mosaic homes,
sleeping in their wake,
somewhat yearning for the mundane
and her heart begins to ache

for she slept
not in the cotton sheets of a sun-warmed bed
nor in the arms of another
because her eyes streamed storms
and she belonged to the wild

waltzing between cities that she had long forgotten
gently removing the bandages of long-healed wounds
bright unsure eyes like a child

and though her hair was held in beautiful black drapes
and her body clothed in a flowing white dress
her curiosity like a little boy’s traipse

her heart roared fires
spitting with ash and flame
her mind like a tiger
no man could tame

she was a living breathing storm
calm on its surface
fickle to transform

so as she rolled through the grass
watching the sun’s demise
golden fires blazed in her eyes.
( Emperor Menilik II)

An enemy
That covets
Your land, your
Natural wealth
And your wife
Creating a strife
Stripping you of
Your liberty
And identity
Is all out
To mar your life!

This blatant aggression
Standing together
It is better we deter.

So, if intentionally
Or otherwise
On you, if
I might
Have posed
A grievance
To date,
I ask apology
Let us bury
The hatchet.

Among us,
An axe to grind
For a divisive wedge
An enemy cruel & wild
Must not find.

Thus, while
In full command
Of your health
If you fail
To march
To the front
I will take that
To the dignity of
Our sovereign nation
And me
An affront.

I swear to God
I swear to God
Up on return
There is
No restraint
My anger
My punitive
Measures against
Such malingers
Back to hold.

Of course,
We need
The prayer
Of the feeble
And the old,
The heavily-armed
Invading army
When we fight
Supper bold.

I assure you
By the grace
Of God
Victory for us
Is what
The future hold.

(The Chief of the provision wing)

Women of the nation
Pull your sleeves;
As provision
Dry food—
Roasted chickpeas
Roasted peas
Dry meat—
If you prepare
It will be good.
Also to boost
Immunity in
The original way
Prepare and ready
Garlic, red chili
And ginger
In a form of
A powder.

(The principal of transport)

Array pack animals
Provisions to transport
From every corner
Of the nation,
The palace
To the battlefront.
S/he who has
A horse or a mule
Must come along
With some hays
For its fuel.

(The master of musicians)

Take on board
Musical instrumentalists
Vocalists, who
War songs that chant
About victory
At hand not hesitant.

(Traditional Health Professionals)

Also take aboard
Women, herbalists
That will nurse
The wounded
Back into shape
Also the recuperating
To fight back
Who help.

(The logistic head)

Our resource gap to fill
While in the battle mill
We have to take along
Bullet swaggers
Ammunition repairers.
Utilizing such skill
Would allow us
With limited resource
More troops to ****.
This way
The cavalry
And infantry
Will fight
About logistic
With little worry.

(Menilik II)

Let us march
Let us march
To the place of
To write
Golden history
Like Golead & David
That has no match!

Let us be
A standard bearer
If united
Freedom fighters
Could a giant enemy
Like Goliad deter.

On my sword
I have engraved
Menilik’s power
Is Almighty God
So behold
Those who pick
Against the peaceful
A sword
Will perish by
The sword.

About colonization
As I earlier grabbed
The import
I had accessed
Enough arsenal
Via the port.
If divide & conquer
Is their aim
With Ethiopians’
Oneness &unity
I will foil
Their game
They will have
Themselves to blame.

In the meantime
King Aba Jifar
Taking over inland
Maladministration, disorder
Will bar
In such a way
Ethiopians’ chemistry
Will be heard
Wide and far.///
Prior to the battle of Adwa
B Bonnete Feb 8
There's a boy in Venice
He sits quietly in a sullen ally
Velvet hands, scarlet feet
Strumming his guitar
He sings with a voice rooted in pain
Scratched by broken dreams
But when he played
His heart filled the empty arpeggio
With no other ambition but to please
He sat, and he played with ease
Staring down at his everything
Loving her

There's a girl in satin
Holding onto her chest
Shame succumbed by joy
Painting her bambola’s face
Her small feet dangling from the golden framed chair
Pink cheeks
Braided hair
Her doll looked the same
Putting down the paint brush she sat there
Loving her

The boy in Venice plays,
He strokes the strings
Hopping from one string to the other
Calloused extremities creating a symphony
And the girl in satin heard
And she danced
The boy who's face was viewed by none shifted up
And he danced
Two people
one world
one song
Sarah Lane Jan 30
The world rushes by through my window
I try to capture each glimpse in my mind
How can I save the small wonders I know
If the scenes come just as quick as they go

I watch it all pass in the distance
Wanting to spare these memories for you
But futility holds with resistance
And those things slip away in an instant

What is it worth if I can't have you here?
Beauty is dull and amazements are cheap
Nothing can matter when my heart isn't near
I'd trade all these sights for you to appear
I wrote this for my husband on a bus ride through Italy while touring without him for a series of ballet gala performances.
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
A haze of amber flecked with gold
the nightly spell of Rome takes hold
its citrine light gleams from our hair
and footsteps float as if on air

the ancient wiles of ancient lanes
dilate our eyes, infect our brains
the domes and columns coalesce
to wink us, nudge us, urge us, 'yes'

with impish looks, our hands entwine
our faces flushed with golden wine
coy laughter rolls in rustic streets
till in our sight, the river greets

upon the bridge, the Tiber calls
our glances dip and silence falls
with glimmered quill, the waters write
“The time is now to seize the night”

I squeeze her hand, she bites her lip
up to the ledge, I quickly skip
she joins me swiftly, turning pink
with gazes locked, we breathe in sync

with softest hands, I brush her face
and in a move that flows with grace
our parted lips now gently press
and soon enough our tongues caress

the city grins with hushed applause
and through our veins its passion roars
three thousand years of joys refresh
to burn again in mortal flesh
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
Beyond the shore, the sun descends
and paints the sky in fuchsia blends
with passion fruit and tangerine
and clouds a-blush with peachy sheen

magenta ribbons flirt with blue
as day departs in royal adieu
a spectral thrall, a final boast
to brush the warm Amalfi Coast

the spritely sea consumes the light
as waters burn for coming night
and sand glows rose in lovers’ heat
there on the beach, we take our seat

I wrap her with a tender arm
she nuzzles close in eager charm
I smell her hair with deep inhale
and breathe the scent of holy grail

around us, buildings climb the hills
with coloured walls and shuttered grills
ravello trees complete the scene
and frame the town in racing green

as night ascends we start to kiss
her playful tongue a silken bliss
lips rumba dance to soothing tune
as sun gives way to silver moon

with shadows long, I hold her face
and down her arm my fingers trace
she shivers gently, eyes alive
our hearts a-beat in overdrive

the time is now, the time is right
I fix her with a longing sight
with timid voice, I speak my love
and she smiles as bright as stars above
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
Rome's majesty hangs in the night air
in a haze of amber and gold
illuminating the domes and cypress trees
and clinging to our newly infatuated cheeks
like a million droplets of citrine mist
conjured from the knowing mischief
that imbues the age-old streets

Our formerly suppressed smiles break their bonds
and creep up our faces to sparkle from our eyes
as our fingers entwine
and the columns and porticos look on
winking at us, nudging us,
urging us to cavort with olives and wine
and revel in decadence with the ancients

We cross a bridge over the River Tiber
a dark shimmering ribbon
that subtly beckons us to gaze at its glory
and reminds us like a sly grandfather
that while the city is eternal
we are just mortals
and every second of magic is there to be grasped

Accepting its sage, I squeeze her hand
making her gasp and bite her lip.
I climb up and sit on the edge of the bridge
she joins me and brushes the hair from her face
revealing cheeks that flush pinker by the second.
We stare at each other in silence
against a backdrop of timeless radiance

Her chest rises and falls
but filled with the steel of Caesar's legions
I lean forward and cradle her soft, glowing face
and inhale her sweet, warm breath
before our lips brush and fizzle with delight
caressing softly as the static crackles
until we pant for air

We adjust, reconnect
and sink back into each other
in a swirl of saffron hued enchantment
merging with the city and time
as three millennia of history
alights in rapturous applause, to relive its ecstacies
through our perishable young flesh
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