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Zhavaed Haemaed Nov 2020
When you're falling do not struggle
Let the pebbles under your feet guide you to a basecamp of opportunity.

It was never meant to be a continuous climb.
More of a climb and fall.

Look at music,
Look at light waves,
Such is the way of nature.
Who are we to defy that?
Be like water, flow.
Frankie Gestone Jun 2020
Peace is flowing as a river, and I am on a boat sailing down this stream
That’s love- No pain, no worries
Just water playing her music to my ears
I am a guest in Nature’s house
It makes no difference who I am.
Nor if I am me or you, she or he, we or them
She treats us just the same
In this field, there is no pain, no separation between me and it, certainly no gain
Time runs not forwards nor backwards here
All is Now and All will never be back then or later
Because the All that was then and will be later is just Now falsely projected by the mind of separation
There is a comfort in knowing everything changes
But an even deeper comfort in understanding its essence remains the same
Taosim, Buddhism, Now, Present Moment, Peace, Life, River, Wu Wei, Time, Understanding, Love
ESHÉ Mar 2019
I am grabbing at light
Collapsing in on myself, sinking further into an endless night.
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Those who passed the gate,
                              don't ask the gate keeper
Those who ask the gate keeper,
                              haven't yet passed the gate.

It is easy to be indifferent,
                              and not take action,
Easy to fool one another,
                              and view morality as an abstraction,

What has long been neglected,
                              cannot be fixed right away,
Regretting past fault and folly,
                              Brings potential; Don't stray from The Way.
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Reflections invisible, O self, eternal, rising forever high,
Wings of Justice, Wings of Darkness, in ether, forever fly,
At any age at any stage,if Kindness is our roots, Heaven's our Ally.
Light in-divisible, seeing both just and evil, forever reflecting in the sky,

Time forever passing, Eternity contain both truths and lies,
Evil time shared, Of all truth beware: Illumined Minds cry,
For a Caring Heaven, Watching all men. A Mighty Mirror in the sky,

reflective and cool, all men were once fools, yet successful when they try,
Be yourself, Love yourself till death, enlightenment comes in time...

someone dies, A Soaring flame, now becoming wise,
an image imprinted, now in the Mighty mirror ...
forever watching from the sky.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
Men ask the way to Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain: there's no through trail.
In summer, ice doesn't melt
The rising sun blurs in swirling fog.
How did I make it?
My heart's not the same as yours.
If your heart was like mine
You'd get it and be right here.
     ~ trans. Gary Snyder
Han Shawn was a Taoist poet who lived alone on a mountain and wrote poems on trees, rocks, etc. Cold Mountain is what I call Struggle Mountain. You can't go there because you are already there if you can Wake Up. But to really see is very difficult and a long, hard path. Keep climbing.
Matt Jan 2015
Look, but you can't see it
Listen, but you can't hear it
Reach out, but you can't touch it.
Invisible, inaudible, intangible.

The One.

I was going for another drive
An evening drive
Everyday consciousness
People coming and going
Walking dogs
Truly beautiful
First six lined are from a poem by Lao Tzu

— The End —