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Angela Rose Nov 2023
Being the sun in your misery is dimming me
It’s parasitic
I used to see us symbiotically, I used to think we balanced each others sadness to reach mutual happiness
I was incorrect

Being the blood to your vampiric nature is draining me
It’s bloodsucking
I used to see us as co-unit, I used to think we were an equal part to each others madness and in turn we could reach sanity
I was mistaken

Being the floating device to your endless ocean is sinking me
It’s so heavy
I used to see us a lifeboat, I used to think we were carrying each other through the sea to reach the shore
You’re drowning me
kiran goswami May 2019
While passing from the roads I take daily,
I noticed a mycorrhiza on a tree.
Wrapped on the sweaty hands of the tall,
Entangled into each other.

I heard them whispering
"I love you",
" I love you too",
and I saw the little plantae
embracing very leaf of the tall,
kissing every inch.

It was symbiotic, I believed.
too symbiotic to be separated.

I took four steps closer,
and I noticed it was a cascuta on the tree.
Engulfing the sweaty hands of the tall,
climbing onto the top of the other,
I heard them whispering again,
"I love you",
" I want you",
I saw the little plantae
suffocating every leaf of the tall,
******* and tearing every inch.

It was parasitic, I knew.
Too parasitic to be together.
Frankie Gestone May 2019
You know you are a parasite
But I will let you feed off of me
Sometimes I desire the poison
And a little dose is healthy now and then
Because what I have is also yours
And I live for you, I eat for you, I survive for you
Your primary host
They say you will destroy me from the inside out
But I lured you in, I consciously made you part of me
You did not come uninvited, and that is the point
You came willingly
So I feed myself you as you nourish yourself through me
A symbiotic relationship
For I do not go where I am not wanted
Through good and bad times we (d)evolve together
A true matrimony
Now forever covalently bonded
Andrew Rueter Mar 2019
Most Christians don’t like Slayer
They say it isn’t Christian music
They say it’s irredeemably flawed
Because it goes against God
But I believe all music can be seen as religious music
God created those artists and their environment
And their art is a way of expressing the result of that
By sharing what’s on their mind
For religious people to change those minds
They must understand those minds
And find appreciation for the secular culture
To ask one side to change significantly
And not change yourself at all
Doesn’t seem symbiotic
Yet the religious stay purposefully oblivious
In order to not have their faith challenged
Because they think without it they’d be hideous
Caught in predatory atheist talons
So they sing their own hymns
And follow their own whims
And wonder why people can’t relate to their culture
Because they seem like disconnected vultures
Preying on the weak
And those in defeat
For a money deplete
To those on the other side
It’s the evil elite
Sending the other for a ride
The two never meet
And just believe all the lies
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014
Soft as a mothers glow, this star so warm and bright
from a place too far away to hold, yet warms a summers night
as evening falls to sleep it goes this stoic friend of mine
upon a new day she unfolds, hello my sweet sunshine
Be the amber stone I wear around my neck
So your presence weighs upon me
Be the noose that's not too loose
Like a hairband too tight to pull through
Be the virus in my body
That no medication can treat
Be the white noise in my head
So I can't properly think
Be the darkness of my shadow
So I feel you loom as the hours pass
Be that sensation before I sneeze
So I feel you linger when my nose hits the breeze
Be the God to my religion
So I can feel you all around me
Be the devil in the details
To feel your curses smite me
Do not, however, be my downfall
Even though you already are
By being the haunting of my waking thoughts
You've left me considering your skin with my scars
Peanut Sep 2016
Don't stray afar.
like a far away star.
But don't come too close.
Or my heart shall froze.

I need you by my side.
O'blessed entity in the sky.
We're Yin and Yang, you and I.
We work so well, I really don't know why.

I scratch yours, You scratch mine,
Its basically Nature by design.

Is it fine?
To make you mine?
Surely we'll shine.
Such heavenly divine.

Oh what a pleasure!
This Symbiotic behavior!
Two beings love one another

— The End —