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Ken Pepiton Sep 17
Con fide ence cadence
Semper fi, I the ego in the narrator
making wu wei from
to out a bit, this to that
as we know
we grew, we know we grow

spontaneity- eh, next next next
not this time, mmmm

in the body

sense of other, this is the I they say
ego is the enemy,
love thy enemy, I say

schwahng-****- ting tang
walla walla bing ****
be the laugh
and be the clown, fret not,

this is that
all at once upsidedowninsideout in a word
we are wedom in the sense the wu wei
wei we are making this up, not making this up
we are shown
as we were I once doing the efforting,

wishing to become old and happy,
all my prayers answered in enough and
enough to share with no sorrow added as debt

see me see me see you see me clever
and proud of how fun the giggle is as song,

comfort the feeble mind, it too is mine,
let me rest in the joy of having this time
as mine, in the global reality lit with power
that powers this body using fingers to find letters
to let words
form from better ideas, bet. Put your money down,

opposing forces, from within, we never were
as those who fit the mould of a place native to us,
our kind,

not that kind, this kind, be kind, love, be loving
this is friendly, no aggressive faces made, no blush
of rage,
perhaps, yes, haps, here we pursued, but we
ensued peace after passing all we include in me
body… and the mind that runs it
and the mind that knows it, so from the top of my head
to the bottom of my feet,
I accept is in state,
in the body, I can say, I am in the body and I have
magic, given as "black box" think what one can make
given the means
to fret not, not a bit o'worry brain, think up a storm

find a way to fill the need, felt real, real empty,
useless, in terms of the whole truth, really
useless, what do I know, I know I lie
about how happy I would be if
next time you could sing wit'me.

Who has a head empty of will to wonder if we can
think we can can we think we can and be happy

when we think we
dodidonitdonit seem we may as well take a given

grin and invest it in the hope, that someday
your day gets,
better to specs, regularly reset to random, wei, wu wei. We, me.
spontaneous enough -tiny lip curve sign in line....
Frankie Gestone Jun 2020
Peace is flowing as a river, and I am on a boat sailing down this stream
That’s love- No pain, no worries
Just water playing her music to my ears
I am a guest in Nature’s house
It makes no difference who I am.
Nor if I am me or you, she or he, we or them
She treats us just the same
In this field, there is no pain, no separation between me and it, certainly no gain
Time runs not forwards nor backwards here
All is Now and All will never be back then or later
Because the All that was then and will be later is just Now falsely projected by the mind of separation
There is a comfort in knowing everything changes
But an even deeper comfort in understanding its essence remains the same
Taosim, Buddhism, Now, Present Moment, Peace, Life, River, Wu Wei, Time, Understanding, Love
Deadwood Haiku Mar 2015
Who? Wu? No, who! Jews?
No, you ignorant ******'
*****! Juice! Not Jews, juice!
Deadwood Haiku Mar 2015
Wu's dope was stolen
one white cocksucka, no two
Wu Swedgin hang dai

— The End —