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4.0k · Sep 2016
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
Sitting in a corner
A cigarette lit up in her hand
Recurring scenes of mayhem
One test worse than the last

A breaking point
She had enough
A gun in one hand
Decisions to be made

A kiss to the weapon
Dropping the danger
Lifted herself from the hiding spot
Moving on

She is only going to keep falling
Attacks will keep coming
Weapons will keep appearing
But she will always be laying them down

That will make her
The badass I love
3.3k · Mar 2016
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Is love a lie?
What's the definition of it?
Asking myself time and time again
If it could ever be worth it

Giving your all for someone else
For the people you deem worthy
Pushing it all for the hope of a pretty memory
Is it really going to be pretty?

Tonight I douse myself in tears and lies
Yelling to myself it's all well
Tonight I continue whispering
The quiet screams of an emergency

What could ever be worth it?
Someone please show me
Whilst I try to convince that this
Will actually all be just my...
I'm overthinking. Am I really?
3.2k · May 2016
On Rainy Days
archwolf-angel May 2016
Rainy days...
Calls for the fallen ones
They collapse into tears

Rainy days...
Makes it colder than most
They hold themselves close

Rainy days...
Summons the darkest creatures
They start to feed on your fears

Rainy days...*
Silences the loudest cries
They begin to celebrate in the fire

*On rainy days
Leave the beaten aside
Allow them to crash
Promise them their space
Because once they rise from the fallen droplets
They will stay
And they will be
Stand up, stronger and tougher than ever.
2.6k · Jan 2016
You, Me, Reality
archwolf-angel Jan 2016
He watched as she spoke
Her gentle lips moving seductively
The scent of her perfume haunting him, inside and out
Confusion in placement of words

He could find no explanation for himself
No excuses
No reasons
He was mesmerized, flooded with infatuation

The desires he had would haunt him again
At night…
During the day…
Her dark brown eyes blink right back at him
Her smiles, enthusiastic with charm

*I saw you smiling, beautifully engulfed with happiness. If I were to list the things I love about you, I could never be done with it. I saw you blush at the words I say, and I wish I could tell you them every day. Light touches on your face to feel your cheeks, firm hugs connecting body heat. Even if it was just for a second, I had you close to me.

And then you pull away
To go back to reality
Back to the reality we both will ever be facing
The reality in which
You are not with me
But him.
forbidden love.
1.9k · Sep 2016
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
Running through a day
Chatters of many discussions
Thoughts dashing in and out
Solving problems and getting work done

*Then it's like...
Time slowing down for a bit
To make space for you
Little grand entrances
Filling my head with sweetness
Happy memories
And little imaginations

And I look forward
To the times when I'm doing nothing at all
Then I'll put you in my spotlight
When I can think about only you
And smile to myself

You being my favourite daydream...

Make that
my new
number one
1.8k · Sep 2017
Hide and Seek
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Let's play a game
You will count to ten
At the end of it
Find me if you can

I'll hide in a place
I think you can't find me
But peek-a-boo!
You know exactly how I think

Count once more
It's my turn
I hear your heart racing
Found you in an instant

Lets go again
One last round!
Don't you peek
Don't you cheat

*Because this time round
I'm not playing
And you are not allowed...
...To watch me leave
But I wish differently...
1.6k · May 2016
Only The Strong
archwolf-angel May 2016
Countless imaginations intrigued,
by words pouring truth and honesty.
The beauty in a picture painted...
Only tired yet wilful eyes will get to see...

Scars of a battle surfacing.
Like dreams clouded by storms.
Willingness to face another fight.
Only deafened yet persistent ears will listen for a new melody.

Strings of gambles played...
Blind faith committed into hapless
deals of cards.
Looking for the win amongst a sea of losses.
Only weary yet perservering hands will find the missing shards.

Obstacles portrayed,
as struggles form and hope seems to crumble.
An almost misplaced determination,
tattooed in these hands.
Only apprehensive yet courageous legs will continue to trudge forward.

The heaviest blows...
Inflicted on the frailest bodies.
Taking the brunt of such callous words.
Only the battered yet ernest mind will prevail sheer follies.

Deep laboured breaths...
Wheezing through seemingly punctured lungs.
Seeking a steady rhythm amidst internal chaos.
Only the worn yet steadfast heart will escape unscathed from bitter tongues.

Writing with ryn has got to be one of the most wonderful experience ever.

Stay true and happy!
Thank you ryn. =)
1.6k · May 2016
Tick Tock
archwolf-angel May 2016
Another second
Another minute
Another hour


For the clock to tick by


For time to pass by...


*­Till I can breathe again.
Sometimes, time can be such a pain in the ****.
1.6k · Apr 2016
Wishing | Well
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
Plop! goes the tiny coin
Sinking into the little well
Side to side it goes before
It reaches the bottom of it

Clasped my hands together
To make a little wish
A smile creeps up my face
As I think of him

Whispers escaped my lips
I wish...
           I wish...
                      I wish...

Gentle wants no more than greed
Holding your hand in need
Of your happiness, health, peace
For your deserving self to breathe

Finest of them all
Gentlest of all lambs
Burdens for you begone
Get the things you have longed for

I wish...
           I wish...
                      I wish...

To the wishing well
Even if it may be a myth
But I always believe
Someone up there will ensure your well-being

*Even when I do not exist
1.4k · May 2016
Marking • Remember
archwolf-angel May 2016
Peculiar but true
Extraordinary facts
Pick up from where we begin
The first time

Turn back time
Let's reminisce this
Look back together
Sweet little nothings

No need for champagnes
Only smiles
Tiny heartbeats

Be happy
Marking calendars.
1.4k · Jan 2017
When The Door Opens
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
She knocked on the door
The silence creeping in

He opened the door
The gaze shared

She gave him a hug
Their love radiated
1.4k · Jun 2016
archwolf-angel Jun 2016
Racing in the blood
A war in your veins
Breathes multiplied
A chill remains

Clenching of fists
Heavily battering eyelashes
Chattering of teeth
This is going to take a while...

Clearing thoughts
Cleansing minds  
Strengthening a heart

Piecing the puzzles
Connecting messed up lines
Untying the knots
Take a look...

...there is a warrior in my hazel eyes
1.3k · Jul 2016
archwolf-angel Jul 2016
Tie up a ribbon
Make sure it stays
Tugging it tight
Make sure it's strong and intact

******* a ribbon
Hoping it stays
Tugging it again
Strengthening its hold

******* a ribbon
But it is starting to come loose
It's untying itself
It's coming down

******* a ribbon
Made it so pretty
It looked beautiful
But it has loosen
And it is gone

Even if
I were to tie it up again

Will *you
Ribbons always untie themselves, don't they?

Inspired by B2ST's 'Ribbon'.
1.2k · May 2016
archwolf-angel May 2016
We** suffocate in this chaos
Chained and bonded
By not really anything else
But our personal virtues

Are we insane?
Madness consuming our everyday
Still we choose to follow our heart
And fulfil these duties it conveys

The only reason we fight every obstacle
Though we sit and waste in sighs,
Is because we know that moment will come
When it's going to feel just fine

We will get there
A simple trip, out of this world, every time
When we are side by side
And we are the core
In another dimension
Just us
Taking our very own..

1.2k · Feb 2017
Stolen With A Glance
archwolf-angel Feb 2017
"I can't be bought
But I can be stolen with a glance
I am worthless to one
But priceless to two
What am I?"

My breath froze in place
And time stood still
As he waited

Hazel hues quivered
Soft as ever
Gentle and meek
A smile formed with all strength

"It's love."
I answered.

He nodded with a smile
Taking a glance
And I was pampered by his gaze
His sight in place

He said.
Inspired by the riddle in the beginning, which I saw Ed Nygma used on 'Gotham'.
Happy Valentine's Day. ♡
1.1k · May 2017
archwolf-angel May 2017
Lost kisses
But lips still locked tight

Hands separated
But still firmly intertwined

Inaudible whispers
But confessions loudly heard

Two beings
But connected like one
1.0k · May 2017
Come Back Home
archwolf-angel May 2017
Unlock that door
Bring your heavy feet in
Call out my name
"Baby, I'm home."

You will find me in our bedroom
Geeky glasses, fingers busy with a game
I will look up at you, softly
As you let out a yawn
"Long day?"

Shutting off my device
Arms open wide
You fall into my arms
With clothes crinkled from your day's work
But your scent still so attractive
"Yeah... It was bad and I'm exhausted..."

Cuddle you close
Kisses on your forehead
You pull me in closer, gripping tighter
*"Goodnight, my love."
970 · Mar 2017
White Porcelain
archwolf-angel Mar 2017
Bent and broken
Your heart made of white porcelain
Cracks on the inside
Mends on the surface

Torn and tattered
Your wings made of white porcelain
Feathers falling
Still their guardian

Scarred and ripped
Your fingers made of white porcelain
Bleeding through cuts
Hiding strains

Dear you
Made of white porcelain
Let me take over
So I can remove your pain
Your Knight
956 · Jul 2016
Vita Dolce Moderato
archwolf-angel Jul 2016
Keeping a vision ever since
A feeling to aim for
Living in that vision
Longing for it every day

Catching shooting stars
Eating aeroplanes
Blowing candles on a cake
Wishing the same wish in every possible way

Put oneself through obstacles
In hopes of a worthy exchange
Working towards that dream
That forms whenever eyes are closed

That one thing...
That moves...
Gentle and carefree
Happy and soothing

A sweet life in moderation.
Someday, hopefully.
946 · Nov 2016
archwolf-angel Nov 2016
Constant chaos in a single mind
Massive noises and disordered voices
Cloudy, dark, misty thoughts
Filled into a weakened being

Screams of tension
Shouts for help
Listen to their breaths
Feed them profusely with negativity
Hear their every...

Just then
He held her close
Whispered softly
And she breathed with ease..

*For his love roared louder than her demons
930 · Sep 2016
My Little Star
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
twinkle twinkle, my little star
hold my hand, let's run far
tell me soothing bedtime stories
embrace me through infinite mornings
912 · Jun 2016
Individual | Not Alone
archwolf-angel Jun 2016
Starlights shining
In the generously calming night sky
Sitting as an individual
Thoughts around another

Memories flowing
In an abundantly happy mind
Reminiscing as an individual
Pictures having another

A rhythm still thumping
In a romantically filled heart
Loving as an individual
Feelings consisting another

Another individual
In the mirror of this soul
Reminding this individual

That we are not actually alone...
905 · Mar 2016
Twinkle Twinkle
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
How are the stars looking tonight
The ones sparkling on your side
Twinkle twinkle little light
How do you always shine so bright

The heartbeat beating next to you
It always sounds so beautiful
He carefully brushes his hand on yours
He wasn't me, of course

Twinkle twinkle little star
How are you doing so far
It could have been me smiling with you
But I need to stop being a fool

Amongst the satellites, you still shine
Shine shine, oh so bright
Gently twinkling your little light
Still you make my heart race on sight

*Twinkle twinkle little light
Here I'll finally draw the line
You and me, it shall not be
I'll accept it, please just be happy
When this gentle love can't exist.
879 · Jul 2016
archwolf-angel Jul 2016
Preciousness in a bite
It is the taste of hope
That I choose to savour
After every bitter tragedy

Sweetness in a breath
It is the scent of hope
That I choose to take in
After every stench of disappointment

Gentleness in a look
It is the sight of hope
That I choose to see
After every soreness in the eye

Bliss in a thought
It is the memory of hope
That I choose to remember
After every pound of headache

Happiness in a soul
It is the feeling of hope
That I choose to feel
After every shattering of the heart
I choose to see good, I choose to believe in hope.
876 · Apr 2017
White Rose
archwolf-angel Apr 2017
Amidst a field of grass
There was a single rose
It was not just any rose
It was the one she love the most


He pulled it out from nowhere
And presented it in front of her
A single white rose

"Why white?"
She asked

"Because a white rose symbolises us."
He said

She tilted her head in confusion
Not knowing what it meant

"We are meant for each other, my love."
He caresses her cheek gently
"That's why."


From that day on
He remained her one and only
**White rose
864 · May 2016
In Your Eyes
archwolf-angel May 2016
In your eyes...
I see the stars
A sapphire sky with twinkling wishes
Always mesmerising

In your eyes...
I see the moon
A beauty of the dark
Always bright and filled with light

In your eyes...
I see gems
A bounty full of treasures
Waiting to be discovered

In your eyes...
I see my dreams
The ones that floods my mind
Every time the clock ticks by

In your eyes...**
I will never stop seeing
That star that I will always wish on
That moon that shines through
That gem that I have found
That dream that I will always want to dive into
854 · May 2017
Last Dark Sky
archwolf-angel May 2017
the dark sky approaches
and the stars start to shine
they align slowly
and they look so fine

the dark sky approaches
and he started to cry
as the stars aligned slowly
he watches as she breathes her last goodbye
841 · Jun 2016
archwolf-angel Jun 2016
Freshly painted seasons of endless woes
Vanishing faiths and worn out beliefs
Yanking them together
Burying them beneath

Venomous insides of a youthful mind
Hateful demons dwell, unjustified
Release them back into the wild
Knowing they would be back soon enough

Catching another breath
Picking up once more
From yet another reckless fall
Only to prepare for the next war that comes along

But by then it would be different...

*For the fallen had been wounded
They will only know
To lick the next blood and move on
than before
What doesn't **** you makes you stronger.
821 · Apr 2016
Shadow Play
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
Forged under the stars
That watched over us
Little figures
Little smiles

Twisting fingers, twirling arms
What would it become?
A bond between us maybe
Joining in sync before dawn

Bite sized wonders
We travel around the world
Under the moonlight
With imaginations running all over

Comforting laughters
Crazy minds
The things we could come up with
Amazing and wild

Take it and let it flow
See where we could go
Our world formed in absolute bliss
Together, peacefully

Do it again
Mess around with your brain
It will keep going, let's run away
As we allow ourselves to indulge this amazing **shadow play
Given a word by ryn - Shadow Play. Thank you!
814 · Jul 2016
Fly free
archwolf-angel Jul 2016
Cherish the silence
Clasped hands in peace
Open up your heart

Serenade the ocean
Look upon the horizon
Open up your wings

*Fly free
803 · Jun 2017
Every Day
archwolf-angel Jun 2017
Their laughters drowned their thoughts
As their minds played images of awful pain
They lived in that moment though
For that allowed them to survive each day
786 · Jan 2016
archwolf-angel Jan 2016
I am the lion
That leads his pack with pride and honour
Who protects his loved ones

I am the pillar
That supports every building formed upon it
It would never let them fall

I am the buoy
That does its best to save every life
It will pull you away from danger

I am the joker
Who laughs the most under the ridiculous
Who makes sure you stay happy

*I am the cub
Helpless to the wondering hyenas

I am the tiles on the floor
Supporting weights and lifting hearts

I am the anchor
Sinking to the bottom of the sea

I am the broken
Laughters lost, tears overflowing
To the masked.
Because I respect you.
785 · Oct 2016
One Fine Day
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
One fine day

He told a joke
She laughed

That was how
**Fell in love
773 · Apr 2016
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
Intrusive noises in between moments
Crazy voices overwhelming me
Once, twice, thrice
I'm losing control of what has been

Bidding farewell to tears at night
Greeting tasteful smiles
The touch of your gentle palms
Once too many times

Whispers of endearing love
Images that takes me to space
Your hand in mine
Something I never want to give away

Savouring every moment
Every touch, every skip of the heartbeat
Your sweet words alone
Could counter all the nasty things

Hold me close
Let your smooth scent engulf me
And take my breath away

Let us embrace this
This everlasting
little space

Hello you
My gentle *muse
751 · Aug 2016
Guardian Angel
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
Justifiable strength
In a single feather
The sturdiness in a heart
With a weight of acceptance

Touching souls
Healing frowns
Brightening smiles
Through ups and downs

Blessings in disguises
Magical miracles
I'm yours
In fact
Your very own
Guardian Angel

The Little Fallen Angel
751 · Sep 2016
Center Stage
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
It's a bright morning
That greets his day
He looks out the window
And watches the radiant sun

He admires it
Attracted to her glorious shine
Blinded in all effects
Yet still unable to pull away

The heat burns his skin
But he loves it
Being in the sun
It makes him happy

The sun goes down
Bidding her farewell
Leaving him solemn
Broken and shattered

The moon comes up
Greeting him with a soothing embrace
Peaceful and gentle
A light that guides him in darkness

She brings a cooling breeze
To comfort his painful nights
Even if she would be clouded
By grey clouds at times

She watches over him
Like a guardian angel
Singing a soft lullaby
To send him into a slumber

Morning came
It starts all over again
The burning sun in the spotlight
The gentle moon awaits her turn

And she will always wait for the moment
When he enjoys the night more than day
Then she will never be overshadowed
She will take her very own... stage
749 · Aug 2016
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
Chatters under shimmering chandeliers
The females all made up beautifully
The males dressed to a tee
Wine glasses clinking gently

Her wavy hair flowed
Framing her face nicely
Her lips with a gentle tint of pink
Her hazel eyes scanning the scene nervously

Everyone complimented her rare femininity
Often not seen on usual days
People said
Behind those casual boyish clothes
Hid such a tender beauty

She smiled thankfully
However, unable to focus
For she was waiting to see
The one she dressed up for so zealously

There he was...
Decked in a handsome suit
His tie so neat
His hair styled the way she loved it
The smile he wore on his face
Ever more charming

Her heels clicked carefully
As she walked closer to him
Her heart raced
As the music played a slow melody...

*She saw his hand, reaching out
But it wasn't for her...
It was for another...
The girl he dances with, every day
No matter what

As the dance started
The chandelier lights dimmed
Like her heart
And she left the ballroom
Never turning back
archwolf-angel Mar 2017
There is something about him
Yet I don't know what it is
It makes me feel fuzzy
Like butterflies in me

There is something about him
That makes me gravitate towards his presence
It makes me want to stay close
In silence or in everything

There is something about him
That calms my being
My demons quiet down
Just so that I could hear him

There is something about him
Because every time he holds my hand
I feel safe
Like I'm at home, cuddled in my warm bed

There is something about him**...
...and I still don't know what it is.
I don't think I'll ever know.
743 · May 2016
Fireflies' Destiny
archwolf-angel May 2016
Created upon nature
Glowing hearts unnoticed
A light to be
Dreams formed through growth
And break through this shell
A firefly was born

Fluttering wings amidst survival
Fighting days
Waiting for the sun to set
For darkness to fall upon them
In hope for a chance to shine
To show their light

I want to fly
But I know at the end of this season
Once summer ends
I am destined to die

Day by day
Night by night
Awaiting hope
That always seems to go by
Till he appeared
And she saw his light
Tried to find him again
But he was out of sight
However she was determined
She would continue to fly
To light up other people's lives

I will find you
Maybe at least I could say goodbye

The sun goes down
Summer is near
Glowing lights dimmed
As the wind of spring starts to blow
They close their eyes
For the last time
Her only regret
Was not being able to bid farewell
To that light she fell in love with
Every day, every night

I want to see you
Just one more time
Let me live another day
Just one more night

She slowly shut her eyes
And drifted away into slumber
Whispering a little wish

Is this really the end?
729 · May 2016
Springtime Fireflies
archwolf-angel May 2016
Spring is here
The world begins again
A new season of adventures
Without buzzing night lights

She opened her eyes
Dimmed lights shivered
A gentle touch awakes her
A touch of love
He was right there
In front of her

I found you
That light I love
You found me
Ever so near

They took flight
Side by side
In love, no less
Only beautiful bright lives living
A destiny broken
Because of their will
To find that love
They held so dear

They do not know
What is to come
But now it's clear
This chance, here and now

There is always hope
In the fights of our lives
Once we've conquered
We will break what they call
'Our destiny'
Then that will make us

....springtime fireflies.
It was said that fireflies die after summer ends due to weather conditions. But it was also said that, if a firefly survives till spring, it would be because they had the will to live for something special.
Your destiny is in your own hands.
727 · May 2017
So much
archwolf-angel May 2017
So much to be said
So much to be done
Yet the silence keeps killing
And actions stay down
699 · Mar 2016
Waiting • Loving
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Another night of loneliness
One more night of the cold
Gently missing
Your hand that I want to hold

Another breath of nicotine
One more breath in sigh
Silently wishing
That you could be by my side

Another call of cheerful laughters
One more call disconnected in between
Desperately hoping
You are still thinking of me

Another goodbye by the plane
One more look of your face
Naively anticipating
The day we both remain together in one place

*In love, in smiles, in happiness
To the ones who are living apart from their loved ones.
It's tough, but most things are. In hope, all will be worthwhile.
693 · May 2016
A Heart's Symphony
archwolf-angel May 2016
What was that sound?
A silent slice of hell
I didn't know what it was
Just wishing for you to be well

A thousand reasons
I could tell myself
To walk away and let it be
But those reasons were not enough

Not enough for me...

Shatters and pieces
All that I see
A lunatic form of weather
A hurricane within

Silently I stand beside you
Knowing its all meant to be
For me to be your pillar
If you ever need me

It was a broken thing
A music of tears and misery
Something I never wanted for you
No matter where you may be

Come here
Let me play you another melody
One that could bring out that smile again
Possibly, carefully, tenderly
*My heart's symphony...
When you choose to care for a person, 
you can never really stop caring.
Can you?
688 · May 2016
archwolf-angel May 2016
Take my flight away from me
Remove the pride I own
Sell it to the world you've concluded
To be a reality I need to know

Persuasion into a kind of love
Trying to build a bond
Then take it away from me again
And closing up my doors

Take my traits away from me
I'll like to see you try
Because till the end of time
I know what will remain mine

Seal up my doors
That was opened for you
Seal it good
Don't let me through

Because I'm locking myself up
Safe and sound
In my own little world
Without you around

I will never speak again
Even if I do
It will only be the things you want to hear
To fulfil your *
I love you, but I hate this contradictory.
684 · Dec 2016
An Unseen Melody
archwolf-angel Dec 2016
Favours in the sight to see
Unable to put into words
A picture of peace
That unseen melody

Maximising strength
Creating force from nothing
Desperately needing
Another breath of nicotine

Blurry images
Fogging visions
Failing to hold on
To grasp upon a belief

Fading symphonies
Muffling music
Turning deaf
Loss of hearing to a favoured frequency

Please don't ever
Lose sight of me
Hear me
Listen to my heartbeat
It's still beating...

...for *
you and me
684 · Jun 2016
archwolf-angel Jun 2016

It will be...
Their turn to speak...

...Of *these resonating heartbeats

Angels will find freedom
To grant them blessings...

Zealously sweet stories
Written in stone
For their everlasting comfort
And peaceful memories
664 · Mar 2016
Gentle Demons
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Softer than the torturous
Lighter than the tough
Its' soft little whispers prods at your wounds
Its' tiny fingers feeling rough

Doubt consumes you
It bounces back and forth
Reminding you of the little things
That you have forgotten to keep to yourself

You want to let loose
The tiny fingers gently tug
Are you sure you are worth it?
You were gently asked

Who do you think you are?
A little voice speaks out
Your little hope is oh so far
The tiny fingers continued to tug

Come down with me, where you belong
Down to our little hell, where we will sing our song
The song of broken moments
Together with all these *
gentle demons
Acknowledging the little demons.
655 · Jan 2017
I Miss You
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
The dark sky whistles a midnight tune
The breeze caressing her cheeks
Her cigarette burning in between her fingers
As she started to sing

She sang songs
That reminded her of you
Flaming youthful emotions
Sincere and true

A single tear trails gently down her face
As she whispers the line
To the midnight sky

*I miss you...
654 · Apr 2016
Tomorrow • Always
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
May the stars watch over
Wishes made
Nicotine misted
Tears shed
Sacred hugs

May the moon promise
To seal lips
Cover eyes
Open up hearts
Clear minds

May the sun bless
Smiles exchanged
Gazes shared
Spread giggles
Utmost confidence

May the Gods be good
Anticipate more
Than what we have today
Shower blessings
Look our way

Because everyday is a new beginning
And tomorrow is promised
Challenges will always come our way, it's how you choose to deal with it. I made a promise, 'tomorrow' it will always be.
654 · Apr 2016
It Was
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
It was...
Tender and gentle
Slow and calm
Sentimental romance
Under imaginary stars

It was...
Making wishes
Crazy what ifs
Multiple glances
Under genuine hearts

It was...
Light-weight touches
Heavy wants
Listening ears
Under broken-hearted stories

It was...
Lying side by side
Sacrificing all that we have left
Under this madness called 'Fate'
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