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Sasha Nov 22
She has such a beautiful name - Valentina,
a girl from Italy, so pretty, lovely Signorina ...
And, she is a top model, so into the fashion,
she is my secret desire, or shall I say passion ...
I want to get her, I want to be closer or near,
cannot wait much more, just say: ''My dear!''
I have not seen such a beauty in all my life,
it would be amazing, if she becomes my wife ...
But, I am poor, all I can do is just write and sing,
I cannot afford even to buy her a wedding ring ...
Will I ever succeed to write a so popular song,
so far, in the distance I hear a cathedral gong ...
Ciao Ragazzi!
Come to the Piazza.  
We’ll have margherita pizza next to a white ****** statue
with a full lipped, bemused smile that says
'Now you are in Italia'.

The statue is older than five generations of your family
and he’s also *****
because la vita e bella  
and he’s lived too long to worry about such trivialities.

You won’t care either before long, because the
roma tomato in your mouth has just exploded
in flavor as old as Rome.
And you think to yourself, this meal was grown
less than fifty miles away,

But then you'll stop thinking about the richness of the earth  
because an elderly man with twinkling eyes is playing you a jaunty little tune on his busted violin
like a scene from a 1940s film

And you 'll find yourself caught up in a bubble moment with the music and the stars
and rapid fire voices out of twenty yellow- lit restaurants in your immediate vicinity

And you'll wonder how anyone can possibly live here
and get anything done.  
But don't wonder for too long because then you'll miss the limoncello.
Dear Florence,

I remember the day I first saw you. I swear that is the only time I ever believed in ‘love at first sight’. You were as calm as the meditating soul. Your passing wind soothed my beating heart.
In that first ride to my new house, I knew. I knew you were going to be my home. I knew you would mend all my of aching slits, stitch after stitch. Each day you bestowed me with a new beautiful day to inspire me, to metamorphose me, even more poetically than the phoenix rising from its ashes.

I knew, one day, I would say goodbye. Chasing your dreams can sometimes be a painful journey. I knew leaving you would shatter my soul into little pieces, strewed all around your streets and alleys and piazzas and bridges. But dear Florence, you deserve so much more than my little-scattered pieces.

As I say goodbye, pondering over the Santa Trinita bridge, I become forever yours. The joys you have given me, the memories of which will wander along through all my journeys.  My sorrows, the memories of the flowing Arno river will always wash away.

So, as I leave this place, I request you to take care of me. For ‘the me as I know it’ has become ‘the me as I knew it’. I am leaving behind this version of me for it is only in your shadows did she glow bright. Let your pink skies continue to set away all my anxieties. Let your rising blues continue to give me hope. Let the shining gold, always guide my heart home, just like the Duomo always guides us in its warm embrace. Let you ringing bells, help me rise every time I stumble. Let your art, keep my imagination flowing and let your symmetry create order in my life. Let your changing skies give me strength and inspire me to never stop, come what may.

Take care of me when I am gone. Just like you have over the past year.

Forever yours,
The girl who never really left.
Play that melody for me

And whisper in my ears

You don't know it but you saw right through me and my worst fears

The game I was playing was in your court

Frozen still from your spell, I could not hide or run anymore

And you are toxic, but it is just what I need

Because you are beautiful especially when you scream or bleed

Enticing is your magic, mesmerized and hypnotized with tricks

Pure euphoria, I cannot help but love it Blinking fading lights in a dark room is where I get my fix

Your pain is also my pain

For it is a pleasure in me to see you crying in the rain

Through chaos and order, your eyes ask for more

But you are taken and everyone wants some of you

The most elegant witch, a black widow crawling on a floor

You are just a lost little girl seeking a home

You are the witch but all your black clothes cannot cover your empty soul

I can see all the universe through my reflection in your eyes

Green emerald with a hint a blue liberates the waterfall of tears from your cries

I will search for you again through the skies of time

Somewhere between the seas and the mountains

I can conquer all and make you mine
waterfalls, dreams, love, Iseo, Italy, eyes, emerald, passion,
Steven Sep 11
Electricity not born of light
but angled natured slopes
his eyes now free to breaths of alps.

Beyond the green orchard's bloom
lay the valley's casual streams    
nurtured by ages  
nestled by hills
the Autumn beiges.

Rich gusts of youth
under the sun, aside the hills, atop the plains
the youthful run.

Below branches of fruit
he springs
pure Crystal youth
near birds on the browns
in rhythm with times
of old comrade sounds.
Reminiscing about my father in his youth.
Kidnaped love due to ravenous ****
Brings a thriving city to soot and dust
Villagers armed ready with sword to ******
Defending till their doom due to mistrust
Survivors now trapped in wanderlust
Till one rises and gains all trust
Follow! Follow! Follow you must
Till Rome is found and armor rust
We are heating up
A-glow--- A-star--- A-blaze
Many other well-lit planets
She's luminous like no other
Simply crazed__Fairytales

*She's Peach-Fruitti-Tutti
Godiva loves nuts
All the melt in's
Mr. Bacio-Hazelnut*
Mr. Pistacchio he got his nose______

Inside their sweets____Pinnochio
She's the Light-up Icecream Cone  

Moods are like ice cubes
hot and cold websites
I prefer cold zone
Feeling like
Eskimo in Alaska

Miss Prima Donna
Oh! Donna is her name
Gelatos are not all the same
We are not here to have
special privileges

Robin lost some ruffles
Polar bears ice Igloo
College boys with their sports mug
Polo shirts Santa hoo duffle bags
We don't know what she knows
or what he likes the stars
of the Cosmo we are not
here to win someone's love
OH! Yes Lotto

We are not professors or wizards
Harry Potters, they have some
Pots not a fan of pans got
some ****
**** so cool menthol smoke indeed
Around the Gelato in eighty days
The Race of a drive

computer clicks one-day creation flag
Hens and chicks laid the golden egg

Mr. Egghead meeting Conehead

His tasters choice  
 She loves Mr. Maxwell Mansion
This is Italy the Art sculptures
Sweet Gelato lips say a
thousand words of pleasure
We travel with Exotic lovebirds
Saving the Ice blue diamond
Icecream wreck what a she
gains more than a pound
Mama Mia,
not the Chia job plant
 Over the rainbow
chill out pants
Having Gelato clean
as mint float

To the waffle cone top
of the mountain sugar coat
Niagara Falls here
"Gelato calls"

What spaghetti my name is

Mr. Alfredo his physique and
passion for food
Feeling like the comics
Having fun marveling
Carvel walking through
the love tunnel
Hot ladies how do they ever
Decide iced up inside

Hothead Alfredo throws
the dough
She coughs he laughs
The pizza everyone's
the head is turning beet red
Something is burning exorcist,
Lady in red pizza list

Back in Brooklyn best
Pizza and Italy (Rome) Venice (Florence)
But Bensonhurst Saturday night fever
With Nightingale Mr. Chippendale
He's chatting away on his cell phone

With her Gelato looking at the
stars of the men spiritual experience
The Cosmos feeling meltdown presence
St Thomas sunny like yellow
gelato melting

Being a saint please don't faint
A food critic dessert
*** a hex playful flirt
T Rex mighty green lime
The love fallout of coconut
He's the hottest man
on earth Pluto
Being whole flavor or 1/2 pint
of Vanilla Sky scholar or
Intermission Icecream internship
The Canadian cup another trip

  Nike air what an ice cream pair
Going back to New York City
Rockettes icecream kick
He's on his time feeling the royalty
Lets bow to the dogs best friend
French barrette in her ice blue
Corvette, she is 'Ice Queen"
Super Ice me, Hero

Do what the Romans do
Lend me your warm soul of hands
Getting married Italian medieval rings
For my next Gelato adventure
escape be polite on Google
Mr. Alfredo loves all kinds of noodle
The shape of Cone's to come in her head

Not an Antman, please or fly by night
Icecream Cone Head Batman
*But I am a woman named Robin
Christopher Robin, Robin Hood
Why are boys and girls name alike
**** good humor lady
Good humor truck
Where is her order head chef
shrimp scampi
In the islands of Sorrento

What a time for ironing
What a waffle shirt eating
his waffle
Icecream with ladybugs and dirt
So many varieties mental thing
Everything icecream you scream
What a college Varsity every year  
"Hot lady Gelato's" head of the dean
list oh! No
[Mr. Alfredo} ice cream chair with
another Gelato pair
Chiao for now
Gelato went a little too far I love Gelato lets travel with Robin and get some unbelievable Gelato but we need to go to Italy I was there it's amazing
Aa Harvey Jul 27
Find happiness

There are so many things that are not as they should be,
That sometimes people think that everything is wrong.
I can only speak for myself, but I do still believe,
There is hope in many places, in many people, in many songs.

If you do have faith, then that is your choice.
I am faithful when I am in love.
I write for myself to give myself a voice.
My silence means I am busy working, writing my books.

A paragraph here, a couplet or two there.
There are so many words to be found everywhere,
That poetry has become like air.
It floats through the soul, never growing old,
And like life, it passes onto another.
It goes where it goes.
If it means nothing to you,
Perhaps you should choose some other wordsmith.
Another poet; another writer;
Or just say nothing, read nothing, do nothing.
Whatever makes you sing your own song is worth it.

Read the contents of the label if you do not speak the language.
Head to Milan or Naples, and absorb the culture,
Before going to Rome with your kids.
Feel free to roam before you see the Cascata,
Wherever they may flow.

Travel Europe before heading home,
And if you are still not settled when you return,
Pack your bags again and go all around the world,
In a one person boat, all alone.
Do whatever you need to do to find your inner peace.
You will find love wherever you may be,
If your heart is open to seeing new things.

If you are closed to human contact,
Then you will forever be taking a step back
And no forward thinking, future thinking thinker,
Will ever be attracted to that;
But if solitude is your desire,
Then stay alone, although the mountains will seem much higher.

If you are truly happy, you realise fortune is temporary.
I know I dream of one day raising a family.
We all have our dreams;
We all have needful things.
We wish for change,
But those who live in the moment, it seems,
Are eternally living their perfect day.

Life is not perfect and never will be,
But even if it is great and can only get worse,
At least it is not my misery.
You still have to work to improve it.
Alive in this state of man-made bliss,
Is a footstep away from catastrophe,
So do not wait for life to come and find you.
Find your own way to be happy.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I was
hers and
still toggle
their feature
as this
cluster in
maudlin with
alluvion tears
as rain
only to
gape acquiescence
there and
strengthen peace
of mind
or frizzy
hair ends
the medallion
veritas Jul 20
somewhere in summer, where red cherries sat in a bowl, glistening, and where her skinny lemon bicycle
and her daiquiri ice top sat discarded, aside
          —somewhere in her summer she grew up.
it was in between caressing winds and delicious sunlight,
sparkling through windows, drawing locusts on her face, his face.
     it was somewhere before summer had started, rising;
          it was somewhere after summer had ended, profound sadness.
               it was summer herself, joyous and hopeful and alive and buoyant,
it was in the middle of touches and kisses and sighs that she grew up.
italy, 1984.
first love.
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