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Feb 2022 · 409
backpack of the future.
archwolf-angel Feb 2022
approached the world
with all that was left of me
with the scars on my back
and the light within

in this little backpack
the lessons i learnt
the mistakes i've made
the promises of tomorrow

time flew by
and it's almost... longer scary

the scribbles in my book
i will hold dearly
so one day they may turn into art
for the world to see
Nov 2020 · 212
Dancing With Devils
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
Lost, exhausted and afraid
She was enticed with the idea of dancing with devils  
But they pulled her off the ledge
And now she is in her own spotlight
Ready to dance to her own rhythm of life
Nov 2020 · 162
Give Me
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
Give me a second
To take another look
For me to remember
That smile lit so beautifully under the moon

Give me a minute
To refresh another hug
For me to remember
That scent that makes me feel at home

Give me an hour
To hold your hand
For me to remember
That touch that wants me so much to be there

Give me a day
To create memories
For me to remember
The times we spent together, in thankful laughters

If you could give me a lifetime
To love you
I won't have to sit in this corner
Trying to remember
All the good things we had
Because we will always be able to stay
In those times
For it will be in our own hands

But now it is all too late.
Because now you are gone, and there is nothing I can do about it.
Nov 2020 · 94
Letting Go
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
the words whispered
the walk done
the hope held, gone

the waiting
the anticipation
the wish upon a shooting star, faded

the moon stopped shining
and it stopped soothing
the sounds of the song
feathered away

my hands cold
no longer yours

from the day you left
all was gone

... i just took a little too long to believe it

so now it's time
to let go
because I should have known that you were never coming back.
Nov 2020 · 92
Re (Brand)
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
The silence of the night
So calming and soothing
The company of the moon
Magnanimously comforting

The coffee goes cold
Under the strong wind from the fan
The movie plays
As my mind gears run

Trying to read
But I can't stop thinking
Many different scenarios
Playing out in my head

My life
Flashing before my eyes
My words
Rushing into my fingertips

My identity
My person
My love

Is this me?

I hope so.
When life runs too quickly when you least expect them too,
I forget how quiet nights like these can be so calming.

Even if I can't stop thinking.
Nov 2020 · 84
Re (live)
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
In the inability to understand
Stands a thousand wishes
In the palms of one's hands

In the swift of fate
Stands a beautiful surprise
With no explanation

In the hands of warmth
Stands an overwhelming feeling
With emotions and smiles

In the hues of your eyes
Stands a place of comfort
With my hand in yours
Thank you for taking my hand in yours.
Nov 2020 · 101
Re (Fresh)
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
It's the calm after a storm
Yet afraid
Because of the breeze you are taking in
Oh so gently

It's the sigh of relief
The finger crossing
And the little wishes upon stars
That it stays this way

So that I could sail on this little boat
With this little wind
Cuddling me
Aug 2020 · 114
archwolf-angel Aug 2020
She looks out her bedroom window
and shuts her hazel eyes
she whispers under her timid breath
a little wish inside

He would be standing there
with that charming smile
a wave full of excitement
inviting her along

She looks out her bedroom window
and she opens her eyes slowly
"Please be there."
Aug 2020 · 57
What If
archwolf-angel Aug 2020
What if it's time?
What if it's a sign?
What if we don't belong to each other?
What if we were not meant to be?
What if... is time to say goodbye?
I am scared. I don't want to say goodbye.
Aug 2020 · 65
archwolf-angel Aug 2020
Since when...
Did we decide
That words could be sharpened
And used as tools
To pierce into other's confidence
And scrap their flesh of esteem

To put them down
And tell them it is their fault
For what happened to them
There is a difference between constructive criticism and criticism.
Jan 2020 · 102
Carpe Diem
archwolf-angel Jan 2020
The stars were gentle...

But they screamed out to me
The tales of fate and destiny

They sang the songs of flaming promises
To remind me
To touch my heart and feel

To remember
The healing touch of the moon
And the warmth of the sun

To live with no regrets
To love with all my heart
To smile like there is no tomorrow.
There is nothing more important than understanding and knowing what you are living for.
Nov 2019 · 372
The Most Important Thing
archwolf-angel Nov 2019
Disarrayed and wavy
The lines I see

Fogged and blurry
This scene before me

Bless and happy
The feeling within
Nothing else matters as long as you are happy.
Aug 2019 · 324
archwolf-angel Aug 2019
Living a life
When the voices in your head are a little louder than your own
No one knows
The things you have tell yourself everyday

Staying strong
Because you are expected to
"Don't be a disappointment"
Because it makes people upset

"Fake it till you make it, it works."
She told me
And all I felt was sadness
Because it dawned on me

That everyone lives in fear
Of being the 'let-down'
And we all stopped caring
For ourselves

Because 'we'
Are used
To always
That's why I want to be different.
I want to say,
"**** it."
Aug 2019 · 182
archwolf-angel Aug 2019
It was the motion in the void
The soothing silence in still air
The excitement in a solitude
The party in zombie town...

....when you existed in my life
Jul 2019 · 118
archwolf-angel Jul 2019
I don't know if you know how it feels like
But let me tell you

It's suffocating
It's embarrassing
Like hands choking a neck
Like boots on a face


Thats all it is.

Down to nothingness.
In that moment
I am nothing
A person who is put down, will hear voices.
Mar 2019 · 138
I Did Not Know..
archwolf-angel Mar 2019
I did not know
Between right and wrong
I only knew
I needed that gamble

I did not know
How hard I was going to fall
I only knew
I was going to give my all

I did not know
If the pain was worth it
I only knew
It would stop hurting eventually

I did not know
How to stop this feeling
I only know
That it is constantly growing
Feb 2018 · 372
archwolf-angel Feb 2018
A heart full of emotions
A body ready for war
Found a new awakening
A new vaccine

Demonic empowering
A spirit of strength
A story to tell


  ... Once upon a time-
It's starting.
Oct 2017 · 367
End of the World
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
pardon my words
pardon my actions
i am a wilful child
i choose to be that person

I chased you away
But i didnt think you would actually leave
I am not sorry for the things i said

Because if you wanted to stay
Nothing could keep you away
My demons unleashed upon the world by defense
And you decided it was okay to go

Its okay
I will survive
Ill be okay
All alone
But why does it feel like the end of the world?
Oct 2017 · 407
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
the nerves are stiffening
blood turning to stone
the mind gets duller day by day
hands frozen in ice

the nerves are stiffening*
heart turning to stone
the pain decreases day by day
tears all dried up

the nerves are stiffening
the body is becoming immuned
the mind flushes overthoughts
the heart won't want to feel
the person becomes...

Oct 2017 · 374
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
Love is magical**
For it's the closest thing we have to magic
For it could conquer anything
For it makes people do the craziest
The most unbelievable

It causes sacrificial doings
It drives us insane
We gave everything
And asks for nothing in return

It is unconditional

But now that's all in the past
Because I think I no longer believe
That love really exists.
Oct 2017 · 354
Walk Away
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
she wants float off
into the blue sky
and leave behind
all the familiar faces

she wants to disappear
into thin air
and avoid
all the complications

she wants to walk away
into the darkness
and shut out
the world
Oct 2017 · 220
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
I am a shadow
I am anonymous
I am discreet
I am a secret
Sep 2017 · 301
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
You ran in front of me
There were multiple lanes
But there was only you
And I

You were so far ahead
I could barely keep up
But you turned your head
And told me
"I'm here."

You guided me through every hurdle
And warned me of every unstable ground
I chased
And you stopped

You came into my lane
And held my hand
"Let's do this together"
And we did

But the finishing line was near
And you had to win the prize
So you let go of me
And left me behind

But I am okay with it
For you won...

*And I am happy for you
But I miss you.
Sep 2017 · 476
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Someone once told me
That a stage was the best place for us to escape
We could express truth
No secrets
No hiding places
Just sweet and safe honesty

The stage
Soon became a place I called home
A blank piece of canvas
My own creation
My own world

Spotlights in line
My voice heard
Loud and clear
I lived a life...
...tedious but fulfilling

But my monologue ended
And I left the stage
I did not turn back...

*...And now I'm homesick
I gave up my dream of being a theatre actress, and now I will always look back and regret it.

Will I regret... giving you up?
Sep 2017 · 1.8k
Hide and Seek
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Let's play a game
You will count to ten
At the end of it
Find me if you can

I'll hide in a place
I think you can't find me
But peek-a-boo!
You know exactly how I think

Count once more
It's my turn
I hear your heart racing
Found you in an instant

Lets go again
One last round!
Don't you peek
Don't you cheat

*Because this time round
I'm not playing
And you are not allowed...
...To watch me leave
But I wish differently...
Sep 2017 · 193
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
the cool breeze would set in
take comfort in a weather like this
raindrops falling like rapid heartbeats
mind set at ease

but the cool breeze set in weird
no comfort in a weather like this
the raindrops raised my anxiety
there is only mess in me
Sep 2017 · 206
Lights Dimmed
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Lights dimmed under the moon
Your hues hummed a tune
Your lips seemed sweetly tasteful
Your touches have me subdued

Lights dimmed under the stars**
Your voice tenderly soft
Your words blessed with comfort
Your love surrounded my heart
Sep 2017 · 105
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Touch me with your warm fingers
Every inch of my skin
Fire up my body
Aflame my being

Your lips to my neck
Nibbles and kisses
Taste it gently
Or aggressively
You know I'm craving for it
Sep 2017 · 241
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Hands extended
Love lengthened
Multiple opportunities
Laughters and discussions

Irresistible desires
Crowded minds
Hands that cannot let go
Love that refuses to end
Sep 2017 · 427
Magic till Midnight
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
scrubs and brooms
a life of the low
serving strangers masked as family
turned away from a party

fairy godmother granted her a dream
transformed her into a princess
magic filling her seams
at the party...
...she met her prince

the clock ticked
it's 11:55PM
it's almost midnight
her magic is about to end

...and it ended

but one day
it will find her again
and it will stay
Sep 2017 · 207
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Everyone is happy
That's great
But are you?
It's okay

Listen to me
Everyone is happy
That's wonderful
What about you?
It doesn't matter

Do you hear me?
Everyone is happy
I heard you
And you?*


...I am happy for them
Sep 2017 · 233
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Away and detached
Free with no worries
I smiled for you
But you ruined it for me
Sep 2017 · 202
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
the streets flooded with busy people
laughters and giggles filled the day
endless fun awaiting
this is my holiday

he creeps into my life nonetheless
no matter where I go
in my mind he wanders
in the one place we know
he stays
like it's our holiday
Sep 2017 · 238
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
your hand to hold
and your kiss I miss
your hugs my shield
your love my everything
Aug 2017 · 395
Dungeon Warrior
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
many dungeons
in the journey from the past
fought many monsters
kept some

in the limbo of my adventure
a gem of life in hand
awaiting the release
with a sigh of relief

my decisions I will never regret
I accept and repent
a rebel in me still
my identity refined

we are not here nor there
but we will be just fine
with a sword in my hand
we will always be ready to fight
Dungeon Warriors unite.
Aug 2017 · 272
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
The wind was still
In my four walls I stayed
Wooden planks surrounding me
As I hummed my own song

The wind was still
And I heard someone humming along with me
I looked down from my treehouse
The boy next door smiled gently

The wind was still**
As our eyes met
He waved from behind the fence
And I waved from up top

The wind was still
Then it started to rain
A lightning struck
But at least
His smile will always remain in my head
Aug 2017 · 193
Blood Shot
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
your eyes were red
blood shot
you looked at me
but all I could do was panic

you shut your eyes
continued your rest
but blood shot remained in my mind
and all I could do was worry
Aug 2017 · 114
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
It's easy to forget
Many many things
But it's definitely hard to forget
Our story, our feelings
Aug 2017 · 270
What is it Like?
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
what is it like?**
to smile in front of a crowd
but going home, to an empty room
then crying to yourself

what is it like?
to laugh out loud
to show that you are okay
even when you are not

what is it like?
to counsel the weak
but knowing that you cannot even
keep yourself afloat

what is it like?
to live each day
beating yourself up
thinking you do not deserve anything

what is it like?
to say 'I'm fine'
because you want to be a hero for others
but you are shattering inside
Aug 2017 · 180
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
you know it's impactful
because it's wonderful
you know it's unforgettable
because it's untouchable
Aug 2017 · 193
Dancing with the Devil
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
Once again
An arm was extended
It was welcoming
Until I saw his face...

Majestic horns and hollow eye sockets
Bones and sharp teeth
He grinned with a certain growl
His claws pulling me in

The murderous music plays...
As I hesitate
I am frozen still
It was just him and me...
In the darkest ballroom

*And I am
Once again
Being enticed
To dance with the devil
Aug 2017 · 304
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
the night twinkles
and his face runs in her mind
the moon watches over
as she holds him tight
Aug 2017 · 174
Can I Say Something?
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
The fight seemed stronger
Like every other day
It happens

The war seemed more chaotic
Like every other week
The explosions strengthen

My heart misses you a little more
Like every other hour

*Can I say something?
I miss you so much
Aug 2017 · 298
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
It all starts small
And then it accumulates
It gathers within a small compound
And the feeling explodes

With impact
And great strength
It affects
And it continues to grow

It was oh so trivial
But before you realised it
It had already happened

*And in that heat of the moment
A little thing became...
Aug 2017 · 207
Behind Bars
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
Speak your mind
If you must
We will listen
In us, you can trust

Share your secrets
It will be safe with us
It's alright
Let your tears fall down


*It's menacing
It's mean
It's poisonous and crazy
But I mean it this time

I'll keep myself behind bars
Protected within my own walls...
Then I'll never be disappointed, and I'll never be hurt.
Aug 2017 · 487
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
the droplets hit on the glass windows**
the rain played our favourite melody
my fingers danced on the keyboard
my heart writing a story

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain performing our symphony
your pencil sketching on papers
your lips singing a tune

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain accompanying our dance
my lips on your neck
your fingers running down my back

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain sending a comforting chill
my skin cuddled close to yours
your heart racing against mine
Aug 2017 · 218
I Am
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
I am not alone
I am isolated
I am not lonely
I am just separated
Jul 2017 · 235
Pounding In My Head
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
The pounding in my head
Beats a little too loudly
Unable to fall asleep
Yet so sleepy

Laying in bed
It's your lullaby
That's pounding in my head
Jul 2017 · 248
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
Beaten to a pulp
Under the blazing sun
Then the twilight brings
A different melody
To soothe the burns
We are bent, not broken
The moon hums a tune
Cradling the quiet crooked souls...
Jul 2017 · 244
Open Book
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
He reads her like an open book
Her words clear as day
He understood every content
There was nothing she needed to say
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