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Ormond Jan 12


Down in the shrouded wood a wanderer walks
And dreams the dreamers story he has lived.
Sidled by the stream that sheds blue waters
By the beds, trailing the rail of loves unknown
Kiss and a voice that conjures truest bliss,
Down in the drink where sweet Ophelia sleeps;
In the pool of the lost maiden song.

And the dreamer, he is dreaming . . .
Hair, that ropes the stoic man upon his mount.
Hair, making souls’ lost ending breath a shout,
And hair that weighs the wind, teaches it to sing;
Hair, wending whirlpools waving fools to dive in.


Lost at land’s end the sea lions, washed-up, wail
And buzzards coast where eagles flail, rip tides
Assail and chop the collected bones they drop;
It is a chalky bone-yard break, golden escarpments
Wake and a ******’s salty sermons shake;
Where gathering ghosts glom and chide steeping,
In the pool of the lost maiden song.

And the seeker, he is seeking . . .
Eyes that turn the sands and are mirrors,
Eyes that taught the books of Alexandria,
Eyes that shook the flesh and are seers,
Eyes that lit the pyres, burned true believers.


Deep in the dark wood the waters rush, hush,
Cramp, crew and creep, melodiously tread,
Trammel, and burn as furies in keeping true
The melting moon, the onerous owl, fluttering
Things, muttering wings, cones in darkness
Flings and filmy time flicks by the wayside;
In the pool of the lost maiden song.

And the lover, he is longing . . .
Love, lithe and lyric, he sees your sweeping shapes.
Peace, parsed and pained he hears the voicing gape.
Blind, bliss’d and shamed he wears the votive drapes.
Hungered, thirsted and gone; seeks your pearly gate.


Out in the forest maze the jarring sun seeps
And swirls, only to roust the traveler onward
Where soon he must meet the faces in the grotto
Down in destroyed lands by the seas’ unreasoning
Chime, deep in the dark whine of the shining mermaids,
Where the doomed cry, round the navel of the world,
In the pool of the lost maiden song.

And the doomed, they are crying . . .
“****** beauty bade us, in a star crossed chrysalis,
Made us, choose a desert’s winter of loneliness.
Heed our fate and leave this valley torn of bliss;
The many millions of locust fall in ripest fields.”
Robin Lemmen Dec 2018
And it was almost as if
I found stars in your eyes again
Lying on your bed, head on your thigh
Stroking my cheek
A lazy smile haunting the corners of your mouth
Beautiful, as the lava lamp gave light
And my eyes closed slowly
Hold me, I am home
For a second I was looking at the boy
The man I once got to call my best friend
And we kissed the stars into meteors
Soaring, spinning, free
We were infinite
But we never got the soft landing we wished for
We crashed into ourselves
Losing sight of the moon and stars
Just like we did back then
Like we always do
Until we are no more than mere stardust
Kristina Weeks Jun 2018
Serenade me with your skin made of silk
Your hand on my face the softest caress
I want to lose myself in your body
An odyssey of **** and obsession  

Your eyes hold everything and nothing
Windows to the universe
Their sultry allure calling like a siren
Whispering secrets you’ll never tell me

And those longing lips
They plead for a kiss with every smirk
Of which I’m happy to offer
They tremble with each touch

Your arms offer safety and security
Enveloping embrace protective and strong
But gently hold me like a blanket
Never let me go

Your voice my soul’s solace
Say your words that ****** my spirit
Spinning and dancing in my head
Anything anything you want

You are my rock in this hard place
PoserPersona Apr 2018
Illustrious queen, set me free
from the chains of my desire

Though mere form, an eternal dream
relieved by bursts of white fire

A primordial odyssey
from ocean's novel progeny

Crawled out of Cambrian waters,
fish who yielded the first daughters
Nickolas Niles May 2018
The seven walked in fury,
No more a land called their home.
Forced many miles dreary,
All for a place called their own.
In a searching journey on,
They seek lost treasures hidden.
Each land to step, cross and come,
These exiled souls forbidden.
A rescuing hero large,
He seeks to redeem himself.
Even if till a last charge,
Saving souls fighting their ****.
Kingdoms to come together,
For peace and love forever.
And the epic saga continues...
Nick Stiltner Mar 2018
Smoke filled dens of drifting ***** scent,
Imagined worlds dancing behind the eyes
of the laying men.
Heads fall back and pupils roll to face brow,
revealing a cloudy unseeing white.

What lies behind the eyes of laid men
that makes them respond to the sweet song of
lotus flower time and again?
Are they taken to that Mediterranean isle visited by
Odysseus in his journey, the idle isle where time lazily flows
and sunrise and sunset have no meaning at all?

If I was bunk mate to Odysseus on his mission home
and our boat met sand on this secluded cove,
would I see it for what it was?
After tasting my first sweet lotus petal, offered
to me by beauty divine, could I resist a second kiss?

Would I have bravely boarded the ship away,
eyes hard and mind set on my destination,
or would I have planted feet firmly to sand
and wave as the brave ones sailed away to face
the ever abundant misery of reality?
jace Jan 2018
Odysseus, we greatly praise you
From your strength and wisdom
The greeks are lucky to have you
And so is your kingdom

Such great adventures, king Odysseus
Its a shock you could survive
The journey was very dangerous
But at least you're still alive
I was actually pressured into making this as I was tested by my english teacher to write a poem about Odysseus in 15 minutes. I just made it comedy so that I could at least get her attention
JT Dec 2017
I am in love with Nobody
And Nobody loves me,
When I roll over in my bed
It’s Nobody I see;
Nobody cares enough to stay
And hold me when I weep,
And Nobody will dry my tears
To soothe me back to sleep;
Nobody is a friend to me
When I am feeling down,
And Nobody knows what to do
To get rid of my frown.

As I go through my average day
Nobody’s by my side,
Offering his company or
proffering his guide.
Nobody is my only friend
Sent from the gods above,
But now it seems that fate has tried
To meddle with our love.
Tomorrow night, my Nobody
Heads back to his old home;
He has a wife and child, he says,
Who know not where he roams;

Nobody has been travelling
For years from shore to shore,
Traversing through Ionia
After the Trojan War.
Oh, I will miss my Nobody
With all my giant heart,
I cannot bear to dwell on thoughts
Of us being apart.
Nobody holds my hand and says,
“Polyphemus, don’t cry,”
But I can’t stop the massive tears
From welling in my eye.
I was going through some notebooks from high school and found this gem. Guess what we were reading in English class?
Star BG Dec 2017
My Odyssey begins at break of day,
as sun tickles the horizon,
and I feel an excitement
for the unknown.

Senses perk
as birds fly before eyes with grace.
Moments revel a magical reality,
I assist in constructing.

My odyssey begins when head hits pillow.
As busy day and darken sky brings desire to sleep.
As I feel an excitement
for the unknown.

Senses expand
as visions grand surface.
Moments revel a magical reality
I am gifted and guided through.

My Odyssey begins
inside my present reality,
AND, forever when I decloak
out of human form.

StarBG © 2017
Playing with word odyssey on a sleepless night. LOL
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